On the hunt for a new hair steamer? Not sure which one is best for you? 

I know from personal experience that it’s so hard to find a good one that isn’t just a flimsy piece of plastic without breaking the bank!

That’s why we’ve spent hours and hours digging deep into the hair steamer world to produce a guide for newbies (at the end of the post), and to rank the top five hair steamers on the market right now!

On a budget? Or want the best of the best? We’ll make the hair steamer selection process much easier with our ranked list.

Keep reading to find the best hair steamer for you!

hair steamer

hair steamer


Quick Comparison | Top 5 Best Hair Steamers

#1. Kingsteam 2 in 1 Hair Steamer (Best Overall & For Natural Hair)

  • Hair and Face Steamer (With Aromatherapy Function) in One ✔
  • Specially Designed To Work Well For Natural Hair ✔
  • Auto Shut Off ✔
  • 12 Month Warranty ✔
  • Stand Not Adjustable ✗

View The Kingsteam 2 In 1 Hair Steamer Here On Amazon

 #2. Nova Microdermabrasion (Best Budget)

  • 2 in 1 Face and Hair Steamer With Ozone Generator ✔
  • Affordable ✔
  • Auto Shut Off ✔
  • Compact And Easy To Use ✔
  • No Warranty ✗

Check Out The Nova Hair Steamer On Amazon Here

#3. Red By Kiss Hair & Face Steamer (Best & Quickest Steam Power)

  • 2 In 1 Ozone Hair & Facial Steaming ✔
  • Super Quick To Steam Up & Effective Steaming Power ✔
  • Anti-Aging Benefits ✔
  • 1 Year Warranty ✔
  • Faults Common ✗

Click Here For This Red By Kiss Ozone Steamer On Amazon

#4. Secura S-192 (Popular Pick)

  • 2 in One Hair and Face Steamer ✔
  • Automatic Shut Off Function ✔
  • Easy to Assemble And Lightweight ✔
  • One Year Limited Warranty ✔
  • Could Be Sturdier ✗

View The Secura S-192  Hair Steamer On Amazon Here

#5. Mefeir 600W (Best Salon)

  • Much Sturdier And Has Adjustable Height ✔
  • Adjustable Timer And Speed Options ✔
  • Safety and Leak Protection Functions ✔
  • One Year Quality Concerned Warranty ✔

Check Out The Mefeir 600W Hair Steamer On Amazon Here

In Depth Reviews | Hair Steamer Top 5

 2 in 1 steamers

 #1. Kingsteam 2 In 1 Face & Hair Steamer (Best Overall & For Natural Hair)


  • Dimensions: Hair Steamer: 13x12x20 inches. Facial Steamer: 11x9x7 inches
  • Power: 330W, AC110-120V
  • Inventory: steamer, hair cap, bracket connector, facial sprayer tube, user manual 
    hair steamer

hair steamer for natural hair

○ Specially designed for natural hair

○ Facial steamer also included (with an aromatherapy diffusion function)

○ Unique PTC ceramic heater for more effective steaming

○ Auto shut off function and safety approved

○ 30 days full refund or replacement, and 12 month warranty if not satisfied

hair steamers

○ The height is not adjustable

Efficiently And Effectively Treats Your Hair Via The Unique PTC Heater Steam 

The steam helps treat damaged and brittle hair, prevents split ends and breakage, and even helps your hair absorb nutrients! Kingsteam recommends this model for women with natural hair in particular.

Unlike many other steamers, the Kingsteam 2 in 1 contains a special PTC ceramic heater that vaporizes clean water for more efficient and effective steaming.

The ion water particles are up to 10 times more effective at penetrating the skin and hair follicles (relative to non-ozone steamers).

hair steamers

Safety Features, Compact Size, Plus A Warranty And 30 Day Guarantee 

The extra safety precautions provide peace of mind while you enjoy your steaming sessions. This 2 in 1 steamer is both TUV and CE approved.

Additionally, the automatic shut off function will trigger if the water reaches an unsafe low level. An alarm will ring until you press the off button.

It’s a compact steamer: easy to transport, and will fit in a salon or a home environment.

Kingsteam provides a 30 day full refund or replacement if you’re not happy with your purchase of this face and hair steamer!

