With so many highly-rated models, choosing the right Babyliss hair dryer is not easy. We help you decide which one is right for you!

Do you have thick unruly curls? Or maybe you need a blow dryer for thin or dry hair?

After over 30 hours of research, we reveal the best Babyliss hair dryer for your hair type!

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Babyliss Pro Range For Professional Hair Stylists Or Hair Enthusiasts

BaByliss’ Pro range is a global leader in professional hair dryers, flat irons, hair wands, automatic curlers (including the Babyliss Miracurl), and other styling tools. Ideal for professionals or hair styling enthusiasts, these hair dryers are not the cheapest but the quality justifies the price.

Quick Overview | Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews

#1. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Blow Dryer (Best For Thick, Hard-To-Dry Hair)

  • Excellent Customer Reviews
  • Fast Drying & Super Lightweight
  • Titanium & Ionic Technology Perfect For Thicker, Hard-To-Dry Hair
  • 6 Speed & Heat Options Including Cool Button To Suit Different Hair Types & Styles
  • 3 Year Warranty For Protection
  • A Small Minority Experience Defects (Avail Of The Warranty)

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#2. BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Blow Dryer (Best For Thin & Dry Hair)

  • Equally Great Customer Reviews
  • Same Speed Options & Gentler On The Hair But Still Fast At Drying (Ideal For Thin & Dry Hair)
  • Porcelain & Ceramic For Even Heat Distribution & Frizz-Reducing Far Infrared Heat
  • Ionic Technology For Healthier Hair
  • 3 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind
  • Small Number Of Malufunctioning Errors (Contact Customer Services)

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#1. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer | In-Depth Review

  • Level: Professional/Hair-styling Enthusiast
  • Best For: Thicker, Hard-To-Dry Hair
  • Material: Titanium
  • Technology: Ionic
  • Wattage Power: 2000W
  • Speed & Head Options: Six With Cool Option
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds (lightweight)
  • Cleaning: Removable Filter
  • Extras: Concentrator nozzle

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High Wattage For Quicker & Less Damaging Styling

Reflected in the professional-quality price tag, this Babyliss hair dryer is high powered at 2000 watts for quick and effective hair drying and styling.

The strong wattage power provides a greater level of wind power at a lower heat for faster styling at a lower temperature. This is a lot better for your hair. Plus, higher watt hair dryers don’t burn out as fast as lower wattage ones – they are built to last!

6 Different Heat Settings W/ Cool Button For A Variety Of Styles & Hair Types

This blow dryer features six different heat and speed settings. Adjust the settings to suit your hair type and desired style.

The hottest setting is great when you’re rushing out the door in the morning, while the cooler options are a lot better for your hair.

The cool shot button is perfect when your hair is nearly dry just to lock in your hairstyle in a healthier way than the higher heat settings. Some professionals even claim it can seal your hair cuticles and help your hair look shinier!

Plus, the added concentrator nozzle allows for even more hairstyles (like straightening), defrizzing, and precision styling.

Stylish, Ergonomically Designed & Removable Filter For Easy Cleaning

Plus, this model features a removable stand/filter to make cleaning the blow dryer a lot easier.

The Babyliss Nano Titanium features a sleek blue exterior design that looks both stylish and professional for any salon, or for home use. Babyliss promise this hair dryer feels lightweight in your hands, and it is ergonomically designed for easy drying.

Nano Titanium Technology | Super Quick Drying | Ideal For Hard-To-Dry Thick Hair

This Babyliss hair dryer is from the brand’s nano titanium technology line specially designed to dry your hair faster. The titanium produces hotter air than ceramic blow dryers.

Titanium dries your hair quicker than other materials while keeping an even heat and a constant temperature throughout your styling experience. Plus, this material helps control fizzy hair better than ceramic blow dryers can.

Babyliss’ Ryton® housing technology contains high heat to protect your hands while styling.

Another huge benefit of choosing a titanium blow dryer is that they are 40% less heavy than ceramic dryers. Great for preventing that annoying arm ache!

However, titanium also comes with its drawbacks. Yes, it’s faster at drying. However, because of the quick speed, it can damage your hair more. For this reason, titanium is a lot better for people with thicker hair that can handle the hotter air.

Titanium hair dryers are ideal if you have a lot of hair and if it usually takes way too long to dry your hair with a non-titanium blow dryer.

Ionic Technology To Reduce Fizz & Dry Quicker

This titanium Babyliss hair dryer also features special ionic technology. The blow dryer releases negative ions while styling to prevent frizz and dry your hair faster. Again, this technology is ideal for frizzy, thick hair that takes a lot of time to dry.

However, this ionic feature is much better for bouncier hair than limper hair types. It doesn’t work well with ultra-thin, flat hair because the ionic technology can remove volume from the hair while you dry.

3 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

This Babyliss blow dryer is protected by a 3-year international warranty on all defects and manufacturing faults. You need proof of purchase to obtain the warranty and full terms and conditions apply. View the full warranty information for more details.

