Interested in an automatic hair curler?

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After 22 hours of intensive research, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 auto curlers on the market right now to suit a variety of needs.

Plus, we compare and contrast the benefits of an automatic hair curler with a standard curling iron or wand.

Just keep reading to find the best automatic hair curling iron for you!

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#1. CHI Air Spin N Curl 1 Inch Ceramic Rotating Curler (Best Overall)

wand curls

Adjustable and preset temperatures

Adjustable timing settings

Auto shut off function

2 year warranty

Can choose the curl direction

Dual voltage

Comes with cleaning material

curling iron

Not for very short hair

Beeping not optional

This CHI automatic curler earned our top spot thanks to its impressive features, 2 year warranty protection, and excellent customer reviews.

Does The Hard Work For You With Just One Click Of A Button

This CHI Air 1 inch ceramic automatic curler is easy to use. CHI promises perfect looking spiral curls in just seconds!

Ever notice your hand sometimes hurts when using a regular curler? That will not happen with this automatic model.

The Spin N’ Curl does all the work for you with the push of a button. Plus, you only need to use one hand when you curl, making it easier to multi-task!

Creates Both Curls and Waves | How The Chi Air Spin N Curl Works

  • Take 1-inch sections of your hair at a time.
  • Use smaller sections for defined curls, and bigger sections for looser curls.
  • Place a section in-between the curling chamber. Hold the curling button until all of your hair is inside the barrel.
  • The four beeping noises will indicate when your hair is ready.
  • Release your hair after the beeps by gently bringing the curling iron away from your head.

Tangle-Free Technology and Dual Direction Curls

Like to curl your hair in different directions? The Spin N’ Curl features two separate directional buttons that set the directions of your curls either inwards or outwards.

Worried about your hair getting tangled? This automatic curler will beep continuously and flash ‘RESET’ on the LED display screen if your hair tangles.

It’s possible to remove your hair from the curler at any time. If this happens, just press the power button to switch the curler off, and gently remove your hair from the barrel in small sections.

Flexible Temperature Range and 3 Preset Heat Settings To Suit Your Hair Type

This automatic curler features a flexible adjustable temperature and has three pre-set heat settings.

It’s easy to customize the temperature to suit your hair texture and prevent heat damage.

The digital temperature display and automatic temperature lock removes all confusion.

The Three Pre-Set Temperature Settings:

  • Low (370°F ) – Fine hair
  • Medium (390°F ) – Medium hair
  • High (410°F ) – Coarse hair

Alter The Heat Up Time For Your Hair Type

Additionally, you can adjust the curl timer seconds to your desired level. Press the M button, then the + or button, to increase or decrease the set timer.

The Timing Settings Available Are:

  • 15 seconds – Fine fair
  • 17 seconds – Medium hair
  • 19 seconds – Coarse hair

Far Infrared Heat And Negative Ions Prevent Damage Or Frizz And Add Shine

This CHI automatic curler boasts far-infrared heat and ceramic heat technology. The negative ions released help condition your hair for a shinier, healthier-looking appearance.

CHI claims you will not experience intense heat damage with the Spin N Curl. This automatic curling iron promises to reduce static and frizz, and add unparalleled shine to your hair.

Like other auto curlers in this shape, this CHI model distributes heat evenly throughout your hair because it curls your hair within the chamber. It’s highly unlikely that you will burn your scalp or your hair using this auto curler!

Automatic Shut Off Function For Peace Of Mind

Forgetful? No need to worry about running out of the house with your automatic curling machine left on – this CHI model features a one-hour automatic shut off function.

Two Year Limited Warranty To Keep Fault Concerns At Bay

The CHI Air Spin N’ Curl automatic curler is protected by a two-year limited warranty in case you run into any technical issues.

Bonuses: Dual Voltage / Extra Long Swivel Cord / Cleaning Materials

The cleaning material comes with the curler. Just press the cleaning button and the automatic curler will clean itself.

This curling iron is attached to a 9ft swivel cord to prevent tangling while you maneuver the curler around your head.

