Looking for a new electric nail file? Our detailed review has a nail drill machine for you, no matter your needs!

After 28 hours of in-depth research, we’ve identified the best nail drills on the market. On a budget? Need a professional-level nail drill? Or want an e-file designed for travel?

Just keep reading to find your perfect match!

Quick Overview | Best Electric Nail File Sets

#1. AZ GOGO Portable Nail Drill Machine (Best For Convenience)

View The AZ GOGO Portable Electric Nail File Here On Amazon

  • Super Small: Smaller Than An iPhone 6  ✔
  • Travel-Friendly: Cordless, Dual Voltage, Battery Operation  ✔
  • Low Heat, Quiet, Low Vibration  ✔
  • 1 Year Warranty  ✔
  • Instructions Not As Clearer  ✘

#2. AZ GOGO 3 in 1 Nail Dust Collector, Nail Drill Machine, & LED Lamp (Best Luxury)

View The AZ Go Go Nail Drill Machine Here On Amazon

  • 3 in 1: Nail Drill Machine, Nail Dust Vaccum, LED Lamp  ✔
  • Low Heat, Quiet, Low Vibration & Optional Foot Pedal  ✔
  • Adjustable Speed & Rotation (30,000 RPM) on LED Display  ✔
  • 1 Year Warranty & Safety Certified  ✔
  • Pricey  ✘

#3. NATPLUS Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine (Best Value For Money)

View The NATPLUS Electric Nail File Here On Amazon

  • 10 Speeds (up to 30000 RPM) & Rotation  ✔
  • Cordless, Dual Voltage, Lightweight For Travel  ✔
  • Quiet, Low Vibration, Low Heat  ✔
  • 3 Month Warranty & Maintenance Services For Life  ✔
  • Motor Is A Bit Small  ✘

#4. Pure Enrichment PureNails Electric Nail File | 10-Piece Professional Manicure and Pedicure Kit (Best Budget)

View The Pure Enrichment PureNails Electric Nail File Set On Amazon Here

  • Budget-Friendly But Also Includes 7 Nail Drill Bits & Travel Case  ✔
  • Rotates & 2 Speed Settings  ✔
  • Quiet & Low Vibration, LED Light  ✔ 
  • 5 Year Warranty  ✔
  • Not As Powerful / Instructions Not As Clear  ✘

#5. UTILYZE 10-in-1 Professional Electric Nail File Manicure & Pedicure Set (Best Budget Professional)

View The Utilyze Electric Nail File Kit Here On Amazon

  • Special Touch Control Feature, LED Light  ✔
  • Rotation Power & 10 Speed Settings  ✔
  • Protective Cover Collects Nail Dust Residue  ✔
  • 3 Year Assurance Coverage  ✔
  • A Few Technical Issues, But It Is Warranty Protected  ✘

In Depth Reviews | Best Nail Drill Machines

#1. AZ GOGO Portable Nail Drill Machine (Best For Travel)

Click Here For The AZ GOGO Portable Nail Drill On Amazon

best nail drill

Travel-Friendly: Smaller Than An iPhone

Cordless, Dual Voltage Battery Operated

Quiet, Low Vibration, Low Heat

Includes Nail Drill Bits

CE Safety Certificate

12 Month Warranty

best nail drill

Instructions Could Be Clearer

This electric nail file earned our first spot on the list thanks to its small, portable size, convenience, and easy to use features.

Ultra-Portable, Cordless & Compact Electric Nail File

This small size nail drill machine is a salon-quality model, ideal for manicures and pedicures for complete beginners at home or professional nail technicians in a salon.

It’s super compact, very lightweight and even smaller than an iPhone 6 (measuring 5.5 x 3 x 1.2 inches).

It’s a dual voltage charger, so this device is perfect to take anywhere with you in the world. The added hook features make it easy to hang on your clothes, and the small size is perfect to take it with you in your pocket or purse.

This is a cordless, battery-operated model. The battery is rechargeable and it only takes 2.5 hours to completely recharge. The battery display lights up red when it’s charging, and switches to green when it’s working. Plus, the battery display keeps you up to date with the level of power remaining (25, 50, 75, or 100%).

A full charge will last up to 8 hours of continuous use.

