Looking for the best mineral foundation?

After hours and hours of in-depth research, we break down a mix of the best liquid and powder mineral foundations to suit different needs.

Whether you’re on a budget, looking for luxury, need a great shade match, or concerned about keeping your skin clear – we’ve got an option for you!

Just keep reading to find the best mineral foundation for you.

Best Shade Range: Bare Minerals Barepro Performance Wear Powder Foundation

0.34 Ounce

29 shades

mineral foundations

• Great shade range

• Easy to pick the right color

• Buildable coverage

• Non-comedogenic & non-acnegenic

 • 90% vitamins and minerals

• Long wearing

mineral foundation

• Because it’s buildable you use more product

• Not ideal for super oily skin

Kind to skin with 29 different shades to choose from

Probably the most popular mineral makeup brand on the market, Bare Minerals powder foundation delivers on the shade ranges. There’s a color available to match almost every shade of skin.

Bare Minerals is composed of 90% vitamins and minerals for a healthy complexion and shine control. It provides a matte finish without caking up on the skin. This powder foundation glides on smoothly, and the silky texture is buildable for a customizable coverage.

It’s a weightless, breathable formula to let your skin breathe while still providing coverage. It’s hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and non-acnegenic so it won’t clog your pores or flare up breakouts.

Bare Minerals claim it stays on for a full 12 hour wear, however this clinical study was conducted on just 32 women.

Mineral Foundation

Customers are highly impressed overall, with great reviews on average.

Reviews say they like the lightweight feel and that it’s easy to achieve full coverage with the buildable formula. However, some customers wish they didn’t have to build it up because it means they use up more product.

One review said she loved that it keeps her shine under control without irritating her sensitive skin. However, a few with very oily skin said it would probably be better for those with drier skin.

Unlike many others on the list, customers find it pretty easy to get their color match based on the photo.

bare minerals makeup

If you like to play things safe and stick with a well known mineral foundation brand with a great range of shades, Bare Minerals powder formula is a good option. It’s lightweight, doesn’t block pores or cause flare ups, and is buildable up to full coverage. However, some wish you didn’t have to build it up as it uses extra product, and it appears to work better for more dry skin than super oily skin.

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Best Luxury: La Bella Donna Loose Foundation

1.76 ounces

9 shades

loose mineral foundations

• SPF 50

• Just four all naturale ingredients (chemical free)

• Buildable coverage

• Hypoallergenic (doesn’t clog pores)

• Ideal for acne, rosacea, mylasma, sensitive skin

loose powder foundations

• Pricey

• Doesn’t work for a small number

A high quality, kind to skin mineral foundation with added skincare benefits

A skincare in mineral form, this foundation is chemical free and made up of four natural minerals that help balance the moisture content in your skin. Micronized Titanium Dioxide (a non-chemical UVA & UVB SPF 50, Bismuth Oxychloride (an anti-inflammatory), Zinc Oxide (an anti-inflammatory), and Iron Oxide (provides pigment).

The formula improves fine wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, and roughness, – it nurtures your skin throughout the day, while providing lightweight, buildable coverage.

La Bella Donna is 99% allergy free: the minerals are inorganic and cannot conduct bacteria – great for sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic, and works well for those with acne, rosacea, or mylasma.

It’s pigmented but lightweight for a buildable long lasting coverage. Ideal for any age or skin type. It has light reflecting capabilities to minimize fine lines an wrinkles – great for aging skin.

Mineral Foundation

Overall, customers really like this foundation with high average reviews online.

Many customers say it’s their favorite foundation of all time.

Reviews like that you only need a small amount of product. It covers well, but doesn’t look unnatural and it feels lightweight on the skin.

Some say it’s better than Bare Minerals – it’s more finely milled and isn’t shimmery like Bare Minerals is in the sun. Another said Bare Minerals was bad for her skin, and her spa recommend La Bella Donna instead.

However, a couple of reviews said they preferred Bare Minerals.

A few with dry skin say it works well, but it tends to work better for those with oiler skin. A minority said it didn’t work well on their skin.

best foundation for acne prone skin

If you can afford to invest a bit more money on a high quality mineral foundation, this a good option. It has SPF 50 protection, is made from high quality natural ingredients and provides a buildable coverage. However, it is pricey, works best for oilier skin, and doesn’t work well for a small amount of customers.

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Best Budget: Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation

1 ounce

14 shades

mineral liquid powder foundation

• Inexpensive

•  Liquid application, soft powder finish

•  Multi-mineral complex

•  Hypoallergenic + antioxidant protection

•  Oil free, SPF 15

•  Works best for large pores + oily t-zone

mineral liquid powder foundation

•  A private label product – not attached to a brand name

•  Can be difficult to choose a shade

Not branded but really affordable

A PLR liquid mineral foundation, it’s not attached to any particular brand name, but it receives high praise and is affordable for everyone.

Are you on the verge of switching from standard to mineral based foundation? A liquid mineral is a great transition product. With this liquid to powder foundation you get the best of both worlds.

The smooth liquid application means you don’t need to learn a new technique to apply powder foundation. Micro-diffusion power gives the skin a flawless finish. The enriched multi-mineral complex leaves a soft powder finish on the skin.

