With so many different models on the market, it’s so hard to know which is the best flat iron for you.

Our list makes your decision much easier. After over 40 hours of combined in-depth research, we break down the best of the best hair straighteners on the market!

Whether you’re on a budget, after the professionals’ favorite, or just want a high quality, no-fuss model – we’ve found the best model for you!

Just keep reading to find your perfect flat iron match!

Best Flat Iron For Different Needs | Top 10 Breakdown

#1. Cortex Professional Steam Liner Vapor Flat Iron (Best W/Steam – Great For Natural Hair)

flat irons

Releases nourishing argan oil steam (optional and adjustable)

Works particularly well for African hair

Limited lifetime warranty

Dual voltage

Adjustable heat settings (300°F to 450°F)

Auto shut off function

flat irons

Steam valve faulty for a minority of customers

Argan oil mistakenly not included for a few customers

Keep your hair looking & feeling hydrated with this argan oil infused flat iron

Do you have dry, brittle hair? Hate how dry your hair looks after styling? The Cortex Steamliner Vapor has a unique feature to deal with this issue.

Moisturizing and nourishing argan oil steam emits from the top plate of this flat iron while you straighten. This oil not only keeps your hair silky soft, it also acts as heat protection, tames flyaways, and enhances your hair color!

(The steam is optional and adjustable and the argan oil tank is refillable.)

Adjustable temperature, automatic shut off, limited lifetime warranty

The ceramic and tourmaline plates heat from 300°F to 450°F (with a temperature lock), and this flat iron has an auto shut off function to keep your worries at bay in case you forget to turn it off. Travel a lot? This model is dual voltage.

Worried about receiving a defect flat iron? The Cortex Steamliner Vapor is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

flat irons

This flat iron is well received in general, with very high ratings on average

Multiple reviewers say they bought this model on recommendation from their hairdresser. Customers say they like the argan oil steam feature, and attribute a difference in the feel and appearance of their hair to this steam. Many said they’re impressed with how quickly it heats (just 30-45 seconds). Reviews say the plates are high quality and don’t pull on the hair.

It works particularly well for curly and natural, Afro hair

The tourmaline and ceramic plates, combined with the argan oil steam, tend to work really well for natural African hair. Reviewers with curly 4A, 4B, or 4C (and other curly hair types) noticed a huge improvement in the appearance and ease of styling compared to other flat irons.

However, a minority of customers had an issue with the steam valve not working properly (it is covered by a limited lifetime warranty), and a few said they didn’t receive the argan oil and had to buy it separately.

flat irons

If you have curly hair (especially natural Afro), or just want your flat iron to moisturize and soften your hair, this is a great option. The argan oil steam feature makes a real difference to the appearance and feel of styled hair.

The Cortex Steamliner Vapor also has adjustable temperatures, an auto shut off function, is dual voltage, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

However, the steam valve was slightly faulty for a small number of customers, and some didn’t receive their argan oil with their purchase.

Click here to view the current price of the Cortex Steamliner Vapor Flat Iron on Amazon

flat irons

Adjustable temperature (170 – 450°F (color coded system)

2 year warranty

Commonly used and recommended by hair stylists

Works well for all hair types

Available in 1 or 1.25 inch plate sizes

flat irons

Not dual voltage

No auto shut off function

Adjustable (Color-Coded) Temperature That Heats In Just 60 Seconds

Unlike most other flat irons, the temperature is adjustable from 170°F to 450°F, and it only takes 60 seconds to reach the full heat. There’s no confusion about when it’s ready to use – it will flicker from red to blue when it’s hot enough.

Worried about burning your fingers? The Solano flat iron features heat resistant cool touch tips and instant recovery time.

Ceramic & Tourmaline Plates With Advanced Technology For Healthier Hair

The ceramic and tourmaline plates feature ionic and infrared technology for shinier, smoother hair. This flat iron is attached to a nine foot swivel cord – perfect for salon use.

Worried about any defects? For peace of mind, this model has a two year warranty protection period. However, unlike some other high quality flat irons, it’s not dual voltage and doesn’t have an auto shut off function.

flat irons

Some of the most popular feedback is that it helps to produce shinier and healthier-feeling hair. Customers like that this model doesn’t tug or drag on their hair.

