Looking for a non comedogenic blush? It’s difficult to find a clear list of blushes that won’t block your pores – so we’ve decided to create one for you!

After 28 hours of deep research, we reveal the top 5 non comedogenic blushes on the market!

Want a cream formula? Prefer a matte powder blush? Maybe you’re on a budget? No matter your needs – we’ve found the right non comedogenic blush for you!

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Non Comedogenic Blush Top 5 | In Depth Reviews

#1. Glo Skin Beauty [Powder Or Cream] Blush (Best Overall)

  • Cream blush: 0.12 ounces, 4 colors
  • Powder blush: 0.12 ounces, 9 colors

non comedogenic blush

Non Comedogenic & Talc Free

Mineral Blushes & Formulated With Antioxidants

Cruelty Free

Both Powder & Cream Blush Available (Similar Blushes)

Great For All Skin Including Mature Skin

non comedogenic blush

Small Size (But Pigmented)

Choose Between A Cream Or Powder Mineral Blush | Both Non Comedogenic, Talk Free, & Cruelty Free

The powder and cream Glo Skin blush options are pretty similar blushes, with different color options and different finishes. Both are non-comedogenic, talc-free, and created with a special antioxidant formula which makes it a perfect option for mature skin.

Powder Or Cream | Pick Your Favorite Finish

The cream blush version is excellent if you’re concerned about makeup breaking you out because cream formulas are usually lighter on the skin.

This cream version is buildable, with a semi-matte finish and it’s created for long wear thanks to its long-lasting formula.

Glo Skin’s powder blush is highly pigmented so each compact will last you a long time. It comes in a mix of matte and shimmer finishes.

  • The matte blushes include: Sandalwood, Passion, Papaya, Melody, and Flowerchild.
  • While the shimmer finishes include: Sheer Petal, Soleil, Spice Berry, and Sweet

Both the powder and cream versions of this blush are great options. Go with the format that you usually prefer!

non comedogenic blush

Reviews are highly impressive for both the cream and the powder Glo Skin blushes

Reviewers generally say the Glo Skin powder blush is super pigmented, lasts long on the skin, and doesn’t clog your pores.

Customers love the shade range. Although the size of the product is small, some say you can use it for months without making as much as a dent in the blush!

Customers are also ultra positive about the cream version. Those with oily skin and those with drier skin types are impressed with the formula and finish.

It works especially well for those with mature skin because it doesn’t highlight fine lines and it won’t emphasize dry areas.

Most importantly, customers confirm that both versions of this blush don’t irritate their skin, clog their pores, or cause breakouts.

non comedogenic blush

Looking for a top of the range non comedogenic blush, available in both powder and mineral formulas? This Glo Skin blush is ideal for you!

It’s packed with mineral ingredients and antioxidants, works great for all skin types (including mature skin), and it’s cruelty-free. The only downside is that the size of the compact is quite small considering the price, but given the high-quality formula and the way it looks on the skin – many think the price is justified!

Check Out The Current Price Of The Glo Skin Blushes On Amazon Here:

The Glo Skin Beauty Powder Version

Glo Skin’s Cream Version

#2. Jane Iredale PurePressed Non Comedogenic Blush (Best Shade Range)

  • 0.10 ounces, 13 colors

clogged pores blush

Non Comedogenic

10/13 Shades Are Vegan & All Are Wheat Free

Good Shade Range

Mineral Ingredients & Antioxidants

Wheat Free & Most Shades Are Vegan

clogged pores blush

Small Size

Packaging Quality Not As Strong As Previous

Non Comedogenic, Mineral Formula With Antioxidants, Wheat-Free & Mostly Vegan

Jane Iredale’s blush is non-comedogenic so you can be sure that it won’t clog your pores.

The ingredients are encouraging if you’re concerned about your makeup breaking you out. Great for sensitive skin, this blush has a mineral formula with added antioxidants to nourish and soothe your skin.

A higher-end blush, it includes ‘Boron Nitride’ – the gold standard of mineral ingredients! This makes all the difference by providing a smoother application, longer wear on the cheek, and a diffused-light, natural glowy look.

