Looking for the best foundation to conceal your large pores?

I know from personal experience that it’s so frustrating when you blow 50 dollars on a foundation, only for it to make large pores and skin texture look WORSE!

That’s why I’ve spent over 25 hours researching and compiling this list of foundations that *actually* help to minimize the appearance of pores.

Most foundations on this list were specifically designed for minimizing large pores, and all have great feedback from customers who say they typically struggle with hiding their large pores!

I was also mindful to choose foundations with great ingredients, so they will not clog up your pores. Plus, I made sure to avoid ultra-dewy finishes that reflect light and draw more attention to larger pores and other skin texture issues.

Keep reading to find the best foundation for your large pores!

#1. LORAC POREfection Foundation (Best Overall)

  • 10 Shades
  • 1.12 Oz

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best foundation for large pores

Great Customer Feedback Concerning Pore Coverage

Oil, Paraben, Gluten, Alcohol, PEG, & Fragrance Free

Anti-Aging & Nourishing Ingredients

Medium To Full Coverage

Great For All Skin Types Including Sensitive

best foundation for large pores

Shade Range Is Poor

LORAC’s POREFection Foundation tops our list because it’s specially designed to blur large pores, works great for all skin types, has impressive customer feedback (especially regarding pore coverage), and provides anti-aging benefits!

Poreless Looking Skin With An Oil Free Formula

As the name suggests, LORAC promises poreless looking skin with a smooth, even finish when you use this foundation. Great for all skin types (including sensitive skin), this POREfection foundation has a medium-to-full buildable coverage.

Not only is it oil free, it’s also paraben, alcohol, allergen, gluten, sulfate, PEG and fragrance free, too.  There are a couple of comedogenic ingredients, but much fewer than the average foundation.

This foundation also includes SPF 20 (UVA and UVB) which provides a small amount of protection in the sun.

Anti-Aging & Skin Nourishing Ingredients

Great for mature skin, POREfection contains a number of anti-aging ingredients (vitamin A & E) to help keep your skin looking youthful. Plus, the added lemon fruit extract, papaya fruit extract, and olive leaf extract nourish, soothe, and rejuvenate your skin for a radiant healthy appearance.

This formula applies best with a sponge or foundation brush for an even, seamless look.

best foundation for large pores
Reviews Are Super Impressive Overall

Many reviewers claim it’s the best foundation they have ever used. Customers love how it blends into the skin. One said she has tried over 10 different foundations and this POREFection formula is the best so far.

Others note that it’s not heavy on the skin – you barely notice it throughout the day.

 One customer even said it’s better than more expensive brands like Chanel, Dior, and Bare Minerals.

Most say it really does have a great smooth finish and helps diminish or hide the appearance of your pores, especially when you use a beauty blender (your pores will almost disappear, even on your nose)! Plus, it doesn’t clog up your pores either. However, a small minority said it didn’t work for them.

Not only does the oil-free formula work great for those with oily skin and large pores, but it also suits a lot of customers with dry and sensitive skin too. Pretty universal!

A nice bonus is that this pore-minimizing foundation works so well for maturer women in their late 30s and early 40s, and even women in their 50s say they are really impressed. The anti-aging ingredients won’t hurt for younger customers too!

best foundation for large pores

Want an oil free foundation specially designed for concealing larger pores, with anti-aging and nourishing ingredients, fantastic customer reviews, that will work on almost any skin type? The LORAC POREfection is a great option for you!

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#2. LORAC Sheer Porefection Foundation (Best LightWeight)

  • 6 Shades
  • 1.12 Oz

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best foundation for large pores

Designed To Blur Large Pores

Lightweight Feel & Sheer To Medium Coverage

Anti-Aging Benefits

Free From Harmful Ingredients & Only 1 Potentially Comedogenic Ingredient

Ideal For All Skin Including Sensitive Skin

best foundation for large pores

Poor Shade Range

A sister foundation to our number one choice, the LORAC Sheer Porefection earns our second spot because it’s just as good at making your skin poreless, just with a lighter coverage and even more lightweight feel!

