Looking to purchase a straightening brush? Not sure which one to go for?

After 21 hours of extensive research, we break down the top 5 flat iron brushes on the market.

Need to save time in the mornings? Travel a lot? Want a multi-purpose tool? We’ve got a hair straightener brush to suit you!

Keep reading to find out which model is the must-have straightening brush for you!

#1. Best All-Rounder: MiroPure 2 in 1 Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush

  • Inventory: Flat iron brush, heat resistant glove, carrying bag, user manual
  • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 2.8 x 3.2 inches ; 12.6 ounces
  • Dry hair only

12 month warranty

Auto shut off after 1 hour

16 temperature settings from 300 to 450 F

Heats in 60 seconds and quick recovery time

Can be difficult to register for the warranty

Special technology for convenient straightening and healthy looking hair

The MiroPure’s special metal ceramic heater (MCH) technology heats to an even and constant temperature in just 60 seconds. It also boasts a fast temperature recovery time – meaning you won’t waste much time waiting for it to cool.

The double ionic generator and anti-static technology helps your hair look and feel silky soft by sealing the hair cuticle and calming flyaways. Additionally, this high density nano comb brush won’t burn your scalp thanks to its anti-scald technology.

Adjust the temperature to suit your hair type. Auto shut off and 12 month warranty for peace of mind

This flat iron brush is attached to a 360 degree swivel cord that rotates so it won’t tangle. Different temperature options range from 300 F to 450 F, with a total of 16 different settings. Such a huge range of settings means it’s easy to find the perfect one to suit your hair type. The temperature lock function prevents any accidental change of the temperature or pressing of any button while you straighten.

Forgetful? This model shuts off automatically after one hour for peace of mind. To top it off, the MiroPure flat iron brush now comes with a 12 month warranty for added security.

Overall, customers tend to be impressed with this flat iron brush – it has a really high average rating online.

Customers are impressed with how fast it straightens compared to other models – many say it takes just 15 minutes.

Most reviewers with natural hair said it works really well on their hair type. Customers with a range of hair types (frizzy, thick, thin, and curly hair) have all said it works for them – highlighting the benefit of the temperature settings.

A couple of reviewers even said it’s more effective at straightening than professional flat irons that cost over 100 dollars! Another compared it to her Chi flat iron (saying the MiroPure is better).

A small minority had difficulty with it working. However, the flat iron is covered by a 12 month warranty if you do experience any manufacturing defect issues. A few people mentioned that they had difficulty registering for the warranty – you may need to contact customer service which can be a hassle.

If you’re looking to go for the safe option, this is the flat iron brush for you.

The auto shut off function, 12 month warranty, and great range of temperature settings make the MiroPure an attractive option for a risk averse person at such a reasonable price.

However, it can be quite an annoying process to register for warranty protection.

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#2. Best Time Saver: Glam Fields Hair Straightener Flat Iron Brush 2.0

  • Inventory: Flat iron brush, heat resistant glove, cleaning brush, cloth bag, hair clips, user manual
  • V: 120-240 V AC
  • Dry hair only

Auto shut off after 30 minutes

Heats to full temperature in just 30 seconds

4 temperature settings and temperature lock

Universal voltage for travel

One year guarantee and 3 months free replacement or refund

Doesn’t work for everyone’s hair

A small minority experience manufacturing faults (be sure to avail of the guarantee and warranty)

Heats up quicker, straightens your hair quicker, automatically shuts off quicker

The ceramic hair brush reaches the maximum temperature of 450 F in just 30 seconds thanks to the advanced MCH technology. The flat iron brush automatically shuts off after 30 minutes in case you forget to turn it off, keeping your safety worries at bay.

The anti-scald bristles provide 7 times greater contact to the hair than a traditional flat iron, meaning you can straighten your hair much more quickly. Glam Fields also promise results can last for a few days (up until you wash your hair next) – saving you valuable styling time.

Special technology for healthy looking hair & adjustable temperatures with a lock feature

The double anion technology leaves hair looking sleek and healthy, and helps to reduce heat damage. It’s easy to adjust and lock in your desired temperature (with 4 different heat settings). The settings range from 330 F to 450 F to suit different hair types and your desired heat level.

Glam Field’s flat iron brush is attached to a 360 degree rotating swivel cord, to reduce the risk of tangling. It also boasts global universal voltage, so there are no geographical restrictions – great if you travel a lot!

Worried about your brush breaking after you’ve just bought it? Glam Field promises a one year guarantee and offers a 3 month free replacement or repair period.

Overall, customers are impressed with this option – with high average reviews online.

Most women with thick curly hair, and many others with thin hair report good results with this flat iron brush. However, it doesn’t work for absolutely everyone.

Customers love how quick this brush is to use. Many say it takes less than half the straightening time it usually takes with a normal flat iron. Others said they like how it tames and removes frizz from the hair easily in mere minutes.

