Looking for a new nail dryer? Confused about which one to buy for your preferred nail polish type?

After 38 hours of in-depth research, we’ve found the very best nail dryers on the market for normal nail polish or gel varnish.

We’ll help you find the perfect nail polish dryer for you – no matter your preferred polish type or budget!

Just keep reading to find the right one for you!

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In Depth Nail Dryer Reviews

#1. Makartt Professional Nail Dryer (Best Regular Polish Dryer)

  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 10.6 x 7.5 inches
  • Wattage: 400W
  • US Plug: 110-120V-60HZ
  • Contents: Fan nail dryer, US compatible plug
best nail dryer

12 Month Warranty & 6 Month Guarantee

Dry All 10 Fingers & 10 Toes At The Same Time

Cool Or Warm Drying Options

Automatic Hand & Feet Sensors

Overheating Prevention System

Anti-Slip Feature

best nail dryer

US Plug: Need Adapter Abroad

This nail dryer earns our top spot because it’s the best regular polish dryer on the market – it dries all 20 nails at once, features cold or warm heat, and works via auto-sensor

A High Quality Regular Nail Polish Dryer | Dry All 20 Fingers & Toes At Once

This high quality Makartt nail dryer is suitable for normal nail polish only (not gel polish). It makes drying normal nail polish on fingers and toes (at the same time!) much faster, with plenty of space to fit both hands and feet at once.

While you can definitely use this Makartt nail dryer at home, it’s also great for professional manicurists.

Because it’s not an LED/UV polish curer, this nail dryer is not harmful to your fingers, toes, or eyes. Plus, air nail dryers are more environmentally friendly than UV/LED dryers.

Automatic Sensors, Overheating Prevention, Anti-Slip Features

Although it’s more expensive than other regular nail dryers, this model is salon quality and super easy to use with automatic hand and feet sensors. The automatic double sensors activate the drying power when you put your foot or hand in the fan area. Thanks to the automatic sensors, there’s no. need to touch the dryer – perfect for avoiding polish smudges!

The ventilation holes prevent this nail dryer from overheating. and the anti-slip pad keeps the machine stable while you dry your nails.

Warm Or Cool Air Drying Options

Both warm and cool breeze air options are possible with this drying fan. This adds another level of flexibility. A lot of people hate the feeling of cold air on their fingers, and others can’t stand overly hot air. Keep your fussy clients happy!

That said, this dryer works super fast – the temperature will not be much of an issue. Plus, both cold and warm air options are great to adjust your drying style to the season.

1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance, & 6 Month Guarantee

There’s nothing worse than investing in a high-quality product, only for it to completely break down a couple of months later… No need to worry about this Makartt nail dryer!

It’s protected by not only a one year warranty and 6-month money-back guarantee – each purchase also includes life long maintenance!

Safety Certificate & Energy Saving Features

Because this nail dryer has such a high wattage power (400W), the drying time is super quick to save you valuable time!

Have safety concerns? This Makartt nail dryer received CE Approval from the very strict EEA (European Economic Area).

Plus, the on-off switch and the sensors combined reduce your energy consumption. Saving you some money by keeping your bills down! This model is connected via a 110V-120V US plug (it’s not dual voltage).

best nail dryer

Overall, customers are really impressed by this nail polish dryer.

Some even describe it as amazing! Others say it’s a little bit big but works great. Tip: store your dryer and other nail equipment in a makeup train case. Many mention they’re glad they bought this nail dryer instead of others.

Multiple reviews say it feels solid even though it’s lightweight.

A lot say they like the automatic sensor to prevent smudging. Some customers prefer the warm setting, while others like the cool setting better. The warm setting is a small bit too hot for some. Others can’t stand cold drying and love the warm heat.

Customers like the overall manicure or pedicure experience when they use this nail dryer. It doesn’t make noise, it’s comfortable, and provides a relaxing break from a busy lifestyle. Some say the lights underneath your hand are entertaining to watch, others say it’s an odd feature.

