Want to find the best foot massager for your needs?

After over 36 hours of in-depth research, we’ve narrowed down the best 5 foot massage machines to suit a variety of different needs!

Want the best of the best? Need something more budget friendly? Or looking for the perfect foot massager to target plantar fasciitis?

Just keep reading to find the perfect foot massager for you!

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Foot Massager Top 5 | In-Depth Reviews

#1. MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager (Best Overall)

ease pain in foot

Most Powerful Foot Massager In The US

11 Speed Options

Home Or Professional Use

Designed For Comfort & To Target Pressure Points On Your Foot

Great For Neuropathy & Diabetes

Safety Certified

12 Month Warranty (Lifetime Upgrade Optional)

ease pain in foot

Quite Pricey

This foot massager earns our top spot because it’s the most powerful foot massager on the entire US market. It’s specially designed to effectively ease pain and target pressure points in your feet

Most Powerful Foot Massager In The US With 11 Speed Options

MedMassager claims this foot massage machine is the most powerful electric massager on the US market without a license.

It features 11 speeds ranging from 1,000 – 3,700 rpm – control the settings to adjust the machine to your specific comfort levels.

Ideal For At Home Use Or Professional Use

This model is popular with therapists and doctors to help promote circulation in both the feet and legs. Although this foot massager works really well for professionals, it’s also ideal for at-home use.

Ergonomically Designed & Targets Special Pressure Points

Target the pressure points on your foot with the full-sized oscillating footpad, featuring the arch-bar and special pressure area surface.

It’s ergonomically designed – the footpad rests at an optimal angle for greater comfort while you use the device.

Ideal For Those With Neuropathy Or Diabetes

People with neuropathy and diabetes benefit from this electric massager’s pain relief power and the fact that it promotes healthy blood flow.

It helps stimulate circulation locally, ease your muscle tension, and relieve swelling and joint pain.

Safety Certified, Durable, & High Quality

Easy to use on tiled or hardwood floors, this foot massager is durable and well made.

Concerned about safety? This model is certified by the FDA for therapeutic use, it’s made according to the ISO 9000-2001 standards, and CDA certified for reliability and safety.

One Year Warranty (With Optional Upgrade) For Peace Of mind

Just on the rare chance that you run into any difficulties, this foot massager is covered by a one-year replacement warranty in case you experience any defects. A further lifetime replacement upgrade is available on the official website.

relaxing treatment
The foot massager has fantastic reviews

Some say it’s the best foot therapy machine they’ve ever used. A reviewer mentioned that after just 30 days of regular use, 80% of her pain disappeared.

Another customer said this foot massager completely cleared up the uncomfortable pain in her foot, including any numbness.

Others say this foot massager is perfect if you have freezing cold feet (or Raynaud’s circulatory illness) – it keeps your feet warm when used for 20 minutes each day.

Another reviewer said they weren’t sure about this model because of the price, and they even considered returning it just after they got the order confirmation. Once it arrived, this foot massage machine was so good they didn’t want to return it anymore!

It also helps heal scar tissue and allows for greater mobility.

However, some customers did say it’s very noisy. Others said they got used to the noise quickly and it’s not a big deal.

relaxing treatment

Want an ultra-powerful foot massager that will target pressure points in your feet and ease pain most effectively? This is the best foot massaging machine for you.

Although it’s not the most budget-friendly, this model is highly effective, has fantastic customer reviews, is safety certified, and comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Check Out The MedMassager MMF06 Foot Massager Here On Amazon

#2. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine (Best For Plantar Fasciitis)

foot massager

Deep Kneading, Eases Pain, & Improves Circulation

Shiatsu Massager Alleviates Plantar Fasciitis

Control Kneading & Air Compression Separately

Optional Heat

Washable Cloth For Sanitation

Full Body Relaxation & Better Sleep

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

foot massager

Cord Is Short

This foot massaging machine is placed second because it’s so effective at targeting plantar fasciitis. Another model with strong intensity, it eases pain and even relaxes your full body and helps improve sleep!