A lot of reviewers bought it on recommendation from their hairdresser. One hair stylist said she has had her Solano for 5 years and she would repurchase it again.

The cool touch tips, 9 foot swivel cord, and lightweight-feel make it a great option for hair salons. It’s not just for straightening – reviews say that it can create waves, curls, and flips too. Customers of all hair types have been impressed with this model.

A minority had issues with it breaking after a few months, but it is covered by a 2 year warranty.

flat irons

If you’re on the hunt for a high quality salon-approved flat iron, this is a great option. The fact that it’s popular with hairstylists highlights just how high quality the Solano is!

While it doesn’t have an auto shut off function or dual voltage, it has a great temperature range and produces healthier and shinier looking results on the hair.

While a small number of customers have defect issues, it’s covered by a 2 year warranty.

Click here to view the Solano Sleekheat 450 on Amazon

#3. Rusk Ctc Str8 Flat Iron (Best For Healthy-Looking Hair)

flat irons

Healthier looking hair due to plate technology

Adjustable Temperature (300 to 450°F)

Protective Matt For Surface Protection

2 Year Warranty

flat irons

No Automatic Shut Off Function

Not Dual Voltage

Bigger Plates and Ceramic and Titanium Plate Technology For Healthier Hair

 The biggest selling point of this model is how it makes your hair look and feel after styling.

The ceramic titanium-infused (slightly curved) plates are more durable than most flat irons, and provide an even application of heat throughout your straightening session.

Thanks to the Ryton housing and Sol-Gel technology, the flat iron remains strong and chip resistant. Plus, it provides a more effective and smoother straighten with just one pass-through of the iron.  

It’s available in 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch wide plates, with the length measuring approximately 4 1/4 inches.

Because the plates are bigger than average, it’s easier and quicker to straighten thick and coarse hair – great if you’re rushing in the mornings.

Heats Quickly To 450°F and Provides Protection With a 2 Year Warranty

The RUSK CTC heats in under a minute to the highest temperature. There are five different heat settings – starting from the low of 300°F up to the high 450°F.

This Rusk model works on both thick and thin hair – just keep the temperature on the lowest setting if your hair is on the thinner side.

The temperature memory function locks in your preferred temperature to save you valuable time getting ready.

What if your flat iron malfunctions? Each purchase is protected by a two year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

While it’s marketed as a flat iron, some customers use it to add curls and flips to their hair, too.

Worried about burning your surfaces? The RUSK CTC flat iron comes with a protective matt to prevent damage to your furniture and floor.

However, it’s not a dual voltage model – you will need a converter outside of the US. Additionally, there is no automatic shut off function – not ideal if you’re risk-averse.

flat irons

In general, customers tend to be really impressed with the RUSK CTC Str8 flat iron

Most of the feedback mentions how great this flat iron makes the hair look and feel.

Some customers compare it to other flat irons like CHI and Babyliss. The general consensus is that it’s quite similar to (and better than) many CHI models. Multiple customers describe it as a dupe to the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium irons.

Reviewers like that it heats fast and styles their hair quicker than other flat irons. Multiple customers say they bought it on recommendation from their hair stylist.

However, some don’t like that it gets super hot, and you need to be careful not to burn your hands. A few reviews said they had defect issues – this model is protected by a two year warranty.

flat irons

If you want healthier feeling and looking hair, this flat iron is a great option for you. The bigger plate size and special technology helps to effectively style without frying your hair.

While it’s not a dual voltage model, and it doesn’t have an auto shut off function, it does have the benefit of a 2 year warranty.

Click here to check out this Rusk CTC flat iron on Amazon

#4. CHI G2 Flat Iron (Best For Curls & Flips)

flat irons

Curved floating plates and extra long cord to straighten, curl and flip

1 year warranty

Automatic shut off

Adjustable temperature (350 to 450°F) and color-coded preset settings

Dual voltage

flat irons

On-off switch in the inside

minor defect issues for a minority

Plates and Cord Length Ideal For Multipurpose Styling

The ceramic and titanium-infused floating plates on this award winning flat iron are specially designed for multipurpose styling. The flexible plates (available in 1 inch or 1.25 inches) are curved, making it easier to add curls and flips to the hair in addition to straightening.

The ultra long 11 foot swivel cord is not only ideal for salon use, it also improves the flexibility of the flat iron when straightening or curling the back of the hair.