Additionally, the seller confirms via email that this model is protected by a 12 month warranty.

hair steamer

Facial Steamer Opens Your Pores For Smoother Skin 

The steamer easily converts from a hair to a face steamer just by changing the head hood to the spray tube.

The facial steamer ‘opens’ your pores, making it easier to remove oil, dirt, and grime. It also melts away dead skin cells. Steam helps absorb creams and toner properly into the skin.

Kingsteam even claims the facial steam function can replace chemical exfoliating scrubs and peels. For extra relaxation, an aromatherapy diffusion function is also available with this face steamer!

hair steamer for natural hair

How to use the hair steamer: 

  • Wash your hair
  • Allow it to half dry
  • Fill the steamer with water and plug it in
  • Press the power button
  • Now press the steam button
  • The steam will take approximately 5 minutes time to appear
  • Steam your hair for around 10 – 15 minutes

Tip: Don’t use a steam cap: allow the steam to fully penetrate your scalp and moisturize your roots 

hair steamer for natural hair

Using the facial steamer: 

  • Wash your face with your favorite cleanser
  • Fill the steamer with water, and press the power button and then the steam button
  • Adjust the 360 degree rotatable sprayer to your desired angle
  • Keep your face 12 inches away from the steamer at all times to prevent burning
  • Steam your face for 10 – 15 minutes time (the aromatherapy diffusing function is optional)

hair steamer for natural hair

Impressive Customer Feedback For Both Hair And Facial Steaming 

Customers are impressed with how quickly they see results in the quality of both their hair and skin after using this steamer. They like that it helps promote hair growth, moisturizes, tackles build-up from hair products, and improves hair texture.

Additionally, it makes a real difference to the appearance of pores. Even a professional aesthetician said she was impressed!

However, some reviewers do say they wish the stand was adjustable.

hair steamer for natural hair

If you’re looking for a high quality 2 in 1 steamer with unique technology and impressive customer feedback, this is the best on the market for you.

The unique PTC heater provides higher quality steam than other models, and it even features a unique aromatherapy diffusing function!

Customers are impressed with both the face and hair steamers. However, many wish the stand was adjustable.

Kingsteam also offers a 1 year warranty, and a 30 day money back (or replacement) guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase of this steamer!

Check Out The Kingsteam 2 In 1 Hair Steamer On Amazon Here

 #2. Nova Microdermabrasion 2 In 1 Hair Steamer (Best Budget)

  • Dimensions:  8.66″ x 6.89″ x 5.63″
  • Power: 350W, AC 110-120V
  • Temperature of the steamer: 40 degrees

steamer for hair and face

○ Ozone generator (reduces itchiness and prevents dandruff)
○Doubles as a face steamer
○ Humidifier for interiors
○ 320ml water tank allows for up to 45 minutes of working time
○ Auto shut off function
○ Easy & Convenient To Use
○ Heats up quickly
○ Doesn’t take up to much space, easily placed on a desk
○ Easy to clean

hair steamers

○ Can be returned within 30 days, but no warranty
○ Hood is not adjustable to head and neck height.
○ Some customers found it too lightweight, not sturdy enough

 This 2 In 1 Hair And Face Steamer Has Excellent Reviews Online

A highly popular choice, this steamer receives impressive customer ratings overall.

This one product acts not only as a hair steamer, but also as a face steamer and a humidifier too!

This 350W steamer can heat up to 40 degrees. It moisturizes and hydrates the hair to prevent breakage and split ends. Additionally, it reduces the appearance of dandruff and allows for the absorption of conditioners and other hair treatments.

After reading the reviews, it’s clear customers are impressed with how compact this model is. They also like that it heats up quickly and it’s easy to clean – great for saving time. Fuss-free!

Related: Want a flat iron that emits steam while you straighten? Check out the Cortex Steamliner (great for natural hair)!

Automatic Shut Off System | One Press Button For Easy Use

The hair steamer shuts off automatically when the water level runs dangerously low: an important safety device to calm worries about injury from excessive water spilling and helps prevent damage to the unit.

The 320ml water tank allows for 45 minutes of working time (but the typical steam time only takes between 10-15 minutes), and it’s easy to use. The fuss-free, one-press button saves you time.

However, some customers did not like that the hood of the steamer is not adjustable. This is not the sturdiest model. It’s lightweight and easy to move but it’s more likely to tip over than more durable models.