Deep Kneading Massage, Reduces Pain, & Improves Blood Circulation

This foot massager provides a variety of different uses in one. It features a rolling stick, rotation ball, with heating and air compression for an effective deep-kneading Shiatsu foot massage.

In addition to providing deep kneading therapy, this Shiatsu massager helps alleviate foot pain from plantar fasciitis, and ameliorates your blood circulation.

Full Body Benefits Include Better Sleep & Greater Relaxation

While it focuses on massaging your feet, this foot massager provides an overall relaxation experience for your entire body.

Among the many full-body benefits, this model improves your quality of sleep and relieves physical exhaustion through foot nerve reflex after just 30 minutes each day.

Control Panel Or Remote Control Operated

Fitting up to men’s size 12 feet, this foot massager is super easy to use. Control the machine via the control panel (with your feet) or use the remote control. Plus, the added washable cloth helps keep the massager clean and sanitized.

3 Different Air Pressure Levels & 3 Different Keading Settings With Optional Heat

This foot massager features 3 different air pressure levels and 3 different kneading intensity levels to adjust to your preferred softness or heaviness. Plus, the heat setting (great if you suffer knots in your feet) can be controlled to your liking.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

RENPHO provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with excellent US-based customer service just in case you run into any issues.

foot massager
This foot massager receives great reviews

This is certainly a strong foot massager – most love the power, but for others, it’s just too strong for their liking.

One said it was lifechanging – because of her plantar fasciitis, she had to wear Crocs all the time. Even though it was a bit painful to use initially, it doesn’t hurt anymore and she’s seeing a massive improvement in her feet!

Some said they chose this model because they noticed (unlike most models) it allows you to choose both the kneading and air compression levels separately.

One customer describes the feeling as almost like your toes are being professionally massaged by a masseuse, and she loves how this device removes the discomfort in her feet.

Another reviewer notes that this is easier to use with thick socks, especially if you feel any discomfort.

However, a couple of reviewers said they wish the cord was slightly longer.

foot massager

Looking for a foot massage machine to ease your plantar fasciitis? This is the best option for you! Customers assure it’s great at targeting this inflammation issue, while also improving sleep and relaxing your whole body.

Plus, it features optional heat, you can control the kneading and air compression levels separately, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Click Here To View The NEHPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine On Amazon

Tip: Foot massaging machines are the perfect gift for all of your elderly relatives!

#3. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager With Warmer (Best Budget)

relaxing treatment for feet


Warm Cosy Massage Relieves Pain & Helps You Relax

Targets Acupuncture Points & Boosts Circulation

Doubles As A Back Massager

Removable Cover Is Machine Washable

Timer & Auto Shut Off Function

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

relaxing treatment for feet

Needs More Speed Settings

Needs More Massage Rollers

This foot massaging machine is placed third thanks to its quality features considering the budget friendly price tag. It heats and massages your feet, and can also double as a back massager!

Designed To Provide A Warm, Cozy Massage For Pain Relief, & Relaxation

This foot machine warms your feet and provides a massage at the same time, impacting your legs, toes, back, and feet to relieve pain and relax your muscles.

Targets Specific Acupuncture Points & Heat Boots Circulation While Warming Your Feet

Utilizing a Shiatsu massage technique, this foot massager helps invigorate your feet and ease any soreness after a long day of work. This massage technique is effective at targeting specific acupuncture points to ease pain on your fatigued muscles.

The integrated heat function is optional and helps boost your circulation and keeps your feet warm during the treatment. Switch the heater on or off using the handheld remote. The heater helps rejuvenate your foot tissue and relieves any pressure or discomfort from working all day.

Converts Into Back Massager To Relieve Tension On Your Back

Simply remove the foot cover and you can easily convert this foot massager into a back massager to ease stress, stiffness, and any other tension on the hot points of your upper and lower back area.

Removable Foot Cover Is Washable To Prevent Foot Infections

Keep your foot massager fresh and protect from any foot infections by washing the removable foot cover in the washing machine after a number of uses.

