On the hunt for the best (spray or gun) airbrush foundation?

Not sure if you want to switch from your regular foundation routine to an airbrush system?

We clear up your confusion by breaking down the pros and cons of airbrush foundation.

After 28 hours of intense research, we have made the purchasing decision easy for you. We’ve ranked both the best airbrush spray can foundations, and airbrush gun foundations below!

Keep reading to find out which spray and airbrush kit foundations are the best option for you!

airbrush foundation

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airbrush foundation

#1. Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals AirBrush Foundation Makeup 2, 3, or 5 Piece Set (Best Overall)

  • 8 shades (update on 4) for the 3 piece / 3 colors for the 2 piece
  • 3 Piece includes a spray primer (1.58 0z), spray airbrush foundation (1.8 oz), and kabuki brush / 2 piece includes different brush and airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

  • Contains Hyaluronic acid, argireline, and matrixyl
  • 3 Piece comes with primer and foundation for long wear
  • 2 Piece includes foundation and brush
  • Buildable
  • Quick to use
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Long lasting
  • Brush stays relatively clean after use

airbrush foundation

  • Only 4 shades available (update: now 8 shades available)
  • Quite pricey, but it does include 3 products

airbrush foundation

A 2 Or 3 piece set (foundation, kabuki, with optional primer) for a fully airbrushed base

These sets may seem quite expensive at first. But each bundle is a great deal when you consider that it includes multiple full-size products!

The ultra-fine mineral foundation spray can foundation gives a smooth, airbrushed finish and is suitable for all skin types. The sweat and water-resistant formula feels lightweight on the skin. It has a buildable coverage, and conceals imperfections without any caking.

The primer creates a smooth surface for your foundation to glide on easily.

The primer and foundation take less than five minutes to apply. Prep by spraying the primer onto the Kabuki brush and apply it onto your skin. Repeat with the foundation and buff to blend.

A 5 piece set is also available. It includes the airbrush foundation, spray primer, a setting spray, and 2 brushes – perfect for a full base!

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airbrush foundation

Enriched with luxury skincare in ingredients for a more youthful appearance

The hyaluronic acid locks in moisture for anti-aging. Argireline is comprised of three essential amino acids and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Matrixyl 3000 boosts the production of collagen, relaxes wrinkles, and repairs the elasticity of your skin.

airbrush foundation

Customers really like the set, with a very high average rating online.

Many reviews say it provides great coverage and a nice, lightweight feeling. A lot of mature ladies seem to really like it, especially those over 60. Generally, customers say it blends well.

One review said her foundation looked like a pro applied it! Another really liked that the foundation doesn’t leave much residue on the brush.

Others were not impressed with the shade range. There are only four colors available. Some said the color was too dark or orange for their skin. Update: now 8 shades are available! 

One reviewer said she wishes they sold the products separately as it is annoying to have to buy the whole kit again to restock. Update: the foundation is now available in a piece set with just a brush (no primer) if you wish to repurchase! Some said the spray bottle can waste foundation with the spray going everywhere.

airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

This set is a great option for anyone looking for a small airbrush set. The 3 piece includes a spray foundation, primer, and new Kabuki brush in one. The 2 piece set does not have the primer but it’s less expensive. A further 5 piece set is also available if you want a more complete airbrush kit!

High quality and anti-aging ingredients make this spray a great option for any mature ladies. However, these sets are quite a bit more expensive than other airbrush foundation options because they include multiple different products.

Click here to check out the Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation (2 Piece) set on Amazon

Check Out The 3 Piece Jerome Alexander Airbrush Foundation Set Here On Amazon

#2. Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation (Best For Dry Skin)

  • 2.3 oz
  • 18 shades

airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

  • Easy to customize your coverage
  • Great for dry skin
  • Lightweight, not cakey
  • Luminous finish
  • Large shade range

airbrush foundation

  • Quite expensive, but a lot of product in each bottle
  • The nossle can get dirty and create a mess, use with a brush instead

airbrush foundation

Moisturizing ingredients and a luminous finish for dry skin

A lot of people with dry skin are drawn to airbrush foundations because regular foundation can cake up and clings to dry patches easier. (Check out our full list of the best foundations for dry skin here.)