Adjustable Temperature, Auto Shut Off, Dual Voltage, Warranty

The temperature is adjustable in 10 degree increments from 350°F to 450°F (not a great range compared to other flat irons) and heats in just 40 seconds to the highest temperature.

The additional three pre-set heat levels are color coded, making it easy to remember the ideal temperature setting for your hair type.

This CHI G2 features an auto shut off function and is also dual voltage – perfect if you’re in any way risk averse and like to travel.

Worried about burning your surface area with the heat from this straightener? Each purchase comes with a thermal mat to keep your surfaces secure while your flat iron cools down.

This model is covered by a one year warranty protection period. If you experience any defects or manufacturing faults, you’re entitled to a repair or replacement.

The warranty card (included in the box) plus proof of purchase are necessary to redeem this warranty.

flat irons

Overall, customers are really impressed with this CHI model.

Many reviewers say it works really well to create spiral curls and flips in their hair. The curls hold for a long time and it doesn’t frizz up.

The titanium infused plates are durable and don’t tug on the hair while you straighten.

The G2 is great if you want to save time – customers like that it heats up quickly and styles quickly.

One review compared it to the 200 dollar FHI model and said this CHI is better!

However, not all customers like the fact that the on/off switch is on the inside of the flat iron. A few experienced minor defect issues, but it does come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

flat irons

If you’re interested in a flat iron that can effectively curl and add flicks to the hair as well as straightening, this is a great option. The ultra long cord (11 feet) and curved, flexible plates are ideal for multipurpose styling. Customers are impressed with how well it holds a curl.

A minority of customers experience malfunction issues, however this model comes with a one year warranty. It’s not the cheapest, but it is dual voltage and has an auto shut off function.

View the current price of the CHI G2 on Amazon here

#5. GVP 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron (Best Dupe [For CHI])

  • Check out our full GVP flat iron review to learn more
  • Available in pink or black
flat irons

A less expensive dupe for CHI in terms of quality

Adjustable temperature (140°F to 420°F)

Straightens, curls, and flips

Special cord retainer and spinning strain relief

flat irons

Auto shut off not guaranteed

Not always dual voltage

Warranty not always available

An Affordable Flat Iron – Highly Comparable to CHI

A lot of customers compare this GVP model to their CHI flat irons. Some state it’s even better and more durable than the CHI. Others say the CHI is better and this GVP is good, but nothing special. Considering the GVP is a lot less expensive, this is a great option for those on a budget.

Just like the previous CHI entry, this flat iron works great for adding curls and flips to the hair thanks to the curved plate edges.

Although this CHI dupe is said to be dual voltage and has an auto shut off function (120 minutes), some customers said this is not the case for their flat iron.

Adjustable Temperature, Ceramic Quick-Heat Plates, Special Swivel Cord

The temperature is adjustable from 140°F to a high of 420°F, and this model features instant recovery after styling.

The ceramic one inch plates heat quickly thanks to the PTFC heaters, and the negative ion technology keeps your hair smooth and prevents frizz.

The long 9 foot cord also features a special cord retainer and spinning strain relief. A warranty is not always available with this model.

flat irons

Overall, customers tend to be really impressed with this model – leaving high average ratings.

Although a small number say they like CHI flat irons better, most customers that compare the two brands say the GVP is a really impressive dupe.

While some reviews describe this flat iron as nothing special, others think it’s the best flat iron they ever used.

Some reviewers said they bought this model on recommendation from their hairstylist. Customers like that it heats up quickly. They say it’s durable and not prone to breaking easily.

Some reviews mention that it doesn’t seem to fry or singe the hair. While it can work well for some people with thicker hair, it tends to suit thin and short hair the best.

A minority of customers have small manufacturing issues, like the on/off switch flickering occasionally.

flat irons

If you’re interested in a CHI flat iron, but can’t justify the price, this is a great dupe at an affordable price.

Not all GVP models have the added luxury benefits of CHI (like dual voltage, auto shut off, warranty, etc..), but they are comparable in terms of quality and performance on the hair.

