Looking for the right led ring light for your needs?

We all want the perfect selfie or video lighting. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a lighting pro, our easy-to-follow guide will quickly help you identify the perfect led ring light for you!

After over 37 hours of intense research, we break down the best 5 led ring lights on the market right now!

#1. Neewer Ring Light Kit (Best Overall/Beauty Blogger Favorite)

  • Contents (Including Accessories): LED ring light, light stand, soft tube, white and orange color temperature filters, hot shoe adapter, power adapter (universal), phone holder, camera carrying bag.
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Reasonably Priced

Compatible With DSLR Cameras & Smartphones

Universal Power Adapter (US/EU Compatible)

One Year Warranty

Fully Adjustable Brightness

Includes Stand & Easy To Travel With

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A Very Small No. Had Parts Break (It Is Warranty Protected)

This led ring light earns our top spot because it’s great value for money and has fantastic reviews (especially among makeup artists and hair stlylists).

High-Quality Ring Light, Ideal For Makeup Selfies Or Youtube Tutorials

This Neewer led ring light features a 18″/48 cm ring of lights using a total of 240 pieces of LED bulbs. Ideal as a ring light for video, taking selfies, nail art, or applying makeup, you can easily add a camera or smartphone to get the perfect well-lit photograph or video.

The added hot shoe ball head adapter is compatible with most DSLR cameras and has a special holder for smartphones (compatible with the iPhone 8 plus/8/X/7/6, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8, Huawei, among others). It’s rotatable to get the perfect angle for your videos or selfies!

Adjustable Brightness 1 – 100% For Added Control

Easily control the brightness of the light while you take pictures or film video! This led ring light features a stepless 1 – 100% dimming range that you can change back and forth via the special dimming knob.

The dimmable feature helps prevent dark shadows. Neewer promises that the light is flattering on the face – especially because of the light ring it reflects onto your eyes.

Perfect for makeup artistry (or for taking makeup selfies), this led ring light helps enhance your facial features and brightens your eyes due to the special aperture effect.

Portable With Adjustable Height Light Stand

Need to travel from photoshoot to photoshoot or client to client? This led ring light set is lightweight and easily portable from place to place.

The set comes with an aluminum alloy light stand (measuring 155cm/61″ in height). For added flexibility, the stand has an adjustable height from 19″ to 59″ to get the perfect height no matter your needs.

Thanks to the adjustable soft tube, you can rotate the light freely to get the best angles. Plus, the ring head itself is rotatable 180 degrees to make it as flexible as possible.

Color Temperature Adjustable With Color Filters

This light has a 5500k color temperature (3200k with a filter).

Each set comes with 2 optional color filters (White and orange) featuring steady color temperature, and make it easy to switch from 3200K to 5600K. Both are built from high-light transmission plastic.

NEWER led ring lights have a special reflective silver layer that provides a softer and brighter light even on the lower settings.

The special LED SMD (surface mount design) allows for more efficient light production. This reduces the size of the light and also adds more colors to each LED.

One Year Warranty For Protection

Neewer offer a one year warranty just in case you run into any malfunction issues.

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Reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Many of those who use it in a professional capacity find the lighting this ring light provides is perfect to take pictures of your clients (especially as a professional makeup artist).

This professional lighting set also travels well – customers confirm that it’s so easy to put together and pack away in the travel bag.

Others note they love that you can easily adjust the brightness and contrast.

One customer said the selfies and videos she takes look so much better now she has this led right light, and she can’t think of any downsides to this led ring light.

A lot of reviews mention the really quick shipping and that their new ring light was so easy to put together.

A very tiny minority of people had issues with parts breaking do offer a one year warranty just in case you run into any issues.

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If you’re on a search and not sure which led ring light to go for, this Neewer option is the no-brainer choice.

Not only is it very reasonably priced, but it has also earned excellent reviews, and professionals in particular really love it!

View The Current Price Of The Neewer Ring Light Kit Here On Amazon

#2. Kshioe 14” Dimmable Led Ring Light (Best Budget)

  • Contents (Including Accessories): 14inch ring light, 78inch folding tripod light stand, 2 plastic color filters, smartphone holder, camera flash hot shoe adapter, carrying bag.
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Budget Friendly

Use With DSLR Camera or Phone

Holds A Mirror

Available In 14″ or 18″

100% Dimming Flexibility

Optional White Or Orange Color Filter

One Year Warranty

Safety & Environmental Protections

led ring light

Stand Doesn’t Fit In Carrying Case

This led ring light is placed second on our list because it’s the best budget option on the market.

