Looking for the best airbrush makeup?

We’ve got you covered with our list of the top 5 airbrush makeup kits on the market right now!

Airbrush kits are an expensive investment. Don’t risk buyer’s remorse! We’ve invested hours and hours of time to find the best of the best airbrush kits available right now.

We’ve only included airbrush makeup with the best customer reviews. Our list removes all the complicated jargon so that even complete beginners can find a kit that works for them.

Looking for the best value for money, the best budget kit, the best luxury airbrush kit, or the best for travel? All covered below.

Keep reading to find out which airbrush makeup kit is best for you!

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup

Did you know airbrush makeup is commonly used to apply medical makeup?

best airbrush makeup

#1. Best Overall: Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

    • Available in fair, fair-medium, tan, dark foundation shades.
    • The airbrush machine is also available to purchase on its own without the makeup.
    • Inventory: Airbrush wand and compressor system, 6ft hose, 6 piece fair and medium foundation set, blush, bronzer, shimmer, and anti-aging primer, instruction manual, and carrying bag, 12V DC with a 110V AC plug in Adapter.

best airbrush makeup

  • One year warranty
  • Hypoallergenic and silicone, fragrance, and oil free
  • Available in fair, fair-medium, tan, dark foundation shades
  • Good variety of products in the kit  – foundation, primer, highlight, bronzer, blush
  • Comes with an airbrush cleaner
  • Easy to mix colors to make your perfect shade
  • Fully adjustable airflow – unlike some competitors that only have 3 options

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup kits

  • Plug for USA only – will need an adapter abroad
  • Doesn’t last all day for all customers
  • Some like the machine but not the makeup

The Art of Air earns number one on our list for its excellent customer reviews, and great value for money – containing a wide variety of makeup and extras.

best airbrush makeup

A number one best selling, all-in-one kit – recommended for both beginners and professionals.

The single action precision airbrush tip measures just 0.4mm allowing for an ultra fine mist for an airbrushed appearance. The machine is nice and quiet meaning there’s no airbrush headache, and allows you to avoid the awkward buzzing noise between you and your clients.

Some competitors only have three levels of pressure adjustment. The Art of Air airflow settings, on the other hand,  are fully adjustable and easy to control.

One of the disadvantages of airbrush systems is that they need to be cleaned regularly. The Art of Air comes with a cleaner for your airbrush system (4oz) to make the cleaner process much easier for you.

Need to go house to house for your clients? The added carrying bag makes it easy to transport all your airbrush tools and makeup.

best airbrush makeup

Unlike many other entries lower on the list, this airbrush kit comes with a large variety of makeup

It’s not just about the airbrush machine – it’s also important that the makeup performs well for a professional looking application. Art of Air’s makeup is hypoallergenic and silicone, fragrance, and oil free.

Six matte finish water based foundation shades (2 oz each) come in each kit. Find it hard to find the perfect shade for you or your clients’ skin? No worries. The kits is available in fair to medium, tan, or dark – and it’s easy to mix the color drops to get the exact shade you need.

A lot of people assume airbrush machines give light coverage because the makeup applies in a fine mist. Art of Air claim its airbrush foundation it can cover blemishes, acne, redness, age spots, freckles, birth marks, fine lines, wrinkles.

The foundation is buildable from sheer to full coverage. Customizable coverage is great whether you’re working on clients with various skin needs, or if your breakouts are irregular and you need different coverage at different times of the month.

The added bronzer, pink blush, and pearl highlight  (1/4 oz each) finish your airbrush look off nicely. It also includes a anti-aging primer (a unique product for an airbrush kit) with moisturizing properties, suitable for applying before, after, or during makeup application.

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup

Overall customers are really impressed, with very high customer reviews online.

Many customers say this is the best airbrush kit they’ve used

Many reviews noted there’s great customer service if you run into problems (each purchase is covered by a one year warranty). In general, customers really like that the compressor is fully adjustable (many other models only have 3 compressor settings).

It stacks up well against competitors for many. A review from one makeup artist claims this is better than 400+ dollar airbrush models. Multiple reviews also said it’s much better than the competitor Luminess. One customer even said the kit helped her feel pretty again – her previous routine left her with cakey, oily, and partially flaky skin, this works much better for her.

best airbrush makeup

Not sweat proof for all, some are not a fan of the makeup

Art of Air promise the airbrush makeup can last all day. Some customers, however, said the longevity isn’t great if you sweat a lot. Other customers said the airbrush gun can clog easily.

A few reviews really liked the airbrush machine, but were not a fan of the makeup. If you’d like you can just buy the gun on its own and use with other makeup brands, but this can void the warranty! However, more customers really like the makeup. Multiple people said it makes their skin look flawless and it feels lightweight. Customers say it covers rosacea really well.