Multifunctional Nail Treatments With Different Nail Drill Bits

The set includes some nail drill bits to help you get a complete manicure or pedicure. These nail drill bit attachments are a standard size 3/32″.

Use the different attachments for filing, shaping, polishing, manicuring, pedicuring, removing nail accessories, removing gel and acrylic nails, and dealing with hangnails and calluses. AZ GOGO particularly recommends this model for nail art.

Adjustable Speed & Rotation With A Fast Motor

The fast motor provides adjustable speed from 0 – 30,000 RPM (rotations per minute). AZ GOGO claims it provides very fast, safe, and effective nail work. You can rotate both in reverse and forwards.

The currently selected speed level is visible on the screen to help you keep track. Just turn the dial to adjust the speed of the rotation.

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Even Distribution Of Heat & Smooth, Quiet, Low Vibration

This nail drill machine promises efficient heat dissipation, The aluminum coating is durable and long-lasting to help evenly distribute the heat. It contains many small ventilation holes to release heat and prevent overheating.

AZ GOGO’s travel-friendly model is wireless, smooth, quiet, and low vibration. The handle has a lock feature for added safety and more efficient operation.

CE Safety Certified

This nail drill machine is CE certificate approved by the EEA, helping keep any of your safety concerns or worries at bay.

12 Month Warranty & 30 Day Replacement Or Returns

This electric nail file set is covered by a 1 year warranty and 30 day free replacement or return if you experience any manufacturing-related quality problems. Plus, customer service is on hand to help you on workdays. Reply times are within 10 hours.

best nail drill

One customer described it as professional quality and said it is much better than what she was expecting for the price. Most love that it’s so small and portable.

Some mention that the actual nail drill feels high quality and seems like it’s built to last. Others like that the drill is super powerful without being noisy (unless you have it on the highest speed setting).

One reviewer says it stops you from over-filing your nails and makes the process a whole lot faster. Multiple customers say they notice their nails look a lot better after using this nail drill than when they do them manually.

It helps you cut down on the time you spend filing and prevents you from filing as much. This model does the job quickly and the end result is fabulous.

Customers are generally impressed with the battery life, but the length seems to vary a bit from person to person. One said it lasted for 2 days, others found they could use it up to 4 days and still have some charge left.

The instructions could be a lot clearer, and they don’t explain the various nail drill parts and their common functions. Some customers recommend Youtube videos if you’re a complete newbie and can’t quite figure out how to work the nail drill.

A couple had some issues with malfunctioning after a couple of months, but it protected by a warranty.

best nail drill

If you travel a lot and want something super convenient to use, this is definitely the nail drill machine for you. It’s a really small size, cordless, dual voltage, and battery operated.

Check Out The AZ GOGO Portable Electric Nail File On Amazon Here

#2. AZ GOGO 3 in 1 Nail Dust Collector, Nail Drill Machine, & LED Lamp (Best Luxury)

Check Out The AZ Go Go Nail Drill Machine On Amazon

  • Contents: Nail drill handpiece, 1 nail dust collector, 1 filter screen, 1 foot pedal led light, drill bits, power supply, power cable, user manual

nail drill

3 in 1: Nail Drill, Nail Dust Vaccum, LED Lamp

Low Heat, Low Vibration, Low Noise

Easy To Clean Nail Dust Vaccum Good For Health & Cleanliness

Dual Voltage

Adjustable Speed (30,000 RPM) & Rotation Visible on LED Display

Optional Foot Pedal

12 Month Warranty & Safety Certified

nail drill


This electric nail file set earns our no.2 place because all of the luxury features justify the slightly more luxury price tag.

For Professional Or At Home Use

AZ GOGO’s nail drill machine is ideal for both a professional salon or doing your own nails at home. It’s ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands.

This high quality electric nail file is compatible with universal 3/32″ nail bits for gel nails, pedicures, dealing with hangnails, calluses, and removing nail decorations.

The nail drill machine incorporates 2 USB power supplies for charging the device or plugging in the LED light. It’s a 100-240V dual voltage model. It can be used all over the world and is great for travel.

