Looking for a new hair wand? Not sure which one is best for you?

After over 30 hours of in-depth research, we’ve narrowed down the absolute best curling wands on the market.

Like clipless hair wands? A traditional curling iron? Or maybe you want to try an automatic hair curler?

We’ve found the perfect curler for you – create beautiful wand curls no matter your needs!

Just keep reading to find your perfect hair wand match!

#1. T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25 Inch Professional Curling Iron (Best Luxury)

best curling irons

Dual voltage

Curls, waves, and creates spirals

2 year warranty

One hour auto shut off

Adjustable temperature with great range

best curling wand

Small number experience faults, it is covered by a warranty


Special Singlepass Technology For Quicker And Healthier Curling

T3 promises perfect curls, every time.

Thanks to the special Digital T3 Singlepass technology, this custom blend ceramic barrel is ideal for effortless healthy, long lasting, shiny curls with just one pass through of the iron.

The one pass technology boasts an even heat production for a uniform looking style. The singlepass technology features a microchip to consistently measure and maintain the temperature level across the whole length and width of the barrel for even, uniform looking curls.

The 1.25 inch ceramic and tourmaline barrel releases negative irons to seal moisture into your cuticle and provide a better looking and feeling hair.

5 Different Temperature Settings ( 260°F to 410°F) For A Range of Styles and Hair Types

Adjust the temperature setting to your preferred temperature with the 5 heat settings (ranging from 260°F to 410°F), so you can style regardless of the condition of your hair or your hair type.

Create Spirals, Curls, Or Waves With This T3 Curling Iron

The T3 feels lightweight in your hands so you won’t hurt your arm while styling.

You can easily create spirals, curls, and waves with this iron.

For looser waves, curl bigger sections of your hair.

The cool tip and stands helps to prevent burning, though it’s still a good idea to wear a glove,

Take 2 inch sections of hair and curl the hair upwards along the iron. Hold for a few seconds, then unwind the hair back down the iron, and pull the section tout and then release.

One Hour Automatic Shut Off Function For Safety

Worried about potential damage if you accidentally forget to switch your curler off? It boasts a one hour auto shut off function to keep your safety worries at bay.

Extras: Swivel Cord and Dual Voltage

The T3 iron is attached to a 9ft 360 degree swivel cord to prevent tangling and maximize comfort as you move your curler around your head.

It’s a universal/dual voltage (100-240V) model. You can use it anywhere in the world provided you have a socket adapter.

curling hair machine

Customers are really impressed with this curling iron on average, with really good reviews online.

Multiple customers said it’s the best curling iron out there.

One customer said she usually does not splurge on something like this, but she’s glad she did.

As the name suggests, customers are glad that it really is one pass… even on 3A hair! Even reviewers with thick hair that usually doesn’t curl found it works well for them.

Customers like that you can create a variety of styles with this T3 iron, even loose beachy waves.

Reviews are impressed that it heats up quickly, curls your whole head quickly, and it’s really lightweight to hold.

Some mentioned that they love the slick white and metal design.

A small minority had issues with their iron malfunctioning. It is covered by a 2 year warranty if you run into any faults like this.

curly hair

If you’re looking for a styling iron that can create spirals, waves, or curls in just a single pass, this T3 Singlepass iron is a great luxury buy.

It’s definitely on the pricier side, but the T3 is protected by a 2 year warranty, has adjustable temperature settings, special technology for healthier looking hair, and an automatic shut off function.

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#2. Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron (Best Clipless Wand)

wand curls

Available in 3/4, 1 inch, and 1 1/2 inch barrels

Comes with safety glove and iron pad

Universal dual voltage

Auto shut off

2 year warranty


wand curls

A minority have malfunction issues but does come with 2 year warranty

Non-adjustable temperature


Available in 3/4, 1 inch, or 1 1/2 inch Barrels For Different Curl Styles

Have a favorite curl style? Buy your Bombshell to suit your preferences! Create beachy curls from root to tip with the 1 inch curler. Opt for romantic curls with the 1.5 inch barrel option. Or go for tight ringlets with the 3/4 inch curler.

Even Distribution Of 380°F Heat | Far Infrared Rays Protect and Heal Your Hair

This ceramic curling iron features a dual-heater for an even heat distribution and a uniform curl.

