Looking for a new Chi blow dryer? After over 20 hours of intensive research, our top 5 breakdown will identify the right CHI hair dryer for your needs!

With so many CHI hair dryers to choose from, picking just one is not so easy!

Searching for the newest innovations in blow dryer technology? Need a model for natural hair? Or maybe a travel hair dryer? Just interested in the best value CHI dryer available?

No matter your unique criteria, we’ve got you covered below. Just keep reading!

CHI | The Brand

Cationic Hydration Interlink (CHI) is owned by Farouk Systems, Inc., a company based in Houston, created by hairdressers for other hairdressers. The company manufactures high-quality hair tools and products for professionals and hair-enthusiasts (including hair dryers, flat irons, and curlers), under a number of brands including CHI, BioSilk, and SunGlitz.

Learn more about CHI in the brand’s user manual.

In-Depth CHI Blow Dryer Reviews

#1. CHI Handshot Hair Dryer (Most Innovative)

  • Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Contents: Dryer, Concentrator Nozzle, Comb
chi blow dryer

Handle Free Design For Flexible Hands-Free Styling

Ceramic Heater For Even Heat & Frizz-Free Hair


Adjustable Heat & Speed Via Touch Pad

Low EMF Radiation

Cleaning Technology Reduces Bacteria

2 Year Warranty

chi blow dryer

Not Dual Voltage

This handle-free Chi blow dryer earns our top spot because its innovative handsfree and touch screen design provides a new, more flexible styling experience. Plus, the customer reviews are excellent.

Unique Handle-Free Design For Greater Flexibility, Hands-Free Styling

The unique handle-free design provides a totally new styling experience. Hold the non-slip, soft-touch barrel of the hair dryer in one hand while you style your hair with your other hand.

Place the dryer down and it will stand up by itself for hands-free styling! It provides a lot more flexibility and movement to dry every inch of hair easier and create more hairstyles.

Some customers are confused because of the product’s labeling – this chi blow dryer is not cordless. The attached cord is long in length for convenience but it’s not a swivel cord.

Powerful Upgraded Motor For Strong Airflow & Lightweight To Hold For Easier Styling

This particular Chi blow dryer is from the Dura CHI range that promises power, performance, and durability above all else. The 1500 Watt upgraded motor combined with the powerful efficient fan blade provides greater airflow while you style.

Thanks to the handle-free design combined with the high power motor, this hair dryer styles faster and is a lot more lightweight in your hands. No need to hold a clunky, heavy dryer in the air all day while you do your clients’ hair!

Ceramic Heater For Shinier Hair Plus TouchPad To Adjust Heat & Speed Settings

The ceramic heater provides constant heat for a shiny, frizz-free hairstyle. CHI promise your hair will look smooth, sleek with added bounce and body.

Use the sleek swipe touchpad to adjust the temperature and speed settings to suit your desired style and hair type. Press the power button on the top of the dryer to turn the device on and lock in the speed and heat settings. At the end of your styling session, press the cool shot button to set your style.

Special Cleaning Technology Reduces Bacteria Build Up & LOW EMF For Safety

This Chi blow dryer features special rapid clean technology to protect your hair and health. Blue LED lights provide antimicrobial clean air when you style by reducing the level of bacteria inside the dryer. The vent cover is also removable for easy cleaning.

Plus, it’s a low EMF model to keep any concerns about at bay.

2 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

What if your Chi blow dryer breaks down? This hands-free model is protected by a 2-year warranty just in case you experience any manufacturing-related issues.

Not Dual Voltage | Contains Comb & Concentrator Nozzle

This 180V model is not dual voltage, so it’s not the best option if you need a blow dryer for travel.

In addition to the Chi blow dryer, this set also comes with the comb and concentrator attachment.

chi blow dryer
Customers Are Really Impressed Overall

Some reviewers even say it’s their favorite hairdryer that they’ve ever used!

A couple of customers say they love that you can stand it up straight when you want to use both hands to style or adjust your hair.

