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Quick Comparison | The Top Curling Wand Sets

#1. NUME Octowand Curling Set

Reputable, high-quality brand ✔

Curls last a super long time ✔

8 wands in one set – the most on this list ✔

1 Year warranty + Automatic Shut Off ✔

Difficult for some to clip the barrel onto the base ✘

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#.2 HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold CurlBar

Innovative Angled Design For Comfortable Styling ✔

4 Different Easy To Interchange Barrels ✔

Adjustable Temperature & Timer Settings With Vibrate Notification ✔

2 Hour Auto Shut Off + 3 Year Warranty ✔

Pricey ✘

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#3. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron

The 3 Interchangeable Barrels Are More Compact Than The Others ✔

Unclipped Barrels Are Arguably Easier To Use ✔

Adjustable Temperature + Dual Voltage ✔

1 Hour Automatic Shut Off + 1 Year Warranty ✔

One Or Two Had Fault Issues ✘

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#4. PARWIN BEAUTY 7 in 1 Curling Wand Set

Great Value For Money: 7 Different Rods + Extras ✔

Warranty + 1 Hour Auto Shut Off ✔

Fully Adjustable Temperature From 170°F to 450°F ✔

Dual Voltage ✔

Curls Typically Need Hairspray ✘

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#5. O’Bella 7 In 1 Curling Wand Set

Budget-Friendly & Includes Travel Case, Glove, Clips ✔

5 Different Barrels That Lock In Securely ✔

Adjustable Temperature & Dual Voltage ✔

Warranty & Auto Shut Off ✔

Curl Doesn’t Hold Well Without Hairspray ✘

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In-Depth Reviews | Best Curling Wand Sets

#1. Nume Curling Wand Set (Best Overall)

nume curling wand

8 wands in One Set

Includes glove and carrying case

1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Heats fast and fully adjustable temperature

Dual voltage

1 Hour Automatic Shut Off

nume octowand

A minority find it difficult to change the wand head

8 Wands In 1: High Quality Barrels

A trusted brand name, Nume is a leader in hair styling products from Nume flat irons to Nume curling wand sets.

Great for trying out different hairstyles, the Nume Octowand set comes with 8 different barrels: giving you access to any curl under the sun.

Want tight ringlets? Prefer glamorous wavy curls? Or beachy loose waves? This curler provides all of these looks in one tool!

Perfect for hair stylists on the go. Just attach a new barrel to the base of the curling wand and try out a new style.

High Quality Barrels and Special Technology For Better Looking Hair

High quality ceramic and tourmaline composes the material on each Octowand barrel. The negative ion technology and far-infrared heat ensure your curly hair stays hydrated, reduces damage, and prevents frizz. PTC heat technology keeps the heat distributed evenly throughout your styling session.

Adjust The Temperature To Suit Your Hair Type (170°F to 450°F)

Prefer a particular heat setting for your ultra-thick or ultra-thin hair? You can adjust the heat setting on the Octowand curlers from a low of 170°F to a high of 450°F. Get the perfect temperature for your hair type and desired style.

Automatic Shuts Off For Peace Of Mind

NuMe’s Octowand automatically shuts off after one hour, keeping your house and family safe from potential electrical issues associated with appliances overheating.

One Year Limited Warranty In Case Of Malfunctions

What if your Nume curling wand set isn’t perfect? Nume offers a one year limited warranty just in case you experience any manufacturing faults.

hair wand

Reviewers really like this curling wand set, receiving really high ratings on average.

Both professionals and beginners like this set. It’s ideal for finding your perfect barrel for curling (and especially for hairstylists who make use of all of the barrels when working on clients).

The wands heat up and cool down super fast. A lot of customers also like that the temperature range is so flexible.

One of the best things about this set is the lasting power of the curls. Reviews state that curls hold even on fine, thin hair that usually never holds curls. The curls stay in place even without hairspray.

A minority has issues with small faults or malfunctions, however, Nume does offer a one year warranty.

It can be somewhat difficult to swap the curling barrels for some people initially, however, most customers did not have any issue.

curl hair

If you want a high quality curling wand set with 8 different barrels from an ultra reputable brand, this is the best option for you. The Nume Octowand features more barrels in any one set than any of the others on the list: great for professional hair stylists!

It includes great features like the automatic shut off function, flexible temperature range, and it’s dual voltage.

A very small minority have issues with malfunctions, but it does come with a one year warranty.

