Interested in a Royale hair straightener?

 After hours and hours of intensive research, we will help you decide if the Royale Classic Diamond flat iron is right for you!

We discuss the top features of this straightener, including the wet to dry styling power, the hair cleaning nano technology, and the silky soft styling from the 100% ceramic plates.

Plus, we reveal the few areas where this flat iron falls short.

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Quick Overview | Royale Flat Iron Pros And Cons

Wet To Straight Flat Iron That Actually Works ✔

Nano Silver Technology Removes Impurities In Your Hair While You Style ✔

100% Ceramic Plates & Floating Plate Technology ✔

Adjustable Temperature (From 176° F to 450° F) ✔

Dual Voltage & Ultra Long Swivel Cord ✔

Warranty Protection Guaranteed By Seller ✔

No Auto Shut Off ✘

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In-Depth Review | Royale Hair Straightener

Damp To Dry Styling For Time Saving and Convenience

One of the best features of this flat iron is the fact that you can use it while your hair is still damp. This Royale straightener will not damage your hair, or the flat iron, while you style with damp hair. Some lower quality flat irons promise a wet to straight function, however they often pale in comparison to this higher quality Royale model. Based on customer feedback, it’s one of the best damp to straight irons on the market.

Tired of waiting around for your hair to fully dry before styling? Hate damaging your hair by blowdrying every single time before you style? This damp to dry model cuts out those extra steps. Just wait for your hair to become damp and start using your flat iron.

100% Ceramic Plates & Floating Plate Technology For Longevity And Healthier Looking Hair

This Royale flat iron is perfect if you want to straighten safe and effectively, without causing too much damage to your hair. The  1.5″ 100% ceramic plates maintain a constant and even heat distribution throughout the styling process to prevent any overheating on particular areas of your hair.

Plus, the plates boast fast heat recovery for safety and convenience.

The floating plate technology helps the straightener stays cool to touch at the base and the handle of the iron, while maintaining a constant high heat on the plates.

Ceramic plates are a lot smoother than other materials, helping you easily glide your hair through the iron in one pass without tugging or pulling out strands. Saving your hair and valuable time!

Better than ceramic coated plates, 100% ceramic plates do not peel over time. Royale’s ceramic plates are built to last over and over again. Peeling can result in exposure to the underneath metal, resulting in damaged hair.

Cleans And Styles At The Same Time With Nano Silver Technology

Ever feel guilty using styling tools, because you know the heat is damaging to your hair? This Royale straightener offers some respite from that guilty feeling. The special nano silver technology removes impurities from your hair while it styles at the same time.

Far Infrared Heat For Moisturized, Shiny Straight Hair

Royale promises salon quality hair in the comfort of your own home.

This Royale flat iron’s far infrared heat keeps moisture locked into your hair for a hydrated look and feel. It protects your hair cuticles against damage. The result is softer hair, preserved color, and a long lasting straight style.

Create Four Different Hair Styles On All Hair Types

Royale promises this flat iron model works well on all hair textures and styles. Even on bangs, and both thick and thin hair. It’s perfect for touchups throughout the day.

Want value for money? With this one straightening tool, you can create a range of different hair looks. The Royale straightener is perfect to straighten, wave, flick, and curl your hair. soft touch for hard to manage hair

The soft-touch grip makes it easy and comfortable to hold the flat iron while you style.

Heats Quickly With A Flexible Temperature From 176° F to 450° F

The Royale Classic Diamond flat iron’s temperature range stretches from 176° F to 450° F (80°C to 230° C). Adjust the temperature to suit your desired hair style and hair type.

Stuck for time in the morning? This Royale straightener heats in just 10 seconds: perfect for saving valuable minutes before you run out the door!

  • 450° F: thick curly hair 
  • 380° F to 410° F: normal or slightly curly hair
  • 340° F: dyed dark-colored hair
  • 300° F: thin fine bleached hair

5 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Although some really old reviews state that the warranty is only available when purchased via the company, the seller promises via email that it is protected by the 5 year warranty.

Dual Voltage For Travel And Convenience

Travel a lot? Or maybe you live outside the US? This Royale straightener is dual voltage (110-240v): meaning you can easily use it abroad with an inexpensive adapter.

Ultra Long Swivel Cord For Easy Styling

The 8ft long swivel cord rotates 360° degrees, making it really easy to reach every inch of your hair without tangling the cord or straining your arm.

No Automatic Shut Off Function

If you’re prone to forgetfulness, this is probably not the best flat iron for you. This Royale model does not feature an automatic shut off function, meaning it will not turn itself off if you leave it on accidentally.

Box For Storage Or Alternate Uses

The flat iron comes in a box for easy storage. Why not use it as a jewelry box to store your accessories and other belongings?

Royale Hair Straightener Reviews

royale flat iron

Best Flat Iron They’ve Ever Used

A couple of customers said it’s their favorite iron that they’ve ever used. One said this Royale flat iron is by far better than other straighteners she’s tried, even compared with brands like CHI and Babyliss. Another said it’s her favorite because this Royale straightener is the only styling tool that makes her unruly hair look good and healthy.

Super Quick and Great On Unruly Thick Hair

Customers say this Royale flat iron works great on curly hair that’s hard to straighten, and thick wavy hair in particular.

It straightens a lot quicker than other brands (some review least 10 minutes saved), it leaves it smooth and silky without the frizz. It even leaves the ends of your hair feeling soft (not frizzy) which is very rare in styling tools. Customers are also impressed with how smooth and soft it creates curls and waves too.

It heats quickly and feels nice on the hair. One reviewer says it works even better with a hair serum before use.

Flexible Styling With The Swivel Cord And Multiple Styles In One

While most customers tend to use it just as a flat iron, some say it works great to create curls too.

Others say they like the flexibility and comfort of the swivel cord.

Better Deals For This Royale Flat Iron Online

Multiple customers said they like that they can get a much better deal for this Royale flat iron online than at the mall. The seller promises they guarantee the authenticity of this hair straightener.

royale hair straightener

Older Reviews Question The Authenticity, But Seller Promises A Real Product And Warranty Protection

One or two customers had issues with this Royale flat iron not heating up properly. Some reviews from over four years ago claim they were sent a fake product. However, recent reviews are happy with the authenticity of the product, and the seller promises they send an authentic product. If you do encounter any malfunctioning issues, the seller also confirmed by email that the warranty is valid.

A couple of reviewers were not used to a flat iron with floating plates. It can take time to adjust to a ceramic flat iron with floating plates if you’ve never tried one before.

Best Alternative: Another Royale Flat Iron

Struggling to find the Royale Classic Diamond flat iron? The Royale Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is an excellent alternative – it has excellent customer reviews!

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