Looking for a new makeup train case for professional or personal use?

After 21 hours of research, we’ve narrowed down the 5 best cases on the market to suit a variety of usage, storage, travel, size, and budget needs!

New to the MUA game? A seasoned pro? Or just buying a train case for the makeup enthusiast in your life? We’ve got you covered below!

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#1. Yaheetech 3 in 1 Professional Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case (Best Overall)

  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, PVC veneer (With oxford lining And metal hardware)
  • Case Dimensions: 14.2 x 9.4 x 30.7’’ (LxWxH)
  • Max Capacity: 66 lb, G.W.: 19.1 lb
  • Color Options: Black, white, or pink

makeup train case

Ideal For Professionals

Optional Dividers

Different Sized Compartments (Fits Both Small Cosmetics & Large Styling Tools)

Roll on 4 Wheels, Hold, Or Carry On Your Shoulder For Travel

High-Quality Durable Materials (Plastic Outer, Aluminum & Metal Corners, Edges & Hardware)

Four Lockable Clamps (With Keys) To Prevent Theft

makeup train case

A Couple Received The Case Damaged (Due To Delivery) But Customer Services Reached Out

This makeup train case earns our top spot thanks to its high quality design, reasonable price, and excellent customer reviews.

Designed For Professionals | Storage Space For Big & Small Items

Yaheetech recommend this case to professional makeup artists, stylists, beauticians, manicurists. A great gift idea, there’s plenty of storage space for any professional, all at a reasonable price. The high load capacity is up to 66 pounds. Perfect to store tons of makeup, hair products, nail products, and even professional tools like flat irons, curlers, and nail lamps.

Neatly Organize Both Small & Big Items With Dividers & Different Compartments

This is a great option if you want a makeup train case with a lot of different types of space and compartments to organize all of your cosmetics neatly.

It features three different dividers that you can place in the retractable trays and the middle removable storage area. The big upper and lower compartments (without dividers) are ideal for bigger items like flat irons, blow dryers, spray bottles, and brush bags.

Easy To Move 3 Different Ways | Great For Travelling

On the move from client to client? This makeup train case is perfect if you travel a lot. The four detachable, 360-degree wheels, plus the telescopic pull handle are great for moving the case around with your hands without feeling pain. It also includes a detachable strap for the smaller detachable upper case, if you want to carry it on your shoulder. The handle on the very top of the case is ideal for heavy lifting.

Durable & Safe For Longevity & Security

This Yaheetech makeup train case is made from high quality, sturdy materials to keep your cosmetics and appliances safe as you travel. It’s composed of a high-quality plastic outer layer, aluminum & metal-reinforced corners and edges, with strong metal hardware. The velvet lining prevents damage to your cosmetics on the road.

Worried about someone stealing from your case? This professional makeup train case also includes four different lockable clamps (at the sides and the top) to keep your expensive tools and cosmetics safe and secure (4 keys come with the case so you can unlock it).

makeup train case

Reviewers are highly impressed with this makeup train case

Many said they bought it for family members as a Christmas gift. Most say it arrives in perfect condition, is as described, and is made from a sturdy material.

Customers are so impressed with how roomy the bottom compartment is: you can easily fit a blow dryer, straightener, and curler at the same time.

A lot of professional makeup artists, hairstylists, and nail technicians say they bought this for professional use. It fits all of the essentials.

Others use it for home use to store all their cosmetics, hair, and nail products. They like that it’s easy to roll it into your closet for out-of-sight storage.

Some claim this makeup train case could be a good option for air travel (be careful with liquids, and you may need to bring just the smaller detachable top case for overhead luggage).

Although the reviews (and average rating) are overwhelmingly positive, a couple of customers had issues with their case being delivered damaged. The Yaheetech customer service was responsive underneath each complaint, advising the unhappy customers to contact their customer services to resolve the issue.

makeup train case

If you are a professional makeup artist, hairstylist, or nail technician and need a big case to fit all of your essentials, this is the best option for you.

This makeup train case can fit even big items like hair dryers or flat irons, and it features dividers to keep all of your equipment neatly organized.

It’s made from high-quality materials, is lockable, and easy to move from client to client.

Check Out The Yaheetech Professional Makeup Train Case On Amazon Here

#2. Yaheetech Professional Rolling Makeup Case (Best Medium Size Case)

Case Dimensions: 15.2″ L x 10.4″ W x 20’’ H

Maximum Load Capacity: 44 lb

makeup train cases

Made From High Quality, Durable Materials

Six Accordion Style Trays

2 Big Sections To Hold A Lot Of Products

Free Standing Mirror (Attachable) Included

Lockable To Prevent Product Theft

makeup train cases

Top Handle Could Be Stronger

Only 2 Wheels

This makeup train case sits second on our list because it’s the best affodable medium-sized case for professionals or makeup enthusiasts with a lot of equipment.