Nail Drill, Nail Dust Vacuum, & LED Light In One For Professional Quality Nails

This luxury electric nail file features three different functions for an optimal manicure or pedicure experience.

Polish your nails with the nail drill, use the LED lamp lighting to get the best visual of the nail while you treat it, and vacuum up the nail dust and debris with the dust collector.

Each function can be used on its own and. is detachable from the main machine.

Low Heat, Low Vibration, Low Noise

The metal body of the nail drill features cooling holes to control the temperature and prevent overheating or burning.

This professional electric nail file is quiet, smooth to use, and low vibration for a pleasant nail treatment experience. The price tag reflects the high quality – this machine is built to last.

Vacuum The Nail Dust & Treat The Nails Simultaneously

The vacuum dust collector collects approximately 99% of the nail dust generated while filing the nails. Nail dust is both bad for your health and usually makes a mess. The vacuum power prevents you from inhaling the harmful particles.

The vacuuming space is large enough for both of the client’s hands at once, and it’s possible to simultaneously work on the client while the vacuum is collecting the dust.

Plus, the high-quality high-speed fans collect the dust efficiently without making a loud noise for a comfortable manicure experience.

The upgraded high grade removable filter stores the fingernail dust and makes it a lot easier to clean, for a comfortable no-dust manicure experience. Just use a hair dryer to clean the washable filter.

Adjustable Nail File Directions & Speed Visible on LED Display

This nail drill has a variable control knob which can rotate forward or reverse.

View the speed in real-time on the LED display to avoid confusion and for greater control. The maximum RPM (rotations per minute) is 30,000. Adjust the speed to suit your nail type or desired treatment.

  • 0 – 15000 RPM for drilling on natural nails
  • 15000 – 25000 RPM for acrylic or natural nails
  • 25000 – 30000 RPM for highly professional nail art

Optional Foot Pedal For Hands Free Treatment

This electric nail file includes a foot pedal function to keep your hands free. The foot pedal works via an on/off button and is really useful if both of your hands are occupied by nail art work. You can stick to just the hands mode if you prefer.

Safety Certified By Strict EEA Regulations

Thanks to this electric nail file’s strict quality checks, it’s CE certificate approved. The CE certification is issued by the EEA (who adopt tight standards). You can be sure this electric nail file is safe to use.

12 Month Warranty & Great Customer Service

This nail drill machine is protected by a 12 month warranty and 6 month free refund or replacement period for quality issues. Plus, the highly responsive customer service team responds within 10 hours if you run into any difficulties.

nail drill


Most say it’s great for professionals, but some note that even beginners would figure it out pretty easily. Reviews love the vacuum power and LED light functions. Tip: a makeup train case is a great nail equipment storage option for both professionals and amateurs.

One customer said she uses it on her own nails at home and she’s really impressed. She’s especially happy with the dust collection vacuum. Most e-files spread dust everywhere and make a mess. Plus, it prevents you from inhaling the harmful dust particles.

Another didn’t think she needed the LED light but now that she has it it’s so helpful.

Customers love that this electric nail file comes with drill bits and has adjustable speeds, and is rotatable forwards or in reverse.

Professionals say the base of the nail drill machine leaves the client’s hand in a good position to work on.

Another is training to be a nail technician and likes that it not only saves space but keeps everything tidy and the LED lamp keeps the nail area well lit.

Others are impressed that the suction fan is so quiet. Plus, customers say it doesn’t get too hot. Some noticed a slight vibration but most don’t feel a noticeable vibration. It’s reliable, high quality, and customers really like the small work station.

A different customer describes it as a fantastic price for what you get. The drill bits included are really high quality, and they work well even with drills from other companies.

Another thinks this electric nail file is great for hard gel fills. Plus, the dust collector is effective and easy to clean up.

However, one notes it can be quite loud when you just turn it on, but also says the suction power is amazing.

Just one or two had a malfunction issue but it is protected by the warranty.

nail drill

If you can afford a slightly more expensive nail drill, this AZ GO GO set is worth the extra money if you are tempted by the extra features.