Dior’s water resistant airbrush foundation is hydrating, with a radiant finish – perfect for dry skin. The foundation contains light-diffusing and mother of pearl pigments to hydrate dry skin.

It’s easy to build from medium to full coverage to tackle fine lines and even the skin tone. You can spray the foundation on (eight inches from the face) in a Z formation. But if you want to avoid any mess, it’s easier to just use a brush instead.

airbrush foundation

The foundation impresses most customers, with high average reviews online.

Most reviewers said it does make you look airbrushed, and a lot remarked that it lasts a lot longer when you apply it with a brush.

A lot of customers like the flexible, buildable coverage, and lightweight feel and look on the skin.

Some say the spray minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, others didn’t notice a difference.

Even though there are 18 shades (much more than Jerome Alexander), some still had difficulty finding the perfect color for their skin.

airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

The luminous, hydrating formula makes this spray can foundation perfect for anyone with dry skin. With 18 shades, it’s much easier to find your shade than the Jerome Alexander set. It’s an expensive foundation,  but it comes with a lot of product. It can get messy, and it’s not the best option for oily skin.

Check Out Dior’s Airflash Airbrush Foundation Here On Amazon

#3. SEPHORA Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation (Best Budget)

  •  2.5 oz/ 74 mL
  • 9 shades

airbrush foundation

  • More budget friendly than Dior or Jerome Alexander
  • Non-comedogenic, oil free
  • Free of mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, and fragrance
  • Contains red algae extract to smooth the skin
  • Not tested on animals
  • Similar to Diorflash, but for oilier skin

airbrush foundation

  • Can streak on some customers
  • Only 9 shades
  • Bottle doesn’t last very long

airbrush foundation

An affordable airbrush spray foundation with a matte-satin finish buildable coverage

Sephora’s answer to airbrush foundation is created with instablend technology and ultra fine pigments for natural looking, matte-satin skin.

The foundation is recommended for all skin types. Sephora promises the oil-free formula can control shine for up to 10 hours, and provides a buildable, medium coverage.

It’s non-comedogenic and free of mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, and fragrance. It’s also not tested on animals The formula includes red algae extract to smooth and protect your skin from the harsh environment.

Like the others on this list, the spray is easy to use. Just shake, hold 8-10 inches from the face. Then spray in circular motions, and blend with a brush. Or spray directly on your brush to avoid any mess.

airbrush foundation

Overall customers really like it, with a high average rating.

A lot of reviewers said it covers blemishes and scars well. Multiple customers said it’s very lightweight and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing foundation.

Many compared it to the Diorflash. It’s less hydrating, and some found it clings to dry patches. If you have normal or oily skin – it’s a great alternative to Dior at a much cheaper price.

Reviewers said it covers blemishes and scars well, and one review said it shaved 5-10 minutes off her morning routine!

Other customers don’t like the smell, and some found it streaky. One review said they wished the bottle lasted longer.

airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

This spray foundation is the best option if you’re on a budget. It’s very comparable to the Dior Airflash, but works much better on normal to oily skin (not dry skin) than Dior. However, some customers find it can streak and the bottle doesn’t last as long as Dior Airflash.

↳  Top Airbrush Gun Foundations

Maybe you’re tired of your regular airbrush brand and want to try something new? Using a different airbrush makeup brand with your system can sometimes void your warranty – check with your airbrush gun company first! If you don’t have an airbrush system yet, check out our full review on the best airbrush system kits.

#1. Art of Air

  • 19 colors for the singles, fair, medium, tan, and dark shades (1/2 oz). Also available in groups of four (dark is available in the airbrush kit form)

airbrush foundation

  • Can also apply with a foundation brush if you don’t have an airbrush gun
  • Oil free, fragrance free
  • Mineral based and hypo-allergenic
  • Suitable for all skin types

airbrush foundation

  • Hard to match the color for the single buying option
  • Not long wearing for some customers

Buildable coverage, suitable for all skin types, without many harmful ingredients

A huge bonus with this foundation is that you can also apply it with a foundation brush if you don’t have an airbrush gun.

