Interested in an Elchim hair dryer? Not sure which one is right for you? We’ve made your decision much easier!

We compare the Elchim Classic 2001, the Healthy Ionic 3900, and the Light Ionic 3900, and identify the pros & cons of each blow dryer to help you find your perfect match!

After over 20 hours of intensive research, our in-depth review and comparison identifies the right Elchim blow dryer for you!

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Quick Elchim Hair Dryer Comparison: Classic 2001 Vs. Healthy Ionic Vs. Light Ionic

#1. Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer (Best For Professionals Or Thick, Coarse Hair)

  • Lifetime Warranty ✔
  • 3 Heat Settings, 2 Speed Settings ✔
  • Narrow Front & Optional Nozzle For Targeted Drying ✔
  • High Quality Ceramic Material & Infrared Heat For Healthier & Shinier Hair ✔
  • Made In Italy With High Quality Parts: AC Provides 2,000 Hours ✔
  • Great For Thick, Coarse, Frizzy Hair ✔
  • Dries Hair Faster: Save Time & Money ✔
  • A Small Number Experience Faults (But It Is Warranty Protected) ✘

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#2(a). Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Blow Dryer (Best Lightweight Model)

  • Lifetime Warranty ✔
  • 35% Lighter Than Other Hair Dryers ✔
  • 3 Heat Settings, 2 Speed Settings ✔
  • High Quality, Made in Italy: Hybrid DC Provides 1,200 Hours ✔
  • Great For Thin – Medium Hair Thickness ✔
  • Special Ceramic & Ionic Technology For Healthier Hair ✔
  • Low EMF & Made From Recycled Materials ✔
  • Pricier ✘

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#2(b). Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer (Best To Save Time)

  • Lifetime Warranty ✔
  • 30% Faster Drying Time ✔
  • 3 Heat Settings, 2 Speed Settings ✔
  • Made In Italy, High Quality: AC Professional Motor For 2,000 Hours ✔
  • Higher Wattage: 2,400 Motor For Faster Drying ✔
  • Ideal For Thin – Medium Hair Thickness ✔
  • Healthier Hair & Faster Drying With Unique Ceramic & Ionic Technology ✔
  • More Expensive ✘

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In-Depth Reviews | Elchim Blow Dryers

#1. Elchim Classic 2001 Blow Dryer | Top Features (Best For Professionals)

Classic 2001 Elchim Hair Dryer: Key Stats

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in Italy
  • 9 Foot Cord
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • 3 Heat Settings (Medium, High, Cool)
  • Features A Removable Lint Filter
  • 6 Different Color Choices
  • Weight: 18oz
  • Best For: Thick, Coarse, Hard-To-Tame-Hair & For Professionals Who Want A Reliable Blow Dryer

Check Out The Elchim 2001 Hair Dryer On Amazon Here

Multiple Award Winning, Salon Quality Blow Dryer

An award winning model (Allure Magazine’s Best in Beauty, 2013 and In Style Magazine Best in Class, May 2014), this Elchim classic 2001 blow dryer is a firm hair stylist favorite thanks to its efficient and reliable performance. The dryer (available in 6 different colors) has been used in hair salons for over 40 years.

3 Different Heat Settings & 2 Speed Settings To Suit Your Hair Type & Drying Stage

The 3 temperature settings are ideal to suit different hair types and drying needs. In addition to the medium and high heat settings, it also features a cool air function. The cool air is great for keeping your hairstyle in place once your hair is almost dry. Plus, using the cool option will reduce any potential heat damage.

This Elchim hair dryer also features 2 different fan speed settings. Try switching to the lower speed setting once your hair is almost dry for healthier locks.

Ideal For Thick, Coarse, Frizzy Hair

This Elchim hair dryer can work well for any hair type, but it’s specially designed for thick, coarse hair that usually becomes frizzy and wild after blow drying.

The Classic 2001 Elchim hair dryer will not dry out and damage your hair, unlike other brands.

Ceramic Material & Infrared Heat For Healthier, Shinier, Hydrated Hair

This high quality, ceramic material blow dryer releases infrared heat to gently and evenly dry your hair. The infrared heat helps seal your hair’s cuticle, providing a smoother finish and leading to healthier, shinier, moisturized hair.

High Quality AC Motor Promises 2,000 Hours Of Power

This Elchim model is used by a lot of professional hairstylists, particularly because of the long lasting, reliable motor. It’s made in Italy and the high quality Italian engineering is visible through the sturdy, durable parts. The 1, 875 watt AC motor promises 2,000 hours of power!