Travel abroad a lot? This is a dual voltage automatic curler: just use an inexpensive adapter outside the US.

The Spin N Curl is also available with the Chi Silk Infusion (a silk reconstructing complex) in a kit for even softer and smoother hair!

curling wand

Overall, customers are really impressed with this auto curler with really high ratings online.

Customers like that it’s easy to use. A few reviewers said it can take some time to get used to. Others described it as foolproof from day one. Some go as far as to say it works like magic!

Most reviews said this automatic curler is quick: one noted it curled her whole head in 10 minutes, while it usually takes over an hour with a regular curling iron.

Customers like that you do not need to worry about curling your hair in the wrong direction because of the curl direction control buttons.

Reviewers like that it’s virtually impossible to burn yourself with this curling iron.

A hairdresser said she loves it, and described it as better than Babyliss’ or Conair’s auto curlers. She likes that the curls are soft and it’s easy to use. However, she wishes she could get closer to the root of her hair with this curler. She also wishes it came in more barrel sizes.

Based on the reviews, it’s generally not the best model for short (above the shoulder length) hair.

This curler received very few negative reviews. Mostly the negative reviews said it did not work for them (though this could be due to not following the instructions exactly), and others said they hate the beeping noise.

auto curler

The CHI Spin N Curl is a great option if you’re looking for a high quality and easy to use automatic curler. It can curl in either direction, has adjustable temperature and timer settings, a beep indicator, and an automatic shut off function. The warranty covers a 2 year period.

However, it’s not available in other barrel sizes and it is difficult to get to the root of the hair with this model. A minority of customers hate the beeping noise.

Click here to view the CHI Spin N Curl Automatic Curler on Amazon

#2. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine (Best For Flexible Styling)

3 different versions

  • The regular automatic curling machine: The Miracurl (least expensive)
  • The 3-in-1: Miracurl 3 (3 different curl sizes)
  • The steam version: The Steamtech (most expensive)

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auto curling

Also available with steam function (Steamtech version) or with 3 different barrel sizes (Miracurl 3)

Auto shut off

3 different timing, temperature, and curling direction settings

3-year international warranty

Timers (and beeping) is optional

Works well for both short and long hair

automatic curling

Cannot fully adjust the timer or temperature – only 3 settings for each available

Not dual voltage

This auto curler is placed second on our list due to its flexibility, both in terms of product choice and styling. The 3 different Miracurls suit different needs, and each works well for all hair types, lengths, and textures.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Original Miracurl

The original Miracurl is the world’s first fully automatic curling machine, available since 2013.

Although the original version is still available, Babyliss has also released the Miracurl 3 (for 3 different curl sizes), and the Steamtech Miracurl which releases steam for healthier looking hair.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Miracurl 3

The Miracurl 3 provides 3 different curl options with different barrel sizes. Just simply click a button and the auto curler will transform the barrel size. Increase the size for a looser curl, and decrease the barrel size for a tighter curl.

The Miracurl 3 in 1 also provides 20% better curl definition than the regular Miracurl.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Steamtech

The Steamtech Miracurl is similar to the original Miracurl, however, it also features a special steam feature. The steam smooths, heats, and transforms your hair.

Just press the steam button and adjust the settings to release the steam.

It provides 20% higher curl definition, 50% better curl formations, 24-hour hold, and shinier, smoother higher definition, and longer-lasting curls.

How The Babyliss Nano Titanium Works

Just turn on your Miracurl via the on/off switch (the switch will light up when the curler is on).

The automatic curler is ready in mere seconds and recovery time is also really quick to save you precious time in the morning.

It works well for both short and long hair.

3 Timers, Temperatures, And Curl Directions

Set the temperature and the timer to your desired settings.

With each Babyliss Miracurl model, you can control the timer (8, 10, or 12 seconds), temperature (375°F, 410°F, 450°F), and the curl direction (left, right, alternate) (3 settings for each).

The 3 different heat settings suit different hair types. Thick, coarse hair curls best on the highest heat setting. Those with thinner hair should keep the temperature on the lowest setting.