Check out the GVP ceramic flat iron on Amazon here (black)

#6. Nume Megastar Flat Iron (Best Time Saver)

  • Read more about the Nume Megastar in our full review.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 3 x 5.5 inches
  • Available in 4 different colors
Nume Megastar

Heats in 30 Seconds

1 Year Warranty

Special Ion Booster For Shiny Hair

Dual Voltage

Auto Shut Off

Nume straightener

No Cool Tip Technology

Heats In just 30 Seconds – Perfect If You’re In a Rush

Hate wasting time getting ready in the morning? This Nume model heats up much faster than most flat irons – in just 30 seconds(!) to the highest temperature, saving you key minutes while you get ready.

The temperature range spans from a low of 190°F to a high of 450°F (visible on the digital display) – better than a lot of other flat irons.

It’s sometimes easy to forget to turn off your styling tools when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning.

This model automatically shuts off after 1 hour, so you won’t be worrying about whether you turned it off on your morning commute!

This model is also dual voltage – you can easily use it abroad.

Ceramic Stone (+ Tourmaline) Plates, Warranty, Straighten + Curl

Unlike a lot of other flat irons, this Nume is made from 100% pure ceramic stone plates (preventing tugging), and tourmaline (releasing negative ions to reduce frizz).

The far infrared and ionic technology also help to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Unlike most other flat irons, the Nume Megastar has a special ion booster that provides 1000% more negative ion conditioning technology.

Worried about this flat iron breaking? It’s protected by a one year warranty to keep that fear at bay.

The swivel cord is slightly shorter than the other flat irons on this list (8ft 9 inch). Great if you don’t have much space!

The one inch floating plates are suitable for all hair lengths, and can also work well for curling your hair (producing results similar to a one inch wand).

Nume flat iron

Overall, customers tend to be really impressed with this model.

Many reviewers say it’s better than other popular flat irons like CHI and GHD models. Some say they really like it for curling and adding flips to their hair.

Customers confirm that it really does heat in just 30 seconds, and works well for thick hair types.

However, it can get quite hot, and it doesn’t have cool tip technology. Some reviews say it’s possible to burn your fingers – be really careful when you use it or consider buying gloves.

Like a lot of other flat irons, a minority have issues with manufacturing faults. However, it is covered by a 12 month warranty.

hair straightener

If you’re looking for a high-quality hair straightener that can save valuable time in the mornings, this is a great option.

It has a great temperature range and heats up in just 30 seconds. You can style your hair quickly, and it will auto shut off if you forget to turn it off.

However, it can get really hot at the tip of the flat iron so you’ll need to be careful when you style.

Check out the Nume Megastar on Amazon here

#7. Sultra Wicked Wave & Straight Flat Iron (Best No-Fuss Option)

sultra flat iron

No fuss quick straightening

Auto shut off function

2 Year Warranty

Free heat matt to prevent damage to surfaces

Fastest Recovery Time

sultra flat iron

Heat Setting Is Not Adjustable

A Small Number Experience Faultiness

No Fuss, High Quality Straightening – Turn on, style, and go!

While a lot of high end flat irons have tons of bells and whistles, this straightener is high quality without any confusing extras.

There’s just one heat setting (375°F) and one button to turn the flat iron on and off. It features single pass technology, quick heat up and cool down period (with the fastest heat recovery on the market) – so you can straighten quickly in the mornings.

Forgetful? There’s also an automatic shut off function so you don’t need to worry about accidentally leaving it on.

High Quality Plates, Versatile Tool, 2 Year Warranty

The flexible one inch plates are ideal for adding waves or curls to your hair in addition to straightening.

Damaged hair? The ThermaTru special technology helps prevent further heat damage. Additionally, the Far Infrared Ray Technology keeps your hair looking silky and smooth.

This flat iron is attached to a nine foot swivel cord, and comes with a free heat iron pad to keep your surfaces safe.

Worried about breakdowns? The Sultra Wicked & Wave is protected by a two year manufacturer’s warranty.


Overall, reviewers like this flat iron, and this is reflected in its high average rating.

Multiple customers bought this model due to recommendations from their friends and even from their hairdressers!

Some really like that it’s such a no-fuss straightener – others don’t.

This Sultra straightener tends to work best for those with thick, unruly, and curly hair. Many customers said they’ve noticed their hair feels less damaged after using this flat iron repeatedly! Some said they really like it to curl and add waves to their hair.

