Looking for Crepe Erase reviews? Wondering how this skincare line can be so praised and despised at the same time?

As we age, our skin loses collagen and starts to become thin, wrinkled, and crepey. There are so many products on the market that claim to turn back the clock.

Can Crepe Erase’s anti-aging body and face line really reverse the signs of aging? After a 32 hour deep dive into everything there is to know about this brand, we reveal all!

Just keep reading to find out!

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Crepe Erase Reviews | Customer Feedback

Overall, if you google ‘Crepe Erase reviews’, you will probably find a lot of low ratings across a number of different websites. The harsh reviews are mostly based on complaints with customer service and potentially misleading information from before 2019 (we discuss the lawsuit that appears to have changed that below), however the actual products themselves have pretty good reviews.

Crepe Erase received an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, however, this is not based on customer reviews. The rating is based on how likely BBB determines that Crepe Erase is to interact with its own customers.

Customers typically either say that they love it, it’s the best anti-wrinkle line they’ve ever used and it did amazing work on their skin, or that it didn’t work for them and they didn’t like how the product feels after they apply it. We discuss the general customer feedback for specific products below.

Multiple reviewers say that they don’t like how greasy it feels on their skin. Others experienced a lot of irritating redness after using the products. Due to the extremely questionable order process (discussed later in this post), a lot of customers felt that they were scammed and said they were so unimpressed by the customer service.

The Previous Sneaky Ordering Process And Why It Has Changed In 2020

Signing up as a member on the official Crepe Erase site has some benefits. These include discounts, customization, and exclusive access. However, some customers were disappointed because they did not read about the auto-delivery process associated with being a member in advance.

Crepe Erase claims that the auto-delivery system is convenient because it ships fresh products of your favorites from the skincare range to your door at whatever frequency you would prefer.

Many reviewers before 2020 were extremely disappointed and angry because not only did they claim to not know about the autorenewal system at all, but they were also not happy with the default auto-delivery frequency.

Some even claim that they spent almost 700 dollars without realizing because packages just kept arriving every few weeks and she didn’t pay attention!

Plus, you need to call up customer services to cancel the auto-renewal process. Even though there’s a 60 day guarantee, a few reviewers report issues with returns.

The Better Business Bureau website link to a California lawsuit that could have impacted the Crepe Erase business strategy in 2019. The lawsuit arose because Guthy Renker (the parent company of Crepe Erase) was accused of not disclosing their autorenewal process in the correct way.

Guthy Renker had to pay over one million dollars in compensation, and also had to pay restitution to all of its customers who were charged on autorenewal without their consent.

Guthy-Renker also promised to make their autorenewal process more clear on the website. The Crepe Erase website now *does* disclose their autorenewal policy as you go to order their products. For example, when you get to the checkout page to buy their Advanced 5 Step System Set, they now clearly state:

“One month after your first order is shipped, and then every three months thereafter, you will be sent a new full size supply of Crepe Erase®. Each shipment will be charged to the card you provide today, in three monthly payments at the low price of *varies per product* plus $3.99 for shipping and handling per month, unless you call to cancel. There is no commitment and no minimum to buy.”

Amazon.com is an approved retailer and a good alternative if you don’t want to deal with the official website system.

60 day money back guarantee

Crepe Erase offers a 60 day money-back guarantee on their official website and Amazon (when sold and shipped by Amazon) if you’re not happy with the products, even if you return empty containers.

Claims Made | Does Crepe Erase Really Work?

Crepey Erase claims that 100% of women felt that their skin was instantly more youthful after using their products just one time. However, this clinical trial only included 41 participants over an 8 week period. You need to take these results with a massive pinch of salt!

Regular Vs Advanced Crepe Erase Range

The Advanced range is a new and updated version of Crepe Erase. The improvements include upgrades like more plant-based ingredients used in the Body smoothing Pre Treatment formula, and better chemical exfoliators in the Advanced Body Repair Treatment.

Crepe Erase Body Products

Below we discuss the supposed benefits of three different Crepe Erase products for your body, and let you know all about the (positive and negative) customer feedback.

Intensive Body Repair Treatment

Crepe Erase claims that this body repair treatment can turn back the clock by reversing dry and crepey skin and instead provide softer, smoother, and firmer skin. With 48 hours of hydration, this cream contains nine ingredients for intense hydration (squalane, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and three different Gycerides). You can use this product twice a day, with a special focus on the drier crepier areas of your body,

Safe for sensitive skin, it also includes Crepe Erases’ special ‘TruFirm Complex’, a concoction of plant extracts that blend together to restore your skin and provide support to your skin’s natural elastin and structure.

This cream is available in different sizes and with or without fragrance.

Intensive Body Repair Treatment Crepe Erase Reviews

The rating on average for the actual product is reasonably high.

A couple of customers note that it works really well, you just have to understand that it’s not a miracle cream that will make your excess skin disappear. A lot of the positive reviews say it makes a real difference. One points out that it’s not a surgical procedure, it can only minimize the appearance of wrinkles and thin skin.

