Want easy, safe, and effective laser hair removal at home? After 26 hours of in-depth research, we break down the top laser and IPL hair removal machines that really work.

Laser hair removal machines sometimes get a bad reputation. However, once you have patience and choose a high-quality device with good reviews, you will massively increase your chance of permanent hair removal success!

Just keep reading to find the right IPL or laser hair removal machine for you.

Quick Overview | Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Machines

#1. Tria 4X Beauty Laser Hair Removal Machine (Most Effective)

  • Tria Offer The Only FDA Approved Diode Laser Technology Machine (True Laser Hair Removal: Not IPL) ✔
  • 3 X Greater Hair Eliminating Technology Than IPL Devices ✔
  • Easier To Use And Better For Your Eyes Than IPL ✔
  • More Flexible Thanks To The Cordless Battery Powered Technology ✔
  • Greater Precision & Deeper Penetration For More Permanent Results Than IPL ✔
  • 1 Year Warranty Protection ✔
  • Takes Patience To See Full Results & More Painful Than IPL ✘

View The Tria 4X Hair Removal Machine Here On Amazon

#2. Tria Beauty Precision Laser Hair Removal At Home (Best For Travel)

  • Same FDA Approved Diode Laser Technology As Tria 4X ✔
  • Small, Cordless, & Lightweight For Travel ✔
  • Ideal For Small, Hard To Reach, Sensitive Areas Of The Face & Body ✔
  • Easy To Use With Adjustable Treatment Levels ✔
  • One Year Warranty ✔
  • Battery Life Could Be Longer ✘

View The Tria Beauty Precision Laser Hair Removal Here On Amazon

#3. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device (Best Luxury IPL)

  • Cleared By The FDA For Safety ✔
  • Larger Treatment Screen To Treat Larger Surface Areas ✔
  • 65,000 Flashes & Replaceable Cartridges Available ✔
  • Effective Quite Quickly ✔
  • 90 Day Guarantee & 2 Year Warranty ✔
  • Longer Treatment Time On Larger Areas: Time Consuming ✘

View The LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Machine Here on Amazon

#4.  SMALLRT IPL Hair Removal System For Women (Best Budget IPL)

  • More Affordable IPL Laser Hair Removal ✔
  • Works On Face And Body: Different Modes To Suit Smaller Or Larger Areas ✔
  • Enough Power For 600,000 Flashes ✔
  • 5 Energy Levels For Different Intensity ✔
  • One Year Warranty ✔
  • Power Not As Strong As Other Laser Hair Removal Machines ✘

View The SMALLRT IPL Light Hair Removal System On Amazon Here

#5. CNV Permanent WPL Laser Hair Removal Machine (Best For Sensitive Skin) 

  • Ideal For Sensitive Skin: Adjustable Hair Removal Intensity, Ice Cold Compress, Skin Rejuvenation ✔
  • CE Certified By The EU For Safety ✔
  • 500,000 Flashes For Up To 15 Years Of Use ✔
  • Ice Function Reduces Redness & Prevents Damage ✔
  • 1 Year Warranty & 180 Day Guarantee ✔
  • A Minority Have Technical Issues, But It Is Protected By A Warranty ✘

View The CNV WPL Laser Hair Removal On Amazon Here

In-Depth Reviews | Laser Hair Removal At Home Devices

#1. Tria 4X Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine (Most Effective Hair Removal)

  • Contents: Tria 4X hair removal laser, ‘Smooth Start’ calming gel

home hair removal

Only FDA approved Diode Laser Technology Machine

3 Times More Hair Eliminating Technology Than IPL

Suitable For Women & Men | Use On Both Face & Body

Includes Calming Gel To Reduce Pain

Cordless: Ideal For Travel & For Flexible Access To Hair

Better For Eyes: Light Emissions Less Intense Than IPL

Better Control and Precision Than IPL

LED Display

home hair removal

More Painful Than IPL

This Tria 4x earns our top spot due to its FDA-approved, professional grade diode laser technology for more effective results than IPL laser hair removal.

Tria Laser Hair Removal Devices Are The Only Diode Laser Technology Machines Approved By The FDA For Home Use

This hair removal device is the first and only laser of its kind (not IPL) cleared by the FDA to tackle unwanted hair at home – all at a much cheaper price than a professional clinic treatment.

It utilizes the same professional dermatologist Diode Laser Technology used in professional, expensive in-office laser hair removal treatments.