Even if you’re just buying the product just for the hair steaming benefits, why not give the face steaming function a try, too?

The facial steamer moisturizes your skin and promotes microcirculation and blood circulation. Steam unclogs pores to remove dirt, oil, and grime, and improves the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients.

2 in 1 models are a particularly good choice to treat and smooth blemish-prone or aging skin.

If you want a small, practical, hair steamer that doubles up as a facial steamer (and also works as a house humidifier) this is a great choice if you need a steamer on a budget.

While it does have impressive customer reviews, the product does not come with a warranty. Even though it is one of the best hair steamers on the market, this might be a big turn off.

For the security of a one year warranty (if you’re willing to spend a little more money), check out the Kingsteam or Kiss hair and facial steamer models.

Click Here To View The Current Price Of The Nova Steamer On Amazon

#3. Red by Kiss 2-in-1 Hair & Facial Salon Steamer (Quick & Strong Steam)

Product Dimensions: 13.75 x 9.00 x 14.38 inches

steamer for hair and face

○  Produces Intense Steam

○  2 In 1 Ozone Hair & Face Steamer

○  Softer Healthier Hair

○  Clearer Skin & Anti-Aging Benefits ○ 1 Year Warranty

hair steamers

○  Faulty For Quite A Few Customers

○  Stand Not Adjustable

2 In 1 Hair & Face Steamer For Healthier Looking & Feeling Skin And Hair

Kiss claims this Red hair and face ozone steamer provides professional-level steaming at a fraction of salon prices. It releases ultra fine mist while you steam. The result is easier to detangle, softer, shinier hair with healthier cuticles and a stronger cortex.

Facial steaming with this machine helps to retain moisture in your skin, unclogs your pores, improves the skin’s elastic, and can even help tackle fine lines and wrinkles!

Plus, the special antibacterial ozone light and the removable cup makes it so easy to disassemble this steamer and clean it properly and thoroughly.

Find any faults with your steamer? Kiss provides a 1-year warranty just in case you run into any difficulties with your purchase.

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Intense Steaming Power & Heats Quickly

Reviews are also impressed that the steam power is so strong. Customers like that it’s easy to assemble as long as you read the instructions (it’s always required to read the instructions for safety reasons too).

Many reviews mention that they love how the water heats so quickly and it does not take much of your time to use.

Some people find they need to sit in closer to the steamer than the steamers you would typically find at hair salons.

One customer says it works really well if you let it steam up for about 5 minutes time, and then sit under the hood for about 20 minutes.

Face Steamer Helps With Acne | Machine Can Break Down Easily

The face steamer receives great feedback too and some say it helps with their acne.

Another customer says she really does like it and it works so well on her 4c curls.

While this Red by Kiss model is well-rated overall, the big issue with this hair steamer is that quite a few customers have difficulties with it being faulty after a few uses. If this happens to you, make sure you avail of the warranty.

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 ozone hair and face steamer with intense steaming power that heats very quickly, this Red by Kiss option is the best hair steamer for you.

Unlike a lot of 2 in 1 steamers, it also claims to have some anti-aging benefits on the skin!

If you experience faults, make sure you avail of the warranty.

Click Here For This Red By Kiss Ozone Steamer On Amazon

#4. Secura S-192 Hair & Face Steamer (Most Popular)

  • Product dimensions:  8.66″ x 6.89″ x 5.63″
  • Power: 350W, AC110-120V

hair steamer

steamer for hair and face

○ Ozone generator (prevents dandruff and reduces itchiness)
○ Face steamer
○ Auto shut off function
○ Acts as a house interior humidifier
○ Easy to assemble
○ Lightweight to carry
○ One Year Limited Warranty

hair steamers

○ More expensive than Nova’s model
○ Some customers received a malfunctioning product
○ Can drip if the stopper isn’t secured properly
○ Hood is not adjustable to head and neck height
○ Could be sturdier

A Popular Choice, Especially For Natural Hair | Comes With A One Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

One of the most popular hair steamers. Like the Kingsteam model, this two in one steamer tends to work well on natural hair. A highly similar face and hair steamer was previously listed under Kingdom Beauty.

After reading hundreds of reviews, it’s clear customers are impressed with how well it works for natural hair, especially the way it impacts low porosity 3B/3C/ and 4A/4C/4B curls.