Check Out The AZ Go Go Nail Drill Machine On Amazon Here

#3. NATPLUS Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine (Best Overall)

Check Out The NATPLUS Electric Nail File Here On Amazon

  • Contents: Travel bag, drill machine, 1 hand piece, switching adapter, hand piece holder, 6 optional nail bit additions (3/32) and 6 sanding bands

electric nail file

10 Different Speeds (up to 30000 RPM) & Forward, Reverse Rotation

For Natural, Acrylic, Artifical Nails

Cordless, Lightweight, Dual Voltage – Great For Travel

Quiet, Low Vibration, Not Too Hot

3 Month Warranty & Lifelong Maintenance Services

electric nail file

Motor Could Be Slightly Bigger

This nail drill set earns our third spot due to its high-quality features and excellent customer reviews.

Ideal For Both Complete Beginners & Professionals To Create Beautiful Nails

NATPLUS offers a high-quality electric nail file ideal for both manicures and pedicures. Although it’s also suitable for professionals, this kit is great for personal use from the comfort of your own home, with NATPLUS specifically targeting this product from complete beginners to professional salon manicurists.

Multi-Functional Nail Treatments On Natural, Artifical, or Acrylic Nails

This nail drill is suitable for natural, artificial, or acrylic nails. It removes gel, file nails, treats cuticles, and shortens nails easily and quickly. The functions include:

  • Sharpening and Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Carving
  • Engraving
  • Routing
  • Polishing

Quiet, Not Too Hot, Low Vibration For Both Right & Left-Handed People

NATPLUS promise that this nail drill machine is quiet, will not get too hot, and won’t vibrate loudly for a more relaxing and easy nail treatment experience. Plus, it’s suitable for both right and left-handed nail technicians for comfortable and accurate treatment.

This electric nail file features an aluminum alloy coating, with many ventilation holes to protect your hand from getting uncomfortably hot (do not cover the holes while using the device).

The low vibration levels prevent accidents for perfect looking nails.

Adjustable Speed Up To 30000 RPM Visible On The LCD Screen

The speed is adjustable (with 10 different speed levels, and forward and reverse rotation) and can reach 30,000 RPM (rotations per minute) at its maximum.

Keep track of the current RPM levels on the LCD screen display. The LCD screen provides guidance so you can control the nail drill correctly. Don’t go too fast or you could hurt your nail beds.

Foot Pedal For More Convenience

The optional foot pedal function is great when your hands are occupied with other nail work.

Dual Voltage, Lightweight, Portable & Includes A Travel Bag

This electric nail file is ideal for travel because it’s dual voltage, cordless, not heavy, and it does not make much noise.

The complementary portable high-quality tool bag is great if you’re on the go from client to client. It can easily fit the nail drill machine and accessories like intricate nail art pieces, the nail drill bits, and the manual.

Safety Certified For Peace Of Mind

The NATPLUS electric nail file is safety certified by multiple different agencies, helping you feel more secure when treating your own nails or working on clients. Current certifications include CE, MSDS, RoHS, and UL.

Warranty & Life Long Maintenance Services

NATPLUS offer a one month no questions asked refund and a 3-month warranty if you run into any quality issues. Plus, for extra peace of mind, they provide life long maintenance service if you run into difficulties.

electric nail file

A lot of customers say it’s easy to use. Generally, it runs smoothly and doesn’t make any noticeable noise.

One customer says she used to spend more than 50 dollars a month getting her nails professional done, and this has easily replaced her expensive treatments.

Even though this electric nail file is smaller and more portable than the full-size machines, multiple reviewers say it’s even better quality.

One even says she likes sitting outside to redo her nails because it’s so easy to move around. Others like that it’s cordless for using on public transport. It holds charge for a long time, approximately 12 hours.

Many customers say they’re impressed with the 10 different speed options, and the fact it has forward and reverse rotation.

A different customer previously bought a cheap e-file that did not work properly and is glad she bought this even though it’s a bit more expensive.

Although most reviews were overwhelmingly positive, a couple said they wish it had a bigger motor. One or two had issues with the cord, but this nail file is covered by the warranty and parts protection.

electric nail file

If you want a high quality electric nail file set, at a reasonable price, with excellent customer reviews, this NATPLUS model is a great option for you.