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

Belmint provides an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. The warranty covers a replacement just in case you run into any functional issues. Plus, you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

relaxing treatment for feet
Customers are really impressed overall

A couple of reviewers say that the foot massage function is stronger than the heat power, others say they love the heat setting and it’s strong.

Some customers note that it’s great for their cold feet (neuropathy) because of the warming function.

A couple of reviews noted that the design of this foot massager makes it great for restless legs!

Others said this foot massaging machine helps relieve pain and also increases the circulation in your feet and toes so you can walk better.

Most say this is a great pampering and pain-relieving treatment after work!

One says she uses it for one hour each day and she really likes the timer, which shuts it off every 15 minutes. This timer function allows you to change your feet and toes’ position throughout the massaging session.

Another customer bought it for her mother and says her mom loves it, especially because it has an auto shut off function just in case she falls asleep while using it.

A small minority said they wish it had more rollers inside the massager, and a few more think there’s not enough speed settings.

relaxing treatment for feet

Want a budget-friendly foot massaging device that will warm your feet and ease pain? The Belmint massager is a great option for you.

This model has great quality features like the timer and automatic shut off function, and it also doubles up as a back massager. Plus, the seller offers an unconditional satisfaction guarantee!

Check Out The Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager On Amazon Here

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#4. FIT KING Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine (Best Value For Money)

relaxing treatment for feet

Quite Affordable

Rolling, Keading & Shiatsu Massage

Heating & Air Compression

Adjustable Kneading Speed, 2 Heat Settings, & 6 Pressure Levels

44 Rotation Nodes For Deep Kneading

Auto Shut Off

Washable & Deflates For Storage

2 Year Warranty

relaxing treatment for feet

No Remote Control

Settings Changes Happen Too Abruptly

This model earns our fourth spot because it’s great value for money. It features many massage options with adjustable settings, has an automatic shut off, and it’s washable and deflatable for easy storage!

Rolling, Kneading & Shiatsu Massage With Heating & Air Compression

FIT KING combines deep kneading foot reflexology with added heat for both relaxation and for easing pain.

This foot massager features rolling, kneading, and shiatsu massage, with both air compression and heating functions. It works on your entire foot from toes to your ankles.

This foot massaging device will help ease any foot pains (especially from plantar fasciitis) and aid neuropathic foot numbing. The wellness benefits include better circulation and a better night’s rest.

Adjustable Kneading Speed, 6 Pressure Levels, & 2 Heat Settings To Customize Your Massage

The two compression airbags and heat functions help ease muscle pains and tensions, improve your blood circulation, and help you sleep better at night.

Choose from 6 different pressure level settings that can transform the foot massage from a soft relaxing massage to an intense deep tissue kneading massage with just a click of a button. This machine features 2 different kneading speed levels and an additional 2 heat settings for extra flexibility.

The heating setting is completely optional so you can just use the massage function if you would prefer. You can adjust the rolling massage and air pressure settings separately to get the perfect combination of roughness or softness to suit your feet.

44 Rotation Nodes For Targeted Acupuncture Points During Deep Kneading Massages

Massage more acupuncture points during the deep kneading reflexology massage session thanks to the 44 different rotation nodes and the special rolling stick on the inside of the foot massager.

Automatic Shut Off For Safety & Energy Conservation

Like falling asleep during your pamper sessions? This foot massager switches off automatically after 20 minutes to conserve energy just in case you nod off while using it!

Washable For Hygiene & Deflates For Easy Storage

Keep your foot massager clean and hygienic by washing the removable feet pockets in the washing machine. Just zip off the foot covers and throw them in the machine for convenient cleaning.

Easily store away without taking up much space using the quick deflation button.

24 Month Warranty For Peace Of Mind

FIT KING offers a 24-month warranty in case you run into any quality issues with your foot massager.

relaxing treatment for feet
Customers are highly impressed overall

Multiple reviewers say they’re impressed with the quality and how easy this foot massager is to use. You don’t really need to read the manual, it’s pretty easy to figure out.

One customer with plantar fasciitis felt that it doesn’t target the fascia that well. Even though it does help ease the pain of plantar fasciitis somewhat, it tends to be better for reflexology.

