Does the Chi G2 flat iron live up to the hype?

We’ve done the hard work to find out! Following 28 hours of detailed research, we help you decide if this straightener is right for you!

Identical in every other way, we also explain how you should choose between the 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch plate version of this flat iron.

Keep reading to learn the pros, cons, and all about the customer feedback for the Chi G2!

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↳ Chi G2 Flat Iron | Key Stats

  • Flat Iron Model: CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Awards: Won Best Flat Iron 2015 (New Beauty) and Reader’s Choice Award 2015 (Beauty Launchpad)
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 1 x 6.8 inches
  • Plate sizes: 1 inch or 1.25 inches wide
  • Materials: Titanium Infused Plates
  • Functions: Straighten, Wave, Curl, & Flip
  • Temperature Level(s): 3 Presets & Flexible From 10°F + or –
  • Cord Length:  11′ long swivel cord
  • Voltage Type [For Travel]: Dual voltage
  • Auto Shut Off: Turns Off After 1 Hour
  • Extras: Includes Red Thermal Mat
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty

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↳ CHI G2 Straightener | In-Depth Review

Made With Hair Length In Mind!

Choose from 1 inch or 1.25-inch plates on your G2 flat iron depending on your personal hair style. Chi specially designed the 1 inch to suit shorter hair lengths, while the 1.25 inch is great if you have longer hair! Ergonomically designed for comfortable styling, the plates will glide through any length or thickness level without tugging or pulling.

High-Quality Professional Level Plates Infused With Titanium

The G2, as the name suggests, is the second generation of CHI flat irons. Part of that upgrade includes special technology that creates shinier and smoother looking hair after use.

A clear improvement from the G1 Chi flat iron, this G2 model’s ceramic floating plates are infused with titanium. This provides a more durable flat iron that will not pull on your hair, and helps style faster and creates a longer-lasting hair style.

Although it’s not designed for wet hair, this Chi G2 is usable on slightly damp hair.

Heats To 350°F In 30 Seconds & Full Temperature In Only 40 Seconds

A further upgrade on the 1st generation of CHI flat irons, this G2 range utilizes advanced technology that includes an all-digital display and more customizable settings – including flexible temperature settings.

The ceramic heater is specially designed to heat quickly and save you valuable time in the mornings! Turn on this Chi G2 straightener and it will automatically heat to 350°F in less than 30 seconds. It only takes 40 seconds to heat to the full temperature. While that’s not quite as fast as a model like the Nume Megastar, to go from 0 to 425°F in less than a minute is super impressive!

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Adjustable Temperature With Color Coded Preset Settings & Flexible 10°F Increments

Easily keep track of the set temperature thanks to the clever color-coded preset temperature system. The digital LCD screen is useful for intuitive temperature control. It will show one of three colors to indicate that your selected temperature is fully reached and the flat iron is ready to use.

Whether you choose a low, medium, or high heat will depend on your hair type and desired hair style.

  • Fine Hair | 0 – 370°F (Green Color)
  • Medium Or Wavy Hair | 375 – 395°F (Blue Color)
  • Thick Or Coarse Hair | 400 – 425°F (Red Color)

The color-coded system is an easy way to keep track of your flat iron’s temperature and prevent accidentally straightening on a higher heat setting. If you know you always straighten on blue, you’ll surely notice something is up if you go to straighten your hair and the G2 is red!

Not interested in following the preset temperatures with the color-coded indicator? This CHI G2 also allows for manual temperature adjustment in 10-degree increments. Just press the + or – sign to move the heat up or down respectively.

The CHI G2 Automatically Shuts Off For Safety

An upgrade from previous versions of this model, the G2 now features an automatic shut off function for added peace of mind.

Accidentally leave for work without switching your Chi flat iron off? No need to worry – it will automatically turn off after one hour.

4 In 1 | Straighten, Curl, Wave, Or Add Flips! [Save Money & Travel Space]

Want a multitasking flat iron? The Chi G2 is a great option for you. Although most customers primarily use it for straightening, this model is ideal for curling, creating waves, and adding flips to your hair too!

Thanks to the curved edges on the flexible floating plates, the G2 makes curling your hair a lot easier. Plus, waves and flips are easy to create once you practice with this flat iron. Try adjusting and experimenting with the temperature to get the optimum heat setting for your desired curl or wave style.

Because you can produce multiple hairstyles with one tool, it’s easy to save a lot of money (and space in your travel luggage) by skipping the waver or curler and just using the G2 to do your hair!

Dual Voltage For Easy Travel

Travel a lot? The Chi G2 is a great flat iron if you’re a globe trotter. This model is dual voltage. All you need is an inexpensive adapter and it will work anywhere in the world without ruining your hair or causing electrical issues.

Extra Long Swivel Cord For Flexibility

Need a flexible flat iron for a professional salon, or just stuck for plug space in your home? If your plug socket is far away from your dressing table or mirror, this CHI model is accommodating.