Blurs Large Pores With Lightweight Feel All Day

Just like the normal POREfection foundation, Lorac’s Sheer Porefection is specially designed to target and conceal large pores and provide a smoother and more even skin texture and tone. Unlike the normal POREfection, this Sheer version provides a buildable sheer to medium coverage for a lighter feel on your skin.

Plus, this Sheer POREfection Foundation is free from oil, alcohol, alleges, gluten, parabens, sulfates, fragrance, and PEG. It has even fewer comedogenic ingredients than the normal higher coverage version of POREfection Foundation, (just butylene glycol) so it is highly unlikely to clog up your pores.

LORAC promises a no-makeup look and feel to your skin, with a better-than-natural smooth finish.

Anti-Aging Ingredients With No SPF (Good For Photography)

Like the normal POREfection, this lighter coverage version is perfect for mature skin. Vitamin A and E provide anti-aging benefits, and the papaya fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, and olive leaf extract help to rejuvenate your skin and give you a beautiful radiant and youthful subtle glow.

This version does not contain any SPF, so it’s a good option if you are concerned about photography flashback.

LORAC also recommends using a brush or sponge for this lightweight version, but they say your fingers can work well too.

Tip: face steamers often have a ‘cool mist’ function to help “close” your pores after steaming your face!

best foundation for large pores
Customer Feedback Is Just As Impressive As The Normal POREFection Foundation

Customers claim it is the perfect foundation if you hate wearing foundation – some say they forget that they have it on throughout the day!

Most importantly, reviews confirm that it’s effective at covering and hiding pores.

It works well for sensitive skin and does not have any noticeable smell.

According to multiple reviewers, this Sheer POREFection formula is like a much thinner version of the  discontinued Lorac Natural Performance foundation.

While it’s not the most affordable foundation on the market, you only need a small amount and the bottle lasts forever.

One reviewer likes that the packaging pushes all of the product to the top so you can get every single drop and not waste any product.

While the light shades are pale enough to suit very light skin without oxidizing, the shade range itself is poor and does not cater to those with darker skin tones.

best foundation for large pores

Like the sound of the LORAC POREFection foundation but want something with a little less coverage and a more lightweight feel throughout the day? This Sheer version is ideal for you! It provides the same pore minimizing effect on all skin types, with the same added anti-aging and nourishing ingredients, it’s just a thinner formula!

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#3. Dr. Jart Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm (Best For Oily Skin)

  • 2 Shades (Light-Medium & Medium-Deep)
  •  1.69 oz

best foundation for large pores

SPF 50+ Sun Protection

Anti-Aging Benefits

Free From Parabens & Allergens

Lightweight But Medium – Full Coverage (Buildable)

Ideal For Oily And Combination Skin

Minimizes Pores & Shine Control

Versatile – Use As A Foundation Or Sunscreen Or Primer

best foundation for large pores

Only 2 Shades

Dr. JART’s DIS-A-PORE earns our third place as it was also specially designed to conceal larger pores, it provides SPF 50+ sun protection, and even diminishes the signs of aging!

A High Coverage Matte Finish BB Cream Designed To Blur Large Pores & Imperfections

Dr. Jart’s DIS-A-PORE BB cream was specially designed to diminish the appearance of pores, blur imperfections, and give a seamless soft-matte finish to your skin. This versatile cream is ideal as a BB cream on its own, a sunscreen, or a primer before foundation.

Even though it is super lightweight, this BB cream delivers full coverage to cover up age spots, lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin, and redness. As the name suggests, it also covers large pores.

Unlike most other BB creams, this pore-minimizing Dr. Jart cream is specially designed to not give that typical BB cream gray cast.

SPF 50 | Anti-Aging | Free From Most Harmful Ingredients

This BB cream also tackles oiliness loss of firmness and elasticity, and even provides a strong 50+ broad-spectrum SPF (UVA and UVB) to keep your face protected in the sun.