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup

 This best seller is ideal for both beginners and professionals looking for a kit at a good price with a variety of makeup. It contains foundation, bronzer, blush, highlight, as well as extras like a face primer, airbrush cleaner, and carrying bag. A small number of reviews say it doesn’t last all day, and that they like the airbrush but not the actual makeup. It is covered by a one year warranty.

best airbrush makeup

Check out the available shades and the current price on Amazon here

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#2. Best Value For Money: Aeroblend Airbrush Pro Starter Kit

  • Includes the entire 24 item Aeroblend shade range. Also available in light, medium, tan and dark
  • Inventory: 16 foundations (6ml each), 6 blushes (6ml), 1 highlighter (6ml), 1 bronzer (6ml), quiet compressor, airbrush stylus, hose, 110V AC Plug (designed for North America only) (each 6ml bottle contains about 1-2 week’s worth of product)

best airbrush makeup

  • One year warranty
  • Highly pigmented, only 5-7 drops needed on average
  • Silicone, fragrance, paraben, synthetic pigments, mineral oil free
  • Includes the full 24 Aeroblend range – also available in light, medium, tan, or dark
  • Easy to mix to find your perfect shade, colors developed with the aid of real people with real skin tones
  • Made in the USA

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup kits

  • Plug for USA only – will need an adapter abroad
  • Can clog up easily for some customers
  • Some had issues with the machine working (but it is covered by a warranty)

Formulated and made in the USA, Aeroblend claims the kit provides camera ready professional results with easy use for beginners.

Similar to Art of Air, the airbrush device has an adjustable dial on the compressor to customize the pressure to your preference, with a stylus for control. The compressor is very quiet and adjustable up to 18 PSI.

The compressor and double/dual action airbrush are developed for daily use, and covered by a full one year warranty for peace of mind.

It doesn’t come with a cleaning product, but customers say it’s easy to clean with warm water.

best airbrush makeup

Highly pigmented makeup made with natural ingredients, only 5-7 drops per application

The kit includes the entire Aeroblend color range. The colors are derived from natural pigments based on ordinary people with real skin tones.

A lot of the airbrush foundations on the market need to be mixed with toners – this can be intimidating and time consuming for beginners. Not this one. The shade classification makes it easy to match your shade.

A highly pigmented water based formula – only 5-7 drops are needed per application. The liquid makeup is comprised of natural ingredients (botanicals, minerals like kaolin, lavender and jojoba). Aeroblend claims it works well for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Aeroblend promises their foundation lasts a minimum of 10 hours, feels lightweight and covers redness, acne, sun damage, and evens the skintone. The formula is silicone, fragrance, paraben, synthetic pigments, mineral oil free – avoiding many of the harmful chemicals that typically are included in normal foundations.

best airbrush makeup

Overall the airbrush kit has a strong reception with high customer reviews.

Many customers say it’s easy to use, there’s great customer service, and it’s better than some competitors

A professional makeup artist using airbrush products for 10 years said this is her favorite. Many non-professionals also said they were impressed with the professional looking results.

One customer said Areoblend is a much better airbrush brand than Luminess. Another said they like it better than Dinair, because Dinair clogs up more and Areoblend is much quieter.

Reviewers said it’s surprisingly easy to use, and a lot noted that it’s good value for money considering how much you get in the kit.

Multiple reviews said the makeup feels lightweight on the skin, and it’s easy to find your color match with so many colors to mix.

Clogs up easily for some, some aren’t impressed with the machine

A few of the customers said the machine clogged up after a few uses. Another said the stylus part of the machine broke. Others said it included great quality makeup, but the airbrush machine is not as impressive as others.

The machine is covered by a one year warranty if you run into any issues, and many customers commented on the great customer service.

best airbrush makeup

Great for MUAs – the kit includes 15 foundation shades as well as bronzer, blush, and highlight. Areoblend sell the kit in multiple colors and extra shades are sold separately. It’s easy to mix multiple colors to find the perfect match.  A few reviewers noted the airbrush can clog up or act faulty, but the kit is covered by a one year warranty.

Check out the current price of the Areoblend airbrush kit on Amazon here

#3. Best For Travel: Temptu Air Cordless Perfect Canvas Airbrush Starter Kit

  • Inventory: Perfect Canvas Hydra Lock foundation Airpod in the shade of your choice (8 ml), Rechargeable Battery, and USB Charge Cord
  • Wall Adapter Sold Separately
  • Available in 24 different colors

best airbrush makeup

  • 2 year warranty on the airbrush machine
  • Cordless, weighs less than a pound (8.9 oz)
  • Non-comedogenic formula
  • Transfer and water resistant as well as oil, paraben, and fragrance free
  • Contains amino acids, peptides, goji berry extract, and a botanical blend
  • Auto replenishment available on the official website

best airbrush makeup kits

  • Only compatible with Temptu Air’s interchangeable makeup Airpods (Perfect Canvas or Silksphere finish)
  • Just one color with each pack
  • Expensive

An award winning cordless airbrush kit that weighs less than a pound for convenient travel

Carrying the bulky airbrush equipment around all the time is one of the biggest drawbacks of airbrushing. With just one 8.9 oz product to carry, this portable airbrush machine solves that problem.