Tria hair removal machines are ideal for both women and men and can remove hair on both face and body.

Tria’s 4x is clinically proven. According to Tria, 9/10 dermatologists recommend laser technology (over IPL and other methods) for hair removal.

3 Times More Hair Removal Power Than IPL At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

Tria’s 4x laser machine powerfully and safely provides more than 3 times the hair eliminating energy than IPL home laser removal devices.

Tria lasers target the pigment in your hair follicles. The targeted hair gradually falls out, leaving your skin feeling softer. Over time, the laser permanently disables the targeted hair follicles.

Because it’s so powerful, the set includes a calming gel to help smooth your skin. The added calming gel contains root and plant extracts to cool your skin for a more comfortable treatment.

Tria recommends using this hair removal machine fortnightly for optimal results. To obtain permanent results, keep using on your skin every 2 weeks on a consistent basis.

Safe & Effective | Less Damaging To The Eyes Than IPL

Tria’s 4X is safe and effective. The light emission is less intense than IPL hair removal machines, preventing damage to your eyes.

This laser hair removal machine provides a lot of control and precision over the treatment area. The 4X device targets each follicle at a greater concentrated level and deeper than IPL machines for permanent results.

How To Use The Tria 4x Laser Hair Removal Machine

Full instructions are included in the extremely detailed user manual. The guide provides further information including how to use the 4x, how to clean the device, where to store it, and the safety guidelines.

This laser treatment features adjustable levels of intensity to suit a variety of different skin types and stages of the hair removal process.

How To Use The Tria 4X: The Basics

  • Cleanse and shave to prep your skin
  • Apply the ‘Smooth Start Calming Gel’ to cool and calm your skin – this will enable you to treat at a higher intensity and optimize your results
  • Turn on, unlock the device (the ‘lock’ produces the laser power during treatments), and select the level of treatment that you feel comfortable with
  • Treat by lifting and placing the laser on your skin in the desired area in an overlapping pattern

The Pulse Counter Ensures Accurate Coverage For Even Results

The pulse counter counts the number of pulses in each single treatment to ensure accurate coverage on each area for even hair removal results.

Recommended Pulses and Treatment Times

  • Underarm Area: 100 per side (4 -5 minutes per side)
  • Bikini Area: 200 per side (8-10 minutes per side)
  • Upper Lip: 25 (2 – 3 minutes per side)
  • Upper Leg: 600 per side (25 – 30 minutes per side)
  • Lower Leg: 600 per side (25 – 30 minutes per side)

Cordless For Flexibility And Easier Travel | LED Display & Indicator Remove Confusion

The Tria 4x is much easier to use than IPL hair removal devices. It works via an internal battery – no cord needed! This cordless machine is more flexible and easier to move across your body. Helping you reach all your hair without twisting your body in an uncomfortable position!

The battery indicator blinks when the battery charge is low as a signal that you should recharge. The device contains 30 minutes of battery life, making possible to treat many areas of your face and body in each session.

The led display is interactive and helps guide you through your laser removal treatment safely and effectively.

Tria’s skin sensor indicator avoids all confusion about when to start: it lets you know when the skin sensor is ready for treating your hair.

1 Year Warranty For Protection

It’s an expensive investment – so what happens if it breaks down? Tria’s 4X laser hair removal machine is protected by a one year warranty when purchased from an approved seller. Amazon is an approved seller of this product.

For Use On Darker Hair And Lighter Skin (For Safety Reasons)

Like most laser hair removal machines, this device only works on lighter skin (white, ivory, beige, and light brown skin tones). For safety reasons, it should not be used on medium brown, dark brown, or black skin tones.

This Tria 4x laser hair removal machine treats light brown to black colored body hair.

best home laser hair removal

Life-Changing Hair Removal Machine | Confidence Boosting!

One review says this Tria 4X is a must-buy device, others say it’s life-changing.

Another customer with a strong case of facial hair said this machine helped her regain her confidence! Her chin hair used to grow back with stubble on the same day as shaving. This Tria 4x significantly reduced the hair to the point where it’s no longer noticeable. It makes a huge difference in her life. Although it’s painful, she says it’s worth it and worth the money.

A different reviewer discussed how she had facial hair that was so bad she plucked it every day, twice a day! She was always left with stubble like a man when she shaved. This machine completely solved the chin and jawline stubble problem.

An Alternative To Professional Laser Treatments That Actually Works

One customer says she has tried a lot of other hair removal machines and this is the only device that actually works. Although it does hurt (like a sharp zap for a millisecond), as you do it more and more it hurts a lot less.