The timer setting is optional. If you choose the timer setting, beeps will indicate when it’s time to release your hair. Annoyed by beeping noises? Turn the timer setting off to avoid the beeps.

How To Use The Babyliss Nano Titanium

The MaxLife Pro motor provides long-lasting precision curling control power.

  • Place a 1.5-inch section of hair in the ‘v’ part of the curler (with the open side facing your head)
  • As you close the handles, your hair will automatically draw into the curler
  • Open and release your hair from the curling chamber when it’s ready

Automatic Shut Off Function For Safety

For added peace of mind, the Babyliss automatic curler features an automatic shut off function.

No need to worry about damage from an over-heated device: your curler will switch itself off before potentially causing damage.

It also features a sleep mode function and a motion sensor.

3 Year International Warranty For Protection

BaByliss offers a 3-year international warranty against defects or faults in manufacturing.

Flexible Swivel Cord But Not Dual Voltage

The base is attached to an 8 ft 360° swivel cord to prevent the hassle of the cord tangling.

Unlike the CHI Spin N Curl, this Babyliss auto curling iron is not dual voltage. 

automatic hair curler

Overall, customers really like this automatic curler with high average reviews online.

Most say it’s quick to curl your hair with this Babyliss automatic curler. Some even claim it’s so easy to use that it is foolproof!

One reviewer said she stopped using the Steamtech after a few years, went back to it later, and realized how good it truly is! She said she loves the steam feature, and the curls last 2 whole days for her.

Another said her hair usually doesn’t curl with any tool, but the Miracurl worked on her and kept it curled a full 24 hours.

However, a couple of customers said hair can get tangled if you don’t use it correctly. It stops and rewinds your hair back out if you put too much of it in. Another said it feels slightly heavy to hold but she loves the results.

One reviewer said she doesn’t like the smell of her curls after curling with this iron. A minority of reviews say it doesn’t curl their hair properly.

This curler received a small amount of negative reviews because it stopped working. You can request a warranty from customer services. The warranty lasts for a 3 year period.

Really old reviews said they were sent a counterfeit product, however recent reviews reassure that’s not the case anymore.

wand curls

If you have shorter hair this is a good option because it seems to work well on all hair types. If you like the idea of alternating the direction of your curls, this is a great buy because there’s an ‘alternate’ button in addition to the left and right curl buttons.

It also has 3 settings for adjustable times and temperatures. However, these settings are not fully adjustable.

The Babyliss has an auto shut off function, however, unlike the CHI, it’s not dual voltage.

If you like variety and multiple curl options go for the Miracurl 3. Want the healthiest looking hair possible? We recommend the Steamtech version.

Check out the Babyliss Nano Titanium Automatic Curler (All 3 versions) on Amazon here

#1 Vs #2 | Babyliss Miracurl Vs Chi Spin And Curl | The Best Auto Curler For You!

A lot of women looking for an automatic hair curler find it difficult to choose between our entry #1 and #2. For good reason! The Chi Spin N’ Curl and the Babyliss Miracurl are the most impressive automatic curling irons on the market.

When it comes to deciding which one to buy, the best option for you will depend on your needs, personal preferences, and hair type!

Although the shape of these auto curlers vary quite a bit, the actual curling process is similar. We’ve explained the main differences below:

CHI Spin N Curl

Just One CHI Spin N’ Curl Model Available (Though Other Colors Are For Sale)

Better For Longer Hair

Beeping Is Not Optional

3 Timer & Temperature Settings But Only 2 Curl Direction Settings

Temperature Settings Fully Flexible

2 Year Warranty

Dual Voltage

Click Here To See The CHI Spin N’ Curl On Amazon

Babyliss Miracurl

3 Different Models Available To Suit Different Needs (Steam Function Or With 3 Barrel Sizes)

Great For Short Hair (Also Works With Long Hair)

Beeping Function Is Optional

3 Different Timer & Temperature Settings PLUS 3 Curling Direction Settings

Temperature Settings Not Fully Flexible (3 Pre Sets Only)

3 Year Warranty

Not Dual Voltage

Check Out The Babyliss Miracurl Here On Amazon

#3. Kiss products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron (Easiest To Use)


2 year limited warranty

Automatic shut off function after 90 minutes

Left and right curl direction

Comb-like ridges prevent tangling

how to use an automatic curling iron

Only 2 heat settings

Not dual voltage

Difficulty fitting hair into the chamber

This automatic curling iron earns our third place because it’s so easy to use. It looks like a regular curling iron, and operates similarly to a regular curler, too – taking all of the confusion out of the process!