Customers love that it is stress relieving and helps you relax, especially if your feet are particularly sore.

Some note that they love how flexible the settings are because you can change the air pressure and speed to suit your feet. Others say the heat function makes a big difference.

One reviewer said she has used five different foot massagers in the past and this is her favorite by far. The portable size is ideal if you like to travel.

A small number say they wish it came with a remote control.

Others said it could be improved with a 30-second delay added when you adjust the settings. Changing from a low speed or air compression level to a high one can require some time to adjust to the feeling.

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Want a reasonably priced, high-quality foot massing device? This is the best option for you.

It features a number of massage functions, with fully adjustable settings, has auto shut off, and is ultra-convenient because it’s washable and deflatable for easy storage.

Check Out The Fit King Shiatsu Foot Massager Here On Amazon

#5. CloudMassage Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager (Best Luxury)

foot massage machine

Deep Kneading, Vibration, & Heat

Different Shape (More Ergonomical) Than Others

Fully Adjustable Settings

Eases Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, & Diabetes

Bar For Comfortable Angles & Flexibility

100% Guarantee

Works Well For All Sizes

foot massage machine


This foot massager earns the fifth spot on our list because it’s such a high-quality luxury model, despite the price tag. It’s a more ergonomical shape than the others for comfort, features vibration and heat, with fully adjustable settings, and works for almost all leg sizes!

Combines Deep Kneading, Vibration, & Heated Massage With Adjustable Settings

This foot massager utilizes shiatsu massage for deep kneading, vibrating, and features heated massage. The air bags in the massager move in and out at different pressure levels which greatly helps circulation issues.

The foot massager includes multiple adjustable settings for the air compression pressure, the vibration levels, and the heat settings. It helps massage your feet, toes, ankles, and calves.

Eases Soreness, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, & Diabetes Symptoms

CloudMassage’s model is ideal for sore or tired feet, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, massaging your legs and calves, and it even aids those with diabetes. This foot massager features rolling ball massagers and increases the circulation of your blood flow.

Special Bar To Create Optimum Angles For Comfort & Flexibility

This model includes an adjustable bar that enables massage at the most optimum angles for comfort. Unlike other models, you won’t need to keep your knees together, or keep your legs at a 90-degree angle – this CloudMassage model provides greater flexibility and comfort.

Use the lower level settings in the beginning because you can feel a slight pain after the first couple of uses (this indicates the massaging power is working).

100% Guarantee For Protection

This is quite an expensive foot massaging machine. You don’t want to throw your money down the drain! Thankfully, CloudMassage offers a 100% no-hassle refund guarantee just in case you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

foot massage machine
Despite the higher price tag, customers are overwhelmingly impressed with this model

Reviews even describe this foot massaging machine as the best investment ever made! Most say it’s very powerful and you can feel it working.

Some reviewers claimed this foot massager was life-changing for them. One said her feet used to be in so much pain and now the pain has lessened significantly.

Another has used a wheelchair for many decades, and her lack of movement results in pain and swelling in her feet and legs. Since using this machine, it has made a big difference to her blood circulation, and the way her feet and legs feel.

This foot massager tends to really help if you have any acute spine issues.

Although many customers say it’s loud, others claim you get used to the sound. Some describe it as like a Darth Vader breathing noise.

Others mention that they love this machine’s design. Unlike the upright bigger machines, this one allows you to adjust the positions of your calves during a massage.

The customer feedback indicates that this machine works well even for slightly larger women, the leg portion should fit most body sizes.

Some customers say they wish it heated up to a higher level. Others say they wish it came with a remote control.

foot massage machine

Want a top of the range foot massaging device with a special ergonomic shape for improved comfort while you massage? This is the best option for you.

Although it’s pricey, this model features massage, vibration, and heat, with fully adjustable settings to ease conditions like plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.

Plus, it works for almost all leg sizes and Cloud Massage offers a 100% guarantee.

Check Out The CloudMassage Foot Massage Machine On Amazon Here