A reviewer said she felt a professional laser treatment was a waste because it was so infrequent – this device actually works for her.

Another said she hesitated to buy the 4X for so long, and considered other options, but why not go for the one that’s known to work? She was ultimately glad she bought it.

A different reviewer said she had the professional treatment, it worked, but it did grow back month later. This machine solves this issue because you can keep using it so regularly.

Other reviews say it’s worth every penny and works great for the face. Many mention that they love it for their underarms and bikini area. One customer says she has had the 4x for years now and it still works like brand new.

Results Show Reasonably Quickly For Most Users

It seems to work really well on thick hair that grows fast, and people with light skin with dark hair.

Most agree that it works reasonably quickly. Some say after a few months of use it cuts your hair levels in half. Plus, you don’t get that stubble in your armpits on the same day of hair removal.

Your hair slowly becomes more sparse, grows slower, and becomes lighter after 3 – 4 treatments. Some say their hair almost disappeared after a couple of months. You need to keep using the machine to keep up the results.

Painful | But The Pain Is Worth It

Some say it’s quite painful on the skin – but a significant percentage say the pain is worth it for the eventual results.

One customer says it is painful, especially on level 5. However, when your face is so smooth a few months later, and your jaw feels so soft, it’s worth it! Now her makeup looks great, and she feels more feminine.

The pain isn’t so bad for everyone. Some say it’s not as painful as waxing or an in-office laser hair removal treatment.

Confusion Over The Warranty Policy & Patience Needed

Some of the more negative reviews were confused about the warranty policy. As Tria clarify in their replies to unhappy customers, the customer service team will try to rectify any issues, and the warranty is valid on Amazon.

Some of the negative reviews say it did not work. However, it appears a lot of these reviews did not use the 4x for long enough. The time it takes for results to show will vary from person to person. It does take time for a lot of customers to see the full results.

best home laser hair removal

The Tria 4X is the ideal laser hair removal at home device if you want an effective diode technology (true laser – not IPL) treatment with long-lasting results.

Tria is the only FDA approved at-home laser hair removal brand on the market, and it works for both women and men on the face and body. It’s up to 3 times more effective at hair removal than IPL machines, it provides greater precision, and it’s not as damaging on the eyes.

However, customers generally agree that it’s more painful than IPL devices.

Check Out The Tria 4X Hair Removal Machine On Amazon

#2. Tria Beauty Precision Laser Hair Removal At Home (Best For Hair Removal On Smaller Areas & For Travel)

at home laser hair removal

Much Smaller & Compact: Great For Travel

Cordless & Battery Operated For Travel

Small Design Works Great For Small, Contoured Areas Like Bikini Area, Underarms, & Face

Same FDA Approved Laser Diode Technology As The Professionals

One Year Warranty

at home laser hair removal

Battery Life Is Too Short For Some (Requires Recharge Regularly)

The Tria Precision earns second because it uses the same professional Diode Laser Technology as the Tria 4X, however this machine is better for smaller areas and for traveling.

FDA Approved, HIghly Effective Diode Laser Technology

Just like the Tria 4X, this Tria Laser Precision device works via the same Diode Laser Technology used (and preferred) by the in-office professionals.

The laser hair removal power is directed towards the hair follicle to permanently prevent hair growth for long-lasting smoothness.

Tria recommends using this laser hair removal machine once every 2 weeks until you get your desired results.

Tria laser hair removal machines provide 3 times greater treatment power than all other at home laser hair removal devices for truly permanent results. Doctor Brian Biesman (M.D), an expert in Ophthalmology and Dermatology, highly recommends the Tria at home laser hair removal devices.

Have any safety concerns? Just like the Tria 4X, this Precision version is FDA cleared for effective and safe treatment to put your worries at bay. Tria lasers are the only non-IPL laser hair removal at home lasers to be cleared by the FDA.

This special Diode Technology is similar to the laser technology used in professional laser hair removal machines. The main difference is the professional machines sometimes provide higher peak power levels or faster laser pulse speeds.

Smaller & Lighter Than The Tria 4X For Travel

Because this laser hair removal machine is much smaller and lighter than the Tria 4x, it’s ideal for travel. Great if you move from country to country, town to town a lot – or if you just want to carry it in your gym bag! Plus it works great as an at home laser hair removal machine if you have limited space in your house.