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Nano Titanium Babyliss Hair Dryer Customer Reviews

Babyliss hair dryer

  • Most with thick, hard-to-dry hair leave very positive reviews for this Babyliss hair dryer
  • One customer says 3 years later it’s still going strong and working so well
  • Multiple reviews say they notice their hair is shinier, less frizzy, and looks healthier
  • Cuts drying time by 2/3rds on thick hair!
  • Multiple customers say the higher price tag is justified for the superior performance & better hair appearance
  • It straightens so well that you don’t need to follow up with a flat iron: this reduces frizz & split ends
  • Professionals love that it’s so lightweight and doesn’t hurt their hands while styling
  • Others say it’s the lightest hair dryer they’ve ever used!
Babyliss hair dryer
  • A small minority had malfunction issues with this Babyliss hair dryer. However, it is protected by the warranty – contact customer services if you run into any issues
  • Customers with fine hair noticed this does not typically work well for their hair type. Consider the ceramic Babyliss hair dryer below instead!

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#2. BaByliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Blow Dryer | In-Depth Review

  • Level: Professional/Styling-Obsessed
  • Best For: Fine & Dry Hair (Or Any Type Of Damaged Hair)
  • Material: Porcelain Ceramic
  • Technology: Far Infrared Heat (Via Ceramic), Ionic
  • Wattage Power: 2000W
  • Speed & Head Options: Six With Extra Cooling Button
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.2 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds (heavier than the titanium Babyliss blow dryer above)
  • Cleaning: Removable Filter
  • Extras: Narrow Concentrator nozzle
  • Power Cord: 9′ Cord

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2000 Watt Motor For Healthier Drying & A Longer Lasting Styling Tool

Like the Nano Titanium blow dryer above, this ceramic Babyliss hair dryer features an ultra-powerful 2000 watt AC motor that is built to last.

Plus, the powerful wattage generates greater air power at a lower temperature and makes quicker drying a lot easier resulting in healthier looking and feeling hair.

6 Different Speed/Heat Settings & Cold Air To Suit Your hair

Additionally, the Porcelain Ceramic Babyliss hair dryer also features 6 different speed and heat settings to suit your desired drying and styling method. Switch from the hotter air levels to the cold shot option via the special button when your hair is nearly dry to seal in your style and boost your hair’s shine levels.

Ergo-Grip Handle, Easy Cleaning & Added Nozzle For Precision Drying

This blow dryer is attached to an ultra-long, 9-foot cord for easy movement while you style. Plus, the handle is made from a special ergonomically designed grip to make holding the dryer above your head a lot easier.

The special removable filter at the back of the blow dryer makes cleaning so much easier.

Each purchase also includes a narrow precision nozzle to make precision drying and straightening a lot easier and faster.

Porcelain Ceramic Material Generates Infrared Heat & Negative Ions For Healthier Hair

While titanium hair dryers are designed for faster drying on thicker hair, the combination of porcelain and ceramic is best for static-free, even-heat, and gentler drying to protect your hair.

Ceramic hair dryers generate far-infrared heat, a gentle kind of heat to protect your hair from damage while you style. Infrared heat utilizes longer-energy wavelengths to dry your hair from the inside out.

Separate from the added ionic technology, ceramic blow dryers also release negative ions to eliminate static and reduce hair drying time.

The combination of porcelain, ceramic, infrared heat, and negative ions is ideal for those with fine and dry hair, but it can work really well for other hair types as well (especially damaged hair).

Ionic Technology Released For Shinier, Frizz-Free Hair

Even though the porcelain, ceramic material emits negative ions, this Babyliss hair dryer is also built with special ion technology. This emits even more natural negative ions and helps eliminate static, resulting in smooth and shiny hair even for those with frizzy natural hair.

Plus, the ionic technology helps reduce drying time to save you valuable minutes in the mornings.

3 Year Warranty For Protection

Just like the titanium Babyliss hair dryer above, this ceramic model is also protected by a 3-year warranty in case you run into any manufacturing-error issues. More information is available on the warranty protection in the full warranty document.

Babyliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic Blow Dryer Reviews

hair dryer reviews
  • Customers like that you can feel the difference in the quality of your hair: frizz is gone and it’s a lot softer
  • Multiple reviews say it’s the best hair dryer they have ever used!
  • It cuts drying time in half for some reviewers
  • Gives volume to limp, thin hair
  • Best for fine, dry hair but some with thick, frizzy hair have a positive experience too
  • Built to last: some reviewers note that this blow dryer has lasted over 5 years so far
  • Some bought it on recommendation from their hairstylists and note they’re glad that they did!
  • Customer service is really helpful when applying for the warranty
babyliss blow dryer
  • Heavier than the Nano Titanium and quite loud
  • A very small number had issues with their Babyliss hair dryer malfunctioning. Make sure you available of the warranty if this happens to you

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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

Best For Thick Hair

Slightly Lighter


3 Year Warranty

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Babyliss Pro Ceramic 2800

Best For Thin & Dry Hair



3 Year Warranty

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