Reviewers like that this hands-free CHI blow dryer provides strong air power without frying your hair. Plus, others say it cut their drying time in half!

One customer said she bought it on recommendation from her hair stylist.

A couple of professional hair dressers also left reviews. Some of them say they love how lightweight this model is, and it makes styling so much easier. Other pros say it can take time to get used to the handle-free style.

A small number of reviewers were disappointed because they expected this model to be cordless due to a mistake in the description. Note: this is NOT a cordless hair dryer. It is hands-free.

chi blow dryer

Want an innovate hair dryer with a unique hands-free, handle-free design for flexible styling? This CHI Handshot model is perfect for you!

Check Out The CHI Handshot Hair Dryer Here On Amazon

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#2. CHI Tech Travel Ceramic Dryer (Best For Travel)

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Contents: Travel CHI blow dryer, concentrator nozzle
  • Also Available In Affordable Dryer + Straightener Travel Set
chi blow dryer

Great For Travel & Storage W/ Collapsable handle


Ceramic Heater Releases Ions For Healthier Hair

Adjustable Heat & Speed

Dual Voltage

Bacteria-Removing LED Light For Clean Air

1 Year Warranty

chi blow dryer

Cord Can Tangle

This hair dryer earns our second spot because it’s so travel-friendly and affordable. The reviews are fantastic – some customers use it as their main hair dryer because they’re so impressed with the quality!

Travel-Friendly | Collapsible Handle, Dual Voltage, Lightweight

This CHI blow dryer is specially designed for easy travel and storage. The lightweight, more compact size is so much easier to carry around than the typical bulky, heavy hair dryers.

Don’t want to carry around your heavy flat iron? You can use this dryer on wet or dry hair – use it to straighten your hairs with the added nozzle!

This model features a collapsible handle to save space in your suitcase. Plus, it’s dual voltage so you can easily use it abroad with just a simple inexpensive converter plug!

Powerful Motor & Ceramic Heater For Quick, Frizz-Free Drying

Although this Chi blow dryer is small in size, it features a powerful 1400 watt motor for quick drying.

The ceramic heater generates negative ions to reduce frizz, reduces static, and adds shine for healthier looking hair.

Achieve a salon-quality blow-dry from the comfort of your own home, all while saving time thanks to the constant temperature regulated by the ceramic material.

Adjustable Temperature & Speed Settings To Suit Your Hair Type

This travel-friendly hair dryer features two speed and temperature settings. The warm temperature setting releases low airflow, while the hot setting produces the maximum air flow.

Adjust the heat and speed levels to control the airflow power to suit your hair type and desired style.

Sleek Look, Cord, & Precision Nozzle For Professional, Flexible Styling

Perfect if you’re traveling to clients, this hair dryer features a sleek, professional look. Plus, it’s attached to a 6.5ft cord for easy flexibility. The added air concentrator nozzle is ideal for straightening your hair on the go.

Available In Flat Iron Travel Set

This Chi blow dryer is also available with a CHI flat iron in an affordable travel set for dual on-the-go styling!

Click Here To View The Chi Travel Hair Dryer And Flat Iron Set

Safer & Cleaner Styling With Special Rapid Cleaning Technology

Like some of the other CHI hair dryers on this list, this travel dryer features a special rapid clean technology for a safer blow-drying experience.

The blue LED light has antimicrobial properties to provide cleaner air. This works by reducing the bacterial buildup inside the blow dryer.

1 Year Warranty

Worried about your travel dryer breaking down? A one year warranty protects your purchase if you experience any manufacturing defects.

chi blow dryer
Customers are super impressed overall

A lot of reviewers say they love this Chi blow dryer, and many say it exceeded their expectations considering it’s a travel dryer and quite affordable.

Even though it’s a smaller size and not quite as powerful as the bulkier models, some reviewers note that it dries their hair really fast.

Some even say it can dry your hair in the same amount of time as a normal hair dryer! It works so well that other customers say they use this as their main hair dryer even when they’re not traveling.