Small Size & Contoured Shape Are Ideal For Small, Sensitive Areas

Due to its contoured design, the Tria Precision works best on smaller, more sensitive parts of the body like the underarms, the bikini area, and the face.

It’s ergonomically designed to easily and more comfortably reach those difficult curves and angles in the hard to access areas of the body.

Although the battery doesn’t last very long (15 minutes), this typically will not be an issue because this model is specially designed just to treat smaller areas that require much less treatment time.

Not As Powerful As The 4X | Best For Quicker Treatments Targeting Smaller Areas

The Precision laser is not as powerful as the 4X model. The 4x laser hair removal device is built with extra features, quicker treatment times, and a more powerful, upgraded battery back.

This Laser Precision Tria model is both slimmer and lighter, best suited for quick treatments in particular sensitive small areas that you would normally wax or shave (like the underarms or bikini area).

Adjustable Intensity & Easy To Use With Indicator Lights

Use the power button to turn the laser on and off and adjust the treatment intensity levels. The ventilation helps keep the laser hair removal machine cool while you use it. The special indicator lights on the side of the Tria Precision let you know the selected treatment level and the remaining battery life.

Improvements After A Couple Of Treatments, More Permanent Results With Continued Use

Tria promises smoother, more touchable skin after just a couple of treatments, with more permanent results following continued use.

It’s normal to experience some mild redness in the first 24 hours following treatment. Hair will start to fall out provided it was effectively treated. You should notice that your hair regrowth is both lighter in color and finer in texture.

Do not treat areas of your skin that are darker in color than your typical skin tone. This includes larger freckles, moles, and even tattoos. The darker skin could absorb too much laser light and injure your skin.

Be sure to check the color of the hair on the area you wish to treat, as hair color can vary greatly throughout your face and body.

One Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

What if the Tria Precision breaks down? Tria offers a one year warranty for greater peace of mind.

at home laser hair removal

A couple of people claim it’s the best laser hair removal at home machine they’ve ever used.

One reviewer said she has the Tria Precision recommend to her by her dermatologist. In her opinion, it provides similar results as a professional laser hair removal treatment, as long as your expectations with laser hair removal are realistic.

About 90% of the hair will be gone long term, but you will probably need to deal with a couple of sparse hairs now and then. But this is the closest she’s come to seeing a complete removal of hair with a laser hair removal machine!

Other customers were happy to see visible hair growth reduction within just one month. It works great on the bikini area, upper lip, and sides of the face in particular.

Reviews left by those using the Tria Precision long term say the results are truly noticeable after prolonged use.

Your results will depend on the level of strength (and pain) you decide to tolerate. It’s best to be patient and start out on lower levels and gradually work your way up to avoid damaging your skin.

A handful of people mentioned the pain levels. A couple said it doesn’t hurt at all on the lowest setting, the highest setting is quite painful. Others did experience some pain. One, in particular, felt this machine works if you can live with the pain and do treatments regularly.

Most say they love the compact size for getting to the delicate, smaller areas of the body.

Some wish the battery life was longer. The battery life seems to correlate to the level of intensity selected with lower levels lasting a longer time.

A couple had issues with it malfunctioning. It is protected by a one year warranty.

at home laser hair removal

If you are interested in the Laser Diode Tria 4X but plan to use it only on smaller areas (like the bikini area, underarms, and face), this Tria Precision is a much better alternative.

Its small, lightweight size, and curved contours are ideal for laser hair removal on those smaller areas. For this reason, the Tria Precision is also better for travel.

However, because of its small size, the battery power length is quite short.

Check Out The Tria Beauty Precision Laser Hair Removal On Amazon Here

#3. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device (Best Low Risk Luxury IPL)

Note: Luma RX uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology.

permanent hair removal at home

Cleared By The FDA For Safety

For Use On The Face & Body For Women Or Body For Men

Larger Treatment Window/Screen To Treat Larger Surface Areas

65,000 Flashes & Replaceable Cartridges Available

Effective After A Few Treatments

Can Provide A More Intense Treatment Level

Attached To A Cord: No Recharging Necessary

90 Day Guarantee & 2 Year Warranty

permanent hair removal at home

Longer Treatment Time On Larger Areas: Time Consuming

This IPL machine is placed third on our list because it’s one of the most effective IPL machines at removing hair, with a generous warranty period, and provides the option of buying replacement cartridges.

One Of Many IPL Laser Hair Removal Devices Cleared By The FDA

Pioneered by one of the US’ leading dermatologists, this Luma RX provides professional-level IPL results, for a long-lasting treatment to reduce hair.

