Looking for the best whitening strips for a whiter, brighter smile?

After over 22 hours of in-depth research, we’ve got you covered with our list of the top 5 best teeth whitening strips on the market right now.

On a budget? Interested in finding the best brand? Have sensitive teeth? Need quick results? Or just looking for the most effective whitening strips available?

We’ve found the best whitening option for you – just keep reading!

best whitening strips

best whitening strips

↳ Quick Comparison | The Top 6 Best Whitening Strips 

#1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects And 1 Hour Express  (Best Overall)

crest 3D white

  • 2 types of strips in one pack (20 Professional Effects, 2 1 Hour Express) ✔
  • Professional Effects removes 14 years worth of staining ✔
  • 1 Hour Express ideal for quick results ✔
  • Results show after four applications ✔
  • Can cause sensitivity for a minority ✗

crest 3D white

Check Out The 3D White Professional/1 Hour Crest Strips On Amazon Here

#2. Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips (Best For Quick Results)

crest 3D white

  • Very effective in a short amount of time. ✔
  • Recommended by dentists ✔
  • High-quality whitening strips ✔
  • Whitening sessions take longer than other strips ✗
  • Not many strips in each pack ✗

crest 3D white

View The Sheer White Strips On Amazon Here

#3. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit (Best For Sensitive Teeth)

crest 3D white

  • Perfect for sensitive teeth ✔
  • Don’t cause pain. Feel soft on teeth and gums ✔
  • Each to use and remove ✔
  • Not as effective as other Crest ranges ✗
  • Too soft for some customers  ✗

crest 3D white

The Crest Gentle Routine Strips Are Available On Amazon Here

#4.  Crest 3D White Whitestrips Supreme Flexfit Teeth Whitening Kit (Most Effective)

crest 3D white

  • More effective than other Crest strips ✔
  • FlexFit strips stretch & custom fit the teeth (great for crooked teeth) ✔
  •  Seal technology to prevent slippage ✔
  • Too harsh for sensitive teeth ✗
  • Mixed reviews on the stretchiness of these FlexFit strips ✗

crest 3D white

View The Crest 3D White Supreme Flexfit On Amazon Here

#5. Solimo (Amazon Own Brand) Whitening Strips (Best Budget)

crest 3D white

  • Best budget alternative to Crest strips ✔
  • Money back guarantee ✔
  • Enamel safe, slip free, and dry to touch ✔
  • Not as effective as Crest ✗
  • Some customers experience sensitivity ✗crest 3D white

View The Solimo Whitening Strips On Amazon Here

#6. Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light (Best For Long Lasting Results)

  • More intense results due to the light ✔
  • Just 1 hour a day for 10 days ✔
  • Results last 3 years ✔
  • Satisfaction guarantee ✔
  • Pricey  ✗

Check Out This Crest Strip & Light Whitening Set On Amazon Here

↳ Top 6 Best Whitening Strips | In-Depth Reviews

#1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects (20 treatments) and 1 Hour Express (2 treatments) [Best Overall] 


  • Professional Effects – 40 strips, 20 treatments (each with 1 upper/1 lower). 1 Hour Express – 4 strips,  2 treatments (each with 1 upper/1 lower).

best whitening strips

whitening strips for teeth

  • Best selling + fan favorite
  • Versatile – 2 different types of strips in one kit
  • Only takes 30 min – 60 min per whitening session
  • No-slip technology
  • Results show after 4 applications
  • Improved formula

best crest whitening strips

  • Mid-range price
  • Can cause sensitivity for some

Best Seller With 2 Different Types Of Strips In Each Pack

A number one best-seller, the versatile 2-in-1 Professional Effects and 1 Hour Express kit earns our top spot on the list.

Because the kit comes with two different types of strips, you can test out both and repurchase the one you prefer in a few years to top up your pearly whites.

‘Professional Effects’ Strips Remove 14 Years Of Built Up Stains

The majority of strips in the box are from the Professional Effects range.

Professional Effects, as the name would suggest, produces professional level whitening results on your teeth. Crest claims these strips can remove 14 years(!) worth of built-up stains for a brighter and whiter smile.

Use the Professional effects strips for 30 minutes a day, every day, over a 20 day period (or every other day if you experience sensitivity).

Thankfully, these strips are easy to use. No need to waste time reading complicated instructions just to whiten your teeth! Peel the strips off the backing, apply to the surface of the teeth and remove once 30 minutes have passed.