Click Here To Check Out The Nume Octowand Curling Set On Amazon

#2. HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold CurlBar (Best Luxury)

Hot tools curling wand set

Innovative Design for Easier Curling + Soft Handle For Comfortable Grip

4 Interchangeable Barrels (¾”, 1”, 1¼”, 1½”)

Adjustable Temperature (up to 450°F) and Timer Settings

Curling Timer Vibrates When Ready

Universal Dual Voltage For Travel

Auto Shut Off Function

Three Year Warranty

best curler set


Faint Buzzing Sound For Some

Unique Curler Angle Prevents Strains on Your Arms, Elbows, and Shoulders

This Hot Tool curling wand set is specially designed for easier, less painful curling. Hot Tools focused on creating a curling experience without hurting your arms, elbows, or shoulders. A highly innovative feature, the curler is angled to suit a comfortable arm position while curling: no need to strain your arms! Perfect if you’re a professional stylist working on multiple clients a day, or if you experience pain or discomfort with a regular curling iron.

Hot Tool’s CurlBar is not only ergonomically designed: the soft touch grip makes it so much more comfortable to hold in your hands while styling, too.

Four Different Barrels For Different Kinds of Curls or Waves

Interchange the four separate barrels easily to create different kinds of curls.

It’s super quick to change the barrel. Just push the ‘barrel release’ buttons and switch the barrels.

The Four Different Barrels: 3/4”, 1”, 1 ¼” and 1 ½” Inch Styles

  • 3/4”: for a structured spiral, vintage-style curl
  • 1 ¼”: provides medium loose waves
  • 1 ½”: best for large and loose curls, beachy waves
  • 1”: great for full and defined curls

Easy To Use With A Constant and Even High Heat

Press the on/off button to turn your curler on. The light flashes when the curler is heating, and will stop flashing when it’s ready to use.

The 24k gold material provides an even surface for heat distribution and works on all different hair types.

Special pulse technology reaches and maintains a constant high heat for a superior performance.

Adjustable Temperature and Timer (With Vibration Notification)

The rotating dial enables control over both the heat and timer settings. Temperatures can reach up to 450°F, and the timer stretches up to 10 seconds.

The timer feature helps keep your curls uniform to give you that perfect curl every time. Test different second settings (up to 10 seconds) to find the perfect look for your hair. The curler will vibrate (not beep) once the timer is up. Great if you find beeping curlers annoying!

Protection From Heat Damage And For Your Investment

Worried about damage from your electronics? Hot Tool’s Curlbar features a 2 hour automatic shut off function for peace of mind.

Not sure about taking a risk on this luxury curling wand set? Hot Tools offer a three year limited warranty to protect your investment.

Extras: (Glove, Matt, Stand) For Protection

The set contains stands for both the barrel and handles to keep everything organized and easy to use. It also comes with a glove to keep your hand safe and a heat resistant matt to protect your surfaces.

Dual Voltage For Travel and Swivel Cord For Flexibility

The 9ft swivel cord allows you to move freely while you curl your hair.

This Hot Tools Curlbar is also dual voltage: great if you live outside the US or if you travel a lot.

curling wand set

Overall, customers are really impressed with the Hot Tools Curl Bar: it receives very high average ratings online.

Multiple reviews say it’s the best curling wand they’ve ever used.

One customer said she suffers from carpal tunnel and the unique angle of this curling set works great for her.

A lot of reviewers say this Hot Tools set is so easy to use. Many said it’s worth the investment.

Another customer loves the timer, and said it produces even curls every time: thanks to the vibration indicator.

One reviewer said she bought it because a hairdresser used it on her hair and she loved it so much. Another had it recommended by her hair stylist.

However, a review did say they wish the wand was a bit longer. A couple said it makes a buzzing noise, though a lot of newer reviews in response say the noise is barely noticeable.

curling wand set

Looking for a luxury curling wand set? Want maximum comfort while you style? This Hot Tools set is a great option. The 4 interchangeable barrels and unique shape leave customers so impressed.

It features an adjustable temperature and the vibrating timer produces uniform curls every time.

Additionally, it’s a dual voltage curler and features a 2 hour automatic shut off. Although a luxury buy, it comes with a 3 year warranty to protect your investment.

Check out the Hottools Curlbar on Amazon here

#3. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron (Best 3 In 1)

curling wand

3 Interchangeable Barrels

Clamp Free

Auto Shut Off

1 Year Warranty

Dual Voltage

Adjustable Temperature

curl hair

One or two had malfunction issues. Protected by a warranty

3 Different Clamp Free Barrels For Easy Styling And Beautiful Looking curls

Paul Mitchell’s 3 in 1 curling wand set features 3 different interchangeable ceramic barrels for a range of different curls and wave styles.

The clamp free iron makes styling so simple: just wrap a small section of hair around the barrel to curl. Cool tip technology keeps your hands safe while you style.