Like the Glo Skin blushes, the Jane Iredale blush comes in a small size considering the price, but the quality justifies it in a lot of cases.

Although most of the shades have a matte finish, they don’t look dull on the skin. This blush gives you that ‘glowing from within’ healthy cheeks look.

All of the 13 shades are wheat-free. Most are vegan, with the exception of Sunset, Mystique, and Barely Rose (those 3 contain carmine). [Related: Learn more about carmine in our lipstick ingredients breakdown]

clogged pores blush non comedogenic

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive about this blush

Multiple reviewers say it’s the best blush they’ve ever used! One customer says she loves Jane Iredale products because they’re good quality and good for your skin – and this blush is no exception! She confirms that it doesn’t clog her pores, and never causes breakouts just like her other Jane Iredale makeup.

The formula is finely milled, reviews say that it’s clearly high quality, it’s easy to apply, and it lasts all day on the skin.

Some note that this blush is great for mature skin or problem skin, a lot of customers said it really minimized their pores.

However, some wish the size was a bit bigger, and one noted that the packaging isn’t as good as it used to be.

clogged pores blush non comedogenic

Need a non comedogenic blush with a broad shade range? If you like to mix up your blush color quite often, or find it difficult to find a blush shade for your skin (let alone a non comedogenic one), this is a fantastic option for you!

The Jane Iredale blush range includes 13 different shades – something for everyone! Plus, like the Glo Skin blush, it also includes mineral ingredients and antioxidants for healthier skin. However, the packaging quality has declined over the years.

View The Current Price Of The Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Blush Here On Amazon

#3. PÜR Chateau Cheeks Cream Blush (Best Cream Blush)

  • 0.08 Ounces, 2 colors
blush that won't clog pores

Non Comedogenic & Paraben, Gluten, Mineral Oil & Lanolin Oil Free

100% Cruelty Free

Anti-Aging Ingredients To Reduce Fine Lines & Brighten

non comedogenic blush

Limited Shade Range

Non Comedogenic, Free From Harmful Ingredients, & Includes Anti-Aging Skincare

Not only is this cream blush non comedogenic – it’s also gluten and paraben free, with no petrolatum, mineral oil, or lanolin oil either!

All Pur makeup is 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals. This blush is also free from Bispehnol A (BPA)

Pur’s Chateau cream blush features skincare elements that nourish and protect your skin. It also helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Great for mature skin, this velvety cream blush includes anti-aging ingredients like Vitisin and Resveratrox, taken straight from the famous wine region of Bordeaux. These ingredients are proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten the skin.

The added Tamanu Oil helps condition your skin and the added Lupine Protein provides radiance to dull skin.

blush that won't clog pores

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive

Most say this blush is long wearing on the skin.

Reviewers love that you only need a small amount of product, and it’s buildable. Some mention that it’s really easy to blend into your skin.

One customer aged over 50 says this blush is great on her mature skin.

Others like that you can use this cream blush on your lips too!

However, the shade range is poor, and one customer said she found the pink blush a little too pink.

blush that won't clog pores

On the hunt for a velvety cream blush that won’t clog your pores? This Pur Chateau cream blush is a great option for you! Ideal for mature skin, this blush is packed full of anti-aging ingredients that help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

In addition to being cruelty-free, it’s also paraben, gluten, mineral oil, and lanolin oil free. However, this blush has a limited shade range.

View The Current Price Of This Pur Chateau Cream Blush On Amazon

#4. Seraphine Botanicals Lychee And Gold Healthy Glow Blush (Best Shimmer Blush)

  • 0.12 ounces, 3 shades
blush that won't break you out

Luminous & Pigmented For Flush Of Color & Highlight

Non Comedogenic & Hypoallergenic

Mineral Oil, Paraben, & Phthalate Free

100% Vegan & PETA Certified

Lychee and Chamomile Extract For Hydration

blush that won't break you out

Poor Shade Range

Non Comedogenic, Hypoallergenic, 100% Vegan & Luminous With Hydrating Ingredients

This Seraphine Botanicals blush is non comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and gluten-free. 99% natural, the blush is formulated without mineral oil, parabens, or phthalates. Perfect if you’re worried about clogging your pores or breaking out from your makeup!