Check Out The NATPLUS Electric Nail File On Amazon Here

#4. Pure Enrichment PureNails Electric Nail File | 10-Piece Professional Manicure and Pedicure Kit (Best Budget)

Click For The Pure Enrichment PureNails Nail File Set On Amazon

  • Contents: Electric nail file, 7 nail drill bits, AC power adapter, storage bag
electric nail drill

Includes Travel Case & 7 Nail Drill Bits

Quiet & Low Vibration

2 Speed Settings & Rotation Power

LED Light For Attention To Detail

5 Year Warranty

electric nail drill

A Minority Wish It Was More Powerful

Instructions For Nail Bits Could be Clearer

This nail drill set sits at no.4 because of its impressive features considering the budget price tag.

Easy Salon Quality Nail Treatments From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

This electric nail file is ergonomically designed for easy, salon-quality manicures and pedicures at home.

Pure Enrichment claims the long-reaching AC adapter is more powerful than battery operated nail drill machines. Because it’s a corded nail file, there’s no need to buy and periodically replace batteries.

The included zipper travel case fits the nail drill, the 7 added nail bits, and the AC adapter for nail filing on the go!

Includes 7 Interchangeable Nail Drill Bit Attachments

The 7 nail drill bits included in the set help you achieve the perfect manicure or pedicure.

Try filing, shaping, buffing, polishing and removing cuticle excess from your nails at home (and even smoothing calluses and corns) with the different interchangeable attachments. They are suitable for natural, gel, or acrylic nails.

The added nail bits include:

  • Coarse and fine sapphire filing disks
  • Sapphire callus rasp
  • Sapphire and felt cones
  • Cylindrical and flame milling cutters

Each nail drill bit is composed of high-quality sapphire coated metal for long-lasting, durable, and high-performance nail filing. They should last approximately a year with careful use. Replace after a year or when they lose their effectiveness. Pure Enrichment sells replacement sets once you run out.

2 Speed Settings, Rotation Power | Quiet & Low Vibration For Comfortable Manicures

This electric nail file features two different speed settings to suit different nail needs. The low-speed setting is ideal for natural nails and more delicate areas like the cuticles. The higher setting is better for shaping and filing acrylic or gel nails and smoothing calluses.

Get the perfect manicure with the rotation feature. The rotation control buttons allow for bi-directional drill rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise. Check the special indicator light to keep track of the currently selected direction to avoid confusion. Green symbolizes clockwise and red indicates counterclockwise.

This nail drill machine is both quiet and low vibration for a more comfortable, relaxing nail treatment experience.

LED Light For Easier Attention To Detail

The in-built LED light brightens the nail area, greatly improving your view to make attention to detail much easier.

Ultra Long Warranty For Peace Of Mind

This nail drill machine covers a much longer warranty period than most electric nail files. Pure Enrichment promises a 5 year warranty if you run into malfunction issues. Plus, they offer 7 days a week customer support from their office based in California, USA.

electric nail drill

Many say they’re really impressed, and multiple customers say the LED light is a really nice touch for getting perfected nails.

It’s a high quality, solid electric nail file machine for the price.

This machine acts as a great alternative to the salon, according to a complete newbie at doing her own nails – she says it’s easy to use.

A lot of customers feel the 7 attachments are good value for money, and they like the variety in the nail drill bits. Reviews are impressed that the attachments are so easy to insert and remove.

Most customers seem to like the coil cord and the fact that you don’t need to charge the device or replace any batteries, however, one or two said the spring coil restricts movement a little bit.

After a long session this device can warm up quite a bit, so make sure you give it some time to cool off after about 20 minutes of use.

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Customers like that it’s easy to do your own toes with this machine. A couple of customers mentioned it’s great for those with Type 2 diabetes who struggle with toenail rubbing.

Based on many reviews it seems to be especially good for filing but also great for removing hangnails and excess skin.

The instructions aren’t super clear if you’re a complete beginner but you can figure it out pretty quickly after trying out all the tools. Your nails will look professional after using this e drill.

One customer was impressed with the lack of pain. It hurts sometimes at the salon when they buzz your skin instead of your nail, but it’s not like that at all when you accidentally catch your skin with this nail drill.

The drill makes it so much quicker than doing your nails manually.