Like the other IPL devices on this list, the Luma RX is also cleared by the FDA to permanently reduce women’s facial and body hair and men’s body hair from the comfort of your own home.

Comfort Filter Technology For UV Protection & Greater Comfort

This laser hair removal device features special Comfort Filter technology to block out potentially harmful infrared energy and UV energy and make your laser hair removal process safer and more comfortable.

Ultra Effective IPL For Use Every 2 Weeks | For Both Women (Body & Face) & Men (Body)

This IPL device provides wavelength light energy that tackles the hair at the root. The energy spans across a long pulse length making this LumaRx an ultra-effective laser hair removal machine.

LumaRX recommends that you use this laser hair removal machine once every two weeks or three times a month.

While it should only be used on the face if you’re a woman (on sideburns, chin, neck, above the lip, and cheeks), both men and women can use it on their body hair (mainly on the underarms, arms, bikini line, stomach, chest, and legs areas).

Bigger Treatment Screen & Large Number Of Flashes Per (Replaceable) Cartridges For Longevity

It’s ideal if you want a laser hair removal device that lasts. This Luma RX provides a high number of flashes before you need to change the cartridge.

The treatment window/screen is 3cm2 (a lot bigger than a lot of other at home laser hair removal devices) and provides a generous 65,000 flashes per replaceable cartridge.

Impatient? The flash speed is ultra-quick: just 3 seconds for the body and 4 seconds for the face.

Two Interchangeable Caps For Different Treatment Areas

It works great for large areas of the skin. Plus, this machine can provide more intense treatments.

This set includes 2 interchangeable caps for treatment. One cap is suited for large body areas, and the smaller cap is for smaller, contoured areas.

Different parts of the body will vary in the required treatment time. Smaller areas take only approximately 2 minutes, and it’s possible to treat a larger area (a full leg) in approximately 20 minutes.

Skin Tone Tester To Determine If It’s Safe To Use

Like most IPL machines, it works on light to medium skin tones and it’s most effective on darker hair.

Not sure if it will work for your skin? This laser hair removal machine includes a skin tone tester to help determine if it will work for your skin. It’s not the best for peach fuzz or light hair, it works best on darker hair (ranging from dark blond to black).

Effective & Quicker Than Other Laser Hair Removal At Home Machines

Luma Rx promises this machine will provide you with professional treatment quality results.

In an internal test with the Tria 4.0, Gillette Venus Naked Skin, Philips Lumena, Silk’n Flash & Go, Silk’n Glide, and Illuminage Beauty Me, this LumaRx IPL provided up to 94% more reduction in hair after 3 treatments.

While individual treatment results vary, on average participants saw a 66% reduction in body hair in the 12 months following just 3 treatments.

How To Use: Luma RX For Laser Hair Removal At Home

More in-depth instructions are available in the full user manual.

  • Prep your skin by cleansing and shaving first
  • Utilize the skin tone tester over your skin to see if it’s light enough for treatment
  • Pick your ideal energy level
  • Work in the skin in a grid-like fashion

Because it’s a corded machine, there’s no need to recharge it.

Replacement Cartridges Available For Longevity

A huge advantage of this laser hair removal machine over others is that it has replacement cartridges for sale. Not every brand offers that – sometimes rendering the device useless once the cartridge empties. Once your flashes are up, you can just replace the cartridge and keep using the machine.

Generous 2 Year Warranty & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

What if you run into problems with the LumaRx? They offer a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty if you run into any functional difficulties. Plus, there’s a 90 day 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the LumaRx for any reason.

permanent hair removal at home

Some reviewers go as far as to say they love it, others are also really impressed.

Does It Really Work?

Most reviewers agree that this machine works: it does definitely reduce the speed of your hair growth.

A couple mentioned that it’s really effective on facial hair. One customer said she used it every other day for 2 weeks and her facial hair is gone now!

A lot of customers are impressed by the results. Results vary a lot from individual to individual: it will take longer for some to see the full results. For example, one reviewer said it reduced her leg hair by 2/3 after a year. Another had virtually hairless legs after just 2 months (after 5 or so treatments). Others noticed their bikini area and underarms were almost completely hairless after 4 uses.

One said she got amazing results even on the second treatment, others had a significant reduction (but not quite permanent removal) after 20 treatments.

A lot noted that it’s super effective on the armpits area, with many noticing a virtually permanent removal after just a couple of months of using it.

