A foot spa massager combines warm water with massage for softer feet, reduced pain, stress reduction, and better overall wellness.

Want to find the best foot bath massager to suit your needs?

After over 32 hours of research, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 foot soakers on the market!

Looking for the best of the best? Want a budget-friendly foot bath massager? Or just want the best overall model available?

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Tip: Not only is an at-home foot soaker less expensive than regular trips to the spa, it also avoids the worry of a salon’s dirty spa water causing fungal infections on your feet. Plus, these foot spa massagers make the perfect holiday or birthday gift, especially for the elderly loved-ones in your life.

Top 5 Foot Spa Massager Reviews

#1. Comfortology Foot Bath Massager (Best Overall)

pedicure treatment

Improves Sleep, Energy, Anti-Anxiety, & Relieves Foot Fatigue

Relieves Foot Pain, Reduces Inflammation, & Tackles Dead Skin & Impurities

Water, Massage, & Heat Combined

Four Motorized Rollers For Targeted Treatment

Refund Or Replacement Guarantee

pedicure treatment

Slightly Bulky

This foot bath massager earns our top spot because it’s reasonably priced, provides a number of cosmetic and wellness benefits, features motorized rollers, and comes with a refund or replacement guarantee.

Four Different Benefits To Improve Your Lifestyle

This foot spa massager promises to relieve foot fatigue, helps improve your sleep, restores your energy levels, and improves your overall wellness by releasing calming hormones.

It operates via easy remote control operation – no need to get up and stop your treatment to adjust the settings!

Water, Massage, & Heat Combined To Tackle A Number Of Health, Aesthetic, & Wellness Issues

This foot spa bath utilizes water, massage, and heat combined to tackle sore muscles and joints in order to reduce pain and tension. The treatment helps ease inflammation and swelling, while also removing dead skin and impurities from your feet.

Hate waiting around your foot bath to heat up? This model’s 780-watt motor heats 30% faster than other foot spa massagers.

Picky when it comes to your heat settings? Comfortology’s adjustable temperature spans from 95℉ to 115℉ – making it easy to find the right temperature for you. This foot soaker never loses its warmth so you don’t need to deal with cold temperatures.

Four Motorized Massage Rollers To Target Specific Areas Of your Feet (Eases Tension)

The Comfortology foot spa massager features four motorized massage rollers (and 26 deep penetrating massaging dots) designed to target specific acupuncture pressure points on your foot to ease anxiety, tension, and stress and also improve your blood circulation. This improves sleep, helps reduce soreness and tired muscles, and tackle headaches and migraines.

Hate loud noises while you use treatments like this foot bath? Comfortology’s massager is super quiet (similar to a ticking clock’s noise levels) so you can fully enjoy your massaging experience. While it’s effective, this foot soaker is also safe and gentle enough on your feet so that it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

The added drain hose means this model is so easy to clean. Plus it rolls on wheels (these wheels lock while you use the footbath) so this foot massager bath is easy to store away after your soaking session.

Guarantee | Full Refund Or Replacement

Not happy with your purchase? Comfortology offers a guarantee. Just contact consumer service if you don’t love your foot spa massager, and they will refund every single dollar (or opt for a replacement).

pedicure treatment

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Many customers said they’ve tried a lot of foot baths/foot spa massagers and this is the best they’ve found. It is more expensive than others, but most seem to find the quality justifies the price.

Customers love how quiet this tub is, that it heats up fast, and they report that the motorized rollers work well and are effective yet gentle on your feet.

Very few customers have any complaints. However, a couple of reviews do note that it’s a bit of a bulky foot soaker.

pedicure treatment

If you’re looking for a high-quality foot bath that won’t completely break the bank, this is a great option. Although it’s not the cheapest model, the excellent customer feedback and excellent features that tackle a number of different issues justify the mid-range price. Plus, it comes with a replacement or refund guarantee.

Check Out This Comfortology Foot Bath Massager Here On Amazon

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#2. Flandre Foot Spa Massager with Motorized Tai Ji Massage (Best Luxury)

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Timer & Adjustable Temperature Via Remote Control

Heating System Maintains A Hot Temperature Visible on LED Screen

Adjustable Power Usage Levels

4 Large Motorized Rollers For Massage

4 Wheels (Optional) For Storage

Overheating Protection

12 Month Warranty (Refund Or Replacement)

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A Minority Experience Slight Defects

This foot bath massager is placed second on our list because its high-quality features justify the luxury price tag. Most of the settings are highly adjustable to your preferences, and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Four Large Motorized Massagers For A Powerful Massage

Flandre promises that this foot soaker massager provides a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

The four large Tai Ji rollers provide motorized rolling massage on your feet while you enjoy the warm water. This machine also includes an interchangeable pedicure attachment and features a unique pebble design for a larger massage area and stronger massaging effect.