Compatible With DSLR Cameras, Smartphones & Holds A Mirror

This led ring light features a hot shoe ball head adapter that is rotatable and works well with most DSLR cameras and smartphones, and can even hold a mirror – perfect for makeup lighting!

Kshioe led ring lights are available in two sizes: 14″, or the slightly more expensive 18″.

Fully Stepness Dimming & Color Filters For Flexibility

Like the more expensive brands, this Kshioe led ring light features stepness dimming from 0% to 100%.

Both the white and orange color filters are made of a plastic material that transmits light with steady color temperature (3200k/5600k).

Includes Durable, Easy To Move Stand

The lightweight and durable stand is made from aluminum alloy – it’s easily flexible and adjustable, and fuss-free to transport (stretching from 26″ to 79″). The accessories included feature a carrying bag for on-the-go lighting.

Kshioe recommends this led ring light for fashion, makeup lighting, advert photography, or video shoots. The stand makes it so easy to move from shoot to shoot!

Safe & Environmentally Minded

Made with safety and sustainability in mind, this ring light set doesn’t use ultraviolet or infrared light radiation, and it also has a low heat output and additional safety and environmental protections.

Made up of 180 led bulbs, the lamps are ultra-energy efficient and create a bright yet soft light – perfect for photo and as a ring light for video lighting!

This ring light is AC 120V.

One Year Warranty For Protection & Maintenance

Worried about your LED ring light breaking down? Each purchase includes protection for that added peace of mind. In addition to a 30 days money-back guarantee, this ring light also comes with a one year warranty.

Plus, Kshioe offer zero maintenance cost, and their customer service is super helpful if you’re in any way dissatisfied with your purchase.

All of this protection helps make your purchase a lot less risky!

led ring light
Overall, most customers are highly impressed.

Reviewers love that it’s simple to set up and that the instructions and illustrations are so easy to follow.

One said it only took a few minutes to assemble and start using their new led ring light – perfect if you need something for beginners.

Others find that the case for this make is really sturdy and clearly high quality.

Customers like how dimmable it is and that the stand is adjustable.

One hairstylist said she loves it to get pictures of her client’s hair. It’s also perfect for doing client’s lash extensions.

Some customers said this one works great for Youtube videos.

Even though this option is budget-friendly, reviewers say it’s a lot better than they were expecting.

A couple of people said it works just as well as expensive models they tried, others say it’s great for the price.

The cord for this make is long, which is a great bonus feature.

One or two customers don’t like that the stand doesn’t fit in the traveling case. Therefore it’s not the best make if you need to go from client to client.

Another reviewer said it’s not as long-lasting as the more expensive models, but it’s a great one for beginners.

led ring light

Need an led ring light on a budget? This particular make is really affordable considering the great quality, and the reviews are overwhelmingly impressed.

It won’t last as long as the ultra-expensive models, but it’s certainly justified for the price.

Check Out The Kshioe Led Ring Light Here On Amazon

#3. MACTREM LED Ring Light 6″ with Tripod Stand (Best Table Ring Light)

  • Contents (Including Accessories): Led ring light, tripod, mini extendable tripod for phone, phone holder, hot shoe
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Size Is Perfect For Multi-Use

Phone & Camera Compatible With Holder For Phone (Not For Camera)

USB Powered & Can Use With PC, Laptop Or Power Bank

Adjustable Light Modes, Brightness levels, & Color Filters

24 Months Aftersales Service

led ring light

Quality Not As Good As The Expensive Models

This led ring light is placed third on our list because it’s the best tabletop, 6 inch model available on the market.

Table Top Size Perfect For A Range Of Uses

Great for a number of different uses, this 6″ ring light is ideal if you want a small model to use for a number of activities.

MACTREM recommends this led ring light a range of uses including makeup lighting, outdoor lighting, livestreaming.

You can even place it on the floor to use as a fitness light. Or add it to your table beside the bed to use as a night light!

Phone Holder & USB Powered

The added phone stand supports a large range of phones (Iphones, Samsungs etc..). It’s perfect as a compact table ring light to record quick videos or take selfies.