The temperature is a constant 380°F heat.

The Sultra Bombshell is an ideal curling iron for dry, damaged, or color-treated hair.

The Advanced Care Ceramic Technology generates far infrared rays to help heal and defend your hair while you curl. It smooths your hair cuticles and seals in moisture for healthier looking locks.

Clipless = No Kinks

Because the Bombshell barrel is clipless, you will not get the typical ‘clip kinks’ in your curls. Plus, it takes less time to style than typical clip irons.

The curling iron is also attached to a 9 foot swivel cord for easy movement and to prevent tangling while you style.

How To Use The Sultra Bombshell Curling Iron

This model is super simple to use. Just take a small section of hair. Wrap your hair around the barrel. Hold the curl for 8 seconds. Release your hair from the iron.

Auto Shut Off / 2 Year Warranty/ Dual Voltage

Ever forget to turn your appliances off? No need to worry about the Bombshell. This curling iron also features an auto shut off function.

Worried about your curler breaking down after a few months? This curler is protected by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty to keep any malfunction worries at bay.

Travel or live outside the US? The Bombshell is a universal/dual voltage model: all you need is an adapter to use it abroad.

Protect Your Skin From Burns And Your Surfaces From Damage

The Sultra Bombshell also comes with a safety glove to protect your curling hand, and an iron pad to protect your surfaces from damage.

best hair wands

Customers tend to be impressed with the Sultra Bombshell, with this model receiving really good reviews online.

Some customers even described it as a gamechanger.

Most customers say the Bombshell is really easy to use, and they love that it heats up quickly.

One reviewer said it takes a little bit of practice to learn if you are not the best at hair styling. She recommend watching some Youtube videos when it arrives at your door so you know how best to use it.

Customers are impressed that you can choose your favorite barrel size when purchasing the Bombshell. One reviewer said she loves the 3/4 inch barrel because it gives tight curls, meaning her curls (for once) actually lasts on her hair! You can also still get a looser wave with this model if you curl bigger sections of hair at a time.

Another said the Bombshell works great on her fine hair.

Most of the negative reviewers said they had issues with it not working after a couple of months. However, this curling iron is protected by a 2 year warranty.

hair wand

This is a great option if you’re after a high quality, no-frills, luxury clipless curler that heats up quickly.

It is mostly described as easy to use and has nice features like an automatic shut off function, it’s dual voltage, and it also comes with a glove and surface protector.

However, it only has one temperature setting and a minority have issues with malfunctions. It is protected by a 2 year warranty.

Check Out The Sultra Bombshell on Amazon Here

#3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron Hair Wand (Best Budget)

hair curling


Turbo boost

Conical shape for wide and narrow curls

Flexible temperature settings

2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Nano titanium

Sol gel titanium technology

hair curler

No automatic shut off function

Not dual voltage

Two Different Sizes To Create Different Kink-Free Curls and Twists

This Babyliss Nano Titanium hair wand comes in 2 different barrel sizes to create different hair looks: 1″ to ½”  and 1-¼” to ¾”.

Babyliss promises twists – not kinks – with this tapered barrel.

Unique Cone Shape For Flexible Styling With This Hair Wand

The conical shape is great for flexible styling. The wand is wider at the handle for looser curls, and more narrow near the bottom for tighter curls. Use bigger sections for a looser curl look or take smaller sections for tighter curls.

Far Infrared Heat and Sol Gel Titanium Nano Technology For A Constant Heat and Healthier Hair

Although it’s a more expensive model, this Babyliss wand features advanced far infrared heat technology for smoother, frizz free locks.

The sol gel titanium technology reinforces the iron with strong and smooth material. Nano titanium retains heat much better than other materials and reduces the curling time. No need to worry about it dropping in temperature while you style!

50 Different Heat Settings Up To 450°F (And A Turbo Heat Button) To Suit Any Style And Hair Style

There are plenty of temperature settings to choose from: 50 heat settings in total, increasing in 7 degree increments. The maximum temperature is an ultra hot 450°F. Adapt the heat setting to your hair style and hair type. For thinner hair opt for a lower temperature setting. Thicker hair can take a hotter heat.