Ideal for combination and oily skin types, this bb cream combines okra fruit extract with mastic gum and non-nano powder particles to control oil production throughout the day. These ingredients also even out the skin and help reduce the signs of aging.  

Although DIS-A-PORE BB contains a couple of comedogenic ingredients (like most foundations), it is free from a lot of harmful additives including parabens, gluten, PEG, formaldehyde, mineral oil, and allergens.

foundation to minimize pores
Reviews are highly impressive for the most part

One reviewer says it provides great medium coverage for a BB Cream (even more than the other Dr. Jart BB creams), you don’t even need a concealer, but it still looks natural and feels lightweight on the skin throughout the day.

More than one customer confirmed that it really does help to minimize huge pores.

Others note that it does not clog up your pores as other foundations do, and it provides really good oil control throughout the day.

Multiple reviewers say this BB Cream keeps their skin looking flawless and it lasts all day at work.

Another customer says it’s similar to the discontinued Dr Jart Silver Label BB cream – just add an extra layer of Dis-A-Pore to get a comparable coverage level.

foundation to minimize pores

Struggle with very oily skin and large pores? This Dr Jart Dis-A-Pore BB cream provides great oil control throughout the day, and has a soft matte finish, while also helping to blur large pores and providing anti-aging benefits! It is ideal for oilier skin types.

View The DIS-A-PORE BB Cream On The Official Dr. Jart Website Here (Free Delivery On All Orders)

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#4. bellapierre Mineral Powder Foundation (Best Pore-Minimizing Powder Foundation)

  • 10 Shades
  • 1.28 oz

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foundation to minimize pores

Non Comedogenic & Only 4 Ingredients

Great For Acne Prone Skin

Medium To Full Coverage

Pore Minimizing But Slightly Dewy

Lightweight Feel

foundation to minimize pores

Hard To Color Match

Bellapierre powder foundation is placed fourth on your list as it only contains four ingredients (it will not clog up your pores) and many reviewers claim it also helps to minimize large pores!

Just 4 Ingredients | Won’t Clog Pores & Helps To Reduce Their Appearance

A favorite foundation at Makeup scholar, this mineral powder foundation covers a lot of skin concerns all at once. While it is targeted as more of a non-toxic, non-comedogenic foundation (it only includes 4 ingredients), the customer feedback reveals that it does not magnify large pores either!

Thanks to the short ingredients list, this mineral powder foundation will not clog or accentuate your pores, or make your acne (or other skin issues) worse. Plus, the medium to full coverage is great to cover up any insecurities that you may have.

Control-Release Packaging To Reduce Mess

The packaging features a lid with tiny holes that you can twist to open and release a small amount of product. This prevents your powder from spilling everywhere and ruining your desk or makeup bag while you get ready in a rush in the mornings!

Although the shade range is not amazing (and it can be hard to color match), bellapierre offers more of a color range than most of the other pore-minimizing foundations on the market.

It contains SPF 15, however this will not protect your skin from the sun for the whole day.

foundation to minimize pores
Customer feedback is very impressive on the whole

A lot of customers choose this foundation because it does not clog up pores, however, many reviewers also noticed that it does not accentuate large pores either!

Even though pore-minimizing is not even a listed benefit of this foundation from the manufacturer, it’s a great added bonus!

Reviewers say it is truly buildable on the skin but doesn’t cake up or feel ultra-heavy by the end of the day. It’s not the cheapest foundation, but one little pot of product lasts for ages.

Others mention that it works particularly well for oily skin (the skin type that often struggles most with large pores) but some with drier skin also like the formula.

The tones of the shades are more on the yellow side than pink. While the shade range is larger than other foundations, it can be hard to get a perfect match.

Many reviews mention that it is comparable to Bare Minerals, though some say it is not quite as good.

foundation to minimize pores

Want a powder foundation that will reduce the appearance of your larger pores? We highly recommend bellapierre’s mineral powder foundation. Made from just four ingredients, this pore-minimizing foundation will not clog up your pores either!