Although it does not hold cameras, the light piece can be attached to some cameras.

MACTREM’s led light is powered by USB and can be connected to your devices (PC, laptop, usb adapter or power bank).

Optional Light Modes, Brightness Adjustable, And Color Temperature Filters

Featuring 3 light modes and 11 brightness levels, you can get the perfect lighting for your needs.

Plus, you can make the color softer using the color temperature filters (white, warm yellow, or warm white).

Whether you make Youtube videos, or upload pictures on Instagram or Facebook, this ring light will help you achieve the perfect lighting!

Perfect For Applying Makeup

MACTREM’s led ring light will help illuminate your makeup look in a flattering way. It’s perfect for makeup tutorials and makeup selfies thanks to the light reflected in your eyes.

The light is extremely flattering on the face – it even helps your face lines look more stereoscopic!

2 Years AfterSales Service

Just in case you run into any issues, MACTREM store provides 24 months aftersales service. If you have any problem at all customer service will be on hand to resolve it.

led ring light
The vast majority are really happy with their tabletop led ring light.

Most customers describe it as ideal for beginners and good if you’re on a tight budget – great if you need something affordable and easy to use.

Multiple reviewers say they are sure that this model is well worth it for the price.

Given the price, it’s not surprising that this product is not made from the best quality materials, but it will last if you look after it.

Reviews are impressed that it’s so easy to put together.

Some note that they love that you can change the featured brightness via the dial.

The light itself is good quality – it’s nice and bright.

Customers say it’s great as a ring light for video or just to use as a light on your vanity table for makeup.

However, if you’re a professional MUA, this may not be the best option because it may not be bright enough for what you would need. This model is best for amateurs and just personal use.

A minority found it quite cheap and weren’t too impressed with the quality of this product. If you want a high quality make, you may need to fork out for a more expensive model.

led ring light

On a search for a no-fuss tabletop led ring light for doing your makeup, taking selfies, or recording Youtube videos? All of the features make this ring light a great option for you.

Although it’s not super high quality, it’s so much more affordable than the expensive models and will last if you look after it correctly.

Click Here To See The Latest On This MACTREM LED Ring Light On Amazon

#4.  SAMTIAN 18 Inch LED Ring Light (Best Mid-Range)

  • Contents (Including Accessories): LEDring light, adjustable light stand, tripod ball head, selfie remote control (for smartphones), smart phone holder, power adapter, carrying bag, user manual
ring light for video

Remote Control For Selfies

External Filter Change Not Required

Adjustable Light Stand & Tripod Ball Head

512 SMD LED Beads (White & Yellow)

Fully Adjustable Brightness

1 Year Warranty & Great Customer Service

ring light for video

Connection Area For Tripod Not As Steady As More Expensive Ones

This ring light is placed fourth because it’s great value for money. It’s the best mid-ranged price option on the market. Great if you want a reliable, high quality ring light without forking out for the luxury option!

512 Durable SMD LED Beads For Effective Lighting

This LED halo light features 512 SMD LED beads (256 white and 256 yellow) for an effectively bright light source. It has a 80W power output in total. Plus, it features bi color leds from 2700k to 5500k. Although you can use it for a number of different activities, this led light works great for makeup lighting – it provides a soft yet natural-looking light.

Samtian’s SMD LED lights and diffusers are made of PC with great durability, flame retardancy, and heat resistance. This PC material helps protect the LED lights and keeps the light effect softer.

Adjustable Brightness (1 – 100%) & Easier Filter Control Than Other Models

Samtian provides flexible settings to get the right shooting environment and achieve the best picture from your camera or phone. The brightness is fully dimmable from 1% to 100% (with fantastic CRI> 90). Unlike other ring light brands, thanks to the multicolored bulbs, you do not need to remove and replace external filters!

Adjustable & 180 Rotatable Light Stand & Remote For Selfies

This set includes an adjustable light stand (33″ to 78″) that is composed of aluminum alloy. It’s durable and rotatable 180 degrees for better flexibility.

One of the best features of this ring light set is the remote control that makes it so easy to take selfies with smartphones.

1 Year Warranty & Assistance With Assembly If Required

Always dread the assembly process? This led ring light only takes a minute to assemble together if you have previous experience with this kind of light equipment. The customer service resources are super helpful if you need help with light together.