While some customers hate that it’s greasy, others say they love that it doesn’t dry on their skin and they can still feel it on their body the next morning.

Another reviewer claims this Crepe Erase treatment works a lot better than the cheaper ranges she tried.

However, the extremely critical reviews say it made no difference at all, or that it’s just a glorified moisturizer.

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Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion

This hydrating body lotion contains a number of moisturizing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, cotton thistle extra, and olive fruit extract that prevent the development of further wrinkles and smooth your skin.

It works great in combination with the Body Repair Treatment and is ideal for the dry winter months. Ideal for all skin types, this particular product in the range is scented with a light citrus fragrance.

Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion Crepe Erase Reviews

Overall this cream has a strong average rating. Customers who love it say that it works great for dry and sensitive skin. Some like the scent and claim it’s not too strong, others say they don’t like the smell. Those who love it always noticed that their skin looks tighter after continual use. Others love how amazingly moisturizing it is, but they say it’s just a shame about the price.

Many rate it poorly online, they claim that it’s a waste of money and didn’t do anything to their skin. Some of the negative reviews are also upset about the auto-renewal system. Make sure you go for the ‘one-time purchase’ option if you do buy this cream.

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Advanced Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment with Trufirm Complex

Crepe Erase recommends this gentle exfoliant before you use their Body Repair Treatment.

The AHA and BHA chemical exfoliant ingredients combined with physical exfoliating castor oil beads erase dullness outer layers to reveal the softer, smoother skin underneath. Massage onto moist skin in a circular motion every day in the shower from the neck down for the best results.

Thanks to the special castor oil formula, this exfoliant will not dehydrate your skin. This body smoothing exfoliator is the perfect preparation for the 2 step Advanced Body Repair Treatment in the Crepe Erase line.

Crepe Erase Advanced Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment Reviews

Customer feedback is, again, mixed but there the average rating is quite high. Those who like it say it really makes a difference to their skin and it’s easy to use in the shower. A couple of reviewers noted that their arms look a lot better (one said better than ever) and it really does what it says on the package.

However, even a customer who liked it said that the size is smaller than they thought it would be. Positive reviewers claim their skin is both softer and smoother after using this pre-treatment exfoliant.

Most of the negative reviews are unhappy because it did nothing for them at all and one even said it made them break out in a rash!

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Two of the most commonly purchased facial Crepe Erase products include:

Refining Facial Scrub

This scrub promises to gently remove dead skin cells revealing a smoother and softer skin on both your face and neck. Crepe Erase claims it can help your skin to look radiant and provide that youthful glow that we’re all looking for.

The TruFirm formula helps aid cell turnover to reinvigorate dry and wrinkly skin. Crepe Erase claims it can scrub aged, sun-damaged, and crepey skin in such a way to uncover the younger-looking skin underneath. Dill, sage, and apple combine to help produce elastin and a more resilient structure for healthier and firmer skin.

Refining Facial Scrub Crepe Erase Reviews

This facial scrub has a lot of positive reviews and a very high average rating. Many customers say it makes their wrinkles and pores much less noticeable. It works great on the neck and some say you can really see the difference after just 3 weeks of use.

So many reviewers say that it makes their skin soft and smooth, and one even said that she can’t live without this facial scrub now!

However, a minority said that it didn’t work to noticeably reduce crepey skin or wrinkles on their skin, and a couple with very sensitive and allergy-prone skin said they had an allergic reaction to this formula!

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Advanced Overnight Plumping Facial Treatment 

This overnight facial treatment is perfect as the finishing touch to your skin care routine. The rich treatment works overnight to hydrate and plump your skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Crepe Erases’s TruFirm Complex and Echinacea Extract (with 9 different hydrators) specifically targets the crepey skin on your face (under your eyes, on the forehead, and laugh lines) so you can wake up in the mornings with younger-looking skin after continued use.

Advanced Overnight Plumping Facial Treatment Reviews

Like the other facial products, the feedback is generally really strong, however, there is a very small minority who are not happy with this facial treatment.

Multiple customers said it really works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles (one claimed the difference is noticeable in just 2 weeks!) and it appears to be great for drier skin types. Others note that you can see a real difference in the plumpness of your skin. Another reviewer loves that you wake up in the morning and your skin feels much softer.

However, one customer said it was too harsh for her sensitive skin (though this is a minority view) and another claimed that it was hard to open the packaging.

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Crepe Erase Anti-Aging Pros & Cons


  • Available In Different Sizes & With Or Without Fragrance
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Big Range Of Products For Both Body & Face
  • New ‘Advanced’ Range Shows Innovation
  • Some Very Positive Feedback – Generally A Love-It-Or-Hate-It Skincare Line
  • The Facial Products Tend To Get Much Better Reviews Than The Body Care Line


  • Alleged Misleading Order Renewal Policy In The Past
  • Doesn’t Work Well For Everyone
  • Can Make Your Skin Greasy
  • Pricey

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