Multiple reviewers say it works really well for thick hair.

Customers confirm that this Chi blow dryer is easy to travel with, especially because it’s dual voltage. One notes that she loves that the handle folds up and that it’s so light to hold and carry in your case.

 A couple of reviewers mentioned that a blue light illuminates the area on your hair that the device is currently drying – really helpful to keep track of where you’ve already styled your hair! Plus, it makes it easier to dry your hair in dark lighting.

However, one customer says the shorter cord (although a nice size for traveling) isn’t the best quality and can tangle quite easily.

chi blow dryer

Need a small and compact dryer for on-the-go drying and styling? This Chi Tech Travel blow dryer is ideal for you. It’s also available in a set with a flat iron for silky smooth hair even while you travel!

Check Out This CHI Tech Travel Ceramic Blow Dryer On Amazon Here

#3. CHI Touch 2 – Touch Screen Hair Dryer (Best For All Hair Types)

  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 13.5 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Contents: Chi blow dryer, diffusers, CHI Silk Cushion & Iron Guard hair products
chi blow dryer

Touch Screen Control W/Speedometor For Customization

Adjustable Speed, Temperature, & Ion Technology Output

Concave Handle For Comfort

3D Ion Generation – 3 Times More Ions For Frizz-Free Hair

Hands-Free Styling

Ceramic Heater

1 Year Warranty

chi blow dryer

A Small Number Experience Defects

The Chi Touch 2 is placed third because its unique, adjustable settings via the speedometer touch screen make it great to customize for any hair type. Plus, it features a unique 3D ion system, and like our #1 entry has a hands-free option.

Upgraded 2nd Generation Touch Screen Dryer For Easy Control

Chi’s second take on the touch-screen dryer, the new and updated CHI Touch Screen two makes hair styling much easier and faster.

The new design is still super powerful (1800 watts) but it’s less heavy, slimmer, and features a comfortable concave handle to give a better grip as you style.

Customizable Touch Screen Speedometer For Flexible Speed, Temperature, & Ion Output

The small 2.4 inch touch screen on the very top of the hair dryer features a special speedometer that makes adjusting the settings so much easier. The speedometer looks similar to the speed dial on your car, and features a similar range! Customize to control the speed, temperature, and the ion technology output to suit your hair type.

The dryer maintains a constant regulated heat for a consistent temperature release throughout your styling experience. Follow up with the cold shot button when your hair is fully dry to help set your hairstyle.

Special 3D Ion System For 3x More Ions & Healthier Looking Hair

Although a lot of other models feature ion technology, this touch-screen Chi blow dryer’s ion system is truly unique. The 3D ion generation system releases more than three times more ions to combat frizz for healthy, shinier looking hair.

Ceramic Heater To Further Combat Frizz

This Chi blow dryer runs on a ceramic heater that also helps provide a frizz-free, static-free, healthier and shinier looking hairstyle. Use the added diffuser nozzles for an even sleeker look.

Hands-Free Styling For Convenience

Like the CHI Handshot hair dryer, this Touch 2 model also features a special hands-free option to give your hands a break. The back of the dryer can transform into a stand on a flat surface to enable hand-free blow drying.

1 Year Warranty Protection

Like all the others on the list, this touch screen Chi blow dryer also comes with warranty protection. It lasts 12 months and covers manufacturing defects. Read more in the full warranty policy.

hair dryers for hair
Reviews are, for the most part, hugely positive

One professional cosmetologist even claims it’s the best hair dryer out there! Others bought it because it was recommended by their respective hair dressers.

So many customers say they are really impressed by the way their hair looks after they use this chi blow dryer. One professional hair stylist says she loves it for her own hair but thinks it’s a tiny bit too heavy for use on clients.

A few reviewers also say their hair dries so much faster with his model, and you can tell it’s a high-quality hair dryer. One customer says it used to take her 10 minutes to dry all her hair with her older model, and now with this touch screen model it takes just 5 minutes!

