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Chi Flat Iron Reviews: Smart Gemz Magnify & The G2 Digital

Chi Flat Iron Reviews

Looking for Chi flat iron reviews?

We’ve got you covered with reviews of both the Smart Gemz Magnify and the G2 Digital CHI flat irons.

Want to learn the key features of each iron, what customers think, and how they compare?

Keep reading to find out which one is best for you (if any!)

About The Brand

CHI is owned by Farouk Systems Inc, a company that manufacturers under multiple brands such as SunGlitz and BioSilk. Founded by a hairdresser named Farouk Shami, who aims to provide the best, most advanced American technology to the hair industry – focusing on the environment, education, and ethics.

#1. CHI Smart Gemz Magnify Flat Iron

Key Stats

Full name: CHI Smart Gemz Volumizing Zironium Titanium Hairstyling Iron with Clips and Bag

Dimensions: Flat iron 10-1/2 inch L x 1 inchW, weight 10.4 oz; Bag 12 inch L x 7 inchW

Plate size: 1 inch width, 4 inch length

Cord: 9 foot long swivel cord

Voltage: Dual voltage

Extras: Three hair clips and a heat resistant bag. Also available with a mini travel flat iron.

Titanium & Zirconium Plates

The one inch solid, scratch resistant titanium plates are built with a combination of zirconium and titanium technology – an ultra durable combination that creates a smooth surface for straightening. The high quality plates lock in moisture for a healthier heat application.

The GEMZ model’s zirconium and titanium plates are a significant upgrade from the original CHI Smart Titanium plates. They’re more durable – enduring 100,000 passes, compared to the original titanium model’s 50,000 passes when tested.

They also generate more negative ions than the original GEMZ titanium iron. This means the plates lock in moisture for a healthier heat application – perfect if you live in a humid area!

While the plates are titanium and zirconium based, the flat iron also utilises ceramic heat technology for an even distribution of heat while you flat iron.

Lock In Your Desired Temperature From 370°F to 410°F

The temperature setting is adjustable from a low of 370°F to a high of 410°F. There’s three preset temperatures – low (370°F) for fine hair, medium (390°F) for medium hair, and high (410°F) for coarse hair. However, you can also digitally adjust the temperature in 5 degree increments to find the perfect heat setting for your hair type and desired style.

Once you find the right heat for your hair, you can ‘lock in’ that temperature by holding down the temperature button for two seconds. No need to remember and set the right temperature every time you use your flat iron – a good way to save a bit of time.

Automatic Shut Off

Forgetful? One of the best features of this flat iron is the automatic shut off. No need to worry about your house burning down if you forget to turn off your device! Your flat iron will turn itself off after an hour.

It’s also easy to turn off the Smart GEMZ manually. The on/off button is on the inside so you don’t need to worry about accidentally turning it off while you straighten.

Dual Voltage, A 9′ Cord, Plus Bag and Clip Extras

It’s a dual voltage iron, so you can use it outside the US in 110/220 voltage outlets.

The Smart Gemz is attached to a 9 foot swivel cord – no need to worry about the cord getting in your way while you straighten your hair.

Each purchase also comes with a thermal bag featuring two pockets for storage, plus three hairstyling clips so you can section and style your hair easily. It’s also available as part of a set with a full size iron and a mini iron (3/4 inch plates) – perfect for travel!

3 In 1 – Straighten, Curl, and Flip

The Smart Gemz is specially designed not only to straighten – but also curl and flip your hair.

The concave floating (flexible) plates are curved – ideal for curls, waves, flips and adding volume. Additionally, the convex curve of the straightener help to volumize at the roots of the hair.

Because this flat iron features a range of temperatures, it’s ideal for fine, medium, or coarse hair. Titanium irons perform  particularly well with natural hair – some customers with 4a/4b really like this model. With small plates (1 inch), CHI Smart target this particular straightener for shorter hair.


  • Section your hair into 3/4 inch sections.
  • Bring the flat iron near the root of your hair, being careful not to get too close or you’ll burn your scalp.
  • Close the flat iron and glide the straightener through your hair from the roots to the ends.
  • Repeat on all other sections of your hair.


  • Start mid way through your hair and rotate the iron away from your body to create flips.