The no-slip technology ensures whitening your teeth won’t get in the way of your everyday life. Not even for 30 minutes! You can continue to drink water and talk while these strips work their magic at the same time.

Results begin to show after three days of use, and the full results typically appear after 20 days of continuous application.

‘1 Hour Express’ Whitestrips For Quick Results

This kit also comes with two 1 Hour Express Whitestrips.

The 1 Hour Express range is specially designed for those who need the strips to work fast, with results showing quicker than other Crest Whitestrips and other brands. Last-minute invite to an important event? These rapid action peroxide-based whitening strips claim to remove years of stains in just 1 hour!

Crest strips are suitable for whitening natural teeth only – they do not brighten dentures, fillings, veneers, crowns, or caps.

Note: The packaging has recently changed, your pack may look different from the display picture when you receive your kit.


PVP, PEG-8, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acrylates Copolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin.

whitening strips

whitening strip reviews

Customers Are Impressed With The Strips, With Very High Average Ratings Online

Many reviewers who’ve used multiple different brands (and Crest packs) in the past noted that these were the best they’ve tried so far.

Previous customers have noticed an improvement in the quality of the strips over time thanks to the new and improved formula. Reviewers say the strips are simple to use and the instructions are easy to follow. Even though the strips are easy to remove, they are also really adhesive and sticky.

Reviewers said they noticed a difference in their teeth’s color quickly after use.

Many bought the strips on recommendation from their dentist, as an alternative to the very expensive professional treatments. Customers said the strips are worth the money, and perform just as well as a professional treatment.

Some reviewers said they experienced sensitivity and some pain with the strips. They’re not the best option if you’re prone to sensitive teeth. Others didn’t realize the new formula is drier by design (for better grip), and thought they bought a defective product.

Customers said the 1 Hour Express strips were highly effective, but did cause more sensitivity than the Professional Effects ones.

whiter teeth

These best selling, customer favorite strips are a safe bet if you’re new to teeth whitening. The pack comes with two different strip types, ideal for trying multiple strips to find the ones that work the absolute best for you!

If you’re looking for an effective whitening treatment, with two emergency last-minute whitening backups, this is perfect for you. They’re not the best option if you have sensitive teeth – check out the Crest Gentle Routine box instead (see our review below).

Check Out The Current Price Of These 3D White Professional/1 Hour Crest Strips On Amazon Here

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#2. Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips [Best For Quick Results]

  • 10 strips (5 upper and 5 lower), 5 treatments per single pack 
  • 20 strips (10 upper and 10 lower), 10 treatments per double pack

whitening strips for teeth

  • Results show quickly for most customers
  • Very effective at teeth whitening
  • Dentists recommend for an effective, but less aggressive whitening
  • Strips are made of a high quality, durable material

best crest whitening strips

  • Not many strips per pack
  • Each session takes longer than other strips (1-2 hours at least, up to 8 hours of wear)
  • Expensive, but they cost more at the dentist’s office
  • Can be difficult to remove

Need A White Smile In A Hurry? Sheer White Strips Provide Quick Results

A popular choice, Sheer White claims to work faster than the bigger brand name whitening strips. While not the most inexpensive strips, buying the double pack is more economical. The strips are quite large – some like to cut each strip in two to get twice as much from each pack!

Sheer White claims these strips stick to the teeth better than other brands.

Many dentists recommend this brand.  These Sheer White strips contain 20% carbamide peroxide whitening film to effectively whiten your teeth. The instructions recommend whitening for at least one-to-two hours, and up to 8 hours for the best results.

Tip: some dentists recommend storing these strips in the refrigerator for better results.

whitening strip reviews

Reviews Are Overall Impressed, With Great Reviews For Both The Single And Double Pack On Average

Many customers purchased these strips based on their dentist’s recommendation as an effective, but less aggressive whitening product compared to the bigger brand names.

Overall, customers are really impressed with how effective the strips are. Some left them on for 1-2 hours, others slept with the strips on for 8 hours.

Despite the long wear time, overall the strips don’t seem to cause as much sensitivity as you might expect. While they did cause sensitivity for some,  others found they didn’t make their teeth as sensitive as other whitening products do.

Many reviews note that as promised, the strips do produce results faster than other brands (for some results are visible even after one use)!