Another customer says she really likes the speedometer, but it’s better to adjust before you start styling if you are drying your own hair. This is because it’s hard to look at the screen and blow dry your own hair at the same time. Others comment that the speedometer is fun to use!

While this Chi blow dryer has great unique features, some note that if you are on a budget it may not be worth splashing the cash.

A small minority experience defect issues. Make sure you avail of the warranty in this case.

professional hair dryers

Want a blow dryer with a lot of flexible setting options suitable for all different hair types? This Touch 2 dryer’s adjustable settings via the unique speedometer make this a great option for you. All the family can use it, even if your hair types differ, simply adjust the customizable settings to suit your hair!

Check Out This CHI Touch 2 Blow Dryer On Amazon Here

#4. CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer (Best For Textured, Coarse, or Natural Hair)

  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces
professional hair dryer

Ultra Powerful Airflow

Titanium Material Dries Faster & Reduces Frizz

Adjustable Speed & Temperature + Cool Shot Button

Comb Attachment Ideal For Natural Hair

Ionic Technology For Frizz-Free Hair

Long 11 ft Cord

2 Year Warranty

Removable Filter For Cleaning

professional hair dryer

Not As Lightweight As Claimed

A Small Number Experience Defects

This Deep Brilliance dryer earns fourth place because its titanium material and unique comb attachment are ideal for thick, coarse (particularly natural) hair types.

Powerful AC Motor With Lightweight Ergonomic Design

This Deep Brilliance hair dryer features a powerful AC motor with 1875 wattage for strong, quiet yet consistent heat and airflow that will reduce your drying time. Despite its motor strength, this model is lightweight for a more comfortable styling experience.

Plus, the ergonomically designed handle grip makes it easier to hold and keeps the dyer balanced while you style. The ultra-long 11 foot cord provides even greater flexible movement from the left to the right section of your hair to make the whole experience easier.

Titanium Material For Quick Drying On Thick Hair & Frizz Reduction

 This Chi blow dryer is composed of a titanium material that is ideal for thicker hair because it’s less gentle than ceramic and therefore dries your hair a lot faster. This type of dryer is great for combatting frizz and providing a sleeker, shinier style.

Special Ionic Technology For Smoother, Frizz-Free Hair

In addition to the smoothing titanium material, this Chi blow dryer also generates negative ions to provide frizz-free, shinier, and healthier hair day-to-day.

Adjustable Speed & Temperature With Cool Shot Button

Customize this blow dryer to suit your hair type by altering the 2 speed and 2 heat settings to your liking. Follow up your styling sesh by pressing the cool shot button for some colder air to seal in your hairstyle and keep the frizz at bay for good.

Designed With Natural Hair In Mind | Comb Attachment For Textured Hair

Although this hair dryer can work well with a number of different hair types, the titanium material, ion technology, and the special attachments are clearly designed with natural hair in mind.

The removable comb attachment is ideal to smooth textured hair while you blow dry. Plus, the set comes with a concentrator nozzle for targeted airflow and quicker styling.

Easy-To-Clean Removable Filter

Use your hair dryer a lot? Keep it fresh by regularly cleaning out the filter. This Chi blow dryer contains a removable filter for much easy cleaning. Be sure to clean it regularly to keep your dryer running like new for much longer!

2 Year Warranty Protection

What if your Deep Brilliance hair dryer breaks down? Chi offers a 2 year warranty period just in case you experience any manufacturing-related faults or defects.

hair dryer for thick hair
Most customers are very impressed

A couple note that they think this Chi blow dryer is definitely worth the money.

Customers confirm that this Chi blow dryer works so well for natural hair. It straightens natural hair perfectly and helps your hair look really smooth.

Most reviews mention that the airflow is so powerful, and a lot more powerful than other Chi dryers. Some said it blows your products away in the bathroom! This is not the best hair dryer not if you want something with gentle airflow.

Customers like that it dries hair so quickly. Multiple reviews mention that their hair looks a lot healthier after using this hair dryer. It helps reduce hair breakage problems and stops your split ends from looking really fried.

