Looking for the best blemish concealer for your skin?

Growing up, I remember how difficult it was to find a concealer that covered blemishes on my teenage, acne-prone skin. So many concealers are on the market – it’s hard to find one that really works to cover acne without causing more blemishes and skin flare-ups.

That’s why I’ve scoured the net for hours and hours to find the best coverage and formula blemish concealer products on the market right now. No matter your skin type, coverage requirements, or budget – I’ve got you covered below!

best blemish concealer

What makes a great blemish concealer?

Generally, higher coverage concealers work better to cover acne and blemishes. However, applying too much makeup can aggravate an acne problem – only use a small amount!

Makeup with comedogenic ingredients can cause a particular form of acne, called acne cosmetica, which impacts women aged 20-40 primarily.

Non-comedogenic (prevents blocked pores), alcohol-free, scent-free ingredients and oil-free formulas can help counteract against the ingredients in some concealers that make an acne problem worse.

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It made such a difference to my life when I finally found a product that worked for me. It improved my day-to-day confidence so much. I was no longer paranoid that everyone I interacted with was just staring at my skin.

Tip: consider skincare treatments (for example using a face steamer, Clarisonic, or face mask) to help improve your skin so you can use less concealer! Microdermabrasion works great on acne scarring, and microcurrent machines can help reduce acne. Choosing non comedogenic base products (even blush) can help reduce blemishes caused by makeup. 

Keep reading to find which blemish busting concealer is best for you!

Best Concealers for Blemish and Acne Prone Skin

#1. Best Overall: Kevyn Aucoin Complexion – The Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer/Foundation

  • 16 shades, 0.63 ounces.

best blemish concealer

  • Only need a small amount
  • Versatile coverage and use
  • All skin types
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Creamy, hydrating formula
  • Non-comedogenic

best blemish concealer

  • Can look un-natural in harsh lighting
  • Can be hard to pick a shade yellow and pink-based shades – use Sephora color match system
  • Pricey, but double the ounce amount of most concealer tubes.

Six-in-one product – creamy, thick and full coverage

The Sensual Skin Enhancer is a good option if you’re looking for a creamy, thick, full coverage, and versatile concealing product. This earned our top spot because of its impressive versatility, providing six-in-one uses with one cream product.

It works great if you fluctuate between good and bad skin days; you can use this one product to easily switch between a lighter tinted moisturizer and a heavier full-coverage concealer and foundation. Even if the acne coverage doesn’t work great for you, it’s likely that you’ll find a good alternative use for it.

Apply with a concealer brush to target blemishes, dot under the eyes to cover dark circles, use as an overall high coverage foundation (apply with a Q-tip – you only need a tiny amount), or mix in with your favorite moisturizer or primer for a lighter coverage on good skin days.

Long-lasting, with a lot of product – but it can look slightly unnatural in certain lighting

Have you ever accidentally bought the wrong shade of concealer or foundation? (I know I have!) You can use a darker shade of this concealer as a contour, and a lighter shade as a cream highlight. It can be hard to know which shade to pick, considering this product comes in yellow and pink undertone based shades. The Sephora color match system is helpful for finding your perfect shade.

Overall, most customers like this product with very high reviews online.

Some customers found that it looks slightly unnatural in some lighting, so if you’re looking for something more natural, either mix the product with moisturizer, or choose a lighter coverage product instead. The hefty price tag looks a lot more reasonable when you consider that it contains .63 ounces of product, which is more than double the product in a typical concealer tube. However, it will be heavier to carry around in your makeup bag.

best blemish concealer

The Sensual Skin Enhancer is great if you’re looking for a versatile, multi-use cream product that also provides strong coverage for acne. It is more expensive than most other concealers on the list, but it comes with a lot more product than the typical concealer.

Check Out The Sensual Skin Enhancer By Kevyn Aucoin On Amazon Here

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#2. The Holy Grail for Oily Skin: Cle De Peau Concealer

  • 6 shades, available in 0.17 ounces or 0.3 ounces

best blemish concealer

  • Creamy and long-wearing, great for oily skin
  • SPF 25 and non-SPF versions available
  • Ingredients include chestnut rosa fruit extract and green tea extract
  • Don’t need to use much product
  • Prevents against creasing

best blemish concealer

  • Pricey
  • Not the best for dry skin
  • Only 6 shades

Multi-Award winning concealer but it’s expensive

If you have oily, acne prone skin and you’ve tried every blemish concealer under the sun, and absolutely nothing has worked for you so far… this is the one to try.

A 15 time InStyle Best Beauty Award winner, that has also been named the Best Eye Concealer by Cosmopolitan, the concealer has done well at the CLEO Clear Skin Awards, NYLON Beauty Hit List 2015, and Cosmopolitan Beauty Grand Prix 2015.

This product is not easy on your bank balance, but the impressive reviews from customers, and its multi-award winning formula, earned it the second place on this list.