Reviewers don’t have many complaints. However, a couple felt the instructions could be in better English, and a small number had slight technical issues (it is protected by the warranty).

best nail dryer

If you’re looking for a high-quality device to dry your normal nail polish quickly on all 10 fingers and all 10 toes at the same time, this is the one for you.

Click here to view this Makartt nail dryer on Amazon 

#2. Polder Nail Station Three-in-One Nail Dryer and Storage (Best Budget)

  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.2 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Power: 4ft long plug
  • Voltage: 110V (not dual voltage)
best nail dryer


Ideal For Storage With Built In Compartments

Fan For Regular Polish, Light For UV/LED (But Much Stronger For Regular Polish)

Small & Compact For Travel

Automatic Sensor Avoids Smudging

Raised Application Pad For Comfort

best nail dryer

Thumbs Don’t Fit With Fingers. Toes Don’t Fit For Some

This nail dryer earns our second spot because it’s a great regular (and somewhat good uv/led) dryer at such a reasonable price

Great If You Need More Storage For Manicure Essentials Or Other Makeup

This nail dryer is great if you need some extra storage space on your vanity tables. It features 7 built in compartments – ideal for storing your nail polish and nail art accessories.

As you probably know, manicure and pedicure essentials can stack up so quickly: nail varnishes, polish remover, nail files, base coat and top coats, and cotton balls.

Plus, this Polder nail dryer is a portable, small size – great to provide the storage compartments without taking up loads of space!

Fan For Normal Polish & UV/LED Light For Gel Polish

This nail dryer is great if you like to use both regular polishes and gel polishes. It features strong fan power for drying regular nail polish, and a uv/led lamp to cure gel polish.

Although the fan is super powerful, the uv/led lamp wattage is 4W-5W. It’s not as strong as the dedicated UV and LED lamps listed below.

The fan is ideal to dry nail art, too. Just press the button/switch on the side of the machine to change between the regular polish fan and uv/led light. You cannot use both at the same time.

Unlike others on the list, this model is not designed for pedicures, but some customers say their toes do fit. Plus, you cannot fit all 5 fingers in at once. Dry 4 fingers on each hand first and then do both of your thumbs at the same time.

Automatic Sensor To Prevent Smudges & Raised Surface For Comfort

Hate when you perfectly apply your nail polish and then smudge it one minute later? This model features a touch free automatic sensor for both the fan and led/uv light. No need to press any buttons and risk messing up your manicure!

Unlike a lot of other nail dryers on the list, this Polder model features a special raised application pad work surface for improved comfort. It’s ideal to place your (or your client’s) fingers down and steady your hand for accurate filing and nail polish application.

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nail dryers

Most customers really like this model.

Reviewers are impressed that it works so well: nails dry surprisingly quickly on the fan setting. The drying time is so much faster than air drying. However, the uv/led lamp is not as strong: it takes a long time for gel to dry on that setting.

Multiple customers say they think this nail dryer is great value for money and would be a really nice Christmas gift for anyone who likes doing their nails.

Most love the storage space on top of the nail dryer. It’s an ideal simple every day nail dryer.

However, some don’t like that you cannot fit your whole hand in the nail dryer. A small number can fit their feet in but it’s not designed for feet.

The compact size is great: one describes it as like a mini nail salon. It’s so easy to move around your house: whether you’re doing your nails while watching tv, or going upstairs to get ready in front of your mirror.

A couple of reviews said it didn’t work, but it seemed that some of these customers didn’t know how it starts up (it doesn’t come with many instructions): you need to put your hands in and press the switch at the side.

nail dryers

This model is great if you are on a budget and like the idea of a compact nail dryer with added storage space. It’s a two in one fan and lamp for both regular and gel polish. However, the fan is much stronger than the uv/led lamp: it’s best for drying regular polish.