Just like the Nova model on our list, this hair steamer also works as a face steamer and humidifier.

Unlike the Nova, however, this model comes with warranty protection. The user manual confirms that this hair steamer is protected by a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty if you come into difficulties after you have used it. Great if you need that extra peace of mind! 

Water can drip if the product isn’t drained properly after each use. Make sure the stopper is in properly, and always use a towel on your shoulders for added protection from the heat during your session.

The steamer has an auto cut off feature that automatically turns the machine off when water levels drop dangerously low for safety reasons.

Easy to operate – it has one on-off button for fine mist sprayers, and another to activate the ozone feature.

A very similar model to the Nova 2 in 1 hair and facial steamer, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a similar product to the Nova model with the added security of a 12 month warranty.

It does come with a higher price tag than the Nova model- this is not the best 2 in 1 steamer if you need to stick to a strict budget.

Click Here To Check Out The Secura S-192  Steamer On Amazon

Salon Quality, Stand up Steamers

#5. Mefeir 600W (Best Salon Quality Hair Steamer) 

  • Power: 600W, 110V, 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 22.83 x 22.83 x 50.79″, 14.77 lbs
  • Cable Length: 78.74″

steamer for hair and face

○ Sturdier than household typical models – made from premium ABS housing caster and strong iron base, 4 omnidirectional wheels
○ Adjustable height from 42.5” to 50.4” (good for conditioning, priming and dyeing hair)
○ Adjustable timer (up to 30 mins)

○ One year quality warranty

○ Two speed options (for more or less mist)
○ Stopper and waste cup included (prevent mineral deposit build up)
○ Overheating protection system
○ Easy to use
○ Leakproof protection
○ Low power consumption and energy saving

hair steamers

○ Only steams up to 30 minutes
○ Expensive
○ US Standard Plug only included

The Unique Features And Sturdy Model Justify The Higher Price

This salon-quality hair steamer is not easy on your wallet, however, it does have a lot of unique features compared to the home use models that might justify the higher price.

In contrast with the 2 in 1 hair steamers, this is a way more sturdy professional model. It’s made from premium ABS household caster, with a strong iron base, and four omnidirectional wheels for easy transport around a room.

If you are nervous about your hair steamer staying perfectly still while you steam, this model’s strength can provide peace of mind.

The steamer works great to steam natural hair, and is also suitable for conditioning, priming, and dyeing hair.

Adjust The Hood Height, Speed Of Steaming, And The Timer

The adjustable height (from 42.5” to 50.4”) makes treating hair much easier for salon use (or if you want to share it with your friends) than the more affordable tabletop hair steamers. No need to worry about this device being too low or too high for your height! 

This Meifer model allows for great control over the settings. You can adjust and control the speed of steaming (add more or less fine mist) to suit each client’s needs.

The timer is also adjustable, however, each heat steaming session can only last up to 30 minutes, which some customers think is slightly too short.

Unlike the handheld hair steamers, dealing with mineral deposits doesn’t require the hassle of a homemade remedy. The model comes with a stopper and waste cup to deal with waste after you steam your hair.

Every beauty tool needs to be safe for your customers. Mefeir’s safety features include overheating and leak-proof protection system. Their brand name is quite well known in the haircare market, so you can feel quite comfortable in the knowledge that your device should be safe! 

This model is energy-saving and has low power consumption, which is good on your energy bills and better for the environment!

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The seller reassured via email that this model is protected by a one-year quality-concerned warranty. Make sure you avail of this offer in case you run into any malfunctioning issues. 

Although a bit pricier, the extra cost is mitigated by the impressive high satisfaction rate and impressive customer review rating on average.

A high quality, professional, and sturdy hair steamer – the impressive features are matched with a high price tag.

This steamer comes with unique features (including adjustable speed, time, and height). It’s perfect for salon use, and can also be used to condition and dye hair. If you want a steamer for home use, the 2 in 1 hair and facial steamers are a better option for you. 

This Mefeir hair steamer is protected by a one-year quality warranty, and the vast majority of reviewers were satisfied overall with their purchase.

The price tag is worth it if you know you want a top of the range steamer.

