Curious about Grande Lash – are the reviews legit, how to avoid counterfeits, and what results can you really expect?

We’ve spent 27 hours diving deep into this brand and their star lash serum product. We reveal if it actually works, the ingredients, whether or not it can change your eye color, and how to avoid fakes!

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About This Grande Lash Serum

Not everyone likes wearing false eyelashes (or any makeup products at all!). A lash serum is a great solution as it makes a difference to your natural lashes at the lash follicle level. Grandelash claims to support lash health, promote lash growth for longer eyelashes, and also improve thickness.

This award winning lash enhancing serum is designed to improve the look of your lashes over time. Thanks to the combination of hydrating and healing ingredients (vitamins, peptides, and amino acids), Grandelash can result in improved lash length and thicker eyelashes after only two weeks of continuous use. This serum is a good option if you have weak brittle lashes as it helps to build up your lash resiliency.

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Grandelash Ingredients

Made in the USA, this Grandelash md lash enhancing serum is cruelty free, PETA approved, and also free from parabens.

Grandelash is ophthalmologist tested and any potential issues or side effects were considered when Grande Cosmetics conducted their 90 day consumer perception study.

Full Ingredients List:

Aqua, Glycerol, Glycosaminoglycans, Hyaluronic Acid, Butanamide, Leuconostoc/​Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, 2-Hydroxypropanoic Acid, Sodium PCA, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, L – Proline, Acanthopanax Senticosus (Eleuthero) Root Extract, Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sorbitan, Gluconolactone, Triethanolamine, D-Glucitol, Leucidal Liquid, Geogard Ultra (Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate), Cloprostenol Isopropyl Ester

Can I Use It If I Wear Contacts Or Have Lash Extensions?

Yes, you can use this lash serum even if you use contact lenses.

The water based formula means it can even work with lash extensions! (Be careful when choosing lash serums – make sure they are water based if you wear lash extensions).

How To Use This Serum?

Apply a thin line just above your lashline like you would a liquid eyeliner. You only need to use this lash serum once a day, and one dip of the product should be enough to line both of your eyes! Once you apply the serum, wait a minute or two for it to dry.

The Applicator

The soft tip brush was designed to deposit the optimal amount of lash serum along your upper lash line. For ease of use, Grandelash designed it to look and perform as similar to a liquid eyeliner as possible.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

You will need to apply it every day for a full 3 month period to accommodate for the length of the typical lash cycle. Once you reach the desired result, use the Grande Lash md serum every other day to maintain your results. Somewhat similar to teeth whitening strips, you must keep using the serum for the lash enhancing effects to remain.

It’s highly important that you apply the Grandelash serum on the skin that is as close as possible to the root of your lashes, without actually going on top of the eyelashes!

Each authentic tube should last quite a long time as you do not need to double dip the product (one dip should work for both eyes), and Grandelash emphasizes that using more product than suggested will not grow your lashes any quicker. Follow the instructions exactly the way they are presented for the best results.

Results should be noticeable within 4-6 weeks, and a full effect should be visible after 3 months.

You may not notice any difference in the first week or two. Week 3 is where Grandelash claim their customers typically start to notice the trend. Within 4 weeks your lashes usually will be noticeably longer and more luscious. By week 12, the brand says you can achieve the ‘are these even real?!” lash growth effect.

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Does Grande lash really work?

Grande Cosmetics is a multi award winning brand thanks to this star lash product! It won Best Eyelash Treatment in the Cosmo Beauty awards (2019) and Harper’s Bazaar Anti-Aging Awards (2019).

An internal study conducted over a 12 week period with 30 participants had promising results :

  • 91% said they now had longer looking lashes
  • 94% noticed healthier looking lashes
  • 97% said their lashes became more noticeable
  • 97% reported stronger natural eyelashes

Want bigger looking eyes and more luscious lashes without having to wear falsies or a million coats of mascara? Grandelash claim it works to make the appearance of your natural lashes longer and thicker – giving the impression that nature blessed you with full lashes, even without makeup!

Most of the reviews are very positive and happy with their experience, however there are of course some disappointed customers. It’s important to separate negative reviews of counterfeit products from the negative reviews about the actual Grandelash serum. See the reviews section below to find out more.

A lot of the positive reviews are from the more mature age demographic. Lash serums are ideal for short, thinning, or brittle eyelashes. As we age, our lashes naturally lose length and volume. Grande Cosmetics Grandelash Md and other eyelash serums work particularly well at restoring formerly long and strong lashes back to their original glory!

Grande Cosmetics Money Back Guarantee & How To Avoid Fakes

All of Grande Cosmetics products are backed up by a 90 day money back guarantee. Why not try it out, and if it doesn’t work, you can get a refund or replacement within the 3 month period.

If you are not happy with your purchase, you can avail of a refund or exchange within 90 days of receipt. This applies to US purchases only -it’s not for International customers. Contact the Grande Cosmetics customer service to avail of the guarantee.

This also applies to Amazon, as long as you buy from the authorized seller (Amazon Premium Beauty). Purchases made from unauthorized sellers will not be entitled to this guarantee. For that reason, make sure you *only* buy from the authorized seller if you buy from Amazon. Otherwise you will probably be buying a fake!

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How Does This Lash Serum Work?

A number of key ingredients combine to create both longer eyelashes and thicker lashes over time.