Customers notice that these strips are made of a durable, heavy material. However, because they’re so strong and high quality, they can fit tightly to the teeth and become difficult to remove.

whiter teeth

These Sheer White strips are a good option if you’re looking for a highly effective, but less aggressive, whitening product that will deliver results faster than other brands.

The strips are made of high-quality material, are effective, but each session can take longer than the other options on this list (at least 1.5 hours, up to 8 hours). Not many strips come in each pack – we recommend the double pack because it’s better value.

Check Out The Current Price Of The Sheer White Strips On Amazon Here

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#3. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit [Best For Sensitive Teeth]

  • 14 treatments (28 strips in total, 14 upper and 14 lower).

whitening strips for teeth

  • Great for sensitive teeth – don’t cause pain
  • Soft and gentle on gums as well as teeth
  • Easy to apply and peel away

best crest whitening strips

  • Not as effective as regular Crest strips
  • Too gentle for some

Specially Designed To Gently Whiten Sensitive Teeth

Maybe you’ve tried whitening strips in the past and experienced painful tooth sensitivity? Wasted your money because you couldn’t get past the pain of the second whitening session? Crest’s Gentle Routine strips are specially designed for those with sensitive teeth.

These strips gently whiten below the surface of the tooth’s enamel: brightening years worth of coffee surface stains.

The advanced seal technology stops the strips sliding around in your mouth. You can easily talk and drink water while you whiten at the same time!

Worried about compromising on quality? The strips contain the same kind of enamel ingredients dentists use to whiten teeth!

What makes these strips more gentle than the regular Crest range? They contain less peroxide. However, because there’s less active ingredients like peroxide, the Gentle Routine range is less effective than the regular strips.

They’re simple to use: just peel off the strip from the film, apply to your teeth, and remove after the whitening session is over. Apply for 30 minutes once a day, every day, over a 14 day period.

Just like all the other strips on this list, they’re designed for natural teeth only.

Tip: Some customers claim the strips are not sticky enough. This is usually due to not removing the adhesive properly – this can prevent proper adhesion to the teeth.


PVP, Water, PEG-8, Acrylates Copolymer, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin.

whitening strip reviews

Reviewers Really Like The Strips, With High Average Ratings Overall

Two reviewers said these strips were life-changing! One claims she couldn’t bear to look at her stained yellow sensitive teeth in the past, and after one use of these strips she felt comfortable looking in the mirror for the first time in years.

A minority of reviewers found the strips too gentle, and said they didn’t really work to whiten their teeth effectively.

Because they’re more gentle than regular strips, they don’t work as well as those with a higher peroxide percentage.

Most customers say they’re still effective at whitening, despite the lower peroxide concentration. Reviews note how soft and gentle these strips feel on the teeth and gums.

One reviewer said she needs to use two boxes to achieve her desired results. It doesn’t bother her, because the Gentle Routine strips are the only kind that do not cause her pain.

Reviews say they’re easy to apply, comfortable on the teeth, and easy to peel away after use. Customers were impressed that the strips didn’t move around at all.

Some note a change in whiteness after the first few uses, others say it takes a week to notice a difference.

Some customers didn’t seem to know that the new formula is drier, and thought their drier strips were out of date or from a bad batch! Generally though, repeat buyers liked the new formula.

whiter teeth

If you have sensitive teeth and can’t use other whitening products, these Crest Gentle Routine strips are a great option. They’re less effective than regular strips, so they should only be used if you want a more subtle whitening result, or if you have sensitive teeth.

Check Out The Current Price Of The Crest Gentle Routine Strips On Amazon Here

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#4. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Supreme Flexfit Teeth Whitening Kit [Most Effective]

  • 21 treatments – 42 strips (21 upper and 21 lower).

whitening strips for teeth

  • More effective whitening than other strips
  • Easy to use, can multitask 
  • FlexFit strips stretch and mold to custom fit your teeth – great for crooked teeth

best crest whitening strips

  • Not for sensitive teeth
  • Mixed reviews on how stretchy they really are

These Strips Earn 4th Place For Their Intense Whitening & FlexFit Stretch Power

Find it difficult to get the results you want with whitening products? Crest Supreme is one of the most effective whitening products on the market.

Crest claims these strips whiten the same as a 500 dollar professional dentist laser treatment! Concerned about longevity? Your white smile should last approximately 18 months after completing the full box!