AC & Heating Element Combination Dries Hair Much Faster And Saves Energy

The high performance heating element is specially created for constant use, particularly for professional hair salons. The high quality AC, high pressure air compression technology, and heating element materials reduce the time spent exposing your hair to the heat.

Thanks to the airflow design and high quality motor, the drying time for this Elchim hair dryer is much faster than other brands. Great if you want to rush out the door in the morning: no need to spend ages doing your hair!

Plus, the quick drying power helps reduce your energy consumption. Bringing your energy bill down and keeping your hair healthy!

Narrow Front & Extra Precision Nozzle For Targeted Drying & Easy Styling

The front section is purposefully narrower than a lot of other blow dryers. Additionally, the precision nozzle attachment included helps concentrate the heat and air on particular sections of your hair at any one time.

The combination of the narrowness with the added attachment helps channel heat and air pressure more directly for targeted, more controlled drying.

This makes it easier to both dry and style your hair with a brush.

Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty

Because Elchim wants to provide a reliable, long lasting blow dryer, they offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on this Classic 2001 model. Just contact customer services if you run into any functional difficulties.

9 Food Cord: Perfect For Professional Stylists

This blow dryer is attached to a 9 foot professional cord: ideal for hair stylists and for reaching any part of your hair with ease.

Classic 2001 Elchim Hair Dryer | Customer Feedback

The feedback for this Elchim hair dryer is mostly positive, with a high average rating

A lot of customers said this Elchim model is the best blow dryer they have ever used.

Multiple reviews love that it cuts drying time in half compared to lower level models.

One said she’s been using this model for decades and loves the durability, even though it doesn’t feel heavy to hold in your arm.

It is a professional model, so you should start on a lower heat setting and speed if you experience any dryness after use.

Another was happy that it made such a difference to her hair. Her hair looks like it was professionally done every time she uses it. It doesn’t look burnt and dry like it normally would with a different dryer. A lot of customers echo this point by saying it makes their hair feel soft and smooth. Others were impressed that their hair really is healthier, less frizzy, and shinier as promised.

However, a couple of reviewers were not impressed that the heat went out after a few months. If you are in the small minority that experiences any defect like this, be sure to avail of the lifetime warranty.

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#2. (a&b) Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic & Light Ionic Blow Dryers | Top Features (Best Lightweight Or Best To Save Time)

Key Stats: Healthy Ionic & Light Ionic 3900 Elchim Blow Dryers

  • Made In Italy
  • 7 different colors (2 for the Light Ionic)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ceramic Material and Ionic, Infrared System For Healthier Hair
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • 3 Heat Settings (Medium, High, Cool)
  • Weight: 15.50 oz For The Light Ionic, 17.5 oz For Healthy Ionic
  • 30% Faster Drying With The Healthy Ionic; 35% More Lightweight With The Light Ionic
  • More Expensive Than The Classic 2001 Elchim Hair Dryer
  • 9 Foot Cord For Professional Styling
  • Best For: Thinner – Medium Thickness Hair; Professional Hair Stylists; Light Ionic Is Great If You Suffer From Arm Aches

Check Out The Current Price Of The Healthy Ionic Elchim Hair Dryer Here On Amazon

Check Out The Light Ionic Elchim Hair Dryer On Amazon Here

Healthy Ionic vs Light Ionic: 30% Faster Speed Vs. 35% More Lightweight

Elchim’s Healthy Ionic is specially designed to save you time while you dry your hair. Blow drying your hair will be 30% faster thanks to the quick air flow. Due to the high quality design, the Elchim Healthy Ionic is still a quiet hair dryer.

The Light Ionic version is very similar to the Healthy Ionic, it’s still super powerful, however, it’s 35% lighter to hold. It weighs 15.50 oz, compared to the Healthy Ionic’s 17.5 oz, and the Elchim Classic 2001’s 18 oz.

Elchim’s Light Ionic 3900 is ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced to reduce the weight over your wrist and elbow – it won’t hurt your wrist or arms while you style.

Both the Healthy Ionic and Light Ionic versions have the same ceramic ionic system, with ultra quick drying speed, and reduced energy consumption.

Elchim’s 3900 Models Are Typically More Expensive Than The Classic 2001

The 3900 Elchim hair dryers (both the Light and Healthy Ionic versions) are typically more expensive than the Classic 2001, but this 3900 range does have more features.