This airbrusher is super easy to use: just press the on button, hold 3 inches from the face, move in circular motions, and pull back on the ‘soft touch control’ to release the makeup. Just like the more typical looking airbrush machines, the airflow technology releases the makeup in an ultra fine mist for airbrushed skin.

The soft touch control airflow is adjustable, but with just three settings, it’s not as adjustable as Art of Air or Areoblend.

The airbrush has an LED light indicator, and the packaging is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. It charges via the USB charging cord and the battery is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries.

The airbrush machine is only compatible with Temptu Air’s interchangeable makeup Airpods. Each set comes with one Perfect Canvas pod in the shade of your choice. The machine is also compatible with the Temptu Silksphere Temptu foundation. The Perfect Canvas is much more matte than the Silksphere. There’s an auto replenishment option on the official website, which is great when you find your perfect shade.

best airbrush makeup

Buildable coverage, covers imperfections, formulated with high quality ingredients

Temptu promises a long wearing, transfer and water resistant foundation formula. Spray once or twice for a sheer coverage, 2-3 times for medium, or 3-4 for a full coverage. The buildable coverage is easy to control, and the machine allows for precise application. The hydrating, anti-ageing formula, provides a semi-matte natural looking skin.

The foundation coverage can blur imperfections (like the previous two), and cover tattoos and redness, rosaea, acne, melasma, or vitilgo.

High quality ingredients help to hydrate and purify your skin, including: amino acids, peptides, goji berry extract, and a botanical blend.

It’s a fast-dry, non-comedogenic formula. Temptu promises it’s transfer and water resistant as well as oil, paraben, and fragrance free.


best airbrush makeup

Customers overall really like the device, with high average reviews online.

Like that it’s travel friendly, easy to clean, and natural looking results

Most customers noted that they love how compact, convenient, and easy to travel with the airbrusher is.

The kit provided natural looking results for most reviewers. One user noted their acne dramatically reduced after switching from conventional foundation to this airbrush kit.

One customer said she previously used the Dinair model and liked this better because it’s easier to clean and never clogs.

The shades are too yellow for some, others think it doesn’t cover well enough

Temptu have a color match guarantee. One customer noted she had issues color matching with customer service, others found them helpful for getting a color match. The airbrush makeup reviews note the colors in general are quite yellowish, and didn’t work well for everyone. Unlike the other airbrush kits on this list, it’s not possible to mix different colors.

A lot of customers really liked the coverage and lightweight feel, others (especially those with skin conditions) felt it didn’t cover well enough.

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup

If you’re after a portable airbrush kit, this is the one for you. Although it’s expensive, it comes with a 2 year warranty and the makeup is designed with high quality ingredients. Each purchase comes with only one pod  (only compatible with these pods) but Temptu have a color match guarantee.

best airbrush makeup

Check out today’s price for the Temptu Air started kit on Amazon, including all the colors available

#4. Best Luxury: Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit

  • Fair to medium shades
  • Inventory: 1 compressor, the airbrush device, 15 foundation shades, 3 brow products, 5 eyeshadow, 3 blush, 3 highlighters, a dewy moisturizer, power adapter (USA only), air hose (6ft), and bonus liquid lip stains.

best airbrush makeup

  • 3 year warranty
  • Comes with detailed instructional videos
  • A lot of products included
  • Easy to customize your color
  • Water based, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, and free from oil, silicones or parabens.
  • Two different foundation formulas available (glamour or paramedical)
  • Comes with airbrush cleaner and bonus liquid lipstains.

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup kits

  • Very expensive
  • This set only comes in fair-medium – other shades are sold separately

best airbrush makeup

A luxury kit capsule kit covered by a three year warranty

A more expensive product than the others on this list. The price is justified for some for the big capsule collection of airbrush makeup, and the backing of a three year warranty (much longer than any others on the list).

Just like Art of Air and Areoblend, it’s easy to change the dial speed on this single action airbrusher. It can be overwhelming when you first receive the kit and see all the different items. There’s very detailed instruction videos available on operating the brush and the cleaning process.

The kit comes with foundation, brow products, eye shadow, blush, highlighters, moisturizer. As a bonus, it also includes with 3 different (red, pink, and browny-orange) Dinair matte liquid lip stains.

best airbrush makeup

Mix different foundation colors to make your perfect shade

The 15 Foundations are from the Glamour range in colors fair to medium (1/4 oz each). The same kit is not available in any other shades, however you can buy other compatible Dinar colors separately.