Check Out The Polder 3 in 1 Nail Dryer On Amazon Here

#3. FUZADEL Nail Dryer & LED/UV Curing Lamp (Best For Both Gel & Regular Polish)

  • Dimensions: 8.46 x 6.61 x 3.54 inches
gel nails at home

Best For UV/LED, But Also Works Ok To Dry Regular Polish

Works For Acrylics, Builders, Sculpture Gel, & Gem Glue

50,000 Hours Of Use

Auto Sensor, Preset Settings, Quick Drying To Save Time

Time Displays On LCD Screen

Cure 5 Fingers At Once

gel nails at home

Not A Fan Dryer: Works Best For Gel But Can Work On Regular Polish Too

This nail dryer is placed third because it’s the best on the market for use on both uv/led *and* regular polish

Great For A Variety Of Nail Polish: UV & LED Gel, Regular Polish, Acrylics, Builders, Gem Glue

The main advantage of this nail dryer is that it works for such a variety of different polish types, nail types, and can be used for both personal or professional use.

FUZADEL promise it can work on: normal polish, colored gel polish, hard gel polish, builders, acrylics, sculpture gel, and gem glue.

However, the Polder nail dryer above features both a fan and UV/LED light. The FUZADEL model does not have a fan, however most customers say it does work to dry normal polish (it just takes longer).

This nail dryer is ergonomically designed for comfortable drying, and it provides a total of 50,000 hours of use – no need to worry about getting a replacement the next year!

Auto Sensor, Memory Function, & Smart Double Speed Curing To Save You Time

FUZADEL’s nail dryer features an automatic sensor when you put your hands in the drying area to prevent smudging and speed up the drying process.

It’s possible to cure 5 nails on your hands or feet at once. No need to do your thumbs separately!

Lights will come on once you place your hands inside, and turn off when you remove your hand. The preset settings dry your nails for 99 seconds. Remaining seconds are visible on the LCD digital display to avoid all confusion.

So many nail polishes. Not enough fingers.”

Enjoy more funny makeup quotes here

The smart double speed curing helps speed up your manicure to save valuable time. It takes just 30s, 60s, or 99s per cure depending on the layer you’re drying. Cure hard gel on the 99 seconds setting on the low heat function.

Plus, the memory function loads up your previously used settings to reduce set up times.

Gentle LED Light, Heat Regulation & Portable Handle For Travel

The white LED light is more gentle on your eyes and hands than the usual purple UV lights – great if you’re concerned about UV ray damage!

Worried about this nail dryer overheating? It features head dissipation holes to help regulate the temperature and prevent any overheating issues.

Travel a lot? This model features a portable handle to make movement easier. The bottom tray is also removable for cleaning.

gel nails at home

Most customers are happy with their purchase and really like this nail polish dryer

Some say works really well for regular nail polish, others say it’s poor for normal polish.

Generally, it does work to dry normal nail polish, but it takes longer than fan dryers. Most agree that it does dry regular polish quicker than air drying.

Some say it takes approximately 4-5 minutes to dry normal varnish. A couple of customers noted that the drying time for regular polish seems to depend on the brand of varnish used.

Manicures last about two weeks and some reviewers say it works great on acrylics.

Most agree that it cures and hardens gel polish really fast considering it’s a fairly budget-friendly model.

Some customers like to use the 99 second option twice to avoid needing 3 or 4 curing sessions. Although it’s not super healthy for your nails, it does use gentle white LED lights.

A very small number of reviewers experienced slight malfunction issues.

gel nails at home

While this nail dryer is best for gel polish curing, it can also work to dry regular polish and is effective on acrylics, builders, sculpture gel, and gem gel too.

It’s a great option if you mainly use gel polish but like the option of drying regular varnish every now and then.