Others estimated that their hair reduced by 95% after consistent use.

Tackles Ingrown Hairs & More Effective On Grown Out Hair?

This laser hair removal machine can help out in unexpected ways. One customer noted that she used to get really itchy red bumps and a lot of ingrown hairs on her legs, and this LumaRx machine completely removed that problem.

Some customers say it’s much more effective when you zap at grown out hair, not shaven hair.

The impact on hair regrowth is life-changing for some: one customer said the regrowth she gets in 5 days is what she’d have within 12 hours before!

Mixed Reviews On The Pain Levels

Some customers say it does sting a bit, but you get used to it fairly quickly. Others say it doesn’t really hurt at all. One customer said it’s like a painless alternative to the Tria 4X!

A lot recommend starting off on the lower setting and gradually increasing to develop a better pain tolerance.

Time-Consuming on Larger Parts Of The Body

Some were disappointed with the time it takes to treat bigger areas of your body: one said it takes an hour per leg. It’s quite time-consuming.

Some customers were unhappy because they felt that they used this laser hair removal machine correctly but it didn’t work well for them. The seller advised them to contact their customer service to help resolve the situation.

permanent hair removal at home

If you want a high-quality IPL at home laser hair removal machine that’s built to last with generous warranty protection for added safety, this is a great option.

It features a large treatment screen and Luma RX sell replacement cartridges (in case you run out of flashes) for a long-lasting device.

Plus, it’s covered by a 2-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

However, it can be time-consuming to use this IPL on larger areas of your body.

Check Out The LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Machine on Amazon Here

#4.  SMALLRT IPL Hair Removal System For Women (Best Budget IPL)

  • Dimensions:  9.1 x 7.7 x 2.7 inches
  • Contents: the IPL device, safety goggles, shaving knife, user manual, power cord

laser hair removal machines

More Affordable

Comes With Goggles & Safety Knife

Works On Face And Body: Different Modes To Suit Smaller Or Larger Areas

Lasts Enough For 600,000 Flashes

5 Energy Levels For Different Intensity

Super Quick: Promises 10 Minute Full Body Treatment

One Year Warranty

laser hair removal machines

Power Not As Strong

Cord Is Short

This IPL laser hair removal machine earns fourth on our list because of its high quality hair removal power at an affordable price.

SMALL RT’s IPL device offers safe, painless, and permanent hair removal.

Ideal for painless laser hair removal, this machine provides enough power for 600,000 flashes to both body and face.

SMALL RT recently upgraded the lasting power of this machine from 350,000 flashes to 600,000 flashes for almost double the longevity.

This IPL laser hair removal machine utilizes the same technology as professionals.

How IPL Works To Permanently Reduce Hair Regrowth

This laser hair removal works via light pulse technology (IPL). Light reaches the skin and becomes absorbed by the root of your hair, stimulating the hair follicle. The IPL penetrates the skin into the dermis where it is absorbed by the hair follicle’s melanin. This results in a photothermal effect.

Here, energy is conducted from the hair to the hair root. This rapidly increases the temperature of (and decomposes) melanin. This process stops hair from regrowing permanently. Your hair will fall off naturally following this process, leaving your skin smoother. Absorption is easier the darker the hair.

This device is most effective on light brown to dark black hair. It’s not suitable for blonde, red, or grey hair. Like other IPL machines, it’s not designed for darker skin tones for safety and effectiveness reasons.

5 Different Energy Levels To Suit Even Sensitive Skin Types

This hair removal device provides 5 energy levels to suit different levels of skin sensitivity, ranked from 1 (lower) to 5 (higher).

The higher levels are more effective at hair removal, but you should start out on the lowest setting at the very beginning.

The Full Hair Removal Process

It typically takes between 6 – 12 weeks to get visible results.

  • In the first month each treated hair follicle is stimulated (heat is drawn into the melanin in your hair follicles)
  • Your treated hair will fall off in the 2nd month
  • 3 months in, your hair will be inhibited from growing back (with continued and regular use)

This kind of IPL technology only works well during the hair growth stage.

Quick To Use: Treat Your Entire Body In Just 10 Minutes

This laser hair removal machine is super quick to use. SMART RT claim it’s possible to treat your entire body in just 10 minutes!

  • 1 minute on the face
  • 30 seconds on the upper lip
  • 1.5 minutes under the armpit
  • 2 minutes on the arm
  • 4 minutes on the leg

However, a couple of customers did find it took longer than 10 minutes: especially on the leg area.