Professional Quality At A More Affordable Price Tag

Although this makeup train case is ideal for professionals, it’s not as expensive as some of the other professional-grade makeup cases on the market. This model also makes a great holiday gift for any makeup-lovers in your life!

Made From High-Quality Durable Materials

The outer layer of this makeup case is made from high quality, durable ABS plastic case surface, with added metal and aluminum reinforced corners and edges. Plus it features a wear-resistant polyester lining and strong, sturdy metal hardware for a longlasting, hard case that will travel well.

The ABS exterior is great if you like lightweight and durable makeup cases, plus this material is much more abrasion-resistant than others.

Great For Organizing With Two Compartments & Accordion Style Trays

This makeup train case contains 6 different accordion-style retractable trays, ideal for smaller makeup products or hair accessories (nail polish, hairpins, lipsticks, etc…).

The thick supporting bars help keep the accordion layers secure when the case is fully open.

Additionally, the first tier also features a cover to prevent any spillage, and the added sticky tape helps fasten the cover to the trays to keep everything safe and secure on the move.

The larger bottom compartment is ideal for your bigger items: large eyeshadow palettes, flat irons, curlers, big hairspray bottles, etc..

Plus, a freestanding mirror is included with each purchase, and it can be attached to the back of the case cover via the elastic bands.

2 Wheels, Handle, & Retractable Pull Handle For Easy Movement

This makeup train case features 2 wheels for silent and effortless movement when traveling. Plus, the 2 fixed feet keep the case secure and locked in place for extra safety when standing.

The aluminum retractable handle (measuring 39″ at maximum height) is corrosion-resistant and helps smoothly glide your case along the ground when you’re walking. Live in a rainy climate? The waterproof outer layer is ideal for keeping all of your makeup and other cosmetics safe outdoors. Although not the strongest, this makeup case also has a handle on top for picking up the whole case with your hands.

Lockable For Safety

This case contains 7 metal latches in total, with 2 of the latches lockable via the included keys for added safety while traveling and for security from theft.

makeup train cases

This Makeup Train Case Has Great Ratings & Reviews

A couple of reviewers say this model is great for beginner professionals, and it’s excellent quality considering the relatively more affordable price. Professional makeup artists tend to really like the accordion-style drawers for laying out their makeup.

Customers like that it features quite a lot of space to hold your makeup, especially for those using it for personal use. Professionals are impressed that you can fit styling tools and makeup in the container at the same time.

One customer with another large makeup holder says this one is a lot more affordable than her other case, and it works great as an additional case for the slightly smaller hair or makeup items in her professional salon.

Others note that it’s really easy to lock – ideal for keeping young children away from your products when using it for home use.

Another reviewer says it works well in a lot of different weather conditions – ideal if you travel a lot. Plus, the wheels don’t get stuck and it’s easy to move around, making trips a bit easier.

Although most reviewers say the outside is nice and durable, a couple say the top handle and fold-out trays could be a bit stronger.

Avoid applying too much pressure on the handle when this makeup train case is very full. It’s best to roll it most of the time when you have it packed to the brim.

makeup train cases

If you need a makeup train case to hold a lot of products, but you don’t want to splash the cash (or carry around) the bigger Yaheetech option ranked in first place, this is a great option.

This case still holds a lot of makeup with 2 big sections and accordion-style drawers. Plus, it’s made from high-quality materials and is lockable to prevent theft.

Check Out The Yaheetech Professional Rolling Makeup Case On Amazon Here

#3. Joligrace Professional Makeup Train Case (Best Budget)

Dimensions: 14″ x 11″ x 8.43″

professional makeup cases


Adjustable Dividers To Suit Your Products

6 Accordion-Style Trays On Top

Removable Dividers on Bottom For More Space

Lined, Padded Interior At The Bottom

Optional Strap For Travel

professional makeup cases

No Wheels

Dividers Difficult To Move At First

This makeup train case earns our third spot becuase it’s a good quality smaller-sized case considering its budget-friendly price tag.

Budget-Friendly Option for Personal Or Professional Use

A decent-sized smaller case, this Joligrace model is ideal if you are starting out as a professional makeup artist or freelancer and don’t have a big enough kit yet to justify buying one of the much taller/bigger cases.

It’s a great option for non-professional personal use too, the compartments will keep your makeup area neat and tidy.

Durable, High Quality Materials For Longevity

The boxes are made from a durable aluminum frame, and this case has reinforced corners for longlasting storage even with daily use.

All of the case’s materials (with the exception of the metal part) are acetone resistant – great for nail technicians!

Smaller Storage on Top With 6 Adjustable Accordion Trays

The top area of this makeup train features 3 rows of expanding accordion-style draws on either side. These 6 trays can be customized in different directions with the additional dividers. Fit different sized makeup products and keep them secure easily just by adjusting the dividers to the required length.

