A Mason Pearson brush: the best investment you’ll ever make? Or is it crazy to even think of buying one?

If you are anything like me, your gut reaction to a 100+ dollar brush is ‘WTF?!’ That’s why I spent over 20 hours researching this one brush company. I needed to find out how a company charging so much for their brushes could still be in business over 100 years later.

As I explain below, these Mason Pearson brushes are pretty special, but there are a few snags. For example, which one should you buy for your hair type?

That’s why I outline a full buying guide that explains which one will suit your hair type and lifestyle. I also evaluate the pros and cons and customer reviews, plus I explain why hairdresser Brad Mondo raves about his Mason Pearson brush.

Just keep reading!

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What Is Special About The Mason Pearson Hairbrush?

One of the most special elements of this brand is its unique history. Mason Pearson was an engineer and entrepreneur during the industrial revolution and his brand lives on over 100 years later.

In 1885, he launched his brush boaring machine. He invented the rubber cushioned hairbrush later in that year, and the design has not changed much since! His wife and children continued his business after he sadly died soon after the cushioned hair brush invention.

Today, Mason Pearson are best known for their boar bristle brushes. These brushes are made with natural bristles from boar animals, and these particular bristles are known to add a lot of shine and distribute oils throughout the hair very nicely in ways a “normal” hairbrush will not!

Mason Pearson get all of their boar bristle from China and India. They source from two areas:

  • Naturally shed bristles from wild boars roaming around in forests
  • As a by-product from domesticated pigs

Are Mason Pearson Brushes Vegan?

The boar bristle Mason Pearson brushes and boar mixed with nylon brushes are made with real boar bristles. All of the collection and manufacturing processes are in complete compliance with EU regulations and Mason Pearson guarantees that no animals are harmed in the collection of the bristles.

What Are The Brushes Made From?

All of Mason Pearson’s bristles are either natural boar bristle or nylon, or a combination of the two. The rubber cushion is made from dry natural rubber and the handles are either plastic (cellulose acetate, acrylic plastic) or light wood (London plane wood or beech wood). Hot foil is used to stamp their logo on the handle.

Do Mason Pearson Hair Brushes Really Work?

Hairdresser Endorsed | Brad Mondo

Hairdresser, (and Youtuber with 4.5 million subscribers), Brad Mando claims his Mason Pearson brush is the most expensive hairbrush he owns, but recommends it to his followers anyway – it’s worth the investment because it will last you a lifetime in his view.

“If you want to invest in great hair, it’s a great brush to have” – Brad Mondo, Professional Hairdresser

As he explains, he uses the Mason Pearson mix of nylon and boar bristles brush and recommends it for everyday use. He personally does not use it for heat styling (as advised) because he’s worried about damaging the brush.

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It’s ideal on hair that has already been styled or for use in the morning when you wake up. Brad likes that the synthetic bristles add a lot of shine and the boar bristles are so effective at distributing oils throughout your hair strands.

You should brush from the root downwards for that reason. This brush can really help a lot if you deal with an oily scalp. Plus, Brad also likes that it helps with scalp circulation and it stimulates the scalp for new hair growth.

Try to avoid using it with heat tools like flat irons or curling wands. If you like to brush through your hair while you straighten it, consider adding a flat iron brush to your collection.

Mason Pearson’s tutorial from their official Youtube channel

Does It Make Your Hair Static?

Some customers complain that their brush makes their hair static. Because your brand new Mason Pearson brush bristles are dry and have not absorbed oils from your hair yet, your hair may become a little static after the first few uses.

Try not to wash your hair every day when you just start using the brush, because that will strip away the natural oils that this brush needs to absorb to work most effectively. Sometimes harsh weather and air conditioning can make your hair static too.

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What Mason Pearson Brush Should I Buy? | 3 Bristles, 4 Sizes, 4 Colors

Which one you should buy depends heavily on your hair type and length.

Mason Pearson Have Three Bristle Types:

The bristle type that you choose will depend on the thickness of your hair.

  • Boar only (fine and normal hair)
  • Boar and nylon combined (normal to thick hair)
  • Nylon only (thick and hard-to-manage hair)

You Can Buy These Brushes In 4 Sizes:

  • Large is recommended for longer hair because it can brush through a bigger section of hair at once
  • Medium is a good option for any hair length
  • Handy and Pocket versions are good if you travel a lot

Four Colors & Combs And Military Brushes Also Available

The large, medium, handy, and pocket brushes are available in four colors: black, white, blue, or pink.