  • Clasp your hair lightly with the flat iron about 2 inches from your scalp.
  • Wrap the end of your hair strand under and around the iron.
  • To create loser curls, clasp large sections of hair. For tighter looking curls, place smaller amounts of hair in the flat iron at a time.
  • Pull and rotate until you reach the end of the hair you’ve sectioned.


A manufacturer’s warranty can be requested through customer service.

However, this model is largely discontinued, so it’s not clear if the warranty is valid.

CHI Smart GEMZ Reviews

Most reviews for the CHI Smart GEMZ are highly positive. Some say it’s the best they’ve ever used, however a few were disappointed.

Makeup Scholar

  • Reviewers like that it leaves the hair looking smooth without frizzing.
  • Customers are impressed that it’s quick to heat up in just a few seconds.
  • Another mentioned it’s easy to achieve straight and smooth, or wavy looking hair with this one tool. Many reviews like it for curls.
  • A few reviews noted it’s easy to use, and takes almost half the time as cheaper models to straighten (even for thick, coarse hair).
  • Some noted it’s lightweight and glides through the hair easily in one pass without tugging.
  • One customer who tried the previous version of this flat iron noticed the difference since the zirconium Titanium technology update.
  • Another said she likes it better than other CHI models she tried, as well as other brands, including: FHI, GHD, Sedu models.
  • A couple of customers said it straightens natural 4a/4b hair well.

Makeup Scholar

It’s an expensive model.

A few customers had issues with it breaking down, specifically the temperature feature not changing.

Some said they didn’t like that you can’t change the temperature on the mini iron (it’s set around 400°F), and the on/off button is in a different place (from the duo set).

Click here to check out the current price of the CHI Smart GEMZ straightener on Amazon  

#2. CHI Pro
G2 Digital Flat Iron (1 inch or 1.25 inch)

(one 1/4 inch plates)

Key Stats

Full name: CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

Dimensions:  13.5 x 1 x 6.8 inches

Plate size: 1 inch or 1.25 inch width available

Cord:  11 feet long swivel cord

Voltage: Dual voltage

Extras: Red thermal mat included. Won Best Flat Iron 2015 (New Beauty) and Reader’s Choice Award 2015 (Beauty Launchpad)

1 Inch or 1.25 Inch For Your Hair Length

This flat iron is available in both 1 inch and 1.25 inch plate widths. The 1.25 inch is better for longer hair, while the 1 inch is best for those with shorter hair.

View the 1 inch flat iron here on Amazon

Check out the 1.25 inch G2 on Amazon here

Durable Titanium Infused Plates For A Smoother Straighten

An upgrade from the first generation of CHI flat irons, CHI PRO G2 promises shinier, silkier, and free-free styling with this flat iron.

Unlike the G1 flat irons, the ceramic floating plates are now infused with titanium – meaning a stronger, greater durability and a longer lasting appliance.

Titanium helps produce a smoother, no-tug pass through of the straightener on your hair. CHI also promises the titanium infused plates can help style faster than before.

Glide your dry/slightly damp hair through the ceramic titanium infused plates for best results.

Choose Preset Color Coded Heat Levels or Adjust To Your Perfect Temperature

The G2 utilizes more advanced technology than the G1 CHI flat irons-  including customisable features and an all-digital display.

The ceramic heater is built using high tech for a quick heat – it takes only 40 seconds to heat to full temperature.

The G2 Digital  ‘mode’ button features color-coded preset temperatures for low, medium, or high heat to suit your hair type.  The digital LCD screen performs intuitive temperature control – it displays three different colors when you’ve reached the selected temperature for your hair type and desired style.

  • Green: 0 – 370°F – suitable for fine hair
  • Blue: 375 – 395°F – best for medium and wavy hair
  • Red: 400 – 425°F – ideal for coarse and thick hair types

The color system means it’s easy to recall your desired settings – no need to remember the exact temperature, just remember the light up color!

Once you turn it on, this flat iron automatically heats to 350 F in less than 30 seconds. You can also manually adjust the temperature to your prefered level. Just press the + key until you reach the temperature you like and it will heat to that level. Reduce the heat by pressing the – sign. The temperature moves 10 points up or down when you click the + or – signs.