Do you find it difficult to cover all of your teeth with your usual whitening strips? Hard to apply the strips on crooked teeth?  This kit’s strips are made with FlexFit technology to stretch and mold to custom fit your teeth. The stretchy strips cover 30% more of your teeth than non-flex strips.

The 3D White strips are easy to use.  Just remove two strips from the packaging, and apply to your upper and lower teeth once a day for one hour. Repeat every day for a 21 day period (or every other day if you experience sensitivity).

The strips are designed with a seal technology to prevent slippage, and to allow for multitasking (talking and drinking water) while whitening.

Just like other Crest strips, they’re for use on natural teeth only. Do not use on caps, crowns, veneers, dentures, or fillings.


PVP, PEG-8, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acrylates Copolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Saccharin.

whitening strip reviews

Reviews Paint A Positive Picture Of These Strips – With A High Average Rating Online

Customers who tried many whitening products in the past with little success said these 3D White strips worked for them.

Reviewers noted they’re much stronger than other Crest strips, like the ‘Professional’ range. Some reviews said they saw a very noticeable difference after just two applications.

Many users experienced sensitivity and some gum discomfort because these strips are so powerful. Only use the strips every second day (instead of every single day) to reduce sensitivity.  Some find that using a sensitivity toothpaste in conjunction with the strips reduces this problem.

Be careful not to cover the gums with these whitening strips. According to reviewers, the strips can turn the gum area white and sting a little.

whiter teeth

If you usually find it difficult to get a white smile with regular whitening products, give these strips a-go! Because they’re more powerful than other strips, they whiten teeth more effectively. These 3D White Crest strips are designed with special stretch technology to fit a full set of teeth with ease, even crooked teeth.

However, they’re definitely not ideal for sensitive teeth because they’re so strong – try the Gentle Routine strips above instead.

Check Out The Current Price Of The Crest 3D White Supreme Flexfit On Amazon Here

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#5. Solimo (Amazon Own Brand) Whitening Strips [Best Budget]

  •  10 Strip pairs for 10 treatments (20 strips in total – each with one upper and one lower)

whitening strips for teeth

  • Inexpensive alternative to Crest strips
  • Only strips with a money-back guarantee if unsatisfied
  • Slip-free, dry to the touch

best crest whitening strips

  • Not as effective as the Crest brand strips
  • Can cause sensitivity

Whiten On A Budget & A Money Back Guarantee If Unsatisfied

Solimo earns our fifth-place position, as the best off-brand/drugstore whitening strips on the market. Amazon markets these strips as an alternative to the Crest 3D White Classic Vivid Teeth Whitestrips.

These enamel-safe, slip-free, dry-to-the-touch strips are designed for use once a day, every day, for 2 weeks. Remove the strip from the packaging, apply to the teeth, and remove after 30 minutes.  Repeat the process every day for 14 days to achieve a long-lasting brighter and whiter smile.

Worried about wasting your money on strips that won’t work for your teeth? Not an issue with this product! Enjoy the money back, no questions asked, no return necessary, guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Like all other strips on this list, they’re not suitable for veneers, fillings, or dentures – only natural teeth.


PVP, Water, PEG-8, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acrylates Copolymer, Sodium Saccharin, Disodium EDTA, Poloxamer 407, Sodium Hydroxide

whitening strip reviews

Overall, Customers Are Impressed With These Strips – Reviews Are Very High On Average

Many customers confirmed that they are indeed similar to the Crest 3D White Strips. One said these strips look the same as Crest, but noticed the ingredients are different.

Typically reviews say these off-brand strips are not as effective as Crest, but still work great considering the price. They work well as a top-up whitener (in-between Crest whitening sessions) to remove surface stains. Others said they were just as impressed with Solimo as Crest considering the price.

Although they’re inexpensive, customers say these strips are easy to use and adhere well to the teeth. These Solimo strips can cause sensitivity for some – opt for the Gentle Routine strips instead (see our review above).

whiter teeth

Looking to whiten your teeth on a budget? Want the assurance of a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied? Solimo is for you.

A great inexpensive alternative to Crest, although they’re not quite as effective, Solimo strips do whiten well for most customers. Reviewers are impressed with how well these budget-friendly strips are made and that they’re so easy to use. However, this brand can cause sensitivity – check out the Crest Gentle strips if you have sensitive teeth!