The smaller, longer storage trays are ideal for brushes and smaller makeup items like lipstick, fake nail tips, or nail polish.

Lined Interior At The Bottom Ideal For Larger Items

This case features a large deep compartment (13×4.5″) at the bottom for easy access to bigger items. You can add or move the bottom dividers around to suit your storage needs. Or remove the dividers and store bigger items!

The smart design on the sides of the bottom compartment ensures your dividers stay in place and keep your items secure. Plus, this bottom area features a sleek fully-lined interior to keep your items safe.

The bigger storage space at the bottom is best for larger products and tools: like flat irons, full-size hairsprays, big palettes, or even shampoo and conditioner.

Detachable Buckle Strap For Travel

Unlike many other makeup train cases on this list, this Joligrace model is wheel-less, but it does come with a detachable strap to carry the case. The strong buckle strap makes it possible to travel with this case even when it’s completely full of makeup.

Worried about someone stealing your makeup? This case also comes with keys to open and lock the latch locks for extra security.

professional makeup cases

This Makeup Train Case Has Really Impressive Reviews & Ratings, With Customers Impressed With The Quality For The Price

Reviewers praise the high quality, sturdy materials used to build the case considering it has a budget-friendly price tag. One reviewer even said the metal elements remind her of high-quality audio equipment storage!

Multiple customers say it fits a lot more than they were expecting it to. It even fits the big Morphe palettes! Others note that you could use it for a lot more than just makeup, nails, or other beauty supplies – some say they use it to store jewelry or arts and crafts.

Customers like that the plastic shelves are easy to clean, and the cushioned material keeps their makeup safe.

Some reviews say it’s a bit difficult to figure out how to adjust the dividers on the bottom in the beginning. The brackets to hold up the accordion trays are a little flimsy, but you would expect that considering the price tag.

Joligrace’s customer service is impressed: they reached out in the comments to customers who gave the case 3 stars, offering the customer a refund because they weren’t completely satisfied.

professional makeup cases

If you are just getting started with freelance makeup artistry work, or if you want a budget-friendly case for personal use, this is a really great option.

Considering the price tag, it features an impressive organizational space with dividers and accordion-style trays.

Check Out This Budget-Friendly Joligrace Makeup Train Case On Amazon Here

#4. SHANY Makeup Artist Soft Rolling Trolley Cosmetic Case (Best Faux Leather & Warranty Protected Case)

  • 6 Colors Options
  • Dimensions: 16″L by 15″W by 21″H
  • Contents: Makeup Train Case, 3 Makeup Bags, Warranty Information
professional makeup case

2 Year Warranty

3 Free Mesh Cosmetic Organizer Bags

Fits A Lot With 2 Main Components

Removable Liquid Proof Drawers & Side Pockets

Cruelty-Free & PETA Approved

2 Wheels, Pull Handle, & Shoulder Strap For Travel

professional makeup case

Only 2 Wheels

This SHANY makeup train case is listed fourth on our list due to its slick, faux-leather vinyl material and because it’s protected by a warranty for peace of mind.

Luxury and Durable Faux Leather Vinyl Case

This case is a great buy for a professional makeup artist who wants to be taken seriously. High-quality faux-leather vinyl material gives the makeup train case a real high end, professional luxury feel. The outside, inside, and each compartment is made from this material and it makes the case look a lot more expensive than it is.

SHANY is a PETA member, all of their products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free according to PETA’s standards.

SHANY claim this makeup train case was designed by US makeup professionals, giving you the confidence that it works well for freelancing.

2 Main Compartments For Deep & Organized Storage

This makeup case features a number of compartments, and it’s large enough to store many eyeshadow palettes, hair tools, face makeup, and other cosmetics.

Each purchase includes 3 free cosmetics organizer bags to keep your makeup and accessories even more organized and easily removable.

The top compartment can be detached and works best to store smaller items and tools. A removable 13 piece brush (and other accessories) holder also features on the top half of the case. The clear vinyl coating keeps the brushes in place, prevents dust, while keeping the brushes clearly visible and accessible.

At the lower compartment, you will find 6 dust-proof and liquid-proof removable drawers, ideal for holding bigger liquid items and other accessories.

Plus, this case features four side pockets with zippers to store even more cosmetics or to keep small belongings separate securely.

2 Wheels, Strap, & Pull Handle For Mobility

Travel a lot? This makeup train case makes moving from city to city a lot easier. It features 2 wheels and an adjustable L-shaped pull handle (reaching up to 38 inches) for easy movement. Additionally, the makeup case comes with a detachable and adjustable padded strap to carry the case on your shoulders.

2 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Unlike a lot of others on the list, this SHANY makeup case is protected by a 2 year warranty. Worried about your case getting damaged during shipping, or receiving a faulty item? Just contact customer services to avail of the warranty.

professional makeup case

Overall Customers Really Love This Makeup Train Case With Very High Ratings Online

Multiple customers said this case exceed their expectations.