Adjustable Timer & Temperature Via Remote Control | Settings Visible on LED Screen

Have a busy schedule? Need a strict time limit on your soaking sessions? Set the timer to soak and massage your feet for the exact length that you prefer – no need to worry about losing track of time.

The tub and massager is accommodating to almost every foot size – up to US men’s size 17 feet! Flandre also promises that this bath soaker is quiet for a more relaxing experience.

The heating system maintains a constant warm or hot temperature – no need to worry about your foot spa tub running cold. The temperature is adjustable on the digital screen with different heat levels ranging from 95℉ to 120℉. Keep track of the temperature on the LED screen. The power levels are also adjustable from 300W to 500W, great if you like to use the lower settings to save energy.

Adjust the settings via the remote control – no need to reach down in an uncomfortable position to change the temperature or timer!

Drainage Tube, Optional Wheels, & Overheating Protection

Just like the Comfortology model, this foot massager is also is attached to four wheels that make it easy to move after use for convenient storage. The wheels are lockable while you use the soaker so the tub stays put while your feet are enjoying the treatment.

This foot bath massager is easy to clean with the included drainage tube.

Safety is paramount – especially when you combine water with any kind of machine. This model is safe to use with added overheating protection and the water is even safer thanks to the bubble oxygen-ozone sterilization.

feet treatment

The reviews are hugely positive overall. Most customers say you typically get what you pay for, and the higher price of this foot spa massager is justified. Reviews are particularly impressed with the motorized rollers – they’re effective and people like that they’re removable too. The drainage pipe is great for making the cleaning process a lot easier.

Some point out that they have noticed a difference in the way their feet feel after continued use. However, a couple of reviewers noted they had slight defects with their machines. One of the sellers did point out that it is covered by a 12 months warranty (for a replacement or refund) if you run into difficulties, plus they offer a lifetime of technical support.

feet treatment

If you are interested in a top of the range foot bath massager, this model is ideal for you. Although it’s expensive, the high-quality features justify the investment. It’s effective at treating your feet, it features 4 removable massager rollers, has optional wheels, and includes a drainer for easy cleanup. Plus, it’s backed up by a 1-year warranty.

Check Out This Flandre Foot Spa Massager Here On Amazon

#3. Arealer Foot Bath Massager with Automatic Foot Massage Rollers (Best For Relaxation)

foot bath massager

Skincare, Relaxation, & Pain Relief Benefits In One

Multiple Massage Options

Bubble Jet For Extra Relaxation

Adjustable Temperature & Timer

30 Day Guarantee (Replacement or Refund)

Safety Certified For Peace Of Mind

foot bath massager

Bubbles Weaker Than Others (Best For Relaxation)

A Small Number Say Their Feet Don’t Fix Perfectly

This foot bath massager earns our third spot because it’s so impressive for relaxation. It features different massage functions, optional bubbles, and has an option for including essential oils.

Multiple Relaxation, Pain Relief, & Skincare Benefits In One Massager

This foot spa massage provides a number of different functions including relaxation, skincare benefits, and pain relief through a special combination of acupressure, shiatsu, heat, and hydrotherapy.

Choose from the automatic roller massager, footstone massage, or oxygen bubble massage for a pampering, relaxing experience that will help reduce fatigue and alleviate stress.

Adjustable Temperature & Timer With Constant Infrared Heat

This foot soaker bath provides infrared heat, maintains a constant hot heat to prevent the water from going cold, and includes a timer function for controlled limits on your foot bath experience to easily fit your massage into your schedule.

Adjust the infrared controlled PTC heater’s temperature from 35-48℃ to suit your desired level.

Bubble Jet & Optional Essential Oils For Extra Relaxation

The bubble jet function makes the massaging process a lot more enjoyable and adding a couple of drops of essential oils will create an even more relaxing experience.

The no-slip handle and the added drain pipe for after use are just two features that indicate this foot spa massager was built with ease and convenience in mind.

Safety Approved & Seller Guarantee

Concerned about the safety of this foot tub? This machine has passed the certification approval process from the FDA, ROHS, and CE so you know it’s super safe!

What if you’re not happy with this foot spa massager? Arealer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, offering a replacement or a full refund for that extra protection and peace of mind.

foot bath massager

Overall the customer reviews are really impressive.

Most reviewers say this is a great pick if you need a foot bath primarily for stress relief – particularly because it feels so comfortable to use and because of the (optional) bubbles. It’s ideal if you’ve had a long day at work or if you just need some time to relax.

Customers are impressed with all of the features and how it removes dead skin from the soles of your feet.

However, a couple of customers said that although they like this machine, it doesn’t fit their feet perfectly.

foot bath massager

If you’re looking for a foot bath massager that will really help you relax, this is an excellent option. It includes a number of different massage functions, has optional bubbles, and optional essential oils. This model helps reduce fatigue, stress, and scrubs dead skin cells away.