Check Out The FUZADEL Nail Dryer and LED/UV Curing Lamp On Amazon Here

#4. CND Service Essentials Solar Speed Spray (Best Regular Nail Polish Dryer Spray)

  • Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x 5 inches
  • Size: 1.92 ounces
nail polish dryer

Spray For Smudge-Proof Drying

Compatible With All Regular Nail Polish

Moisturizes & Nourishes Nails

Contains Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Sweet Almond Oil

Normal Polish Manicures Or Pedicures

Bottle Is Long Lasting

Small Bottle Is Great For Travel

nail polish dryer

Not As Quick As Fan/Lamp Devices

Designed For Colored Regular Polish Only (However Can Work For Some On Clear Varnish)

This nail dryer spray earns our fourth spot because it’s a cheaper, less bulky, and hassle-free alternative to a physical nail dryer

Smudge-Proof Spray Dries Regular Polish To Save Time

This Creative Nail Solarspeed (CND) spray helps dry your colored nail polish quickly to save you valuable time. It’s compatible with all regular nail polishes, not just the CND brand varnishes.

The special technology works by drawing out solvents from the colors in your polish for instant drying.

Ever used a quick-dry topcoat only for it to completely smudge your varnish and ruin your nails? Thanks to the spray bottle, you won’t smudge your polish.

Just spray a light mist on your nails one minute after applying your top coat or last coat of polish. It’s important that you wait a minute or two after painting to spray the mist. Wait for five more minutes for the polish to thoroughly set (some customers say it’s quicker than 5 minutes).

Moisturizes With Nourishing Ingredients & Mildly Scented

In addition to drying your nails faster, this CND spray also moisturizes for stronger, healthier nails and cuticles, and a better-looking manicure.

The high quality, nourishing ingredients include jojoba oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. Plus, the sweet almond oil adds to the mild almond and mild cherry scent for a finishing touch.

In between manicures? Why not spray the mist to enjoy the scent and moisturize your cuticles for healthy, hydrated nails?

nail polish dryer

Overall, most customers are really impressed by this nail polish dryer spray.

Reviewers love that the little bottle lasts so long. One said she even got a full 3 years out of it despite doing her nail regularly.

Even some professionals are impressed: one customer had this nail spray recommended to her by a nail salon owner. A different reviewer said she’s been doing her nails for decades and she loves this nail dryer spray. It really helps to moisturize and keeps her nails looking (and feeling) strong and healthy.

Another customer said this spray is great for her because she’s a mother: it gives her just enough time to do her nails before her kids get impatient.

Although CND claims it takes five minutes for your nails to completely harden, some customers say it’s faster than that – more like three minutes. A lot of reviewers say it works so fast.

Makeup History: Mary Quant (fashion designer from the 1960s) set the trend for matching your nail varnish to your outfit! Beforehand, nail polish usually matched your lipstick shade.

One customer describes herself as a serial nail smudger and says this nail dryer spray works great to prevent that. Her hard-to-dry nails are completely dry in 8 minutes. Others also said it stops their smudging problem.

Although it’s recommended for colored regular nail polish, one customer said she used it on clear polish. It worked well, didn’t make the clear polish change color, and kept the normal finish.

Some love the almond oil and cherry smell. Others don’t really like it.

One customer said she loves the product, but was disappointed when she opened the packaging and the bottle had oil on the outside.

nail polish dryer

If you use regular nail polish and like the idea of a spray instead of a machine, this is a great product for you. It does take longer to dry your nails but the spray is less expensive and will not take up much space in your house. Great for travel.

Check Out The CND Solar Speed Nail Drying Spray On Amazon Here

#5. MelodySusie 48W LED/UV Lamp Nail Dryer (Best LED/ UV Hybrid)

This curing lamp is sold on the same product page as the MelodySusie 48W LED only lamp. The white one is the hybrid

  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 5.5 x 8.7 inches
  • Contents: Violetira Pro 48W nail drying lamp, A/C adapter, full instructions, and black container box
  • Voltage: Not Dual Voltage (Need An Adapter Outside The US
nail dryer

Fits 5 Nails At Once

Manicure Or Pedicure

Cures Virtually All Gel Polish

6 Month Warranty

Spare Bulb Included

Cooling Fan Prevents Overheating

nail dryer

Automatic Sensor Slightly Overly Sensitive

This nail curer is placed fifth on our list because it’s the best gel polish curer for both UV and LED gel on the entire market

18 LED & UV Light Beads For Quick Curing On Virtually Any Gel Polish

MelodySusie is one of the best UV/LED lamp brands on the market – it has a great brand reputation.