Goggles Included For Eye Protection

Goggles are included in the set and help protect your eyes against the flashes of light. The goggles have 4 adjustable levels to protect against a variety of different light intensity levels.

One Year Warranty Protection For Peace Of Mind

A one year warranty protects each SMART RT IPL laser hair removal device just in case you run into any functional issues.

Using The Machine: The Modes, Setting Up, & How To Treat Your Hair

This budget-friendly IPL machine has two different modes to suit different parts of your body.

  • The flash mode (manual mode): best for smaller areas (lips, fingers, armpit, bikini line)
  • Auto mode (slide mode): ideal for larger areas (arms, stomach, legs, back)

How To Use: Starting The Machine

  • Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on or off
  • Short press the power button for just a second to switch modes (between flash and auto)

How To Use: Treating The Skin

  • Shave and clean your skin first
  • Make sure the power plug and cable are connected
  • Wear goggles on your eyes for protection
  • Pick your desired energy level
  • Place the window on your skin (be sure to press firmly) in a vertical position
  • Press down on the flash key

laser hair removal machines

A few customers said it’s their new favorite hair removal machine.

It can be a bit confusing to power off and change the setting if you don’t read the user manual (or this review). Most who read up on the machine beforehand describe it as easy to use.

Noticeable Difference For Most Customers

A lot of customers are impressed, they can see the difference even after just a couple of uses.

This hair removal machine receives some mixed reviews on whether or not it can reduce the appearance of very thick, coarse body hair.

The more and more you use it, you can see the hair becoming more sparse on the treated area.

Customers are impressed with the reduced hair growth and say their hair feels a lot softer after just a couple of uses.

Many notice an approximately 80% hair removal on the bikini line and underarms area pretty quickly.

Impressive Customer Service

The customer service is impressive, especially considering SMART RT is not a big brand name. One particular reviewer left negative feedback, but the company contacted them and now that reviewer updated their comment to say they’re very happy.

Speed Is Exaggerated & Mixed Reviews On Pain Levels

One of the main advantages of this machine is how quick the treatment process is. However, some took issue with the suggested time for use: 10 minutes was too good to be true! The laser window is small so it takes a lot longer than they suggest to do your legs.

There are some mixed reviews on the pain levels. Many customers say they love that it doesn’t hurt their skin, they just feel a small sensation. Others say it’s kind of painful.

Be warned: it shakes and makes a sound every time it flashes! That can take time to get used to.

One reviewer wasn’t too impressed with this laser hair removal machine. She described it as a bit flimsy and somewhat confusing to use. She preferred the Remington I Light even though it’s more heavy.

Shorter Cord & Less Power Though Still Great For The Price

Although the power is not as strong as the more expensive models, it’s still great for the price.

Some reviews were unhappy with the cord length: the cord is short, so it’s quite hard to maneuver around your body and get to those hard to reach areas.

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If you want to try an IPL laser hair removal machine and you’re on a budget, this Smart RT device is a good option.

Even though it’s not a big brand name, it comes with a one year warranty and Smart RT provides impressive customer service.

The power is not as strong as some of the more expensive IPL laser hair removal machines for at home use, but it’s still pretty effective.

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#5. CNV Permanent WPL Laser Hair Removal Machine (Best For Sensitive Skin) 

Contents: hair removal device, razor, safety glasses, AC adapter, user manual

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3 In 1: Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Ice Cold Compress For Smooth Skin Even On Sensitive Skin

500,000 Flashes For Up To 15 Years Of Use

Dual Voltage

1 Year Warranty, 180 Day Guarantee, & After Sales Service

Ice Function Reduces Redness & Prevents Damage

Face & Body Hair Removal

Skin Tone Sensor

CE Certified

laser hair removal at home

A Minority Have Malfunction Issues, But It Is Covered By A Warranty

The CNV WPL device earns our fifth spot because it’s so effective at laser hair removal for people with sensitive skin, especially because of the ice cold compress function.

3 in 1: Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Ice Cold Compress

This WPL device provides hair removal powers, skin rejuvenation, and an ice-cold compress for softer, smoother skin even on sensitive skin types.

CNV’s WPL power provides fast, safe, and painless hair removal.

This model is attached to a cord for ease of use. No need to replace any batteries or recharge it!