A few customers think it’s better than more expensive flat irons. However, others said the 375°F temperature is not hot enough. A small number had issues with faults, but it is covered by a 24 month warranty.


If you’re after a high quality, but no-fuss straightening experience – this is the one for you. There’s just one heat setting and one on/off button – great for beginners. It heats and cools down quickly, and cuts down on styling time.

It’s also covered by a 2 year warranty and has an automatic shut off function for peace of mind. However, some think the temperature isn’t hot enough.

View This Sultra Flat Iron on Amazon Here

#8. Sutra Ceramic Hair Straightener (Best Safe Option)

flat irons

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Good temperature range (140 – 450°F)

Dual Voltage

3 in 1 Styling

Achieves healthy-looking hair

flat irons

No automatic Shut Off

A minority have issues with defects

Lifetime Warranty For Peace Of Mind

The biggest selling point of this flat iron is the security and assurance of the limited lifetime warranty. Worried about your Sutra malfunctioning? Just contact the Sutra team for a replacement or repair – and this is available for life!

Full information on the lifetime warranty is available on the official Sutra website.

Great Temperature Range & 3 in 1 Styling

This Sutra flat iron boasts a pretty good temperature range (from 140 – 450°F) and heats in mere seconds. Cool tip technology ensures you won’t burn your fingers. The 100% solid ceramic (floating) plates, far-infrared heat, and ionic technology produce smooth and frizz free hair.

Want a versatile tool? It’s possible to straighten, curl, and wave your hair with this Sutra hair straightener.

The dual voltage feature and the fact that it’s lightweight makes this a good option if you travel a lot.

However, unlike a lot of other flat irons, there’s no auto shut off function. Plus, it’s important to remember to buy from a verified seller because there are some fakes floating around.

flat irons

Customers are really impressed with this flat iron for the most part

A lot of reviewers with coarse, thick, and curly hair really like it, but it does work for those with thinner hair too. It’s a great option for achieving the bone-straight hair look.

This isn’t the type of straightener to fry your hair – reviewers are impressed with how their hair feels and looks after using this flat iron. One customer in particular thinks it’s better than CHI, and is really impressed for the price.

While some customers say it’s the best flat iron they’ve ever used, others say it’s nothing that special.

flat irons

While a few reviews describe this flat iron as nothing special, the Sutra can definitely be the ideal straightener for a lot of customers.

If you want the safety of a lifetime warranty, have coarse, thick hair, and like the bone-straight, healthy hair look, this is a great option.

However, it doesn’t have an automatic shut off function. Be sure to buy from an authorized seller if purchasing online.

Check out the Sutra Ceramic Flat Iron on Amazon here

#9. GHD Platinum + Professional Performance Styler Flat Iron (Best Luxury)

  • Dimensions: 11 x 1.6 x 1.8 inches
flat irons

Smart technology detects and adapts to your hair thickness & styling speed

70% less breakage and twice the color protection for healthy hair

Auto shut off after 30 minutes

Heats in 20 seconds

Heat resistant plate guard to protect your surfaces

3 year manufacturer’s warranty

flat irons


Non-adjustable heat (but smart technology adapts to your hair’s needs)

Detects Your Hair Type and Personalizes The Power Level To Your Hair Thickness and Your Styling Speed

This smart flat iron’s ultra-zone technology (a recent breakthrough in flat iron development) uniquely predicts your hair’s needs.

Although the temperature is not adjustable, this GHD Platinum + is suitable for all hair types. It’s capable of recognizing and adapting to your hair type and thickness, and your styling speed.

It maintains a 365°F constant heat (by monitoring the temperature 250 times per second) throughout the entirety of your styling experience.

70% Less Breakage & Twice As Much Color Protection

GHD promises healthier looking hair after using this flat iron thanks to the platinum plus technology. It effectively straightens with 70% less hair breakage, and two times more color protection than other flat irons.

The auto shut off function (called ‘automatic sleep mode’) activates after 30 minutes without use.

Wish Bone Hinge & Heat Resistant Plate Guard. 3 Year Warranty

The unique ‘wish-bone’ style hinge keeps the floating one inch plates in place and correctly aligned while you straighten. It also features a nine foot swivel cord to reach those hard-to-style areas.

In a hurry in the mornings? You won’t need to wait around for this GHD to heat up – it’s ready in just 20 seconds.