No Auto Shut Off Function

Unlike the GEMZ, the G2 ceramic-titanium infused model does not have an auto shut off feature. When you’re finished straightening your hair make sure you turn the flat iron off to avoid the possibility of injury or fire. If you’re a forgetful person, the GEMZ is a better option for you.

Dual Voltage, Ultra Long Cord, With Bonus Heat Mat

Because the G2 ceramic-titanium infused iron is dual voltage, you can easily take it with you when you travel. Just pick up and inexpensive adapter and you can use it anywhere in the world without any electrical issues.

The attached swivel cord is ultra long – 11 feet in length! Much longer than the 9 foot standard for professional level salons Perfect for salon use, or for extra movement around a room if your mirror is far from your plug socket.

CHI promises a comfortable straightening experience – the G2 digital model is ergonomically designed for easy grip.

As an added bonus, each purchase comes with a thermal mat to hold your flat iron when it’s on. This mat is super useful to prevent any damage to your furniture or floor while you’re sectioning your hair, or when you just turned it off and it’s still hot.

 Straighten, Curl, Wave, & Flip With 1 Tool

While it’s primarily used to straighten and provide volume and shine, the G2 is useful for creating other hair styles too. Just like the GEMZ model, CHI promotes this flat iron as multipurpose – ideal for curling, waving, and flipping the hair.

The plates are floating (which means they’re flexible) and curved at the edges (which helps create other styles in addition to straightening).

Because multiple styles are possible, this one appliance helps save money on buying other tools. No need to carry around a curling iron while you travel! Just use this one tool to

Adjust the temperature to the ideal setting for your hair type and desired style. Experiment with different heat settings to see what works for you.


While the 1.25 inch flat iron is advertised as covered by a two year warranty, the attached warranty PDF for both the 1.25 and 1 inch irons promise a one year warranty coverage.

The written warranty attached claims that warranties are not valid when purchased online. A few customer reviews from a few years ago found that CHI didn’t fulfil warranty claims if the flat iron was bought online. However, more recent reviews indicate that’s no longer a problem. The warranty promises protection if purchased from an authorized distributor.

Farouk Systems’ customer service department (the CHI parent company) clarifies that warranties are valid online provided proof of purchase, the warranty card, and the tool itself are provided. Customers confirm that the warranty card is included in the box. If in doubt, just contact customer services for peace of mind that your purchase will be covered.

The limited manufacturer’s warranty covers defects or malfunctions caused by

Any malfunction or defect caused by faulty materials or workmanship for any appliance that was purchased through a professional salon or other authorized distributor.

(one inch plates)

Chi G2 Flat Iron Reviews

Again, a lot of customers say this is their favorite flat iron. Reviews are particularly positive for the 1.25 inch model. However, there are some downsides, too.

Makeup Scholar

  • Some customers had success creating spiral curls and flips using the G2 flat iron. One particular review mentioned that the curls hold, and it doesn’t cause frizz on the ends like other flat irons.
  • Many noted how quick it heats up. One said it’s the fastest ever flat iron to heat, and she loves that it beeps when the heat is ready.
  • Not only does it heat quickly, it also performs quickly. Multiple reviews note that their straightening time was almost halved when they started using this CHI flat iron.
  • Some that tried the previous original CHI line said they prefer the G2 model.
  • Reviews note that their hair feels and looks softer and healthier when they’ve straightened. Another said her hair doesn’t seem as damaged when using this flat iron compared to others. Some attribute the healthy looking hair to the temperature control feature.
  • One hairdresser was impressed, and even said she can tell why it won awards!
  • A review compared this CHI G2 favorably to the 200 dollar FHI model.

Makeup Scholar

  • Some customers like that the on/off switch is in the inside, others found it a bit awkward at first while they got used to it.
  • A minority of reviews claimed they had issues with breakdowns. CHI do claim there’s a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty if you run into trouble like this.
  • The extra long cord can take up too much space for some. Not the best option if you don’t have a lot of space!

Check out the one inch CHI G2 Digital Iron on Amazon here (shorter hair)

View the one 1/4 inch G2 model on Amazon here (longer hair)

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