Looks Like A Regular Curler, Does The Hard Work For You

This automatic curler is perfect if you find it difficult to use a regular curling iron.

It looks similar to a normal iron and performs quite similarly to a regular curling iron, but it does all the hard work for you!

The Instawave is really easy to use. Turn the curler on by moving the dial from ‘off’ to ‘low’ or ‘high’ heat. When the red light turns blue, you’re ready to curl.

Worried about burning your hands? No need for gloves! Your hands never need to reach near the hot iron as long as you use it properly.

How To Use The Kiss Instawave

Make sure your hair is clean, dry, and combed through before you use the Instawave.

  • Take a 1 to 2-inch section of hair and hold the automatic curler behind the section and next to it in a vertical position
  • Press the outer button until your hair is fully wrapped around the barrel
  • After 8 – 10 seconds (depending on how tight you want your hair), pull the curler straight down to release
  • To curl your hair in the opposite direction, place your hair behind the barrel and press the inner button

The curling chamber catches your hair and curls it in seconds – all with just a push of a button. The special technology prevents tangling, but if you do get your hair stuck, just spin the curler in the opposite direction to unleash your hair.

Change Direction Left Or Right With The Press Of A Button

The curl direction buttons enable you to curl your hair sections in either left or right directions. While there is no ‘alternate’ button, you can manually switch your curls using the buttons for a more natural look!

Detangling Feature And Special Technology For Healthier, Softer Hair

The curl dial has comb-like ridges that help smooth and detangle your hair while you curl for a smoother finish.

The ceramic infused 1 inch barrel is easy to use. Ceramic ionic technology provides salon-quality curls or waves with less damage and frizz, and healthier, shinier hair.

Only 2 Heat Settings But Suitable For All Hair Types

The maximum temperature is 420°F and the iron features 2 heat settings – a high (420°F) and a lower setting. The hotter setting gives a tighter curl.

The Kiss Instawave automatic curler can work for tons of different hair styles and lengths: short, midlength, and longer hair lengths.

Automatic Shut Off Function | Ideal If You Are Forgetful

Worried about electrical damage? The Kiss Instastyle has an automatic shut off function after 90 minutes to keep your mind at ease.

2 Year Limited Warranty For Peace of Mind

This auto curling iron comes with a two year limited warranty on the off chance you run into malfunction issues.

wand curls

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the Kiss Instawave receives a high rating on average online.

One reviewer loved that this auto curler is idiot-proof: it only took her a minute to figure out how to use it! She also likes that it heats up in seconds, and claims it is definitely worth the price.

Most customers say it doesn’t tangle their hair and it works really well at producing professional-looking curls.

It receives positive reactions from all hair types, but also a few negative reactions from most hair types, too.

Some of the reviewers with finer hair said it didn’t work well for them, but others said it worked really well.

Other reviewers like that it doesn’t take long to curl your hair with this automatic curling iron, and they reassure that it won’t burn your hands.

Many customers with hard-to-curl-hair had a positive experience with this automatic curler.

Most of the negative reviews (though they’re the minority) had issues getting their hair into the chamber. It could be the case that they weren’t using it properly.

hair wand

If you like the idea of a regular curler, but you can’t quite get the curling technique right, or you burn your hands, this is a great fool-proof alternative.

The Kiss Insawave looks like a conventional curler, but it’s much easier to use than a regular iron. It’s good value for money, and customers with all different hair types have had a positive experience.

It only features two heat settings, and it does not have an ‘alternate’ curl button, however, it’s less expensive than the higher quality automatic curlers.