Luxury ingredients ideal for oily skin, but the shade range is limited

As you would expect from the luxury price tag, the formula contains unique ingredients that work especially well on oily skin; including green tea extract and chestnut rosa fruit extract to prevent oxidization, and skincare like Illuminating Complex EX for hydration and that airbrushed look.

Usually, higher-end brands have better shade ranges. It’s so difficult for deeper and lighter-skinned beauty lovers to find a shade that matches. Only six shades available, considering that this is an expensive product, is disappointing.

best blemish concealer

If you have some money set aside and want to invest in a blemish concealer with high-quality ingredients for oily acne-prone skin, this one is the best option.

However, the shade range doesn’t cater to everyone – it is disappointingly limited. If you have dry skin or are on a tight budget, give this one a skip.

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#3. Best for dry skin: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

  • 30 (formerly 22) shades, 0.22 ounces

best blemish concealer

  • Creamy and hydrating for dry skin, doesn’t flake
  • Can also work well for some with normal skin
  • Non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores), and alcohol-free
  • 30 shades (up from 22)

best blemish concealer

  • A lot of shades, but not light enough for pale skin (update: new shades were added!)
  • Not as high coverage as others
  • Can crease if using it around the eyes with too much product

Best selling concealer in the USA, medium to full coverage, ideal for dry skin

The best selling prestige concealer in the USA according to The NPD Group (Jan-Jun 2018), NARS Creamy Concealer is a popular choice, especially (as the name might suggest) for people with drier skin.

The medium to full coverage formula will conceal most blemishes without creating flakey patches that many other concealers can produce on dry skin.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of heavy, cakey, drying concealer, and foundation on dry skin. A lighter formula, this product is more breathable than the others on this list.

Overall, customers like it with high average reviews online.

The product comes in an impressive 22 different shades, however, many pale skin customers found that the lightest shade was too dark for them.

Most customers found it also works well under the eyes. Sephora carries a mini size (at half the price), which is great to try out before investing in the full-size product.

best blemish concealer

This popular choice is a great option for someone with dry skin, looking for a breathable, medium to full coverage, creamy, and non-flakey product to cover acne blemishes and scars.

The 22 color shade range is impressive, but it’s not the best for very pale skin. More breathable and less heavy than other options: but if you’re looking for a concealer that provides completely flawless coverage – this is not for you.

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#4. Best Drugstore: Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer

  • Shade range: 6 shades, 0.23 oz.

best blemish concealer

  • Non-comedogenic and oil, wax, & fragrance-free formula
  • Price tag
  • Works great for dry skin & some with normal to oily skin

best blemish concealer

  • Poor shade range
  • Coverage not as good as NARS (medium
  • Product doesn’t last very long (1 month)

Affordable dupe for NARS – ideal for dry skin & works for some normal-oily skin

A well-known dupe for NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (number 3 on this list), Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer performs well considering its inexpensive price tag.

The concealer provides a medium coverage for acne (similar but not as high coverage as NARS). Just like NARS, it works great to prevent flaking on dry skin, but some normal to oily skin customers have also been impressed by the friendly to acne-prone skin formula.

High average reviews online

While the 6 shade range is disappointing compared to NARS’ impressive 22 shades, this is a great option if they carry your shade and you’re interested in the NARS concealer but on a budget.

Don’t expect the tube to last long though, some customers found this ran out after just one month! It might be worth buying a more expensive, longer-lasting product to avoid the hassle of constantly repurchasing.

best blemish concealer

If one of the shades can work for you and you’re on a budget, it’s a good dupe at a cheaper price for the dry skin-friendly NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

The coverage isn’t as high as NARS and the product will run out faster. It might be worth your while picking this one up first to test out a similar formula at a cheaper price.

View The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Here On Amazon

#5. Best full coverage: Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

  • 11 shades, 1 ounce

best blemish concealer

  • Heavy tattoo coverage power
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • One tube is long-lasting
  • Great shade range

best blemish concealer

  • Not great for around the eyes
  • Discontinuing soon
  • Can cake if you use too much, very thick

Completely full coverage concealer power – but add too much & it can cake up

As the name suggests, this concealer provides a heavy-duty, thick, tattoo-covering concealer power. If it can cover tattoos, you can be sure it can cover redness and acne and works great on scars, too!

It can cover dark circles well but can get cakey under the eyes if you apply too much. Not the best option for a no-makeup makeup look! The concealer has mixed reactions from different skin types – the satin finish works great for some oiler skin, but some others with oily skin found it too greasy.

Customers generally like this one, with high reviews online

The value for money is great – the product contains one whole ounce, which is much more than the average .1- .35 oz concealer tube.

One tube will easily last one whole year, which is important to note, considering this product is being discontinued and has been replaced by the ‘Lock It Concealer Crème’!