Another reviewer said the brush feels comfortable to hold.

One reviewer said the brush shocks her and others had issues with it malfunctioning. If this happens to you, be sure to contact manufacturing for more information on the one year guarantee and 3 month repair or refund period.

If you’re looking for a flat iron brush that saves you valuable time in the morning, this is a great option.

It heats in just 30 seconds, takes less than half the time to straighten compared to a regular flat iron, and automatically shuts off in just 30 minutes if you forget to turn it off.

A small minority have issues with it working, but it is covered by a one year guarantee and 3 month refund or repair policy.

Check out the current price of the Glam Fields flat iron brush on Amazon here

#3. Best For Travel: KOLODOGO Dwave Wireless USB Flat Iron Brush

  • Dimensions: 21.5 cm l x 4-4.5 cm W (one side is wider) x 2 cm depth. Bristles: 1 cm l. 
  • Inventory: Flat iron brush, USB cord, velvet drawstring case
  • Voltage: suitable for both 110 V and 220 V
  • Dry hair only

Cordless, great for travel & touch ups

3 hours of USB charge for 30 minutes of straightening

Easy to use, 3 heat settings, with a lock temperature feature

Auto shut off function after 30 minutes

Not as powerful as other models

Need to contact customer services if it malfunctions

Perfect for travel – compact, no wires, and easy USB charge

This cordless model is perfect if you travel frequently. No need to worry about wires, you can bring the flat iron brush with you and recharge easily on your laptop, car, wall or anywhere else via USB port.

Three hours of charging provides 30 minutes worth of straightening power. It’s easy to monitor the temperature, and the battery power when charging the device on the LCD display screen.

Easy and quick to use, 3 heat settings, and auto shut off function

This flat iron brush is really easy to use – just press the on/off button for three seconds, and press it again to switch it off. Increase or decrease the temperature easily with 3 heat settings (in 41 F increments). It doesn’t take long to heat up – reaching the maximum temperature of 392 F in just 90 seconds.

Once you’ve set your desired temperature via the heat up and down buttons, press the on/off button again to lock it in while you straighten.

The ion plates help to reduce heat damage and keep your hair looking soft and silky. KOLODOGO recommends this flat iron brush to all hair types from fine to medium-thick coarse hair.

The flat iron brush also features an automatic shut off function after 30 minutes for added safety and peace of mind.

Overall, customers tend to really like this flat iron brush, especially because of its convenience.

Most customers find it easy to use. Some use it purely to touch up their hair, others to properly straighten their full head of hair.

Typically, it’s possible to get 2 or 3 straightens on a full charge, but it lasts a longer time if you use it just for touch ups.

Not only is it great for travel, some reviewers say they like to use it in the car just before they go into work, or to straighten their hair while they watch their children around the house.

Some customers with very thick hair said it doesn’t work as well as a normal flat iron can, but it is great for taming frizz and making their hair smoother. Most reviewers with thin hair find it doesn’t take long to get their hair straight, but others with thick hair say it takes quite a long time.

A minority had issues with their straightener not working properly, but the customer service team responded quickly in order to redress the situation.

While this flat iron brush isn’t the best for getting a super straight look, it’s perfect if you’re looking for something to tame, straighten, and smooth your hair if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Not only is the wireless USB brush easy to carry around when travelling abroad, it also works perfectly in your car just before work, or for touch ups throughout the day.

Click here to check out the current price of the KOLODOGO Dwave cordless USB flat iron brush on Amazon

#4. Best For Unruly Hair (Steam Brush): Sanwin Steam Hair Straightener With 3D Ceramic Teeth Comb

  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 2.24 x 1.96 inches weight: 0.68KG
  • Voltage: 100-240V (suitable worldwide)
  • Dry hair only

The steam provides smooth results even on thick hair

One pass straightening for time saving

Auto shut off

5 temperature settings from 300 to 450 F

Not ideal for most thin hair types

This steam brush produces silky, smooth results even for thick hair

The steam nano technology and double ionic generator make straightening even thick hair easy with smooth, silky, and lustrous results. Sanwin particularly recommends this model for curly, thick, and hard to tame hair.

The special water container emits steam while you straighten. Simply remove it from the brush, fill it up with water, reattach it, turn on and set your temperature as normal – the spray feature (which is optional) is now ready to use!

Sanwin claims this flat iron steam brush straightens faster than a regular flat iron, with one pass straightening

The comb brushes through the hair evenly and its teeth are coated with ceramic for a smoother straighten. The PTC heater technology distributes an even heat – ready to style in just 90 seconds – saving you precious time in the morning.

For safety and peace of mind, this device features anti-scald technology to prevent burning. It also boasts an auto shut off function that kicks in after 60 minutes.

The 5 temperature settings range from 300 to 450 F for different hair types and heat preferences, and are easily visible on the LCD display to avoid any confusion. The temperature locks in via an auto lock function to prevent accidental changes while you use the brush.