Mason Pearson also sell military brushes (similar in shape to tangle teasers) and combs.

How To Read The Product Codes:

The letter(s) represents the bristles:

B – boar only

N – nylon only

BN – boar and nylon bristles combined

The numbers represent the size of the brush:

1 – large size

2 – medium size

3 – handy size

4 – pocket size

Mason Pearson Brush For Fine Hair (Or Thinning Hair)

Mason Pearson’s boar only bristles (no nylon) are perfect for fine and normal hair types. The size of the brush you choose should depend on your hair length, lifestyle, and preferences.

#1. Large Extra B1 | Boar Only (No Nylon) For Fine And Long Hair

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This brush contains 8 rings of extra stiff boar bristles in a large 9 inch x 3 inch size with a 5.12″ head. Great for longer fine hair!

#2. Handly Bristle B3 | Boar Only (No Nylon) For Fine Hair & Smaller Size For Travel

View This Boar Only Handy Size Brush On Amazon (not sure this is right)

This is the same as the above except it’s a much smaller size. It features 6 rings of boar bristles and only 8.5″ in length x 2.5 inches in width, with 4.37 inches at the head.

#3. Handy Sensitive SB3 | Boar Only (No Nylon) For Extremely Fine Or Thinning Hair

Click Here For This Mason Pearson Handy Size For Thinning Hair On Amazon

Again, this features 6 rings of boar bristles however it’s specially designed for those with very fine or thinning hair. The size is handy – 8.5 inches in length, 2.5 in width, and 4.37 inches at the head.

If you struggle with thinning hair, consider trying coconut oil as a treatment.

#4. Pocket Bristle B4 | Pure Boar Bristles Only (No Nylon) For Fine Hair In A Very Small Pocket Size

View The Boar Only Pocket Size On Amazon Here

The pocket size features 5 rings of boar bristles in a 6.75 inch x 2 inch size and a 3.5 inch head for thin hair.

#5. Pocket Sensitive SB4 | Boar Only Bristles (No Nylon) For Thinning Hair In A Pocket Size

Click Here For The Pocket Size Boar Only For Thinning Hair On Amazon

Mason Pearson’s Pocket Sensitive features 5 rings of boar bristles designed for thinning or very fine hair in a 6.75-inch long x 2-inch wide size with a 3.5-inch head.

#6. Pocket Child CB4 | Boar Only Bristle Brush Designed For Children In A Pocket Size

View This Children’s Mason Pearson Brush On Amazon

Ideal for children aged 3-6, this boar only bristle brush features 5 rings of bristles and only has one length of bristle. The size is 6.75 inches x 2 inches wide and 3.5 inches at the head.

Mason Pearson also have a boar only brush in the medium length.

Mason Pearson Brush For Normal – Moderately Thick Hair

The mix of nylon and boar bristles are ideal for most hair types, and even moderately thick hair.

View This Large Size For Normal Hair Brush On Amazon Here

This large size brush (9 x 3 with a 5.12″ head) is composed of 8 rings of boar bristles and nylon tufts for long and normal to thick hair types.

#2. Junior BN2 | Boar & Nylon Bristles In A Medium Size For Normal Hair Of All Lengths

Check Out This Mason Pearson Brush To Suit Most People Here

This brush will suit most people. It’s made from a combination of boar bristles and nylon tufts (7 rings) in a medium size (8.87 x 2.75″, with 4.62 inches at the head).

If you do not know which one to go for, this is the safest bet. The medium size is good for all hair lengths and the bristles suit normal hair types!

#3. Handy BN3 | Boar & Nylon For Normal Hair In A Smaller Size

Check Out This Mixed Bristle Brush In The Handy Size Here

This handy size brush (8.5 in length, 2.5 in width, and 4.37 inches at the head) is ideal for normal hair as it has 6 rings of boar and nylon bristles, and those who like smaller brushes.

#4. Pocket Bristle & Nylon BN4 | Mixed Bristles For Normal Hair In A Travel Size

View This Mixed Bristle Travel Size Here On Amazon

5 rings of both boar and nylon bristles in a very small brush size (6.75 inches in length, 2 inches wide, and 3.5 inches at the head) for normal hair.

Mason Pearson Brush For Thick / Very Thick, Hard To Manage Hair

Finally, the nylon only bristles were specially created for those with thick and harder to manage hair types.

