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A Smart Facial Cleansing Device With Massage Benefits

PMD Clean is a luxury smart facial cleansing device developed by PMD (Personal Microderm) Beauty [the creators of the PMD lip plumper]. It provides up to 7,000 vibrations per minute while cleansing and claims to:

  • Provide daily cleansing 
  • Reduce the appearance of blackheads
  • Prevent the build up of oil in your pores 
  • Firm, tone, and lift your skin 

The original PMD Clean uses Sonic Glow Technology to remove impurities from the skin by targeting dirt and oil on the surface and in pores. PMD claim this technology is designed to work at specific frequencies to lift firm and tone up your skin!

Made from silicone, the original PMD Clean is waterproof, odor resistant, hypoallergenic and super hygenic. The brush heads on the PMD Clean will never need to be replaced!

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Adjustable – 2 Cleansing Vibration Modes And 2 Massager Modes

The original PMD Clean features four different modes that provide different cleansing experiences. Suitable for all skin types, you can adjust the intensity by switching between the four customizable modes. Plus, the bristles on the PMD Clean brush head are gentle enough to suit all skin types – even sensitive skin!

Cleansing Modes:

Mode 1: Gentle Vibration

Mode 2: Intense Vibration

Massager Modes:

Mode 1: Gentle Pulsation

Mode 2: Intense Pulsation

PMD suggests using this smart cleansing device twice a day.

Want more out of your anti-aging products? PMD claims this cleansing brush helps to intensify the performance of anti-aging serums and moisturizes with its special SonicGlow massaging technology – resulting in younger looking skin.

11 different colors are available: berry, black, blush, carolina blue, concrete, lime, navy, olive, pink, rose, and teal.

What Is The Difference Between PMD Clean and Pro?

PMD Clean Original

Less Expensive


SonicGlow Technology

AA Battery (Every 2 Months)

Need The Base To Stand

No Active Warmth Feature

Front Power Only

Standard Version Only

PMD Pro Version

More Expensive


SonicGlow Technology

Chargeable Battery (Every 2- 3 Months)

Stands On Its Own

Active Warmth Feature

Additional Back Power For Active Warmth

Standard Pro, Silver, Gold, And Gemstone Available

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Similar But The PMD Pro Has Better Features

The PMD Clean original is less expensive however the Pro version has added benefits.

The structure of all the PMD Clean products is essentially the same. PMD Clean Pro is also made from the ultra hygenic silicone material that is resistant to odors and hypoallergenic. Plus, it’s also waterproof like the original. You can leave any PMD Clean model in your shower! 

All Of The PMD Range Uses Sonic Glow Technology

The original PMD Clean is aa battery operated and needs to be changed every 2 months. PMD Clean Pro (along with the Gemstone, Silver, and Gold models in the range) operates via a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery should be charged every 2-3 months.

The premium versions (PMD Clean Pro including Gemstone – Gold) are self standing while the PMD Clean original can only stand with its base (the base is included in the package).

Pro Verison’s ActiveWarmth Technology For Anti Aging

PMD Clean’s power button is only on the front, while the PMD Clean Pro – Gold range has a power button both the front and the back of the device. The back buttons are for the special Activewarmth feature after your cleanse process is over.

The Cleansing mode settings for the Pro versions:

Mode 1: gentle vibration

Mode 2: intense vibration 

Special Activewarmth Anti-Aging Modes: 

Mode 3: gentle pulsation 

Mode 4 : intenser pulsation 

The PMD Clean Pro range utilizes both the SonicGlow technology and a special ActiveWarmth technology for added anti-aging effects. Follow the entire cleanse process described below in the ‘how to use’ section. Then apply your favorite serum or moisturizer from your existing skin routine to the backside of the brush head.

To activate the ActiveWarmth feature, press the button the back of the device. Next – massage the serum into your skin with the benefit of the Activewarmth pulsation in circular motions.

PMD Clean Pro Elevated Versions

These versions of the facial cleansing device are the exact same as the Pro version, except they have a special back to the head of the brush to improve and augment the massaging process after the cleanse.

Pro Gemstone (Rose Quartz, Obsidian, And Jade) 

PMD Pro Gemstone is the same as the PMD Clean except it has a special Gemstone at the back for the Activewarmth massage section of the cleansing experience.

The Rose Quartz Pro has a rose quartz gemstone on the backside of the cleansing brush to use in conjunction with the ActiveWarmth setting after cleansing to help massage moisturizers and serums into your skin. Roze Quartz stones are made up of oxygen, iron, and magnesium. It is used to help ease inflammation and tension.  

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The Obsidian Stone Clean Pro version operates in the same way. This stone aids in eliminating toxins and reducing the puffiness of the skin.