If you’re interested in buying, make sure you purchase soon while it’s still available for sale (and if you enjoy it, be sure you stock up on backups!)

best blemish concealer

The formula is very thick and has extremely high coverage. It’s great if you would like to cover a lot of blemishes and achieve a completely flawless look.

Even though the range only includes 11 shades, customers that usually struggle to find a shade have been impressed. If you’re looking for something more natural-looking, this is not the best blemish concealer for you.

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#6. Best at covering redness: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream

  • 3 shades, 0.37 ounces

best blemish concealer

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Great coverage on redness
  • Lightweight, breathable, and natural-looking when used correctly

best blemish concealer

  • Can be drying & cakey if use too much, make sure you moisturize
  • Only comes in 3 shades
  • Not non-comedogenic

A versatile concealer with anti-aging properties but the shade range is poor

This neutralizing correcting cream covers redness in the skin from issues like acne flare-ups, to rosacea, to broken capillaries.

An alternative to the hassle of applying a hard-to-cover green concealer (such as Lancome’s Teint Ideal) under your makeup, this anti-redness skincare cream is for use on top of moisturizer, and can be worn alone or under makeup.

The special anti-aging properties make this concealer a good option for mature skin. For a skincare product, the cream has impressive coverage over redness and works great in conjunction with a blemish concealer. It can also be worn alone as a lightweight, medium coverage foundation.

Overall, customers seem to like it with mostly positive reviews online

The product originally only came in one shade. It Cosmetics recently brought out two more shades, but none of the shades work well for deeper skin tones when worn on its own.

Be careful not to apply too much product or it can become cakey.

A sister product from the same brand ‘Bye Bye Undereye’ covers dark circles. A third concealer in the same range, ‘Bye Bye Breakouts’ is next acne coverage concealer on the list!

best blemish concealer

If you have a lot of redness in your skin, this is the best blemish concealer for you.

It’s quite a versatile product and can be worn on its own for a natural look to let your skin breathe and blemishes heal, or with a full face of foundation and concealer for a flawless full coverage look.

If you don’t suffer from redness, you don’t need this one.

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#7. Best for acne treatment: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakouts

  • 7 shades, 0.35 ounces.

best blemish concealer

  • Treats acne while it conceals, many find the treatment effective
  • Good price
  • Great for oily skin

best blemish concealer

  • Poor shade range
  • Applicator not great for acne skin
  • Lighter coverage than the others
  • Wears off easily

Acne treatment & coverage concealer – suitable for spot concealing as it’s drying

Another product in the ‘Bye Bye’ range, this is an acne treatment for blemishes, acne, redness and discoloration, and a coverage concealer in one.

When I suffered from really bad acne, I felt so guilty putting on a full face of makeup every day. I knew the concealer was probably making my acne problem much worse.

The oil-absorbing, acne-treating ingredients in this product (including witch hazel and tea tree), allow for guilt-free concealer application.

Unsurprisingly, because of the ingredients in acne treatments, the product is drying on the skin, and so should only be used to spot conceal and treat directly on the affected area. It should not be used as an all-over concealer.

Customers tend to be impressed, with generally high reviews online

The drying, oil-absorbing properties means it works a lot better for oiler skin than drier skin.

Unfortunately, this product only comes in 7 shades, it’s not as long-wearing as other concealers, and the coverage is not as strong as other concealers on this list.

The Bye Bye, Breakout! Hello, Confidence! Full-Coverage Concealer Kit (limited edition) is a great value set for the price.

best blemish concealer

If you’re looking to treat and cover your acne at the same time, this is the best blemish concealer for you. It’s a great product if you feel concerned about makeup products making your acne worse.

It’s not as high coverage as some of the others on the list, but it’s a great price and has impressive feedback from customers. The shade range isn’t great, if you usually struggle to find your shade, this probably won’t work for you.

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TL;DR – Which Blemish Concealer Is Best For Me?

  • If you’re looking for a high quality, high coverage, multi-use concealing product at a good price per ounce, Kevyn Aucoin’s ‘Sensual Skin Enhancer’ is great.
  • Suffering from very oily skin and haven’t been able to find a concealer that works? Cle De Peau ‘Beauté Concealer’ is great if you can afford the price tag.
  • NARS ‘Radiant Creamy Concealer’ is the best option for acne prone dry skin. The best budget blemish concealer, and easily available to get your hands on at the drugstore is Maybelline New York ‘Fit Me! Concealer’.
  • If you want heavy duty concealing power, Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Concealer’ can conceal tattoos – so you can be sure it will cover all of your acne!
  • Looking to cover redness? It Cosmetics ‘Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream’ is for you. It acts as a skincare cream and masks redness at the same time with impressive coverage.
  • Another IT Cosmetics product, ‘Bye Bye Breakouts’, works great as a blemish treatment and pigmented concealer in one product.