Unlike most other hair wands, this Babyliss Nano Titanium has a special ‘turbo heat button’ to give an immediate temperature boost while you style.

Ultra Long Swivel Cord For Flexible Movement

The 8 ft swivel cord prevents tangling as you switch from the left to the right side of your head.

2 Year Warranty To Protect Your Investment

Worried about faults in your iron? It’s protected by a two year manufacturer’s warranty to keep your worries at bay.

No Auto Shut Off Function, But Does Have A Mini Stand To Keep Surfaces Safe

However, unlike a lot of the more expensive hair wands, this Babyliss model does not feature an auto shut off function.

Like a lot of other hair wands, it features a mini stand attached to the barrel of the iron to protect your surface from heat damage.

hair wand

Overall customers are super impressed with this hair wand, with ultra high average ratings online.

Reviewers love that it works great on hard to curl hair and thick hair.

It creates really pretty beach waves. One hairdresser said her clients absolutely love the results with this iron.

Another had this Babyliss Nano Titanium hair wand recommended to her by her hairdresser! Surprising for such an affordable model.

Reviews say it cools fast and heats up quickly. Some customers said they like the burst of heat that comes with the special turbo booster button.

Even though it has cool tips, a couple of reviews mentioned they like to wear a glove in case they burn their hands because it is a clipless wand.

A very small minority had issues with faults, but this Babyliss hair wand is protected by a 2 year warranty.

A couple of customers said they wish it had an auto shut off function.

best curling wands

If you are on a tight budget and want a hair wand that can provide great value for money, this Babyliss Nano Titanium wand is a great choice. It receives great customer reviews, features a generous temperature range, utilizes advanced technology, and is even recommended by professional hair stylists!

A very small minority experience technical faults however it is covered by a 2 year warranty. Some customers wish it had an automatic shut off function and it is not dual voltage.

Check Out The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Conicurl Curling Iron on Amazon Here

#4. CHI Air Spin N Curl 1 Inch Ceramic Rotating Curler (Best Automatic Curler)

hair wand

Temperature is adjustable and has preset settings

Timer is also adjustable

Beeps when curl is ready

Direction of curls adjustable

Automatic shut off function

Dual voltage

Two year warranty

Comes With Cleaning Material

hair curler

Not the best for shorter hair

Can take some practice

Easy To Use With Just The Push Of A Button

The CHI Air Spin N’ Curl, like most automatic curlers, is surprisingly easy to use. The curler works with the push of a button. No need to hurt your hand rolling your hair upwards and holding your curls! Plus, the heat will be evenly distributed throughout your hair inside the chamber.

How To Use The CHI Air Spin N’ Curl

Just take a 1 inch section of your hair and place it in-between the small barrel of the curling iron. The automatic curler will draw your hair inside the curler. Hold the ‘curling’ button until your hair is totally inside the curling chamber. The CHI Air Spin N’ Curl will let you know when your timed curl is ready, with audible beeps.

What about tangling? No need to worry about that with this model! You can easily remove your hair from the curler when necessary. The continuous beeping sound and the ‘RESET’ message on the LED display will guide you if you add too much hair.

Adjust the style of your curls by grabbing more or less hair at a time. Take larger sections for looser curls and smaller sections for more defined curls. The curl directional buttons dictate the direction your section will curl towards: the right or the left.

Adjustable Temperature and Timer Settings and Special Technology For Better Looking Hair

Set the temperature and timer to suit your hair type: low (370°F ) (15 seconds) for finer hair; medium (390°F ) (17 seconds) for medium thickness hair; or high (410°F ) (19 seconds) for coarse hair.

The far infrared ceramic technology and negative ions help improve the appearance of your hair. It reduces heat damage, smooths static and frizz, and adds shine to your locks!

2 Year Limited Warranty For Protection

What if it breaks down? The CHI Air Spin N’ Curl is protected by a 2 year limited warranty.

One Hour Automatic Shut Off Function For Protection

If you forget to turn this automatic curling iron off, the one hour automatic shut off function will prevent any potential damage or injury.

Comes With Cleaning Material For Sanitary and Safety

What about cleaning the inside of the automatic curler? Won’t it get dirty? Unlike some other auto curlers, the cleaning material is included with this CHI Spin N’ Curl Simply use the additional cleaning material and press the ‘cleaning’ button: the curler will do the work for you!