View The Current Price Of The Mefeir 600W Hair Steamer On Amazon Here

Hand-held Hair Steamers

 Best Hand-Held Hair Steamer: Q Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

  • 650W, 120V

steamer for hair and face

○ Style while steaming – moisturize, reshape, detangle, restyle, stretch, hydrate, and deep condition in minutes
○ Compatible with coily, kinky, curly, and wavy hair
○ Convenient, lightweight takes up less space
○ Can use with rollers or clips
○ Can target small sections of your hair quickly
○ Easy to use
○ Great for travel
○ 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

hair steamers

○ Cannot be used with a converter or adapter due to safety concerns – patent pending for 240V EU version
○ Can be more time consuming than hooded steamers if you want to do your entire head
○ Can only use distilled water
○ Malfunction issues for some customers
○ The buildup of mineral deposits over time can impact the steam flow, see the solution below

Easier To Use Than A Hooded Steamer & Styles The Hair While Steaming

Unlike the hooded hair steamers, this Q Redew portable hair brush doesn’t just moisturize, hydrate, and deep condition. It also reshapes, detangles, and restyles when the hair is soft, warm, and moisturized while steaming. All in a compact steaming brush that you can hold with one hand!

While this brush can work great for targeting specific areas of hair in mere minutes, it can also take longer to steam your entire hair compared to hooded hair steamer models.

I’m sure we have all used a spray bottle of water to try style unruly hair before. The water just lays on the surface of the hair and takes a long time to dry. This brush does what we wish the spray water would do! It warms and softens hair, allows for styling, all while leaving the hair dry to the touch.

Getting ready in the morning can be time-consuming enough. Steam and heat style at the same time with Q Redew – it was made to save you some valuable minutes in the morning!

The brush uses water to produce a warm mist or steam. It’s easy to use – plug in, add water, wait for the steam to emit from the prongs, and then pull the trigger to apply mist when and where you need it.

Tons of customers who have used Q Redew in the past are ultra impressed – it’s not surprising that this hair steamer is so hard to get your hands in! 

Protected By A 30 Day Guarantee And 1 Year Warranty

This model can work especially well with natural, coily, kinky, curly, and wavy hair. Women with dry natural 3C/4A/4B curls are particularly impressed with this steamer.

Q Redew’s steaming brush works without harmful chemicals or ingredients. If your hair is worn out from over-styling, a brush like this can give your hair a break from the damage.

While many reviewers love the product, some customers had issues with the steamer malfunctioning or not working at all.

If you are worried about your Q Redew brush arriving at your door faulty, you might be reassured by the 30 day guarantee and one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The product cannot be used with a converter or adapter due to safety concerns. It is therefore not for use in the EU yet: the patent is pending for a 240V EU compatible model.

The buildup of mineral deposit products over time can impact the steam flow when steaming your hair.

This can be remedied by diluting a teaspoon of white household vinegar into the reservoir water and run it through the unit. The vinegar will clear the deposits out and the steam will flow again.

Using distilled water decreases the buildup of mineral products. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning out the steamer, consider the salon-quality models instead.

Compared to the hooded steamers, this Q Redew model is much more small, lightweight, and portable, which makes it a good option for someone who travels a lot.

While it can take longer to steam your whole head of hair compared to a hooded model, Q Redew works great to target specific parts of hair in mere minutes.

The brush design allows you to style your hair while you steam.

Some customers have issues with the product malfunctioning, however, each purchase is covered by a 30-day guarantee and one year warranty. 

Check the current price of the Q Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer on Amazon here


TL;DR – Which Hair Steamer Is Best For Me?

  • If you like multi-use products, the 2 in 1 hair and facial (and humidifier) steamers are for you. Kingsteam is ideal if you’re on the hunt for a high-quality steamer with impressive unique features (like the special PTC heater and aromatherapy diffusing function). It works especially well for natural hair.
  • The 2 in 1 Nova steamer is the best budget-friendly option. The Secura S-192 is great if you want something similar to the Nova model with the added security of a warranty.
  • Want quick and powerful steam with added anti-aging facial steaming benefits? Check out the Red by Kiss 2-in-1 hair steamer.
  • Professional salon quality models are more expensive than two in one steamers. However, they’re much sturdier and come with some great unique features, including adjustable height levels, timer, and speed. They are multi-use in the fact that you can also condition and dye hair with these steamers. The Mefeir model is pricey but has really impressive customer reviews.
  • A hand-held model is perfect for people who travel a lot – it’s small, lightweight, and portable. Compared to desk or salon steamers, they allow for styling and work better to target specific parts of hair. The Q Redew is the best hand-held on the market, and comes with a 30 day guarantee and one-year warranty.