A typical professional standard flat iron has a 9′ cord – the G2 is even longer! The ultra-long 11-foot swivel cord is perfect if you want a straightener with easy movement.

Includes Thermal Heat Mat To Keep Surfaces Safe

Each Chi G2 purchase includes a red thermal mat to make your hair straightening experience a lot easier every morning. Lay the mat down on your floor or table to rest your hot flat iron while you wait for it to heat up! This will prevent any damage to your surfaces before, during, and after your hair styling experience.

Warranty Protection For Peace Of Mind

The warranty coverage is probably the biggest area of confusion for both the 1 inch and 1.25 inch CHI G2 flat iron models.

CHI offers a manufacturer’s warranty on malfunctions or defects caused due to faulty materials, as long as your flat iron was purchased via a professional salon or an authorized distributor.

If you choose to purchase this straightener online, make sure you buy from an authorized seller. When buying on Amazon, double-check that the order is fulfilled by Amazon. Otherwise, the warranty coverage may not apply – even if you buy on Amazon! This confused some previous reviewers who bought from unauthorized sellers and may have purchased fakes.

The official warranty document clarifies that both the 1 inch and 1 1/4 inch G2 CHI flat irons are covered by a one year warranty. While the warranty period isn’t as long as the lifetime warranty provided by Sutra, it’s still more than a lot of companies provide.

The customer service department of CHI’s parent company (Farouk Systems) clarifies that the warranty is valid when purchased through an authorized seller online. This applies as long as proof of purchase, the flat iron, and the warranty card are presented to this customer service department.

Reviews online confirm that the warranty card is included when purchased through an authorized seller. If you have any worries about the warranty protection, just contact customer services to double-check that the warranty will apply.

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↳ Chi G2 Flat Iron Reviews | Customer Feedback

Both the 1 inch and 1.25 inch straighteners have really high and consistent ratings on average. Many reviewers say the G2 is their favorite flat iron of all time!

chi flat iron review

Plate Size Choice For Hair Length

Multiple reviews confirm that the longer plate size on the 1 1/4 inch G2 works great on longer hair lengths! A couple of customers mentioned that the 1-inch plate version is ideal for their medium or shorter length hair.

Make sure you buy the flat size version that suits your hair length (the flat irons are identical in every other way).

Multiple Hairstyles In One

Many reviewers mention that this straightener really does work well to add spiral curls and flips to your hair. Another customer was impressed that the curls hold in your hair when you use this flat iron.

Saves A Lot Of Time

One of the most impressive benefits of this CHI G2 is how much time it saves you compared to other flat irons. Some say they can’t believe how fast it heats up, and love the beeping indicator that lets you know when it’s ready to prevent any confusion.

It doesn’t just heat up fast, customers assure that it also works really fast to straighten or curl your hair. Many say it cut their styling time in half!

An Upgrade On The 1st Generation Of CHI Flat Irons

Many loyal CHI customers had one of the original CHI flat irons and say the G2 is a definite upgrade on the older range. One even said she’s tried many different CHI straighteners and the G2 is by far the best one!

Improves Appearance Of Your Hair

Like the Rusk CTC flat iron, CHI’s G2 helps improve the appearance of your hair. Multiple reviewers are impressed that their hair looks a lot healthier and much softer after they use this flat iron.

One customer mentioned her hair is not as damaged after using the CHI G2 compared to how it looks and feels after using other flat iron brands. Others say they love that it doesn’t frizz your ends up, unlike other straighteners.

Some speculate that the adjustable temperature feature contributes to your hair looking healthier – try a lower temperature setting!

Hairdresser Approved!

Like the Solano Sleekheat flat iron, the Chi G2 is highly popular with professionals. Multiple professional hairdressers and hairstylists left reviews stating how impressed they are with both the 1 inch and the 1 1/4th plate versions of this straightener.

One hairdresser even went as far as to say she can tell why this model won so many awards!

CHI G2 Vs. Other High-End Flat Irons

The CHI G2 compares favorably to other flat iron models and brands. One customer said the G2 stacks up well against her previous FHI flat iron that cost about 200 dollars!

Another reviewer tried many different straighteners ranging from the budget-friendly to the ultra-luxury, and she said this is her favorite that she’s ever tried. A different reviewer mentions that she loves that you can control the temperature on the G2 because her old GHD model always felt too hot to touch.

chi g2

Ultra Long Cord Takes Up Space

While a lot of reviewers love the extra long cord, some wish it was shorter because it doesn’t suit the storage or space constraints in their homes. The longer cord can take up space if you have a smaller room.

On/Off Switch Placement Divides Opinion

A lot of reviewers like that the on/off switch is situated on the inside of the flat iron, while others who used different straighteners in the past said it takes time to get used to that placement.

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