Does the I’m From Rice Toner actually make any difference to your skin? After spending 18 hours researching the product claims, ingredients, reviews on multiple platforms – we reveal the answer!

To find out if this toner is a must add to your skincare routine, just keep reading!

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What Does The I’m From Rice Toner Do?

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This rice toner is made from 77.78% GOAMI (ground yeoju rice) extract, cultivated in Yeoju, a city in the Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

I’m From rice toner deeply moisturizes the skin – it’s ideal for dull, fatigued skin types thanks to the hydrating formula.

This 5.07 fl oz product contains niacinamide which helps provide luster and more of a glow on a dull complexion.

In addition to waking up your skin, it aims to regulate your skin over time.

I’m From recognize that your skin can change day to day, week to week, and month to month. Our hormones can change the way our skin looks and feels.

This rice toner’s nutrients and moisture power help to stabilize the recovery rhythm of the skin and balance the oil and moisture levels. 

Is This Rice Toner Good For Your Skin?

Designed for dry skin, the main aim of this toner is to hydrate and protect the moisture barrier of your skin while providing an illuminating glow. It works by creating a protective barrier over your skin to prevent water loss, remove dead skin cells, and provide the moisture and luster that dry and tired skin needs!

Plus, it even gets rid of impurities. Easy to use, this toner is unscented which makes it great for very sensitive skin.

Four types of vegetable extract help soothe your skin, strengthen your moisture protective layer, and help remove flaky dead skin cells. I’m From also claims this product provides anti-wrinkle benefits.

How Does Rice Help Your Skin?

The rice contains a lot of sirtuin control peptide. Sirtuins are a group of proteins that help keep your cells regulated and in good health, it also protects against photodamage (damage from sun exposure) and eases skin stress.

Can I Use I’m From Rice Toner Everyday?

Yes, you can use it twice daily (morning and night) if you so wish. You may not need it – some customers like it as an extra step when their skin is particularly dehydrated and in need of a pick me up. 


Full Ingredients List:

Rice Extract, Methylpropanediol, Triethylhexanoin, Hydrogenated poly (C6-14 olefin), Niacinamide, Pentylene glycol, Common Purslane extract, Rice bran extract, Japanese elm bark extract, Amaranthus caudatus seed extract, Hydrogenated lecithin, Distilled water, Polyglyceryl-10-myristate, Butylene glycol, Adenosine, Cellulose gum, Ethylhexylglycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol

A huge green flag when it comes to I’m From Rice Toner is the lack of ingredients – minimal ingredients is usually a good sign!

Butylene glycol is particularly great for drier skin. Niacinamide and Adenosine provide anti-aging benefits, while niacinamide also helps to brighten.

Oryza sativa (rice) extract, triethylhexanoin, and hydrogenated poly (C6-14 Olefin) are all skin conditioning emollients. Oryza sativa (rice) bran extract and Sophora Japonica extract act as skin protecting ingredients. 

Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract and Ethylhexylglycerin both have skin conditioning benefits.

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Does I’m From Rice Toner Contain Alcohol?

No, this toner is both free from alcohol and free from fragrance! Perfect for sensitive skin.

I’m From Rice Toner is also free from essential oils, animal products, silicone, steroids, and artificial colorings.

Plus, it’s vegan and PETA approved.

The pH of this product rests between 5.9 ~ 7.9 (7.0).

Does It Contain Any Mineral Oils?

No, this rice toner is mineral oil free!

How I’m From’s Production Works

  • The brand hang their materials on a bamboo rack to dry naturally
  • The threshed grains are kept at a low temperature and polished
  • The polished rice becomes rice extract via a low temperature process, so that active ingredients are not removed from the rice

Is I’m From Rice Toner Fermented?

No, it is not fermented – it is rice water. 

Change Of Packaging

The I’m From Rice Toner originally was sold in a glass bottle, but now is sold in a plastic container. This toner still contains the exact same amount of product and the exact same toner formula.

To use the product, shake it well to ensure the emulsion layers mix with the water.

How To Use This Toner

I’m From Rice Toner is really easy to incorporate into your skincare routine.

  • Cleanse your face as normal.
  • Shake the rice toner well before use – this will mix the water and the oil layers before you use it.
  • Apply some of the toner onto a cotton round (aka a cotton pad) and swipe it across your skin. Alternatively, you can just apply it with your hands by patting it onto your skin.

I’m From Rice Toner Reviews

Check out the I’m From Rice Toner here on Amazon

The customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Most say they liked this product, across a mix of different skin issues and types.

Multiple reviewers said they bought it because the skincare Youtuber James Welsh recommended this toner.

Gentle Toner That Can Work Well On Combination, Dry, or Oilier Types

Many people who claim they often deal with irritated skin are impressed by the gentleness of this toner – it really works well for sensitive and easily agitated skin.

One customer said she noticed her acne scars are fading since she started using this toner religiously.

Although this toner was designed for drier skin, it has a ton of positive reviews from people who say they actually have an oily skin type!

Another says it works great on her combination skin type because it helps keep oil production under control while also focusing on hydrated skin!

Must Use Step & Can Have An Impact On Dullness, Signs Of Aging

Many customers say it has become an absolute must use product in their everyday skincare routine now.

This is not a whitening or discoloration-correcting product, but it does seem to make a difference for an uneven skin tone and brighten dull skin for some customers.

Because it’s so hydrating, a couple of reviewers mentioned that it does seem to make a difference to their fine lines. Hydrating formulas are usually great for anti-aging.

One disappointed review explained that the glass bottle came totally broken. – this is more a criticism of the delivery company and the former I’m From packaging.

The price is a little high but many say they think it’s worth it, even if the cost did put them off initially.

The I’m From Rice Line

I’m From’s Rice Toner is a part of the 2 step ‘rice line’ from the brand. These products are designed to soften, moisturize, and regenerate your skin. It was designed to remove dead skin cells and improve the general appearance of your complexion.

The other product in the ‘rice line’ is the rice mask. This scrub is made from 4.1% rice extract traced from Yeoju in South Korea. It is made from both rice bran and rice powder to help scrub away dead skin cells, along with impurities, to reveal a natural glow and radiance to your skin.

Additionally, vitamin B1, B2, combined with the rice water’s minerals help to reduce the appearance of large pores and help tighten loose skin. This scrub is designed for all skin types and the product was made in Korea.

About I’m From

I’m From is a Korean brand committed to transparency, honesty, and healthy business practices to provide their consumers with peace of mind.

The Brand Makes 3 Promises:

  • Open Composition – I’m From promise to be transparent on the contents and composition of their products
  • Honest Farm – the brand ensures they have an honest farm system for well sourced and better ingredients
  • Minimally Worked Material – I’m From claim their products are free from harmful chemicals to ensure your skin will be healthy

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