An expression ion complex with negative ion and far infrared technology helps your hair look healthier and provides shinier, sleeker curls.

Adjustable Temperature and Heats In Just 90 Seconds

This Paul Mitchell iron quickly heats up in just 90 seconds to the maximum temperature of 410°F. The current heat setting is visible on the digital temperature control LCD display.

The 3 Interchangeable Wands

  • 1″ bubble wand: for loose tousled waves
  • .75 to 1.25″ reverse cone: produces natural looking, soft curls
  • 1.25″ rod: provides full bodied volume

You can also buy the rods separately in case you lose one.

One Hour Shut Off Function / Dual Voltage / Ultra Long Swivel Cord

For added safety and peace of mind, the curling wand features a one hour automatic shut off function

Travel a lot? This model is dual voltage, meaning all you need is an adapter when you travel abroad.

This 3 in 1 curler is attached to a 9ft professional swivel cord for flexible and free styling.

One Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Worried about faults? Paul Mitchell’s 3 in 1 curler is protected by a 12 month limited warranty. Further information on the warranty terms and conditions is available in the product guide.

curling hair

Customers are super impressed with this 3 in 1 Paul Mitchell Curler with really high average reviews online.

The model received a lot of praise for the versatility of the 3 interchangeable wands.

One customer said this clipless model is so much easier to use than a clipper curling iron.

A couple of reviews said it’s the only curler that they have used that actually holds curls all day.

Reviewers like that the barrels get super hot but do not burn your hair.

One reviewer said she’s so happy she finally found this Paul Mitchell model because it’s the only one that works for her hair.

A few customers had this model recommended to them by a hair stylist. Some hairdressers reviewed this product (favorably) too. One hairstylist says she loves this model and it saves time when styling multiple clients at once.

One or two had difficulties with technological issues, but this curling iron is protected by a 12 month warranty.

curling wand set

If you’re after a more compact curling wand set, this 3 in 1 set is a great option. Each barrel is easy to use with no clamp feature. It’s a dual voltage model, has an adjustable temperature, and features an automatic shut off function. Although a small number have fault issues, Paul Mitchell does offer a 12 month warranty.

Click here to view the Paul Mitchell 3 in 1 Curling Wand Set on Amazon.

#4. PARWIN BEAUTY 7 in 1 Curling Wand Set (Best Value For Money)

curling wand set

7 Interchangeable Rods

Fully Adjustable Temperature From 170°F to 450°F


1 Hour Shut Off Function

Dual Voltage

Includes Glove, Coth Bag, 2 Hair Clips, and Style Guide


May Need A Better Glove On High Heat, No Cool Tips

Curls Hold Better With Hairspray

7 Curling Rods In 1 Set

Create a range of looks from ringlets, corkscrew curls, big curls and waves with this Parwin curling wand set. The 7 different barrel sizes included in this set are:

1 1/4 inch (32/32mm): large, loose waves

1 inch (25/25mm):  large, voluminous curls

1/2-1 inch (25/13mm): full curls, defined waves

3/4 inch (19/19mm):  texture & spiral curls

1/2 inch (13/13mm): curls with huge body

0.75 inch (19mm): textured & spiraled curls

3/4 inch (19mm) bubble wand: bouncy & spiral curls

Value For Money: Bonus Features Included In The Set

Considering the price tag, this curling wand set provides a lot of value for money. The Parwin set not only comes with the base and 7 rods, it also features a heat protective glove, a cloth bag for storage, two hair clips, and a style guide.

Fully Adjustable Temperature In 10 Degree Increments From 170°F to 450°F

Each rod’s temperature range reaches from a low of 170°F to 450°F, and is fully adjustable in 10 degree increments. Your current selected temperature displays on the LCD screen. The screen will flash to indicate that the iron is on, and the temperature is constantly being relegated. Parwin curlers heat in just 30 seconds to save you valuable time in the morning.

Ceramic & Tourmaline Coated Plates For Healthier Looking Hair & All Hair Lengths

Ceramic and tourmaline coated plates are ideal for shinier hair and help keep frizz at bay.

Parwin promise this kit is suitable for long, medium, or short length hair. Try out all the rods and find the one that works best on your length!

Just wrap an inch section of your hair around the top of the barrel for a few seconds. Take larger sections of hair around the thicker part of the barrel to create looser, bouncier curls.

Dual Voltage & Easy Styling With An 8ft Swivel Cord

Like a lot of other curling wand sets on this list, this model is also dual voltage (110-220V): great if you live outside the US or if you travel a lot.

The 8ft swivel cord helps make styling from the left or right side of your hair seamless and comfortable, without twisting or tangling the cord.