Instructions on how to use all the attachments would have been helpful. Some customers (though the minority) wish it was more powerful.


electric nail drill

If you want a budget-friendly nail drill set for personal home use, this is a great option for you.

Check Out The Pure Enrichment PureNails Electric Nail File Set Here On Amazon

#5. UTILYZE 10-in-1 Professional Electric Nail File Manicure & Pedicure Set (Best Budget Professional)

Check Out The Utilyze Electric Nail File Kit On Amazon

professional nail drill

Unique Touch Control, LED Light

10 Piece Set: E File, 7 Bits, Power Adapter, Carrying Case

Dual Voltage Adapter Powered

10 Speed Settings & Rotation

Protective Cover To Remove Nail Dust Residue

3 Year Assurance

professional nail drill

Small No. Of Technical Issues, But Is Warranty Protected

This e file set earns our no.5 spot because it has so many unique, professional features at a very reasonable price tag.

10 Piece Electric Nail File Set For Professionals Or Beginners At Home & Abroad

This 10 in 1 nail drill machine comes with 7 additional drill bits, a power adapter, and a carrying case for travel. It’s suitable for either natural or acrylic nails.

The nail drill machine is both lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfortable, precise manicures and pedicures by professionals or for personal use at home.

The carrying case is great for on the go travel, the power adapter is dual voltage (AC 100-240V), and provides more consistent power than battery-operated electric nail files.

Multifunctional With 7 Different Nail Bit Attachments

This set contains multiple nail bit attachments to perform a variety of different manicure and pedicure tasks. These nail bits can file, buff, shape, and shine your nails, help remove excess cuticles, and smooth calluses and corns.

The Included Nail Bits

  • Fine sapphire shaping disk (for filing nails safely and with precision)
  • Rough sapphire shaping disk (for trimming thick nails)
  • Felt polishing cone (for polishing and smoothing nails after you file)
  • Cylindrical milling cutter (for grinding and smoothing toenails)
  • Flame milling cutter (for removing ingrown nails and cuticles)
  • Sapphire callus sander (for removing calluses and corns on the soles of the feet)
  • Sapphire cone (to remove hardened skin even on the feet)

High Quality, Unique Touch Control & LED Light

Unlike a lot of other nail file machines, this one features innovative touch control for easier, professional quality manicures and pedicures from the comfort of your own home. The simple one-touch selection system is so easy to use.

Plus, this model features a removable LED light to get an accurate view of the hard to reach areas of the nails.

Tip: nail equipment is a great gift for any nail polish fanatic!

10 Speed Options & Rotation Power

The Utilyze electric nail file features 10 different speed levels, making it easy to find the speed that works for you. Plus, it has rotation power that moves in either direction for the perfect manicure or pedicure.

A Protective Cover For Cleaner & Safer Filing

The detachable protective cover collects nail residue and dead skin for cleanliness and to avoid any mess.

Three Year Assurance Period For Peace Of mind

What if you run into functional issues with this nail drill machine? Utilyze provides 3 years of assurance to keep any of those worries at bay.

professional nail drill

One reviewer has tried a lot of e-files in the past and says this one is a lot better than Beurer or Purenails because it has so many speed settings. It helps you do your nails much faster than others.

Others compare it to battery-powered nail drills and say it’s stronger and more effective. The vast majority agree that it does what it says it will and it’s easy to use.

Beauty History Fact: Mary Quant popularized matching nail polish colors to your outfit! It was custom to match your nails to your lipstick color before the 1960s.

The touch control function gives it a more professional feel and some comment on the nice placement of the on/off button.

One notes that it’s great for filing off the topcoat just before the soak off phase of gel polish removal.

Some say that it’s effective to shave calluses and remove corns from your feet. Others like that it really helps tackle overgrown cuticles. It seems to work well on thick or thin nails.

Some describe it as like a professional manicure but easy to use.

One customer said she ordered this nail machine because her toenail was growing out and coming off after she damaged it. She said it worked so well to clean it up.

A small number had functional issues, but it is protected by a warranty.

professional nail drill

Want a professional quality nail drill machine set, but can’t justify one of the more expensive machines? This set has a lot of great professional features for a great price.

Check Out The Utilyze Electric Nail File Kit On Amazon Here

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