  • L Proline (Amino Acid): this amino acid helps improve lash health and boosts lash resiliency
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): vitamin e supports lash health for all-around better looking lashes!
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid): hyaluronic acid brings hydration to damaged lashes and helps prevent breakage. Think of it like the hair on your head! If you dry, damaged hair it will fall out a lot more and look thinner than luscious hydrated and strong hair.
  • Botanical Extract Blend: nutrients and compounds rich in antioxidants from natural origins (leaf extract flower extract, seed extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, panax ginseng root extract) strengthen damaged lashes at the root.

Grande Lash Reviews

Most of the Grande Lash reviews are highly positive. While the negative views are a minority, it’s important to separate reviews of the genuine product vs the fake counterfeit to get a proper impression of how well this lash serum performs.

Works Quick, Long Lasting, Great For Aging Lashes

Multiple customers noticed a difference quite quickly – anywhere from 2 weeks to one month was mentioned.

Another says even though the small tube claims to provide a 3 month supply, it lasts for up to 8 months for her.

One woman’s esthetician recommended it to her and now she has been buying it for years. Another said her hairdresser recommended it and now it looks like her real lashes have a double lash layer!

Based on the Grande Lash reviews, the serum is really great for more mature women whose natural eyelashes were really long when they were younger. One more mature customer claims she is constantly asked if she has lash extensions now!

Confidence To Go Makeup Free

A customer claims that thanks to Grandelash, she no longer “needs” mascara. Her biggest tip is to make sure your eyes and eyelid are totally clean before you use this serum.

Another claims for the first time ever her eyelashes are so long that her mascara is leaving marks on her eyelid near her eyebrows!

One customer avoided Latisse because of the fear of eye color change, and Revitalsh worked well to lengthen but it didn’t do much for the thickness of her lashes. Grandelash improved her length and thickness.

While this serum takes consistency and patience to see and maintain the results, multiple Grande Lash reviews credit this lash enhancer for giving them the confidence to go makeup free.

Reviews Of The Counterfeit Vs Genuine Product Grande Lash Reviews

Most of the negative Grande Lash reviews are from those who received a counterfeit product – be really careful which seller you buy this from! Grandelash has clarified on Amazon that they exclusively partner with Amazon premium beauty – this is the ONLY real seller on Amazon and the only seller you should buy this product from on Amazon.

How To Spot The Fakes!

Some of the reviews of the counterfeit product noted that the formula seemed dried up, the packaging looked different, the product gave them an appearance of dark circles that didn’t exist before, and some even experienced harsh irritation and noticeable redness on their eyes after one use.

One or two customers who got a legitimate product said they noticed some redness or dark circles, however, most say it’s a lot more gentle than other brands that are notorious for redness, irritation, and discoloration. Therefore, the real deal could be causing mild irritation or mild discoloration. If you experience irritation, stop using immediately and verify if your Grandelash tube is real or a counterfeit.

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Is Grande Lash Bad? Will It Change My Eye Color?

Grandelash MD lash enhancing serum contains synthetic prostaglandin analog. A well-known and controversial rare side effect of prostaglandin analog is iris color change.

While Latisse lash serum is more well known for altering eye colors (especially green and hazel eyes), Grandelash does contain that same ingredient, except in a smaller dose relative to Latisse. The side effect is very rare even with Latisse, so one would imagine it would be even smaller with Grandelash. That said, after our investigation, we did note a small number of people complaining that this serum allegedly darkened the color of their green or hazel eyes.

When eyelash serums alter eye colors, it’s often a permanent change. However, it appears to be reversible for some people.

What If I Experience Sensitivity Or Irritation?

Grandelash officially claim that in their 90 day study, none of the subjects experienced any discoloration or sensitivity. The brand acknowledges on their website that while it is rare, some customers may experience a slight amount of sensitivity. Usually, this is caused by applying too much at once.

Grande Cosmetics recommends alternating to every other day use if you do feel sensitivity for the first week or two. After that period, you should be able to use it daily again. If you do experience continued sensitivity, Grande Cosmetics recommends discontinuing usage and advises that typically the sensitivity will completely disappear within 90 days.

Grandelash advises not to use this lash serum on your bottom lash line. It’s important to avoid using it on the bottom lashes, especially because a small number of customers do report that it can cause discoloration and redness – this will make your eyes look tired without makeup.

If you get this lash serum into your eyes, rinse with cool water. This product is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women, anyone younger than 18, those who have issues with dry eyes or styes, and those undergoing chemotherapy.

Do not use if your eyelid is in any way scraped, inflamed, or injured. If the seal of the packaging is broken or not intact, do not use it on your lash line.

If you have any eye condition or sensitive eyes (or even sensitive skin), always ask your eye doctor before use.

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Does Grande Lash Make Your Lashes Fall Out?

No, it should not. It’s important to note that we lose on average 2 or 3 eyelashes each day. There’s a natural lash cycle that our eyelashes experience that lasts every 3 months before starting all over again.

1) The anagen phase – lash growth

2) Catagen phase – the transition phase

3) Telogen phase – lashes rest and fall out, new ones will soon grow

Grandelash will result in thicker, longer, more fortified lashes. If you stop using it, your lashes will eventually go back to the way they looked before you ever used the serum.

Can I Use Grandelash Lash Serum On My Eyebrows?

Grande Cosmetics advises against using it on your eyebrows. Grandelash is designed to match the lash life cycle and the applicator is perfectly designed for the lash line.

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GrandeBrow brow serum contains ingredients that are more suited to the brows, has a thicker brush, and is designed with the brow cycle in mind. Do not use Grandelash on both your eyelids and brows as this could result in dirt and oil in your eyebrows ending up in your eyes.

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