A few negative reviews had trouble getting it to work: this should not be an issue as it is protected by a 2-year warranty.

Click here to view the Kiss Instawave Automatic Curling Iron on Amazon

#4. Conair INFINITIPRO Curl Secret Automatic Hair Curler (Best Budget)

iron for curling

5 year limited warranty

Automatic shut off function

3 time settings

Sleep function to preserve energy

Includes cleaner

curling machine

2 heat settings

Hair can get tangled

No alternating curl option

This auto curling iron earns our fourth place due to its great quality features at a reasonable, budget-friendly price.

The Original Automatic Curler: Similar To Babyliss, But Arguably Better Value

Similar in design to the Babyliss Nano Titanium automatic curler, the Conair was one of the first auto curling irons on the market.

Longer Warranty Period Than Others

While it does not have all of the features of the Babyliss or CHI models, it comes with a very long warranty and is good value for money.

Conair offers a super long five-year limited warranty for this model.

Special Technology For Shiny, Frizz-Free Hair

The brushless motor helps create curls without tangling your hair.

The tourmaline ceramic technology prevents heat damage, frizz, and flyaways for glamorous healthy-looking curls.

Two Heat Settings And 3 Timer Settings

Similar to the Kiss Instawave auto curler, the Infinitipro has 2 heat settings, with the Conair model heating up to 400°F degrees.

  • 400°F is the highest temperature, and helps provides curls and waves that last.
  • Set the timer (8, 10, or 12 seconds) to suit your desired level of curl hold.
  • Adjust these settings to control the way it curls – loose, tight, or medium curls.

Conair recommends this model for any hair length or type.

How To Use The Conair Infiniti Pro

The indicator light will switch to a solid red color when it’s ready to go.

  • Take 3 centimeters of hair at a time. Clampdown on this section of hair with the auto curler, release your hair from your hands, and it will gather into the chamber.
  • The auto beep feature indicates when your hair is ready. After four beeps, you will hear more beeps in succession: this indicates the curl is ready to be released.
  • Release your hair after the quick succession of beeps (or wait for the long beep if you want it super curly) and enjoy your curly hair!

This model is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands.

Worried about tangling your hair? The Conair Infinitipro safety sensor flashes and beeps when you grab too much hair to prevent tangling.

Includes Cleaning Material For Sanitation And Clean Hair

Much like the CHI model, this auto curler also comes with a chamber cleaner tool to keep your curler clean and safe to use.

Automatic Shut Off & Sleep Functions For Safety And Energy Conservation

Not only does this Infinitpro model feature an auto shut off function for safety, it also includes a sleep mode (power reduction) to help preserve energy.

hair curler

Overall, customers are generally very impressed by this Conair auto curler.

Many say it’s foolproof to use, and a great buy if you’re lazy when it comes to styling your hair.

A couple of reviews noted that it works well on African American hair.

Customers who usually find it difficult to curl their hair find this curler saves them time.

A few customers, in reviews from many years ago, said their device came already used. No recent reviews had that problem.

Multiple reviewers noted that this curling iron holds their curls for days (even on hair that typically doesn’t hold a curl for long).

Some of the negative reviews were unhappy that their hair got stuck in the iron. This should not be a problem if you follow the instructions carefully, and only use small amounts of hair at any one time. Others say they did plenty of research and watched videos on how to use it and they did not experience tangling for that reason.

automatic hair curler

If you’re looking for an auto curler similar to the Babyliss Nano Titanium, this is a good option at an affordable price.

It does not feature quite as many features as the Babyliss (with no alternate button and only 2 heat settings), but it’s still a high-quality auto curling iron.

This Conair curler does feature an auto shut off and sleep mode function, 3 timer settings, and an ultra-long 5 year warranty.

Check out the current price of the Conair InfinitiPro on Amazon here

#5. The Beachwaver Co. Automatic Hair Curler (Best For Beachy Waves & Curls)

hair curls

Available in 3 barrel sizes for different hairstyles

Curl speed control

Curl direction control

Dual voltage

Temperature range 290º to 410ºF

30 minute auto shut off

1 year warranty

wand curls

Can burn yourself easily, wear a glove

Tends to work better for longer hair

This Beachwaver earns our fifth spot due to the variety in barrel sizes, all of which are great for creating beautiful beachy waves and curls!