It’s easy to mix drops to get your perfect color for your clients. Because you add the drops manually, it’s easy to practice with water before wasting makeup on learning how to use it as a beginner.

The makeup is water based, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, and free from oil, silicones or parabens.

The Glamour formula is not waterproof. If you’re after waterproof foundation, the Dinair Paramedical formula is also compatible with this airbrush machine.

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup

Although it’s an expensive product, it does have high reviews online and many think it’s worth the price.

Longlasting makeup, and it’s easy to get the perfect shade

Multiple reviews like that the airbrush machine is lightweight, good quality, and that the makeup lasts all day (even in hot weather).

Reviews note it takes some time to get the perfect shade match by mixing the colors, but you can get it exactly right for you or your client. It’s great if you tan more and more each day in the summer – it’s easy to customize for a continuous perfect match.

best airbrush makeup

Takes getting used to, can clog easily, some prefer other models

Some customers said it takes a while to get used to airbrushing but the instruction videos are very helpful. Others claim it clogs too easily despite using the cleaning solution with each use.

Application of the eyebrows in particular appears to takes a lot of practice – this kit is definitely more for professionals than beginners.

As indicated in previous entries on this list, some customers specified that they prefer other models to Dinair.

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup

 Although it’s very expensive, if you’re an MUA looking for a capsule kit you may find the contents (over 27 liquids, and bonuses) justify the price. Two different foundation finishes are available – great for working on clients. Some reviewers prefer other models, however. You will need to buy darker shades separately.

best airbrush makeup

Check out today’s price for the Dinair on Amazon here

#5. Best Budget: TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit

  • Inventory: 3 speed Airbrush compressor with AC adapter, single action stainless steel stylus, 3 mineral foundations  (1/2 ounce each), 1 mineral blush (1/2 ounce), carrying case.
  • Available in fair, light/medium, and dark.

best airbrush makeup

  • One year warranty on compressor and airbrush stylus
  • Less expensive than alternatives
  • Water and mineral based makeup
  • More natural formula works well for sensitive skin
  • Paraben, silicone, talc, oil, alcohol, gluten and fragrance free.
  • Contains soy protein for long wearing application
  • Made in the USA
  • Color of the foundation is mixable, with a color match guarantee

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup kits

  • Basic, only comes with 3 colors
  • Not as highly reviewed as the others on the list
  • Louder than other models

best airbrush makeup

A basic kit, but at an affordable price

It’s a basic kit – it doesn’t come with much (only 3 foundations and one blush), but if you don’t have much room in your budget it’s a good option.

The matte formula is composed of high quality ingredients and minerals, and made with natural preservatives – suitable for any skin type.

Tru claims the mineral makeup provides great coverage – covering acne, scars, uneven skin, and hyper pigmentation. The foundation minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, birth marks, age spots, redness, and large pores.

best airbrush makeup

Formulated in the US for sensitive skin, with a color match guarantee

Created by a pharmacist who intended to create an airbrushing kit for sensitive skin without causing any breakouts or flare ups.

The formula is paraben, silicone, talc, oil, alcohol, gluten, fragrance free. Formulated with soy protein, with longevity up to 18 hours of wear.

The foundation takes approximately 2 minutes to apply with the airbrush gun. It’s suitable for all skin types and shades, and Tru provide a color match guarantee.

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup

This model doesn’t have as high reviews as the others on this list, but it’s still rated well by customers, with some saying they loving the product.

Great for sensitive skin, detailed video instructions

Customers said there’s no irritation for sensitive skin – If you suffer from sensitive skin, give it a try!

Some customers used other makeup products with the airbrush gun with success (however the seller warns that this will void the warranty of the product – so be aware!).

A lot of reviews liked how easy it was to use and how detailed the video instructions are.

best airbrush makeup

Can be faulty, but good customer service. Not totally natural, not long lasting for everyone.

Quite a number of customers found the airbrush faulty, or said it broke after a few uses. Many reviews commented on the excellent customer service and replacement speed for unsuitable colors or parts.

One customer said the makeup sweats off/that rain drops can wipe it away easily. The ingredients appear to be advertised as natural, but be aware that it does contain propylene glycol and acrylates copolymer.

best airbrush makeup

best airbrush makeup

If you’re on a budget, this is a good option. It’s a basic kit, it doesn’t come with much makeup, but it has a one year warranty and good customer service. It doesn’t have as high reviews as the others on this list. But if you have sensitive skin and you want an airbrush kit for personal use, this is a good option to try.

best airbrush makeup

Check out the current price of TRU’s Airbrush kit on Amazon here