Dual Voltage For Easy Travel

If you are based outside the US, or just travel a lot, you will be happy to hear that this automatic curler is dual voltage. Simply use an adapter and the curler can be used abroad.

top curling irons

Overall this CHI automatic curler receives really high ratings and great reviews online.

While some said it can take some time to adjust, a lot said it’s fool proof to operate from the beginning!

Most say it’s easy to use, and one even said it’s like magic. This CHI auto curler works pretty quickly, and some can curl their whole head in just 10 minutes with this model.

Reviewers really like the adjustable curl direction feature. They’re also impressed that they do not need to worry about burning their fingers.

However, it is difficult to get to the root with this CHI Spin N’ Curl automatic curler. It doesn’t work great for a lot of customers with very short hair.

Others didn’t like the beeping noise, and a couple found it too hard to use.

curling wands in 2019

If you’re looking for an automatic curler, the CHI Spin N’ Curl is one of the best on the market. It has adjustable timer and temperature features, it’s made with high-quality materials, and boasts far-infrared and ion technology for healthier looking hair.

It also comes with cleaning materials, has an automatic shut off function, and is protected by a 2 year limited warranty.

However, it can be difficult to get to the root, and though most describe it as easy to use, some find it difficult to get used to an automatic curler at the beginning.

Click Here To See The Current Price Of The CHI Air Spin N’ Curl On Amazon

#5. NuMe Octowand Curling Set (Best Wand Set)

curling wand set

11 pieces total: 8 wands, 1 base, glove, carrying case

1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Great value for money

Multiple curling styles in one (great for newbies and professionals)

Heats fast and fully adjustable temperature

Dual voltage

Automatic shut off after 1 hour

Nume curling irons

Can malfunction (but is protected by warranty)

A minority find it difficult to change the wand head

8 curling wands in 1 set: Value for money, high quality ceramic and tourmaline barrels, and automatic shut off

Great if you want to find your perfect curl, this set comes with 8 different barrels to create practically any curl style.

From tight ringlets, glamorous wavy curls, to beachy loose waves: this curler can create it all!

Just swap, change, and attach your preferred barrel to the base of your iron to get a new look.

High Quality Ceramic and Tourmaline Barrels and Healthy Hair Technology

Each barrel is made from high quality ceramic and tourmaline material. The negative ion technology and far infrared heat helps keep your hair looking frizz-free, hydrated, and reduces damage. The PTC heat technology ensures an even distribution of heat throughout your curl.

Fully Adjustable Temperature With Great Range (170°F to 450°F)

Particular about your heat settings? You can fully adjust the temeprature on these curlers, and the range stretches from a low of 170°F to a high of 450°F  (76°C to 232°C).

Automatically Shuts Off After One Hour For Safety

Forgetful? No problem! The NuMe Octowand barrels and base shut off automatically after 60 minutes of use.

One Year Limited Warranty For Protection Against Faults

Worried about your curlers breaking down? Just like other Nume curling irons, the Octowand set is protected by a one year limited warranty.

hair wand

Most customers really like this curling wand set, with really generous reviews and ratings online.

It’s loved by both newbies trying to find their perfect curling iron size, and professionals who need a lot of barrels when they travel to clients.

Customers like that it both heats up quickly and cools down quickly. A lot of reviewers are impressed with the temperature range.

Customers say the curls last even on thin fine hair that usually can’t hold a curl. The curls hold in place even without hairspray!

A minority have issues with their curler (or one of the barrels) breaking down, however, it is protected by a one year warranty.

A small number also find it hard to swap the curling barrels, however, most did not have problems with this.

wand curls

If you want to find the best barrel size and shape for you, or if you’re a professional stylist who needs a curling wand set for lots of different looks, this is a great option for you.

It’s great value for money considering how much is included in the set, and has excellent features like an automatic shut off function, and a flexible temperature range. Plus, the one year limited warranty should put your mind at ease if you have any issues or faults.

However, a minority do experience some malfunctioning issues and it can be difficult for some to change the barrels.

Check out the current price of the Nume Octowand Curling set on Amazon here