The 9 foot, 360 degree swivel cord helps prevent tangles and style from any angle.

Customers tend to really like this steam flat iron brush. One even said it’s her favorite flat iron and the best she has ever used.

A lot of customers say it straightens much more effectively, and faster, than a normal flat iron, even at the lowest heat setting. Multiple reviewers mentioned that they can straighten a larger piece of hair at once than a standard flat iron.

You should be aware that it won’t work if you have knotty hair – make sure you brush your hair well before use.

Some customers say they like that the water capsule is easy to change, and that they don’t need to change it very often. One said she wishes there was an indicator for when the water needs to be changed.

Although there aren’t many negative reviews, customers who aren’t happy generally say it didn’t work well for their hair type (both thin and thick). However, the vast majority of reviewers with thick hair appear to be impressed.

If you have thick, curly, or unruly hair and find it hard to straighten with a regular flat iron, this steam brush is a great option for you.

It heats quickly, can straighten large chunks of hair at once, and has adjustable temperature settings, plus an auto shut off function. However, it doesn’t work well for some people with thinner hair types.

Maybe you’re not interested in this brush but like the idea of the steaming function? The Cortex Professional Seamliner Vapor flat iron has an argan steam function that you might like. We have a full list of for proper hair steamer reviews to consider, too!

Check out the current price of this Sanwin steam flat iron brush on Amazon here

#5. Best 4 in 1: InStyler Ionic Styler Pro Ionic Hot Brush and Ceramic Flat Iron

  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.2 x13 inches
  • Voltage: 110-240V

1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

4 in 1: straighten as a flat iron/add volume, curls, and waves as a hot brush

adjustable heat settings

automatic shut off function

The unlock button sometimes gets in the way

Bristles fell out for a minority of customers – it is covered by a warranty

Four different styles using just one tool – straighten, curl, wave, and volumize

This one tool can style in four different ways – as a curling iron, flat iron, round brush, and styling wand. Save space and money by purchasing just this one tool instead of four separate ones!

Transform the tool by closing it up and using it as a heated round brush for smoothness, adding volume, waves, curls, and flips to the hair. Open it up again to unveil the ceramic flat iron to smooth and straighten your hair.

The ceramic dual ionic technology and cool touch bristles helps combat frizz for healthier and shinier looking hair without burning your scalp. The tool is attached to a professional swivel cord making each of the four styles easy and comfortable to maneuver.

Adjustable heat settings, automatic shut off, and 1 year warranty

The tool features two different heat settings so you can get the right temperature for your hair type and desired style. For extra safety, it has an automatic shut off function if you accidentally leave it on for too long.

Each purchase is protected by a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty in case there’s any defect issue with your flat iron brush.

Overall, customers tend to be impressed, with high average reviews online.

Customers generally like that it’s a multi-use product, and that they can use the brush side when it’s cold to just brush through their hair too. A few said they use it when they travel because this 4 in 1 tool saves so much space in their case.

One reviewer has short, thick hair and says the brush side works really well to add curl and volume, and leaves her hair looking shiny. Many other customers with thick and curly hair say it works really well for them too.

Another said her relative is a professional hair stylist and loved the results on her clients after using this tool!

One said she loves how it performs but the only thing she doesn’t like is the unlock feature sometimes gets in the way while she’s styling. A few reviews mentioned that the bristles fell out after a few months – the product is covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re interested in a flat iron and styling brush (that can curl, wave, straighten and add volume) all in one, this is a great option for you. A dual voltage multipurpose tool, it’s perfect for saving money and space when you travel.

However, the unlock button can get in the way slightly while you style your hair. The bristles did fall off for a minority of customers, but the tool is covered by a one year warranty.

View the InStyler Hot Brush and Ceramic Flat Iron on Amazon here

TL;DR – Which Straightening Brush Should I Get?!

The all rounder: The MiroPure flat iron brush is ideal if you want a reasonably priced styling tool with nice features like a one year warranty, a good range of temperature settings, and auto shut off function.

The time saver: Busy, hectic lifestyle? The GlamFields straightening brush heats in just 30 seconds, straightens your hair much quicker than a regular flat iron, and only takes 30 minutes to automatically shut off if you forget to turn it off. It’s also covered by a one year guarantee and a 3 month repair or refund policy.

Best for travel: The cordless, USB-charged KOLODOGO Dwave flat iron brush is a great option if you travel often. It’s also compact enough for touch ups on the go.

Best for thick hair (steam flat iron brush): If you have thick, unruly hair a steam flat iron is a great option. The Sanwin steam flat iron brush can straighten large sections of hair at once, at a lower temperature than normal, thanks to the addition of the optional steam function.

Best multi-purpose brush: If you want one tool that can serve multiple purposes (straighten, curl, wave, and volumize), the InStyler hot brush and ceramic flat iron is a great option. It’s also covered by a one year warranty.