What if you experience issues with this ring light? Thankfully, it’s covered by a 12 month warranty and life long customer service just in case you have any problems.

ring light for video
Most of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Customers love how quick and easy this ring light is to set up and start using – it is easy to see why it’s such a popular choice.

Some mention that it dims so well, and they love the remote for taking selfies.

A couple of makeup artists even mentioned that the remote feature made their jobs a lot easier and they use it all the time.

Others note that the white and orange lights provide options: a warm, cool, or mixed kind of light is possible without having to add on an external filter.

Customers love that it comes with a bag and the tripod is really extendable which makes it really flexible – great for on the go lighting!

However, one or two reviewers said the connection area for the ring and the tripod is unsteady. A couple said they find the Neweer model is better because this one is not as bright.

ring light for video

Looking for a mid-range priced led ring light with some high-quality features, without forking out for one of the premium luxury options? This is a great option for you!

Check Out The SAMTIAN LED Ring Light Here On Amazon

Tip: Depending on the weight of your purchase, a ring light can be quite expensive to ship on certain websites. It’s a good idea to check if there is free shipping after you hit that add to cart button!

#5. IVISII Ring Light (Best Luxury)

  • Content Items (Including Accessories): led ring light, light stand, white filter, phone holder, hot shoe adapter for camera, bluetooth remote, wireless remote controller, screwdriver, AC adapter (multi-voltage)
ring light for video

Wireless Remote Control & Bluetooth Remote To Adjust All Features

Completely Adjustable Brightness & Bi Color Temperature

Hot Shoe Adapter & Compatible With Smartphones & DSLR Cameras

LCD Display

50,000 Hours Of Use

Safety & Environmental Protections

ring light for video

More Expensive (But Many Say The Price Is More Than Justified)

This led ring light earns our fifth space because it’s the best luxury option available. It is more expensive than the others, but the high-quality materials and extra features can justify the extra price.

240 LED Lights With Completely Adjustable Brightness & Bi-Color Temperature

The 240 bulb piece LED lights are bright with fully adjustable brightness from 1% to 100%. It features a freely adjustable bi-color temperature from the warm 3000k – to a white 5800k (no need for a color filter)!

The hot shoe adapter is compatible with most DSLR cameras and this ring light set also features a smartphone holder that works with most smartphones.

It features high CRI to restore true color (CRI>97 TCI>99).

Great For Personal Or Professional use

This particular 19 inch led ring light is great for selfies, streaming, or wedding pictures.

It’s gentle on the eyes and this product works great for professional nail art or makeup artists to work on clients.

Wireless System With Remote To Adjust All Settings

The built in 2.4GHz wireless system makes adjusting the settings so simple. Access the color temperature settings, control the dimming levels (in real time), use the channel/group selection (for multiple ringlights), and power the whole device on or off!

A wireless remote control is included in this ring light product and accessories set. It allows you to control the color temperature and brightness from anywhere.

LCD Setting Display Screen And Safety & Environmental Protections

The LCD display clearly shows the brightness and color temperature settings to avoid all confusion and help you find the perfect mix of settings for your photography or makeup needs.

The 240 Led blubs provide over 50,000 hours of use. IVISII promise no infrared light radiation or ultraviolet radiation, along with low heat output, and this led ring light was made with environmental and safety protections in mind.

ring light for video
Reviewers are super impressed with this led ring light overall.

Not surprising considering the price, but customers confirm that this light is so much brighter than other ring lights.

Multiple reviewers comment on the fantastic quality considering the price. Even though it’s expensive, they would expect this to cost even more!

Because it’s such a strong light, most people find they can use this product for a lot of different activities.

It’s a great option for professionals: some note that they like that you can fold it down for doing professional eyelash extensions.

Others said they’re impressed that the carrying bag has internal compartments, although one said they wish the bag was slightly higher quality. This may be a concern if you plan to travel with it a lot.

This led ring light is so versatile. Customers like that they can adjust the settings for inside or outside video or for photo shooting. They also love that you can add your own preset settings.

Multiple reviewers commented on the great customer service and were so glad they hit that ‘add to cart’ button!

ring light for video

Want an ultra high quality led ring light with unique features like fully adjustable settings, wireless control, and an LCD display screen? If you’re willing to pay a bit more for your ring light, this may be the perfect option for you!

 View This IVISII Ring Light Here On Amazon