Reviews rave about the amazing storage space, and some note the side pockets are great for those late product editions when you have already put all of your makeup in the main compartments.

MUAs and nail technicians say it fits all their makeup, including airbrush equipment, with lots of space to spare.

Customers like that it’s really easy to organize all your cosmetics, the case is easy to clean, and very study so you don’t need to worry about your products getting damaged. The case won’t be too heavy unless you fill it to the brim, it’s heavy-duty and really well made.

Others say this case makes doing clients’ makeup a lot easier, especially with the removable drawers and the detachable brush holder section.

One reviewer likes that you press a button to open the drawers, so you know they are securely attached.

However this case is only on 2 wheels, some wish it was on 4 wheels to make it less heavy when you travel.

professional makeup case

If you want a PETA-approved, luxury-look faux-leather makeup train case with the added protection of a warranty, this is a perfect option for you. The exterior is sure to impress your clients, it’s pretty easy to travel with, and fits a lot of makeup for its size.

Check Out The Shany Faux Leather Makeup Train Case Here On Amazon

#5. AW Black Rolling Cosmetic Studio With Light Mirror (Best With Lights)

Dimensions: 19 11/16″ x 15 3/4″ x 8 7/16″ (LxWxH)

Contents: Makeup Case, Warm Light Bulbs, Power Cord

storage cases

Table Top With Mirror & 6 Bulbs

Lights Feature Dimmer Control For Daylight Or Darkness

Power Outlet To Plug-In Styling Tools

4 Wheels & Pull Handle Great For Travel

Big Compartment With Optional Partitions, Extender Trays For Neat Storage

Locks For Safety

Heat Resistant Outer Layer To Prevent Damage

storage cases

Not As Much Space As Others

This makeup train case is listed fifth on our list because it’s a great option for those who need a case with an added mirror and lights. However, it’s probably not worth the extra money for those who just want a simple case.

Table Top With Mirror & Lights For Better Client Experience

This smaller makeup train case opens up like a suitcase and features a tabletop with a mirror and 6 light bulbs so your clients can watch as you apply their makeup and style their hair.

The 6 (E27, 40 watt) warm light bulbs are outlet (not battery) powered, and feature added dimmer control to adjust the brightness: ideal for a great view of the hair or makeup look, no matter in daylight or darkness.

AW’s light up makeup train case is easily portable. The pull handle and four wheels make it easy for travel or just moving around your salon. It’s great if you need to travel to clients on a catwalk or to a photoshoot, particularly because the mirror and lights make it so easy for clients to see the look.

Good Storage For The Size With Multiple Compartment Parts

Considering the size of this makeup case, it features decent storage, including a big main compartment with many partitions, and four extendable trays for easy organization and accessibility. Although it doesn’t hold as much as the bigger models, it’s still great for professional makeup artists, beauticians, or even the makeup-obsessed for personal use.

Lockable & Heat Resistant Material For Peace Of Mind

The detachable combination trays are also lockable, and help keep your products organized and prevent damage during travel. This makeup train case also comes with lock and key to keep all of your expensive makeup and hair products safe from robbery.

Plus, the heat resistant material on the case protects all of your belongings and keeps the case cool.

Power Outlet To Plug In Styling Tools On The Go

Unlike others on this list, this AW train case also includes a built-in auxiliary power outlet so you can plug in your hair tools (hair dryers, curlers, or flat irons) easily on the go. It includes two different outlets – one to suit US plugs and the other to suit 3 pronged plugs. Another feature that makes this makeup train case so great for travel!

storage cases

Most Customers Are Impressed, With High Ratings On Average

Multiple reviewers say this case is exactly what they wanted and what they expected to receive, and they like that it is made from high-quality materials and sturdy.

A couple of professionals said their clients are impressed by it.

Some said they like that you can change the lightbulbs if you so wish, but most were happy with the quality of the bulbs and the fact that you can dim them to suit your lighting.

One said she wishes you could adjust the angle of the mirror on this train case. A few said they think it could have more space. Most were quite happy with the space, and one said it fits everything except her eyeshadow palettes. If you want more spacious storage go for a bigger carrying case like the Yaheetech models.

Some said it’s great for personal use if you’re short on mirrors and good lighting in your house. Others like to use it for professional MUA freelance, and a couple said it’s useful for getting ready for dance competitions.

storage cases

If you need a makeup train case with a tabletop feature with a mirror and lights, this is a great option. It’s sure to impress your clients, especially for photoshoot appointments.

This case also features ample storage space, a power outlet, 4 wheels and a pull handle for travel, a dimmable feature for the lights, and it’s lockable for safety.

Check Out The AW Light & Mirror Makeup Train Case On Amazon Here