Both include two diffusers (instead of just one with the Classic), greater wattage levels, and features better ceramic ionic systems for healthier looking hair.

Works For All Hair Types, But Best For Medium – Thin Hair

The 3900 Ionic models are ideal for thin-to-medium thickness hair. They also work well to dry thick hair, however, the Classic 2001 is specially designed for thicker hair.

Lasting Power Same For The Healthy As The 2001, But The Light Version Has A Shorter Lifespan

Elchim’s Healthy Ionic uses an AC professional motor with a lifespan of 2,000 hours (the same as the Classic 2001), however, the Light Ionic version uses a hybrid DC professional that lasts a little less: 1,200 hours. Although the Light Ionic lasts fewer hours, both blow dryers are still ultra long lasting compared to other brands.

The Higher Wattage Results In Quicker & Hotter Drying Power

The Healthy Ionic features a 2,400 watt motor, while the Light Ionic has a 2,000 watt hybrid motor. Both feature a higher wattage than the Classic 2001’s 1,875 watt power.

Higher watt blow dryers are both hotter and faster. A lot of standard dryers range from 1000 – 1800 wattage. All of these professional Elchim hair dryers exceed the average, providing a quicker, more effective, and professional style.

Special Ionic Ceramic Technology: Superior To The 2001 For Healthier & Smoother Hair

The special ionic and ceramic system airflow helps hydrate and nourish your hair while you blow dry. Elchim also promises the 3900 dryers eliminate static electricity, leaving your hair looking smooth and nourished.

These Elchim models heat protect your hair. Elchim 3900 hair dryers won’t get too hot, and they don’t overheat your hair cuticles, thanks to the special far infrared technology. The result is healthier and shinier looking locks!

Ionic technology and far-infrared heat dryers are also known for reducing drying time: helping you save even more extra time in the mornings!

Two Attachment Diffusers (1 More Than The 2001)

Both of the 3900 blow dryer models include two nozzle concentrators to target and style your hair. One is designed for precision styling, while the other is for easier brushing. The 2001 model contains just one diffuser.

Both Low EMF & Light Ionic Made From Recyclable Materials

If you are concerned about electromagnetic radiation, you will be pleased to know that the 3900 Elchim hair dryer range is low EMF.

Plus, the Light Ionic version is made from recyclable materials: even better for the environment!

Same Speeds & Temperatures As The Classic 2001

Elchim’s 3900 hair dryers feature 2 air speeds and 3 temperatures (low, medium, and high) – the exact same settings as the 2001.

Switch to a cooler temperature and slower speed when your hair is mostly dry: this reduces damage for healthier hair. The cold air button helps seal in your style.

Salon Quality, Same 9ft Cord

These salon quality dryers are attached to a 9ft cord – perfect for professional styling and flexible movement.

3900 Elchim Blow Dryers (Light Ionic & Healthy Ionic) | Customer Reviews

Light Ionic Elchim Hair Dryer Feedback

One customer says this Elchim hair dryer is life changing! She likes that it dries a lot faster than her previous blow dryers, and it looks so much better than a normal dryer.

Another said this is the best professional dryer she has ever used. It feels light, it’s quiet, and it dries so much faster, leaving your hair looking so much better.

A professional hair stylist says she loves it. It works especially great for fragile hair, and she always recommends it to other hair stylists and her customers.

The lightweight feel, plus the fast and healthier heat is great if you wash your hair everyday. It reduces your drying time, prevents any pains in your arm, and leaves your hair shinier and healthier.

Reviewers like that it’s easy to style your hair with this dryer. No need to grab the straightener afterwards – it looks so good post-drying!

A small number of customers had issues with malfunctions. Make sure you avail of the warranty if this happens to you.

Healthy Ionic Elchim Hair Dryer Feedback

Multiple reviews say it’s amazing, a lot say they love it, and professional hair stylists have really positive reactions, too.

Customers note that it’s heavier than a lot of other hair dryers, but it does dry your hair really fast and leaves it looking so smooth (especially considering it’s not a tourmaline dryer).

One said she bought her Elchim 3900 4 years ago (the longest lasting dryer she has ever owned) and it’s still working wonders for her.

Reviewers love that it’s a powerful dryer, and many say it styles your hair in half the time of a regular blow dryer.

A couple of customers had issues with it working. Elchim customer service always directs them to contact their email service and avail of the warranty.

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