#1. UNIVERSAL NU2 | Nylon Only In A Medium Size For all Hair Lengths With Thick Hard-To-Manage Hair

View This Medium Size Mason Pearson For Very Thick Hair On Amazon

This medium size brush (8.87 inches x 2.75 inches, with 4.62 inches at the head) with 7 rings of nylon only bristles is ideal for thicker and hard to manage hair of all lengths.

#2. Pocket Nylon N4 | Nylon Only For Thick Hair Types In A Smaller Size For Travel

Click Here For The Travel Size Nylon Only Brush For Thick Hair On Amazon

Great for travel, this brush features 5 rings of nylon tufts (no boar bristles) in a very small size (6.75 inches x 2 inches wide, and 3.5″ at the head) for very thick and hard to manage hair types.

Mason Pearson also sell a nylon only (HANDY NYLON N3) brush in the handy size.

Can You Use A Mason Pearson Brush On Wet Hair? The Best One For Wet Hair

These brushes are an expensive investment and you want to do everything you can to keep it in good shape. A lot of hair professionals advise against using boar bristle brushes on wet hair.

Plus, the Mason Pearson brush cleaning guide warns that you should not submerge the brush in water, so avoid using the handle brushes in the shower or on soaking wet hair.

If you want to use a Mason Pearson brush on wet hair, the company designed Military brushes (a bit like tangle teasers) and the nylon only version of these will work great on wet hair. The nylon and boar bristle combo can also work well if you can’t get your hands on the nylon only version.


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How Can You Tell If A Mason Pearson Hair Brush Is Real?

Mason Pearson brushes are difficult to find online. The brand intends to sell from their own website some time in the future, but for now, your best bet is to buy online from trusted websites.

It’s very important that you check out the seller of the brush to ensure you are not being sold a fake!

Sometimes multiple sellers can offer the same product on the same website and on the same selling page, so you need to be extra careful to buy from the correct one. Only buy from sellers where the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

The Mason Pearson hair brush company website suggests that you send all of the relevant information (contact details, proof of purchase, images of the brush and the packaging) to their email if you have any concerns that you have bought a fake.

Mason Pearson Reviews

mason pearson brush

The most common phrase you will read in Mason Pearson reviews: totally worth every penny.

Customers highly praise the design and bristle quality of this brush compared to your regular 20 dollar brush. These brushes have longer, stiffer bristles that are really well spaced and this helps massage the scalp so well without itching or irritating.

Multiple reviewers noticed their hair really looks healthy, softer, and shinier since using this brush. It gets the debris from your hair off and onto the brush so well and one reviewer claimed the Sephora dupe isn’t half as effective at this.

Another customer recommends that you don’t overdo your brushing and keep it to 10 – 15 strokes.

This brush really disperses the oils in your hair so well. You almost feel like you are cleansing your hair according to some customers!

Although it’s not recommended to use these brushes with heat, some find it’s fine to do so – as long as they use quick strokes and don’t apply heat directly on the brush.

Tip: Don’t forget that hair dryers apply heat to your hair too, and can damage your hair in the same way as styling tools that directly touch your hair.

mason pearson brush

Obviously the biggest drawback of these Mason Pearson brushes is the price. If you are willing to invest money in a brush that should last you a lifetime, it’s definitely worth it. If you tend to always lose your expensive purchases, then give it a miss.

A couple of customers say it’s annoying that you have to clean it because it’s such an expensive brush. You do have to look after it.

Other customers regret their bristle and size choice. That’s why we recommend following the guide above so you make sure you buy the right bristle for your hair type and brush size for your preference and hair length!

How Do You Maintain Mason Pearson Brushes?

These brushes should last and lifetime considering the price you pay. the good news is they will – if you take good care of them!

How To Clean These Hairbrushes

  • Insert a comb horizontally on one side of the brush. Lift off any dirt and hair and repeat this process from the other side and the ends if necessary.
  • Take the cleaner brush that comes in your brush kit and line up its tufts with the spaces in the rubber of your hair brush to clean the rubber and scrub away the dirt.
  • Add mild soap to a bowl of warm water. Dip the tufts of the cleaner brush in the water.
  • Repeat the previous step with the now damp cleaner brush. Do not get too much water on the hairbrush.
  • Shake out the excess water from your hairbrush when it is clean and leave your brush to dry.

Warranty & Repairs Service

Mason Pearson offers a 12 month warranty on brushes bought from authorized sellers. They also offer a repairs service (you must send them images first so they can evaluate if your brush can be fixed or not).