Long-Lasting: 500,000 Flashes For up To 15 Years Of Use

Although no cartridge replacement is available, this CNV device has a large treatment window, and a lifetime of 500,000 flashes – it will last a long time! CNV claims it can last up to 15 years (or used by 15 people for one year).

WPL Vs IPL: More Gentle & Improves The Appearance Of your Skin

The WPL is similar to the IPL: it targets the melanin in your hair follicles, right at the root, and permanently removes that hair.

However, WPL is more gentle on the skin than the IPL technique. The weak pulse light is not as hot on the skin as IPL. This means there’s less risk of your skin going red or swelling up during treatment.

CNV also promises the WPL function helps soften your skin, improves its elasticity, and even helps tighten pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

Face & Body Hair Removal | As Safe As Professional Machines

It’s suitable for both face and body, but avoid the eye area. This hair removal machine can be used on the arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, back, and chest.

CNV promise that this WPL at home laser hair removal device is just as safe as the machines used in professional hair removal clinics. You can use it all over your body: even on sensitive areas like the bikini area, legs, underarms, and face and upper lips.

In a hurry? This CNV hair removal laser can treat all of your body in just 30 minutes.

Some Results Visible Within 2 Months | Long Term Results After 4 Months

CNV claim your skin can feel silky smooth in just 8 weeks of treatments.

This WPL device proving an efficient and long-lasting hair removal experience. After 4 – 6 months of continued use you should notice a big difference. Your hair growth will be impaired and visibly much sparser.

CNV promise it can reduce ingrown hairs by 97% in just 2 months.

WPL Provides Ice Cold Compress For Soothing Sensitive Skin

The ice-cold compress feature helps reduce redness and prevents skin damage and burning. It’s ideal for those with sensitive skin, or if you’re afraid of painful hair removal.

Adjustable Strength To Suit Different Skin Types

The 5 adjustable light energy settings are ideal for all skin types.

Have ultra-sensitive skin? This hair removal device provides a highly gentle treatment for sensitive skin types on the lowest energy setting.

It’s best to gradually increase to a higher wavelength to enhance the hair removal strength as you build up a tolerance with continued use. The lower level settings are also ideal for sensitive areas of the body.

It’s convenient to switch between each function. Long press the light button for 6 seconds to switch to automatic mode.

CE Certified & Skin Tone Sensor For Safety

Sometimes you can worry about the safety of lesser-known brand laser hair removal devices. This WPL device is certified by the EU CE – so you can be sure it’s safe!

The skin tone sensor helps verify that your hair and skin tone will work with this hair removal machine.

1 Year Warranty & 180 Day Guarantee

Worried about your WPL not working? This CNV is protected by a 1-year warranty and a 180-day guarantee. Plus, the after-sales service will always be open if you run into any issues.

Dual Voltage For Travel

Travel a lot? CNV’s WPL machine is a dual voltage model (110V-240V) – it works easily abroad.

laser hair removal at home

A couple of reviewers said it’s the best hair removal device they’ve ever tried.

Noticeable Difference In Hair Growth

Multiple customers said they noticed a big difference in hair growth even after just a couple of months.

One, in particular, talked about how her chin hairs and the hair on her upper lip impacted her confidence. She credited the CNV for helping her skin feel and look smooth, and says hair barely grows there anymore.

Others saw an impact on their underarm area after just a couple of mouths: with less hair and a different texture.

A lot of reviewers say they notice thinner hair and it grows slower in the targeted areas after just a few months.

It tends to work really well for people with dark hair and light skin.

Easy To Use & Adjustable Settings

Most reviews say it’s easy to use. Customers like that it doesn’t hurt or cause any discoloration on your skin.

Others are impressed that you can adjust the strength level (particularly those with more sensitive skin types).

It’s easy to switch from one part of the body to another. Some discussed how they used it on their upper lip, underarms, and legs, and said their hair stopped growing reasonably quickly in all areas.

One review said she likes that it comes with goggles to protect your eyes, and a shaving knife.

Small Number Have Malfunction Issues

Some do highlight that you need to be patient to see the full results. Like the other devices on this list, it takes time.

A few customers had issues with it turning on, but it is protected by a warranty.

laser hair removal at home

If you suffer from sensitive skin, this is the best laser hair removal at home solution for you.

The WPL technology combines with the ice-cold compress to soothe and heal sensitive skin while you treat your body hair.

Plus, the intensity levels are adjustable, meaning it can be used by even the most sensitive of skin levels.

A small number have technical issues with this CNV, however, it is protected by a one year warranty and 180-day guarantee.

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