Jade is the final stone available in the Gemstone range. It’s a balancing and calming stone designed to lessen skin irritation and improve the overall elasticity of your skin.

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PMD Clean Pro Silver

The Pro Silver version includes a pure silver plated massager at the back of the head. This is a precious metal that has additional anti-aging and anti bacterial benefits.

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PMD Clean Pro Gold 24K

The back head is plated with 24 Karat gold which provides anti-inflammatory benefits, while hydrating and improving the elasticity of your skin. 

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Is The PMD Clean Pro Worth It?

Check Out The PMD Clean Pro Here On Amazon

The PMD Clean Pro is more expensive than the regular version, however, if you are a skincare junkie who really loves applying your moisturizers and serums, the Activewarmth massage experience is likely worth the extra cost!

Plus, if you hate replacing batteries then you will really enjoy the charging feature on the Pro version. Both the PMD Clean reviews and the Pro reviews are for the most part really positive.

How To Use The PMD Facial Cleanser

1) Rinse and apply cleanser 

Wash your face with warm water. Apply your favorite cleanser to the front brush head directly.

2) Wet the PMD Beauty device and power on

This is as simple as touching one button on the front of the PMD Clean.

3) Cleansing

Select from the first two modes and massage the brush across your wet skin in a circular motion to remove dirt and makeup.

4) Rince and dry 

Wash your face normally with water and pat dry with a wash cloth or reusable cotton pad. 

5) Massage serums or moisturizer into your clean skin  

Apply moisturizer or a serum to the back of the brush head on the PMD, massage it into your skin using the pulsation modes.

The process is the same for PMD Clean Pro versions until the very last step. The only difference is you have the option to select the Activewarmth vibration modes at the back of the Clean Pro models when you apply moisturizers or serums at the end of the cleansing session. 

PMC Clean Reviews: Positives & Negatives

Reviews across all of the PMD Clean range (including all of the Pro versions) are overwhelmingly positive with a small minority of negative reviews.

Generally, customers love that this tool leaves the skin feeling clean and that they don’t need to change up their existing skincare products to use this smart facial cleansing device.

Those who purchase the Pro versions of this tool tend to be skincare junkies who really want to get the most out of the moisturizer/serum stage. The warming feature gets a ton of positive feedback.

Plus, a common theme from the reviews is that continuous use helps your complexion improve in the long run. Multiple reviewers claim their skin is glowing after they massage serums into their face with this warming brush!

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Cleans Dirt And Oil & Makeup, Ideal For Sensitive Skin, Helps Clear Acne

One reviewer says she has used it for one year and claims she experienced a really noticeable difference. After each use, you feel squeaky clean, and in the long run, it makes your skin feel soft.

Another notes that the brush head is so much more gentle than the bristle style smart beauty tools – it works great for her sensitive skin type.

One customer estimates it got rid of about half of her cystic acne while making a huge difference to the size of her pores and her struggle with redness.

Customers Love The Adjustable Settings & It Tackles Skin Concerns Like Aging

One review raved about the original’s impact on her crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles – even the original PMD can help you achieve a more youthful appearance!

Another reviewer notes that it works so well with the skincare routine she had prior to buying this facial cleansing device. She loves that you can use any of your own skincare products with it.

Many PMD Clean reviews mention that they appreciate how you can adjust the mode to get the perfect frequency for your face and skin needs. Some like to use the more intense mode when they are removing makeup compared to cleansing in the morning.

One even goes as far as to say her skin feels just like she’s had a full spa facial!

The Biggest Drawback: Disappointments Tend To Revolve Around The Lack Of Intensity

A few of the negative PMD Clean reviews noted that they expected more of a deep cleanse with this device. Others disagree and say it left their entire face perfectly clean. One review mentioned that she originally used the Clarisonic Mia brush and this PMD Clean version was way too soft on her skin in comparison. She claims the stiff bristle brush heads on the Clarisonic devices are a lot more intense.

Does PMD Clean Really Work?

Yes! All of the PMD Clean models have overwhelmingly positive reviews across multiple platforms. Most customers notice a difference in their skin with continuous use. However, some users prefer rougher facial cleansing brushes with stiff bristles like the Clarisonic tool. If you have sensitive skin or want a softer approach to your skincare, the PMD Clean is definitely a great option for you!

Which Is Better PMD or Foreo?

The PMD Clean and the Foreo models are pretty similar. Both are made from silicone and both have soft brush bristles that work via vibrations. The FOREO has a timing feature that could be useful if you never cleanse your skin for long enough. However, the PMD has a double-sided brush head which is so convenient for keeping cleansing and serum applications separate.

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Some customers love that the Foreo has more settings than the PMD, however, others said the PMD feels so much more comfortable because you can actually hold it in your hand with the handle.

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