Plus, it will not inflame your existing skin issues and provides a medium to full coverage to help conceal any imperfections that you may have.

View bellapierre Mineral Powder Foundation On Amazon Here

#5. Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation (Best Budget)

  • 14 shades
  • 1 oz

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foundation to decrease pore appearance

Oil Free & Great For Oily Skin

Micro Diffusers Help To Blur Pores


Good For Sensitive Skin

Customers Confirm It Minimizes Pores

Medium To Full Coverage But Lightweight

foundation to decrease pore appearance

No Branding

Difficult To Shade Match

This unbranded mineral liquid-to-powder foundation earns our final place because it’s a good option to blur pores on a budget!

Micro-Diffusers Blur Pores & Multi-Mineral Formula To Control Oil & Shine

Great on a budget, this oil-free mineral foundation is specifically targeted towards those with oily t-zones and large pores.

The unique multi-mineral formula ensures a smooth application across your skin that dries to a powder finish to keep any shine at bay. Micro-diffusers help to blur large pores and other texture and imperfections on your skin for an airbrushed look.

This unbranded liquid foundation can suit all skin types, but it tends to work best for those with oily and combination skin. It also contains antioxidant protection for sensitive skin. The coverage is buildable from medium to full, so it is ideal for those with a lot of imperfections to cover.

Soothing & Healing On Acne Prone Skin

While it does contain some sunscreen (UVA and UVB), the SPF 15 level is not enough to keep your skin protected for long in the sun.

Although this mineral foundation is not completely non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic, it is free from a lot of harmful ingredients. This PLR mineral formula is PEG, alcohol, gluten, allergen, synthetic fragrance, and sulfate-free. Additionally, it includes some soothing and healing additives that work particularly well for those with acne-prone skin.

foundation to decrease pore appearance
Reviews Are Highly Impressed Overall

More than one customers said this is the best foundation they have ever used, and they can’t believe how inexpensive it was.

Multiple reviewers confirm that this foundation really does help to blur large pores and it does not clog up your pores either! The mineral liquid to powder formula gives a lovely matte finish to the skin.

Most agree that it works well for acne-prone skin – it does not seem to encourage redness and it also provides good coverage over blemishes.

This formula is very lightweight throughout the day, and you don’t even notice that you have makeup on.

Although it’s mostly targeted towards oilier skin types, a couple of reviewers with dry skin said they like it too.

However, it can be hard to choose a shade just going off the swatches online, and not all customers are happy with the shade match.

foundation to decrease pore appearance

Want a foundation that will help hide your large pores on a budget? This unbranded mineral foundation is a great choice if you don’t want to break the bank! Customers confirm that it really does conceal larger pores, and it helps cover acne without inflaming skin issues!

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What Type Of Foundation Is Best For Large Pores?

When it comes to modern makeup, it’s about the glow, however, dewy foundations can accentuate large pores because they are designed to reflect light and this will draw attention to your pores. Usually, a matte or a natural satin finish foundation is your best bet if you want to reduce the appearance of large pores.

Powder foundations and mineral foundations tend to work well for larger pores because they typically do not sit as heavy on the skin and contain fewer of the usual culprit ingredients that clog up your pores and make them look even bigger!

How To Reduce The Appearance Of Large Pores

To reduce the appearance of large pores evaluate your everyday skincare and makeup routine:

  • Are you using products with tones of comedogenic ingredients that will clog up your pores and make them look even bigger?
  • If you only cleanse once a day, try going for twice a day instead and double cleanse at night. Consider introducing a facial cleansing brush to your routine.
  • Wear sunscreen daily and exfoliate a couple of times a week.
  • Consider adding acne-fighting ingredients to your skincare routine.
  • If you have mature skin, try out a retinol-based product to reduce the signs of aging all over.
  • Considering investing in a microdermabrasion tool or microcurrent machine if you want to reduce the appearance of your large pores and better skin texture overall.