Is the Babyliss Miracurl worth all the hype?

After over 18 hours of thorough research, we breakdown the best and worst features of this automatic curling iron, and explain if this model will be worth the hype for you!

With 3 different Miacurl options for sale, Babyliss provides great flexibility in buying choice, and this model is also adjustable when it comes to the settings!

Just keep reading to find out if this world leader in automatic curling irons is right for you!

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Key Stats | Babyliss Miracurl Nano Titanium

The Babyliss Miracurl was the world leader and one of the first ever auto curlers.

  • 3 Different Miracurls Available: Original, Steamtech, and Miracurl 3 (All Share The Same Settings Below) ✔
  • 3 Different Temperature Settings  ✔
  • 3 Different Timer Settings With Beep (Optional)  ✔
  • 3 Different Curl Direction Settings  ✔
  • 1 Hour Automatic Shut Off Function  ✔
  • 3 Year Warranty  ✔
  • Great Customer Feedback ✔
  • Not Dual Voltage ✘

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Miracurl Original Vs. Steamtech Vs. Miracurl 3

Babyliss offers three different types of Miracurl automatic curlers so you can find the perfect model for your needs! The original Miracurl, the Steamtech Miracurl with an added steam function, and the Miracurl 3 that features 3 different barrel sizes in one.

Some prospective customers are a little confused about the difference between the 3 different Miracurl versions available. Our guide below sets out the subtle differences.

All models share the same base settings functions discussed in the later sections.

Miracurl Original

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Babyliss’ regular automatic curling iron is the Miracurl original. It still features all the great attributes of the Steamtech and 3 versions, with the exception of the steam function and flexible curl sizes respectively. It’s a perfect option if you are on a little more of a budget!

Miracurl Steamtech

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This steamtech version is ideal if you want healthier looking hair. Steam emits for a sleeker and smoother hairstyle. All you have to do is press a special button to release the steam!

Thanks to this steam function, it provides 50% improved curl formation, 20% better curl definition, and the curls last longer and look both shinier and smoother! Babyliss promise the curls will hold for a full 24 hours.

Babyliss Miracurl 3

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The final Miracurl in the collection is the Miracurl 3. It’s a 3 in 1 automatic curler. This version provides 3 different curl options thanks to the 3 different barrel sizes! Babyliss promises 20% better curl definition with the Miracurl 3 than the original model.

Just press a button to easily and quickly change the barrel size. Make the size bigger for a looser curl, make it smaller for a tighter curl, or keep it in the middle for something in-between.

Flexible Temperature & Timer Settings With Optional Beeping

All three Babyliss Miracurl models have the same temperature and timer settings. This includes 3 different timer settings (8, 10, 12 seconds). The beeps from the timer will indicate when you should release your hair which is super helpful for newbies!

Plus, unlike the Chi Spin N’ Curl, this timer function is completely optional. If you don’t want a loud beep to distract from your relaxing curling experience, just turn the timer setting off.

However, the temperature settings are not fully flexible. There are 3 pre-set options to choose from (375°F, 410°F, 450°F). Keep the temperature on a lower setting if you have thinner hair. The hottest temperature is designed for very thick coarse hair. If you like to set your own precise temperature try the CHI Air Spin N Curl or The Beachwaver Co. automatic hair curler.

More Curl Directions Than Competitors

The fact that this auto curler has three timer and three temperature settings isn’t that impressive considering quite a few of the high-end automatic curling irons have those features. However, what really sets this curler apart is that it also has *three* different curl direction settings (more than most of the competitors)!

Like to mix your curls up? Not only can you alternate between left facing and right facing curls, but you can also select the special ‘alternate’ button that will give a mix between curl directions for a more relaxed and natural look.

How The Babyliss Miracurl Works

This Babyliss Miracurl is really simple to use. Just press the easy on/off button and you’ll know the curler is on thanks to the light-up function on the switch. It heats up in just seconds for super quick styling and it recovers very quickly. Great for a fast hairstyle when you need to run out the door in the mornings!

  • Take a 1.5 inch section of hair and add it to to the ‘v’ part of this automatic curler (the open side of the curling iron should be facing your head).
  • When you close down on the handles, the automatic function will draw your hair into the curler.
  • Just open and release the curling chamber to remove your hair when the timer indicates with a beep (or after 8 – 12 seconds if you’d rather not use the beeper).

Further information is available in the instructions manual, just in case you run into any difficulties.

Automatic Shut Off For Peace Of Mind

Worried about the safety aspect of using hair styling devices? The added automatic shut off function on the Babyliss Miracurl should keep your worries at bay!

Accidently walk out the door without turning the auto curler off? This model automatically turns off after one hour so you don’t have to worry about it staying on all day while you’re at work! Plus, thanks to the advanced technology, it also has a motion sensor and sleep mode function.

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Who Is The Miracurl Best For? Which Model Is Right For Me?

It’s not surprising that this Babyliss Miracurl model is one of the most popular automatic curlers on the market.

A major plus for all potential customers is the versatility.

Because you can create different combinations of curling time, temperature levels, and curling direction, along with the three different Miracurl models, you can find the perfect curls for your personal hair!

Alternating the direction of your curls to mix up your look with different heat levels and curling times, also combined with the Miracurl 3 for different curl sizes, provides amazing flexibility.

The Babyliss Miracurl works well on long hair but, unlike the Chi Spin N Curl, it also works great for short hair. It’s easy to use and great for salons because it has an 8ft 360-degree swivel cord.

Maybe your hair could do with a little TLC? Opt for the Miracurl Steamtech if you want some steam with your heat styling for healthier hair!

If you are on more of a budget and don’t want to splurge on the premium Miracurls, the original version still works great.

Maybe automatic curling irons aren’t right for you? Get beautiful bouncy curls with the right regular curler for you! Check out our reviews of the best regular curling wands, curling wand sets, and Nume curling sets!

3 Year Warranty Offers Protection

Worried about investing in an automatic curler only for it to break down a couple of months later? When you buy a new styling tool, you want to know that it will last for years.

The Babyliss Miracurl is protected by a 3 year warranty on faults or defects just in case you run into any functional issues. This generous warranty protection period will offer a lot of peace of mind!

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Not Dual Voltage

Although it has the great attributes above (the flexible timer, temperature, curl direction settings, automatic shut off, warranty etc..), this automatic curler is not the best if you need to travel abroad because it’s not dual voltage. Opt for the dual voltage CHI Spin N Curl instead if you need a dual voltage model.

Customer Feedback | Best & Worst Babyliss Miracurl Features

All three of the Babyliss Miracurl models receive great reviews overall. The vast majority of customers are really impressed.

Some say it’s foolproof and one reviewer in particular claims this model completely put her worries about using an auto curler at bay.

The Babyliss Miracurl is surprisingly easy to use and it’s really fast to curl your whole head of hair.

Multiple customers say the Steamtech version is amazing, and the steam function really makes a difference to the quality of your hair.

Others noted that their curls last even longer than the ‘up to 24 hours’ period than Babyliss promised – with some claiming that their curls last for multiple days!

Even more impressive, a lot of reviewers say this model really works for those who struggle to find a curling iron that can actually hold a curl in their hair!

However, a couple of customers noted that it can feel a bit heavy in the hands and your hair can get tangled if you don’t read the instructions properly.

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