Not only is this foundation hypoallergenic and full of antioxidant protection, it’s also talc, wax, dye, fragrance, and paraben free. Great for sensitive skin! Stay protected in the sun with the added SPF 15 sunscreen.

While this is recommended to all skin types, it’s particularly suited for those with an oily t-zone and large pores.

Mineral Foundation

This PLR foundation is well liked, with very impressive reviews online.

Some say it’s their favourite foundation of all time. A few said it’s equal or better to luxury foundations.

Multiple reviews say it feels light on the skin and provides great medium (but buildable), natural looking coverage.

It seems to work particularly well for those with oily skin and large pores (as indicated by the seller). Some with dry skin report back favourably, however others find it too drying for them.

Customers were disappointed with the shade matching process and some of the shades. It’s hard to color match from the available pictures. We recommend you check the reviews to find someone with a similar skin shade.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a foundation for combination-oily skin, this is a good option. It’s not a branded product but it receives excellent reviews on average. It’s not ideal for those with dry skin, and it can be difficult to color match.

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Best Non-Comedogenic: Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation

Concerned about blocked pores? Check out our list of the best non-comedogenic makeup here.

.28 or 0.48 ounces

Medium to full coverage

7/12 shades

Dewy finish

Larger Size

Smaller Size
mineral makeup

• Just 4 kind to skin ingredients

• Non-comedogenic

• Free from oil, talc, fillers, synthetic preservatives, additives, dyes

• Sensitive enough for acne, rosacea, eczema

• SPF 15 (UVB & UVA)

• Lasts long (~ 4 months)

mineral makeup

• Hard to pick the right shade

• Shade range not huge

Formulated with just a few ingredients, non-comedogenic, and ideal for acne prone or sensitive skin

Composed of just 4 ingredients, this non-comedogenic powder mineral option is great if you’re looking to prevent blocked pores. It’s oil, talc, additive, dye, and filler free – ideal for those with acne, rosacea, or eczema.

The four ingredients (mica, zinc oxides, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides) create medium to full coverage without caking up, blocking pores, or flaring up skin issues. Additionally, it has SPF 15 protection (both UVA and UVB).

The product is released via the tiny holes in the cover so your powder won’t spill all over the room while you rush to get ready in the morning.

Mineral Foundation

Both sizes have great reviews online. Most reviews are impressed.

Customers like the great medium to full coverage. Even though it’s high coverage, it manages to feel nice and lightweight on the skin. Some customers note that the small pot lasts quite long considering the small amount of product.

Even though it’s best for oilier skin, it doesn’t dry the skin out so it works well for a lot of customers with dry skin, too.

However, it can be hard to get the right shade based on the pictures online. Reviews are impressed overall with the actual tones and colors of the shades – not too orangey, and they work best with yellower undertones.

A small percentage of customers say it doesn’t cover up their acne well enough. A lot like it better than Bare Minerals, others said it’s not quite as impressive.

mineral makeup

Concerned about blocked pores? Want a kind to skin mineral foundation for acne or rosacea? This Bella Pierre mineral foundation is a good option for you. It’s medium to full coverage and works well for sensitive skin. However, the shade range could be bigger and it can be difficult to pick the right one online.

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Best Natural & Cruelty Free: EVXO Organic Natural Liquid Foundation 

 2.4 ounces

12 shades

liquid foundation cruelty free

• Organic, Vegan, & Cruelty Free

• Natural ingredients – chamomile, thyme, vitamin E

• Non-comedogenic, gluten free

• Eco friendly packaging

cruelty free foundation

• Hard to shade match

• Didn’t work for a small amount of customers

Ethnically conscious, organic and natural foundation with innovative packaging

EVXO promises this foundation is certified organic and packed full of natural ingredients. Enriched with chamomile for anti-inflammatory effects, thyme to treat blemishes, and vitamin E to block free radicals and prevent aging. It’s long lasting, with a buildable coverage.

This is a great option if you like to buy from ethically conscious brands. EVXO is completely vegan and cruelty free with no animal testing involved whatsoever. The package bottles are eco friendly – with a recyclable glass and a dropper made from (sustainably farmed) wood.

Unlike most pump bottle liquid foundations, EVXO has a push button dropper. It’s easy to release the exact amount of product you need. Plus the dropper moves all over the bottle (so you can use up every drop) to save waste and money. The dropper packaging is also more hygienic because you can drop the product directly on your face from the dropper.

Mineral Foundation

Overall, customers really like this foundation with high average reviews online.

The lightweight formula provides a nice natural, healthy glow while covering blemishes. A lot of reviews describe it as medium coverage (full coverage with two layers). It seems to work well for most customers with both oily and dry skin.

Some customers were highly impressed with EVXO’s customer service.

Reviewers are not impressed with the difference in shades in real life compared to the photos. Some customers had to return their product and swap it for a different shade to get their right match. There’s also confusion about the lightest shade  “Bisque” not “Nude” is the lightest shade.

A minority of customers said it didn’t work well for them at all.

If you’re after a lightweight, natural, medium coverage liquid mineral foundation from an ethically conscious brand, this is a great option. However, it can be difficult to shade match.

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