Check Out The Current Price Of The Solimo Strips On Amazon Here

#6. Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Light [Best For Long Lasting, Intense Results]

  • 20 Strips & 1 Intensifying Light (10 Treatments In Total – Upper & Lower)

teeth whitening kit with light

  • Light Intensifies The Results Of The Strips
  • Full Treatment Only Takes 1 Hour A Day For 10 Days
  • Results Can Last For 3 Years
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

best crest whitening strips

  • Can Result In Sensitivity

More Effective & Longer Lasting Results Than Just Strips

Unlike the other strips on this list, this kit includes a light that helps enhance the results of these Crest strips.

Not only does it combat stains and whiten more intensely, but it also provides much longer-lasting results – up to 3 years of pearly white teeth!

Plus, the whole treatment process only takes 10 days to reach the full results.  This Crest 3D White set is still so easy to use. Apply the whitening strips to your teeth as normal for 1 hour.

Add the light device for another 10 minutes to enjoy the whitening boost power. Once your treatment is over, the device will shut off automatically to let you know that the time is up.

Although this set is more intense than others and can cause sensitivity, the strips are still enamel-safe and created with the same whitening formula used by dentists. No need to worry about safety!

You have nothing to lose – if you’re not happy with this set just contact the customer service and let them know. Crest promise a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee!

whitening strip reviews

Customers Are Super Impressed Overall

Reviewers love that results show quickly – some started to see a change after just one use, while others started to see a big difference after the second treatment.

Most say the strips feel comfortable on their teeth. Although some say they experience sensitivity, others who usually experience sensitive teeth and gums said it didn’t hurt at all.

Tip: try Sensodyne toothpaste if you’re concerned about sensitivity

A lot of customers say it’s worth the money, and some even say that it’s so effective they’ll never use Whitestrips without a light ever again!

teeth whitening strips with light

Suffering from super yellow teeth? Need something that will effectively and intensely whiten with ultra long-lasting results? This whitening strip and light combo set is perfect for you!

The entire treatment only takes 10 days and the results can last up to 3 whole years. Not the best option for those with very sensitive teeth, both most customers with normal teeth have no issues.

View The Latest Price Of The Crest 3D Whitestrips With Light Here On Amazon

↳ TL;DR | Which Whitening Strips Are Best For Me?

  • Looking for a versatile whitening strip kit? Crest 3D White Professional Effects and 1 Hour Express are great for you. They’re a best selling, customer favorite teeth whitener. The strips are perfect for beginners looking to try out multiple whitening options, or for those who want the security of two spare fast action whitening strips for special occasions.
  • Need a whiter smile fast? Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips deliver results much quicker than other strips. They’re high quality, effective, and typically don’t cause sensitivity. However, whitening sessions are generally longer than others, and not many strips come in each pack.
  • Maybe you have sensitive teeth and feel intense pain after using whitening strips? Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine Teeth Whitening Kit are the best option for sensitive teeth. They’re soft on both gums and teeth, but because they contain a lower peroxide concentration, they’re also not as effective as the regular strips. 
  • Have you tried strips in the past, and found they’re just not effective enough on yellow teeth and built-up stains? Crest 3D White Whitestrips Supreme Flexfit Teeth Whitening Kit strips are ideal for a highly effective whitening experience. The special stretch fit technology is also great if you have crooked teeth. Because they’re so powerful we definitely do not recommend these for those with sensitive teeth.
  • Are you on a budget? Solimo Whitening Strips (Amazon’s Own Brand) are a great affordable option. They may not be as effective as Crest, but they still work well to whiten teeth. The strips come with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. A good option if you want to minimize the risk of wasting your money!
  • Need something that will intensely whiten your teeth with long-lasting results? The Crest 3D White Strips With Light is the best option for you! The light power highly enhances the results of the whitening strips. It can cause sensitivity, but most customers have no issues. Plus, if you’re not happy it comes with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee!

↳ Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Yellow, discolored teeth have a negative impact on a person’s overall rated attractiveness, particularly for women. This negative judgment can even impact your performance evaluations in a job interview or the workplace! Teeth tend to get less bright with age and can impact the confidence of mature women and men. Whitening your teeth is a great way to feel more confident about the way you look, especially without makeup.

In the US, the average laser whitening treatment at the dentist costs 1,500 dollars, a regular whitening treatment can cost from 200-1000 dollars. Save money by whitening your teeth at home!

Strips are a great option to minimize mess compared to the alternative methods of using trays or gels. The syringe method can drip everywhere and often has an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

best whitening strips

Tooth whitening gel