Check Out The Arealer Foot Bath Spa Here On Amazon

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#4. Hangsun Foot Spa Bath Massager (Best Budget)

foot spa massager


Bubble Massage, Vibrating Massage, Detachable Rollers, Pedicure Attachment

Infrared Heat Therapy To Maintain The Temperature

Non-Slip Rubber Bottom For Easy Movement

12 Month Warranty

foot spa massager

Does Not Heat The Water

This foot bath massager is placed fourth on our list because it’s a great quality model considering its budget-friendly price tag.

Bubble Function, Vibrating Massage, Detachable Massage Rollers & Pedicure Attachment In One

Although this is a more budget-friendly option, it offers a number of foot and wellness treatments. Choose from vibration massage, oxygen bubble massage (with 40 bubbling water jets), and add the detachable massage rollers for the full treatment.

The additional pedicure attachment is ideal for tackling hard skin for softer feeling feet. This one foot soaker bath tackles a number of different issues at once: it helps relieve stress, improves the feel and appearance of your feet, and relieves pain.

Infrared Heat Maintains The Temperature (But Does NOT Heat It)

Infrared heat therapy keeps the water that you add to the tub at a constant temperature. Unlike the more expensive options, this foot soaker does not heat up the water that you add to it. Additionally, the infrared lights help improve your circulation and stimulate the reflex areas in your feet.

Convenience Non-Slip Rubber Feet For Easy Movement

the non-slip rubber feet keep the tub secure and in place to avoid any slipping around the floor. Plus, the removable anti-water splash guard prevents any spilling while you move the full footbath around your room.

1 Year Warranty & Customer Service

Not satisfied with your purchase? Seller Hopousa offers a 12-month warranty and promise that customer service will help you resolve any issues you have with your device.

foot spa massager

Overall customers are very impressed with this foot soaker, especially considering the budget-friendly price tag.

It’s great to use after a long day at work or after you work out, it helps your feet feel refreshed and relieves pain.

Others love that it’s so easy to use and set up. Some customers were disappointed that it doesn’t heat up. Despite the price tag, some even say that it makes you feel like you’re in a professional pedicure salon!

Before you purchase, it’s important to note this foot bath massager does NOT have a water heating function, but it will maintain the temperature of the water you add.

foot spa massager

If you’re looking for a foot soaker on a budget, this is the best option for you. Although this model doesn’t heat the water, it includes impressive massage and bubble features. Plus, it comes with a 12-month warranty.

Check Out This Hangsun Foot Spa Bath Massager Here On Amazon

#5. Turejo Foot Soaker Massager (Best Mid-Range Foot Bath)

foot soaker

Bubbles, Massage, & Non-Motorized Rollers

Relieves Pain, Greater Comfort, Improves Sleep & Relieves Flu Symptoms

Adjustable Temperature On LED Screen

Compact Size & Non-Slip

FDA Approved

Helpful Customer Service

foot soaker

Massage Rollers Are Not Motorized

Quite Loud

This foot soaker earns our fifth place because it’s a good quality model considering the mid-range price tag.

Bubbles, Massage, & Non-Motorized Rollers For Well Rounded Treatment

The bubbles are relaxing and pamper your feet, and the massage function on this foot bath relieves pain, improves sleep, and helps relieve flu-like symptoms.

The 14 removable (non-motorized) massage rollers target the acupoints on your foot’s sole for greater comfort and to relieve pain.

Adjustable Temperature Via Digital Screen With Temperature Maintenance Technology

This foot bath features an adjustable temperature from 95℉ and 118℉ via the digital screen. The special heat maintenance technology keeps the water temperature constant. The unique foot stone and red light therapy improves your massage experience and your circulation.

Compact Size, Non-Slip & Ergonomically Designed

It’s ergonomically designed, and the non-slip rubber foot stands help the massager stay in place while you use it. This foot massager bath also features a small case to add epson salts (or other massage aids) for a more relaxing experience.

Although it’s slightly smaller than some others on this list, it can fit up to men’s size 15 feet.

FDA Approved & Customer Service For Any Concerns

Concerned about the safety of this foot spa massager? It’s FDA approved for that added peace of mind. If you have any quality concerns, just contact the customer service email and to clear up the issue.

foot soaker

Most of the reviews are highly positive. A lot of reviewers say this foot spa massager is good quality for the price. Customers say it feels like a real jacuzzi on your feet. Others love that it’s a bit smaller and it’s lightweight because it doesn’t take up much storage space and it’s easy to move around your house. The treatment is super relaxing after a long day at work, especially because of the bubbles. Some say they notice they sleep better after using this foot bath.

However, a couple of customers say this model is quite loud, and it’s harder to get the water out than the more expensive foot spa baths. Another reviewer said she wishes the rollers were automatic (you need to use your feet to activate them).

foot soaker

If you don’t want to fork out for a luxurious foot bath, but want one with some of the high-quality features of the more expensive models, this is a good option. Although it’s not as impressive as the more luxury options, it provides high-quality massage and bubble treatments (though the rollers are not motorized).

Check Out This Turejo Foot Bath Here On Amazon