Ideal for both at-home use or professional use in a salon, each manicure should last up to 3 weeks.

This lamp cures almost every kind of gel nail polish on natural or acrylic extensions (including glitter gel mixes and uv or led builder gels). It even cures the new Polygel formula.

It features 18 LED and UV light beads for effective and quick curing. No need to worry about overheating: this lamp’s special durable metal coating is built with ventilation holes for effective heat dissipation. Each box also comes with a spare bulb.

Quick Curing & Super Easy To Use

The strong wattage power makes this UV & LED hybrid gel nail polish dryer so quick to use. This is reflected in the 3 preset time controls: cure your nails in just 5, 20, or 30 seconds!

Using this model in a professional salon? The LCD light on the back of the nail lamp displays the time to help you monitor and control your client’s treatment more effectively.

It’s possible to cure all five nails on a hand or foot at once – no need to waste time doing your thumbs separately.

This model is really easy to use thanks to the one-touch button start-up and the automatic hand sensor. You will notice a short beep when you place your hand or foot in or out of the device just to let you know it’s working.

The detachable bottom provides easier access for pedicure curing and makes the machine a lot easier to lean.

6 Month Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Worried about your gel nail polish dryer breaking down? This one is protected by a six-month warranty for that added peace of mind, plus it has great customer reviews.

nail dryer

This UV/LED nail polish dryer has great customer reviews

A lot of customers are impressed by the quality and say it’s definitely worth the price.

It doesn’t feel cheap, and reviewers like that it’s built to last. Although this model is professional quality, a lot use it for home use.

Customers particularly like how fast it is to use. One says it only takes 30 seconds for each coat of Gelish Soak Off polish.

A different reviewer is impressed that her manicures last at least 3 weeks when she uses this UV/LED nail dryer, and her nails get a. lot of compliments.

This model seems really durable: one customer says she has had it for 3 years and it’s still working great.

Customers like that they can select the curing time, and the automatic sensor makes it easy to use. Plus, your whole hand fits at once which is great to save a bit of time

Just one or two customers had small malfunction issues, but it is protected by a warranty. One specifically mentioned that MelodySusie provided great customer service when she contacted them with a slight problem.

However, it’s not the cheapest model. Plus, some customers think the hand sensor is a bit too sensitive.

nail dryer

If you are on the hunt for a great quality nail polish dryer that cures both UV and LED gel polish, this is an excellent option for you.

Check Out The MelodySusie 48W UV/LED Hybrid Nail Dryer/Curer on Amazon Here

Pampering Treatments At Home

Doing your own nails at home is more affordable and convenient than going to a salon once a month. The only issue is it will get you hooked on other DIY beauty treatments!

Save money on the dentist and dermatologist by whitening your teeth and looking after your skin at home. There are so many whitening strips on the market to choose from, and you can even use baking soda to whiten your teeth!

An at-home facial steamer helps clear out your pores and is super relaxing. You can also get 2 in 1 face and hair steamers for a lot less than 100 dollars! For added TLC use your steamer at the same time as a foot massager (or a spa massager if you want one with water).

If you’re already a beauty-treatment-at-home fan, try to level up by investing in a microdermabrasion machine or microcurrent device. Great if you have mature skin or struggle with acne or acne scarring!

Some people even choose to do their own spray tans and laser hair removal at home. However, these treatments can get very messy and painful respectively! Check out our spray tanning tips for some pointers.