Automatic Shut Off Function For Peace of Mind

Have safety concerns? This PARWIN model automatically shuts off after one hour to keep any worries at bay.

Warranty For Protection

Just in case you experience any faults, this Parwin curling wand set is protected by a 2 year warranty.

curling wand set

Customers tend to be really impressed, with high average ratings.

Multiple customers said they were happy with the quality.

The barrels lock-in really well to the base. Customers like that it’s easy to use and heats up really quickly.

Reviewers tend to like the variety in the barrel selection. The beaded barrel for beachy waves is particularly popular.

One customer said she loves the travel bag, and the glove works well on a lower heat. Others didn’t like the glove much. On a higher heat you may need a higher quality glove or you could burn your hands.

Another customer said it’s good for the price, they just wish the curls lasted longer. Others say it holds the curl really well as long as you use hairspray.

5 curling wands in one set

If you’re looking for a curling wand set that provides great value for money, this Parwin kit is a great option. It includes 7 different barrels and many extras like the glove, clips and bag.

Additionally, it has high-quality features like the automatic shut off function, adjustable temperature, and it’s dual voltage. A small number have faults, but it is protected by a warranty. Curls hold better with hairspray.

Check out the PARWIN Beauty Curling Wand Set Here on Amazon

#5. O’Bella 5-in-1 Curling Iron Wand Set (Best Budget)

curling wands

5 Different Barrel Sizes

Includes Hair Clips, Travel Case, Protective Glove

Great On A Budget

1 hour Automatic Shut Off

Dual Voltage

Lock Feature When You Change Barrels For Security

Adjustable Temperature (260-410℉)

15 Month Warranty

hair curler

Curl Doesn’t Last Long Without Hairspray

5 Different Barrel Sizes On This Clamp Iron For Different Looks

1.25″: large cylindrical barrel for waves and tousled curls

1.0″: medium cylindrical barrel for tight curls and springy waves

0.75 – 1.25″: small cylindrical barrel for voluminous curls and waves

0.75″: tapered barrel for waves and curls

0.5-1.0″: tapered barrel best for kink-free curls and waves

5 Different Temperature Settings To Suit Your Hair Type And Style

The O’Bella curling wand set heats quickly in just 60 seconds to 340°F. This model features 5 different temperature settings from a low of 127℃ (260℉) to a high of 210℃ (410℉). Easily adjust the heat setting to suit your desired style and match your hair type! The three second automatic temperature lock function keeps the temperature consistent throughout styling.

The LCD display screen will stop flashing once your desired temperature setting is ready.

Tourmaline and Ceramic Coating For Healthier Feeling and Looking Hair

The PTC barrel is made from tourmaline and also coated in ceramic. This combination improves the look and feel of your hair. Tourmaline emits negative ions for frizz reduction. It locks in moisture to your hair, leading to smoother and shinier looking curls.

Safe Hands With Cool Tip Technology, PET Material, And The Glove

The cool tip technology helps keep your hands safe while you style. Plus, the special PET material on the handles protects your hands from the hot heat. If that’s not enough, it also comes with a heat resistant glove.

Automatic Shut Off / Dual Voltage / Long Swivel Cord

Worried about heat damage? O’Bella’s curling wand set features a 1 hour automatic shut off function. The added stand also keeps your surfaces safe from the heat.

It’s dual voltage (100-240V): perfect if you travel a lot. Even better, this set also comes with a travel case!

A 8ft swivel cord is attached to the base of the iron, making styling all of your hair easier and more flexible.

15 Month Warranty For Protection

O’Bella reassured through email that the curling wand set is protected by a 15 month warranty for either refund or replacement if you encounter a quality problem.

hair wand

The O’Bella curling wand set receives great reviews online. with a really high average rating

Customers say it’s a high quality set. They like that it heats up quickly, and is really easy to use (especially for beginners).

Reviews assure that it’s easy to change out the barrels. Customers praise the lock feature on the barrel because it feels so much more secure than others when you switch them out.

Some said it feels lighter than other curling irons to hold, but this curling set is still really good quality.

Other reviewers mention that they love the adjustable temperature.

However, some customers are disappointed that the curl doesn’t hold as long as more expensive irons. Most say it’s absolutely fine with hair spray, though.

curling wand set

This is a great curling wand set if you’re on a budget. It’s really high quality considering the price. O’Bella features 5 interchangeable barrels that are easy to lock in, a one hour shut off function, an adjustable temperature, and it’s dual voltage.

Plus, it comes with a 15 month warranty. The set includes hair clips, a glove, and a travel case. Customers wish the curls lasted longer, you will probably need hairspray.

Check out the O’Bella Curling Wand Set on Amazon Here