Worried about the high heat melting your furniture? The heat-resistant plate guard prevents any surfaces from burning after you’ve styled.

The flat iron is covered by a three year manufacturer’s warranty – so you know your pricey investment is covered if you’re one of the unlucky few who experience issues with it working.

flat irons

Overall, customers have very positive reviews for the GHD Platinum Plus.

Most reviews mention how shiny, silky, and healthy their hair looks after using this model compared with other flat irons.

It seems to work well for all hair types, but especially curly hair and 2b hair. One said she didn’t think it was that much better than her CHI, others said it didn’t damage their hair at all as the CHI one did.

Although it’s obviously an expensive flat iron, many customers say they think it’s worth every penny. One reviewer said she loves how easy it is – you just press one button and the flat iron does all of the work for you.

flat irons

As you might expect for an expensive model, almost every customer is really impressed with how it performs. The question is whether the investment is worth it for you.

If you’re willing to spend a lot of money, and want a top of the range flat iron, this is a great option. The high quality features leave your hair in much better condition than cheaper models – making it worth the hefty price tag for some.

Click here to view the GHD Platinum and Professional Performance Straightener on Amazon

#10. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic 1st Gen Flat Iron (Best Budget)

  • Inventory: Straightener, glove, pouch, a HSI style guide, travel size argan oil treatment
  • Packaging varies. You may receive either a white or a red box
flat irons


Adjustable temperature (140°F – 450°F)

One year manufacturer’s warranty

Straightens, curls, & flips

Dual voltage

Includes extra accessories (glove, pouch, argan oil)

flat irons

No auto shut off function

Not as high quality as more expensive models

A minority experienced defect issues

A Number One Best Seller, This Flat Iron Is A High Quality Styling Tool At An Extremely Affordable Price.

This model isn’t just an affordable hair straightener, it can create multiple hair styles, saving you money and effort required to buy extra styling tools. It works well not only to straighten, but also to add flips and curls to your hair.

HSI promises it can easily achieve impressive and quick results even on the most coarse or frizzy hair.

The HSI Professional model has ultra flexible adjustable temperature settings, from a low of 140°F to a high of 450°F.

Perfect if you like to control the heat level to suit your hair type and styling preferences. However, unlike more expensive flat irons, it does not have an automatic shut off function.

Ceramic and Tourmaline Plate Technology, Dual Voltage, 360° Swivel Cord & 1 Year Warranty

The ceramic and tourmaline ion 1 inch plates leave your hair (and bangs) looking shinier and feeling silkier.

The plates also feature 8 heatbalance micro-sensors that help to provide an even and consistent temperature throughout your styling session.

This means you won’t need as many passes through your hair – reducing the amount of heat damage to your locks with each use!

Travel a lot? This is a dual voltage model (110v – 220v) so it’s perfect for traveling. It also features a 360° swivel cord, making it easy to reach each section of your hair.

If that’s not impressive enough, the HSI is also covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty – putting your mind at ease about any lost money from potential defects or malfunctions.

flat irons

Reviewers online are highly impressed with this flat iron on average – with a very impressive rating from a huge sample size of reviews.

A lot of customers say it is the best flat iron they’ve ever used. Many reviews compare it to CHI flat irons. While some say it doesn’t get as hot, and others think it’s not as impressive, a lot say it’s just as good as their CHI.

It seems to work particularly well for women with curly, thick hair – especially those from a mixed or African heritage.

While most customers are impressed, a minority didn’t like this flat iron at all.

Many of those who love it say it’s the best flat iron they’ve ever used – and many of those who hate it say it’s the worst they’ve ever used!

Some of the customers who left negative reviews said they had huge defect issues with it. Customers said it fried their hair or got way too hot (or even caught fire in more extreme cases)! Another complaint is that it stopped working after a short while – however, it does come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

flat irons

If you’re looking for a good quality flat iron on a budget, this is a great option for you. It has some features of more expensive models (highly flexible temperature, ceramic and tourmaline plates, dual voltage, and multiples styling options).

It has a hugely positive reaction from reviewers. However, it doesn’t have an auto shut off function, and some customers think it’s not as high quality as more expensive flat irons. A minority experience malfunctions, but it does come with a one year warranty.

Click here to check out the current price of the HSI Professional flat iron on Amazon

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