Additionally, it is 100% vegan and PETA certified as cruelty-free – with no testing on animals involved in any part of the production process.

This multi-dimensional blush is both highly pigmented in color and also radiant with micro gold luminizing pigments to add that subtle glow and lift the skin.

Great for dry skin, the ingredients include Lychee and Chamomile Extract for added hydration and to provide that luminous glow. Find it difficult to find a blush that flatters your skin? This Seraphine Botanicals formula was specially created to universally suit all skin tones. 

blush that's good for your skin

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with very little negative feedback so far.

Many customers say this is the best blush they’ve ever used! Not only is it non comedogenic and made without harmful ingredients, it’s also a high-quality blush that looks great on your skin.

Although it can look worryingly glittery in the pan, it doesn’t apply as a harsh glitter blush on the face. Customers like the shimmer in it, it provides an illuminating natural glow, and it even works well on mature skin.

Reviews say that it smells good and lasts all day. Multiple customers mention that they love the colors of the blush on their skin.

healthy skin blush

Want a non comedogenic blush with a touch to shimmer to wake up dull skin? This Seraphine Botanicals blush is ideal for you! A great option for drier skin, this blush contains lychee and chamomile extract for that added hydration.

The color of the pigment is intense while also providing some luminosity to highlight your cheeks. Again, it’s free from harmful ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, and phthalates. Kind to animals, this blush is 100% vegan and certified by PETA.

However, the shade range is very limited.

Check Out This Seraphine Botanicals Non Comedogenic Blush Here On Amazon

#5. KIKO MILANO Trio Blush (Best Budget)

  • 0.21 ounces, 4 colors

blush for clear skin

Magnetic Closure & Mirror in The Lid

Non Comedogenic & Hypoallergenic

Enriched with Argan Oil & Vitamin E

Budget Friendly

3 Blush Colors In Each Product

Not Tested On Animals

blush to clear up skin

Shades Not The Best For Deeper Skin Tones

Non Comedogenic, Hypoallergenic & Enriched With Argan Oil And Vitamin E

Not only is this blush non comedogenic, it’s also hypoallergenic to prevent allergic reactions, and it’s also enriched with vitamin E and argan oil to nourish and protect your skin.

Great value for money, this budget-friendly product contains three different blush colors in one small palette. Mix it up – use your favorite on its own or swirl them all together for a multi-dimensional look on the cheek! This blush provides a healthy luminous look to lift dull skin.

One of the nicest elements of this blush compact is the packaging. It features a mirror on the inside of the lid for easy makeup application on the road, and it has a magnetic closure to prevent it from spilling and breaking in your makeup bag on the go.

Plus, this Kiko blush is not tested on animals.

non-comedogenic blush

Reviews are impressive on the whole

Customers say this blush looks beautiful on the skin and most love the natural-looking finish it provides.

Multiple reviews say they really like the compact packaging and the mirror in the lid – it’s great for travel!

Others appreciate that you can decide how light or dark you want the blush on your skin by picking up more or less of the darker color on your brush.

This blush tends to work especially well for pale skin. A couple of reviewers say they wish it came in a larger color range. Even though you get 3 blushes in each product the shades don’t seem to suit darker skin tones.

non-comedogenic blusher

Want a non comedogenic blush that won’t break the bank? This Kiko Milano trio is a great option on a budget. Not only do you get value for money with 3 colors in one pan, it’s also very inexpensive considering the quality.

The magnetic closure packaging and the added mirror in the lid are impressive given that this is such a budget-friendly option. It’s not tested on animals, and it’s enriched with vitamin E and argan oil.

However, the shade range needs to be expanded.

Check Out The Latest On The Kiko Milano Trio Blush On Amazon Here