3 Different Barrel Sizes For Different Hair Styles | Now Dual Voltage

The new and improved Beachwaver Co. curling irons are now dual voltage – great to travel with!

Beachwaver automatic curling irons are available in 3 different barrel sizes 0.75, 1, or 1.25 inches.

  • The S1 is perfect if you like variety. This 1-inch size is great for defined curls, glamorous waves, and loose beach waves.
  • The bigger rotating ceramic barrel (S1.25) works best for loose, beachy waves.
  • The smaller S.75 barrel is great for textured beachy waves.

Quick To Heat, Generous Temperature Range, Curl Direction and Speed Control

It takes just 30 seconds to heat up and is attached to a 9′ swivel cord – so it will not get in the way or tangle as you move the curler.

Easily control the speed of your curl with the ‘low’ and ‘fast’ buttons! You can also control the direction of your curl with the left and right control buttons.

The temperature range is quite broad, stretching from 290º to 410ºF – perfect to suit different hair types and styles.

Change the temperature using the up and down buttons to adjust it to your hair type. View the current temperature on the digital window to avoid all confusion.

How The Beachwaver Automatic Curling Iron Works

Curl small sections of hair at a time.

The small clamp feature removes a lot of confusion about where to place your hair to start the auto curling process. Because the clamp is smaller than usual, it will not leave the typical ‘clamp kink’ in your hair.

  • Open the hair clamp and place the ends of your hair section under the clamp. Place the clamp down on your hair.
  • Press the arrow button to begin the automatic curling process.
  • The wand will then wind upwards the top of your head.
  • Remove your finger from the button to stop rotating. Hold the curl for a couple of seconds, then open the clamp to release your curl.

1 Year Warranty For Fault Protection

The Beachwaver irons feature a one year warranty to protect against manufacturing defects.

30 Minute Automatic Shut Off

Worried about running out the door and accidentally forgetting to turn the Beachwaver off? Not a problem with this iron. It features a 30-minute automatic shut off function.

automatic curling iron

Overall reviewers are really impressed with this Beachwaver automatic curler.

Customers like that it’s so easy to use and maneuver. However, a couple of reviews say it takes some time to get used to.

One customer said she has shoulder pains and this model really helps prevent the pain that she gets with a regular iron.

Multiple customers said this auto curler is great for beachy waves and beachy curls in particular. Some of those with the 1-inch barrel curler say it works well for tighter curls too.

Reviewers are impressed that the curls last long after using this automatic curling iron.

Some warn that you can burn yourself using this auto curler if you’re not careful. A few customers said they wish it came with a heat resistant glove.

This Beachwaver model seems to work better on longer hair, but some ladies with shorter hair had success with this curler.

Some reviews mentioned they were surprised the iron is so big.

curling wands and curling irons

If you want an automatic curling wand that looks and operates much like a regular iron, this is a good, more luxury alternative to the Kiss Instastyle.

The Beachwaver offers 3 different barrel sizes, features a better temperature range, is dual voltage, and includes adjustable speed options.

However, it’s important to wear a glove with this model because you can burn your skin quite easily. The Beachwaver tends to work best for longer hair.

View The Beachwaver Co. Automatic Curling Iron on Amazon here

↳ Automatic Curling Iron Vs Standard Curling Iron

automatic curling iron

• Great if you struggle with the conventional curling technique

• The timer and beep noise provides a guide on how long to hold the curl

• Less likely to burn your fingers

• Usually work well for hard to curl hair

• Auto curlers provide more uniform curls: they usually do not operate when you place too much hair in the barrel

• Distributes heat evenly throughout your hair with the chamber style auto curlers because it curls within the chamber

curling wand

• Auto curlers are noisier: they usually beep when it’s time to remove your curl

• Can take some time to get used to if you are new to automatic styling machines

• Automatic irons are usually more expensive, though not always