Others love the really long cord for flexible styling.

However, some reviews say this model is not quite as lightweight as they were expecting. A very small number experienced defects.

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Have thick, coarse, or natural hair? This is the CHI pick for you. The titanium material is ideal for thicker hair types, and the comb attachment is perfect for drying natural hair types.

Check Out The CHI Deep Brilliance Blow Dryer Here On Amazon

#5. CHI Tech 1875 Limited Edition Series Hair Dryer (Best Value)

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Contents: Chi blow dryer, concentrator nozzle
hair dryer for thick hair

1875 W High Power Motor

Super Lightweight: Weighs Less Than 1 Pound

Ceramic Material Combats Frizz

1 Year Warranty

2 Heat & 2 Speed Settings + Cool Shot Button

Blue LED Light Fights Bacteria For Cleaner Air

hair dryer for thick hair

Settings Buttons In An Off Place

A Small Number Experience Defects

This Tech 1875 model earns our fifth place because it’s such great value for money. One of the more affordable CHI dryers, it receives fantastic customer feedback and boasts a lot of unique features.

High Powered Motor Despite Budget Price Tag

This limited edition Chi blow dryer features a high powered, 1875 watt DC motor for quicker and quieter styling, even though it’s one of the more affordable hair dryers on the list!

Ceramic Material For Healthier Looking Hair

Want frizz-free locks? This budget-friendly model is made with ceramic heater technology for a gentle styling experience that reduces frizz and adds shine. Make use of the air concentrator nozzle for smoother, more voluminous hair.

Super Lightweight & Ergonomically Designed

The lightweight design is perfect for professional hairdressers, or for anyone who struggles with arm aches as they blow-dry their hair. This model is so light that it weighs less than one pound in total!

Plus, this Chi hair dryer is ergonomically designed for comfortable styling. The 9 ft. cord provides greater flexibility and movement while you blow dry.

Adjustable Heat & Speed Settings To Suit Your Hair Type

Change between the 2 temperature and 2 speed settings to find the right match for your hair type and desired hairstyle. Once you’ve finished drying your hair, use the cold shot button to set your hairstyle for the rest of the day.

Rapid Clean Technology Emits Healthier Air

The special blue LED light has antimicrobial properties to create cleaner air while you use the dryer. This process works by reducing the level of bacteria on the inside of the blow dryer. It’s better for your hair and for your health!

1 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Even though this is one of the least expensive Chi blow dryer options, it still comes with 12 months warranty protection just in case you experience any technical faults.

hair dryer for thin hair
The majority of customers are really happy with their purchase

Multiple reviews say they love this model, and a couple say it’s their favorite hair dryer that they’ve ever used.

Like many other Chi blow dryers on this list, a lot of reviewers said they had this model recommended to them by their hair stylist.

It’s really lightweight as promised, and some customers note that they love the unique color.

In addition to blow drying, it tends to straightens hair really well.

Plus, a lot of customers say this model makes a huge difference to the way your hair looks.

While the Deep Brilliance hair dryer emits ultra-powerful hot air, some customers really like that this Tech 1975 model emits a much less hot heat than other hair dryers. The cooler temperature is much better for your hair but it can take some time to adjust to.

Even though the air is colder than other hair dryers, customers assure that it still dries hair fast.

Other reviewers say they love that this hair dryer shines a blue light on the area you are drying. It makes drying your hair faster and avoids frying any area of your hair.

However, some customers don’t like the location of the speed and temperature buttons. A small number experienced small defects.

hair dryer for thin hair

On a budget, or want a reasonably priced high-quality hair dryer? The Tech 1875 is one of the best value CHI options. The reviews are great, it has impressive features, and the price is impressive.

Although the CHI travel hairdryer (#2) is usually less expensive, this Tech 1875 option is a full-size dryer and it’s often on sale – making it arguably better value for money than the travel dryer!

Check Out The CHI Tech 1875 Blow Dryer Here On Amazon