Interested in the 1 inch ceramic GVP flat iron?

After hours and hours of research into this GVP model (and tons of other straighteners) we’ll reveal if the 1 inch ceramic is right for you!

We break down the best and the worst features of this flat iron. Well known as a CHI dupe, we investigate whether or not it lives up to its reputation. Plus, we discuss what customers love and hate about this model.

Keep reading to find out if this GVP flat iron is for you!

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Key Stats

  • Full name: Generic Value Products Black Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 inch
  • USP: Affordable price (well known dupe for CHI flat irons)
  • Color: Black or Pink
  • Plate size: 1 inch
  • Cord: 9 foot long swivel cord
  • Voltage:  120V (converter required outside the US)

Click here to view the GVP flat iron (in pink) on Amazon

Top Features

♥ Dupe For CHI?

GVP flat irons are well known as more affordable alternatives to CHI. However, a lot of the time popular dupes don’t live up to the hype. So how does this one fair?

While this model is pretty basic, it has great reviews and many customers go out of their way to compare it to their CHI model.

Many customers claim this GVP is even better than CHI. Some note it seems to last longer than their CHI did. Others say that they unquestionably recommend this GVP flat iron over CHI.

A small number say that they like the CHI models better. However, if you’re considering a CHI, it may be worthwhile to buy this one first. Before you invest in an expensive iron, it’s good to get an idea of the general feel of a very comparable model.

♥ Adjustable Temperature With Heat Recovery

Unlike the Sultra flat iron, the temperature is adjustable from a low of 140°F to a high of 420°F.

GVP features dual ceramic PTFC heaters. Hate waiting around for your flat iron to get hot enough? These heaters quickly heat the flat iron so you won’t get impatient. However, the Nume flat iron is faster to heat up.

Plus, it features instant recovery after styling. You don’t need to worry too much about this flat iron melting your surfaces while it cools down!

♥ 1 Inch Plates: Far Infrared & Negative Ion Technology For Even & Smooth Styling

The 1 ceramic inch plates are ideal for medium to short length hair.

Although this flat iron is pretty basic and budget friendly, the plate technology is quite impressive considering the price.

The far-infrared ceramic plates help keep the temperature constant throughout your styling session. This prevents any issues with overly hot spots frying areas of your hair – avoiding damage and breakage.

Additionally, the ceramic technology produces negative irons that helps counteract the positive ions that naturally occur in your hair. This seals in your cuticles, reduces frizz, repels humidity, and helps prevent your hair color from fading while you straighten!

♥ Straighten, Curl, Twist & Flick With 1 Flat Iron

Because this GVP has curved plate edges, it works great not just to straighten – but also to create other hairstyles. Once you practice your technique, it becomes easier to curl, twist, and flick your hair with this flat iron.

Although it does take practice, in time this can save you a lot of money and hassle because you’re getting multiple different hairstyles from one appliance. No need to buy a hair curler! Plus, you won’t need to take multiple styling tools with you when you travel.

♥ Ultra Long Swivel Cord With Tie & Spinning Strain Relief

This flat iron features an ultra long, 9 foot 360 degree swivel cord.

Plus, unlike a lot of the more expensive brands, it has a cord retainer and spinning strain relief to prevent tangling. The cord tie helps keep it wrapped up nicely so it won’t get damaged or take up too much space.

? No Auto Shut Off, Warranty, Or Dual Voltage

As the ‘Generic Value Products’ name suggests, this flat iron doesn’t have a lot of extra features that the luxury brands typically boast.

Although this model is sometimes advertised as featuring an 120 min auto shut off and dual voltage, customers vouch that this is not the case.

Be careful and make sure you turn off the flat iron when you’re finished to prevent fire and injury. If you’re quite clumsy and forgetful, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a brand with an auto shut off function.

Because it’s not dual voltage, you will need both an adapter and converter if you’re using this model abroad. It’s designed specially for US plug sockets.

Additionally, this GVP flat iron doesn’t have a warranty when purchased on certain online sites. Bare this in mind if you’re risk-averse. Consider the SUTRA hair straightener instead – it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Customer Feedback – The Reviews

Overall, customers seem to really like this model with high average reviews online.

GVP flat iron

For such an inexpensive model, it might come as a surprise that many bought this model because their hair stylist uses it (the Solano model is also popular with professionals)!

Heats Quickly & Easy To Change The Temperature

Customers like that it heats up super quickly. One even mentioned that the temperature changes much more seamlessly than some expensive models!

Another said she likes the digital dial for the temperature. Reviewers also say they like that it’s easy to adjust the temperature, and it feels lightweight in their hands.

Sturdy and Long Lasting

Those that have had it for years are impressed with how long it has lasted given the price. One customer said she has had it for over nine years and it still works!

It’s also impressively sturdy. Another customer notes that she dropped it a few times but it’s still working perfectly.

Customers are impressed with the extra cord features – the retainer/cord tie and spinning strain relief to prevent tangling. Those that have had it for years are impressed with how long it has lasted given the price.

The Plate Technology Pays Off

The ceramic technology does as it should – customers report it gets rid of frizz, smooths static, and doesn’t fry their hair. (However, the RUSK CTC probably results in even healthier looking hair).

Reviewers are impressed with how quick it is to straighten their hair. It cuts the styling time a lot for those with thick, wavy, and unruly hair. One customer said she thinks it’s best for those with thin and short hair. If you have natural hair, try the Cortex Steamliner instead.

Some are impressed with the curved plate edges and multi-style capabilities. One customer said she gets amazing curls with this flat iron, better than any curling iron she has ever used. Another said it didn’t curl well for her at all – you need to practice!

Others note that their hair stays straight super long after using this GVP flat iron. One review said her curls also last for days with this model.

GVP flat iron

• A lot of customers noted they wish this GVP flat iron had an automatic shut off function.

• A small number of customers had issues with the on/off switch flickering between red and green for no apparent reason.

• One customer said she has been buying this model for years and her recent purchase was different from the rest. This potentially could be an unlucky purchase, or perhaps the quality has deteriorated.

• A small number said it was good, but nothing special and not anything better than their previous model. Others, however, especially those that compared it to CHI, said it’s the best model they’ve ever used.

Is It For Me?

This is a great option if you’re looking for a dupe of a CHI flat iron on a budget. It’s much more affordable, and it’s sturdy, with impressive plate technology.

It has great adjustable temperature settings, curved plates for curling and waving, and features an impressive ultra long swivel cord with ties.

However, it doesn’t come with a warranty on a lot of online websites, and it doesn’t have a lot of the nice extras like an automatic shut off function, or dual voltage that typically come with more expensive models.

Click here to check the price of this GVP flat iron on Amazon (in black)

Click here to view the price of the GVP flat iron (in pink) on Amazon

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