Worried about putting tons of harmful chemicals on your skin? This airbrush foundation puts some of your worries at bay. The formula is oil free, mineral based, fragrance free, and hypo-allergenic. Art of Air claims it’s for all skin types. The foundation covers a range of skin concerns including rosacea, acne, and blemishes. Great for mature ladies, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s easy to build up layers – the airbrush foundation provides a sheer to full coverage depending on your preferences.

airbrush foundation

Overall, the foundation is well received and has high average reviews online.

Some said it’s the best airbrush foundation they’ve ever used

Some reviewers said it’s the best airbrush foundation they’ve used so far. Multiple reviews said it’s better than Luminess, and one said they prefer it to Temptu.

Customers like that it feels lightweight on the skin and provides an airbrushed high coverage. Many said they found a good color match and it was long wearing on their skin. One reviewer liked that it’s hypo-allergenic so the ingredients didn’t react badly with her skin.

There can be a knack to getting it looking its best. One reviewer found it works great when you apply under eye concealer first, and then apply all the foundation over the face (but lightly on the under eye area).

airbrush foundation

Not longwearing for everyone, the shade match can be difficult with the single purchase option

Not everyone is a fan of this airbrush foundation. Although Art of Air market it as a long lasting foundation, not all customers are impressed with the longevity. Some found it’s not sweat proof. Others said the shade they received looked much lighter in person than in the pictures. It may be worth buying the 4 piece kit to mix your perfect color.

airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

A great option if you’re after something suitable for all skin types, with buildable coverage, and formulated without harmful ingredients. It’s a great option for MUAs and all 19 colors are available for purchase separately. It’s a multitask product – you can use this foundation on it’s own without a makeup gun, too. However, it can be difficult to match if you’re just buying one bottle, and it’s not longwearing on everyone.

Click here to check out the Art of Air airbrush foundation (in Tan) on Amazon

#2. Areoblend

    • Buy single (1 oz) or buy sets of 8 minis  – great for travel for MUAs

airbrush foundation

  • Undertone classification shades
  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Available in sets with minis – great for MUAs
  • Free from fragrance, silicone, parabens, and petroleum ingredients.
  • Includes botanical and mineral ingredients (kaolin, lavender, and jojoba).
  • Made in the USA

airbrush foundation

  • For airbrush use only
  • Not long wearing for all customers

airbrush foundation

A longlasting formula free from harmful ingredients, with added botanical ingredients

At first glance, it seems much more expensive than Art of Air, but every single bottle contains twice the amount of product. Unlike Art of Air, it can only be used in an airbrush gun.

The water based formula is designed to feel lightweight on the skin. Areoblend recommends the foundation for all skin types – even sensitive and very dry or oily texture. The buildable coverage evens the skintone, and conceals acne, redness, & sun damage.

The foundation shades are classified under ‘N’ (warmer) or ‘O’ (cooler) for an easier undertone shade match. Aeroblend claims the foundation lasts at least 10 hours. You can buy full size bottles, or grab 8 in a set of minis – perfect for traveling MUAs.

The foundation is free from fragrance, silicone, parabens, and petroleum-derived ingredients. Added botanical and mineral ingredients include kaolin, lavender, and jojoba hydrate and soothe your skin.

airbrush foundation

Overall customers like the product and the foundation has high average customer reviews.

Areoblend says it’s only for Areoblend airbrush guns, but some customers used it in the Luminess and said it worked well for them.

Generally, reviewers said they liked the color and the natural looking full coverage. Many said each bottle lasts a long time, so you do get value for money.

However, it’s not long wearing on the skin for many. Multiple reviews commented on the cheap packaging. The bottle spills easily, and the cheap packaging means it’s easy to waste some from spilling.

airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

If you find it difficult to match your foundation to your undertone, this is a great option. The foundation comes in cool (O) or warm (N) shades.  It’s suitable for all skin types, formulated without many harmful ingredients, and has added botanical and mineral ingredients. The foundations are available in sets with minis – perfect for MUAs working on many skin tones. However, it’s not long wearing on everyone and the packaging is quite cheap.