 Hair Steaming For Newbies

 Benefits Of Hair Steaming

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of dry, brittle, and damaged hair. We pamper our faces with rich creams and moisturize our bodies to combat dry skin, but we often forget to give our hair some much-needed TLC. Even worse – we damage it with our hair dryer and styling tools every day! 

We might use products like a good hair oil, overnight conditioner, or a mask every so often – but they can only do so much! There are not many things that give truly hair-changing results. To notice a real difference, use a hair steamer.

A hair steamer adds moisture to the hair to remedy dryness, dullness, breakage, heat damage, and weakness.

Steamers increase the production of natural oils for healthy hair growth, they help repair breakages, penetrate, and condition deep through the hair to clean out dead skin cells and dirt.

The many benefits of steaming (especially for natural hair) means purchasing a hair steamer is a complete no brainer for anyone that wants silkier, smoother, more moisturized hair. The best hair steamers are made to:

  • Add moisture to the hair from top to bottom and promotes moisture retention
  • Nourish your scalp
  • Deep conditioning for healthy hair
  • Combat against damage caused by the weather (including sun damage, wind etc.)
  • Help to lift hair cuticles to better penetrate deep conditioners
  • Promote hair strength, growth, softness and elasticity
  • Enhance natural curl patterns for those with curly hair
  • Promote clumping without sacrificing volume

 How To Use A Hair Steamer (How It Works)

A recommended steaming session lasts between 20-30 minutes, and steamers can be used once a week or twice a month. The best hair steamers will result in a noticeable difference to the look and feel of your hair.

Before steaming, you can apply products like a deep conditioner or a hair oil from the top of your scalp to your ends for improved results. It works by adding water to the specified water compartment, and then a heating rod generates steam from the water.

The steam spreads to the steamer hood, where it works its magic on the hair – lifting hair cuticles, improving the curl pattern in curly hair, and allowing conditioning ingredients to absorb faster. The end result is soft, silky smooth, and hydrated hair. Steamers work particularly well to penetrate natural hair and curls!

Clip your hair up and wear a headband to absorb moisture and prevent any water from dripping down when steaming your hair. Don’t cover your head or leave your hair down when steaming (otherwise the steaming process won’t be effective).

Always be extremely careful when mixing electricity and water to avoid electric shocks. After each and every use of a steamer, follow the directions supplied by the manufacturer and make sure that it has drained completely and is dry before repacking it into the box.

If purchasing a steamer from outside the US, be sure you know that the steamer is compatible with the voltage power in your region.

 Do Hair Steamers Damage Your Hair?

A lot of other heated hair tools can cause damage to your hair.

Not this one.

A hair dryer can remove the moisture from the hair, causing hair cuticles to dry out and become rigid and brittle. Brushing and styling can make the hair even more brittle, causing split ends that reduce the strength, color, and softness and prevent the hair from growing longer.

Hair steamers don’t cause this type of damage to the hair when used correctly. Steaming your hair can improve the health of your hair and can help to undo some of the damage caused by a hair dryer or straighteners.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your machine, making sure you know and adhere to the recommended distance from the steamer when steaming to avoid burning your scalp.

 What Is An Ozone Steamer?

Ozone (AKA. O3) is activated oxygen.

In contrast with regular oxegen, ozone contains three (instead of two) atoms, – the third atom leads to the creation of an active element.

Activated oxygen can be abundantly found near oceans or after a rainstorm. The Ozone name was popularised by the ‘Ozone layer’ (the shield that protects the earth from harmful UV rays).

The beauty industry has only recently utilized ozone to improve the health and appearance of both hair and skin.

Ozone steamers can kill germs, disinfects pores, remove dead skin cells, and help produce an anti-inflammatory effect.

If you have acne prone or aging skin, the 2 in 1 hair and facial steamers can help make your skin smoother.

Steaming with works great to reduce itchiness, dandruff, and prevent fungal infections on the scalp.

There are over 100 reported benefits of Ozone therapy.

Ozone steaming is great for both aging skin and fighting acne and reportedly enhances Vitamin D formation.