Click here to view the Areoblend single airbrush foundations on Amazon

#3. Belloccio

  • Available in single 1/2 oz bottles, sets of 4, or the entire 17 shade range.

airbrush foundation

    • Hypoallergenic and oil, fragrance, and paraben free
    • Anti-aging and hydrating ingredients
    • Made in the USA
    • Belloccio airbrush can be used to tan your face, neck, and body
    • Reviewers say it works well with other airbrush guns
    • Because it’s in a smaller size, it’s not as much of an investment to try

airbrush foundation

  • The deeper shades don’t work well for everyone
  • Some find it long lasting, others say it doesn’t last long on them
  • It’s a thick formula that works best for some when mixed with water

airbrush foundation

A high coverage airbrush foundation that’s also suitable for tanning your face and body

Belloccio claims it’s safe for all skin types (even sensitive), and that the formula lasts all day without touch ups.

The airbrush foundation contains anti-aging and hydrating ingredients to keep your skin looking youthful. It’s also hypoallergenic and paraben, oil, and fragrance free. The coverage minimizes the appearance of acne, redness, pores, rosacea, scars, dark circles and much more. Wanting to cover aging skin? This foundation also tackles the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a youthful look.

Belloccio claims the water based foundation doesn’t cake or clog pores.  It conceals imperfections while allowing your natural skin to shine through.

Belloccio airbrush can also be used to tan your face, neck, and body.

airbrush foundation

Overall most customers seem to like it, with pretty good reviews online.

Multiple customers said they used it with other airbrush guns and it worked really well.

Many reviews said they’d tried multiple brands and this is their favorite. Multiple reviewers said they like that the foundation gives a natural finish and lasts all day on the skin. Others said it doesn’t last as long as they’d like.

It’s a thick formula. One customer said it works great for her very oily skin, but she mixes one parts water one parts foundation to thin it out. A review said the foundation is too thick and clogs the airbrush gun – this could be solved by diluting the foundation with water.

Some women with deeper skin tones are not impressed with the color range.

airbrush foundation

If you’re looking for an airbrush foundation brand that can be used with other systems and for tanning, this is a good option. Generally, reviews indicate it’s more longlasting than the previous two, but some customers say it doesn’t wear long on them. Because it’s in a smaller size, you’re not spending as much money to give it a try – it’s less of a risky purchase. Reviews are generally not as positive for Belloccio as the previous two entries.

Click here to view the Belloccio single airbrush foundation pods on Amazon

Pros & Cons | Airbrush Gun Foundation vs. Traditional Foundation

airbrush foundation

spray foundations

airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

More Hygienic: Unless you religiously clean your foundation brush/beauty blender after every use, the bacteria on your makeup brush can cause breakouts. Because you’re not touching your face or using a dirty applicator, airbrush makeup is generally more hygienic than traditional foundation.

Better Color Match: Generally it’s easier to get a good color match with airbrush system makeup because you can easily mix drops of different colors to get your perfect shade. It’s great for makeup artists – instead of carrying around 30 different shades of bulky foundation bottles, just bring your airbrush gun and mini airbrush makeup pods to your clients’ appointments.

Buildable without caking: A common misconception is that airbrush makeup can only achieve a light coverage on the skin. Airbrush makeup is generally buildable from light to full coverage. Full coverage is generally achievable using less makeup than with traditional foundation applied with brushes or sponges.

airbrush foundation

airbrush foundation

Keeping It Clean: Airbrush makeup takes less time than regular foundation to apply. However, setting up can take a long time, and it’s important to clean your airbrush system after each use. The cleaning process is essential to keep your airbrush system working correctly. Some airbrush kits come with cleaning products, but they’re easy to soak at home.

Practice Makes Perfect: There is a knack for beginners. It can take some practice to get it right. If you’re just starting out with makeup, I recommend using a normal liquid foundation for the first few months at least.

An Expensive Investment: The airbrush system kits are an expensive one off investment. Replenishing the foundation is generally not too expensive once you’ve made the initial purchase.  We break down the top airbrush systems on the market in a separate post –  so you can reduce your risk of disappointment with such a big purchase.