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UPDATE: CTC IS Hard To Buy, Better Reviewed Rusk Flat Irons On Offer

Although a lot of customers love their Rusk CTC, some more recent reviewers are frustrated with the technical issues that occur after a few months of use (this happens for a minority of customers).

Plus, the CTC model is increasingly difficult to get your hands on!

Thankfully, Rusk also offer the following highly reviewed, well priced, hair straightener with impressive features!

RUSK Professional Straight Ceramic & Tourmaline Straightener

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Quick Overview: Rusk CTC Straight Flat Iron 

  • 5 Different Temperature Settings ✔
  • Much Shinier Hair & Creates Much Less Damage Than Other Flat Irons ✔
  • Some Reviews Even Like It Better Than CHI & Babyliss ✔
  • 2 Year Warranty ✔
  • No Auto Shut Off Function ✘
  • Not Dual Voltage ✘

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Key Stats

  • Full name: RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight (str8) Iron
  • Model: IRECTC2092
  • Length of the flat iron:  11 1/2″ long
  • Plate size: 1″ or 1 + 1/4″ wide, 4 1/2″ long
  • Cord: 9 foot long swivel cord
  • Voltage:  120V (converter required outside the US)
  • Wattage:  400 W
  • Extras: Protective heat matt

Full Review: Rusk Hair Straightener Top Features

♥ 1 or 1 1/4″ Ceramic Titanium Plates For Durability & Even Heat

The ceramic plates are infused with titanium – bringing together the benefits of both materials in one flat iron.

Titanium is more durable. Plus, it provides high heat transfer power, and works especially well on thick or coarse hair. Check out the Tyme Iron Pro if you are interested in a 100% titanium plate styling tool.

Ceramic material keeps the RUSK straightener affordable, and produces an even application of heat while you straighten.

The plates feature Ryton housing and Sol-Gel technology. This keeps this Rusk CTC flat iron strong and chip resistant. Plus, it provides a more effective and smoother straighten – just one pass through is needed for each piece of hair!

It’s available in 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch plates. The 1 inch works best if you have shorter hair, go for the 1 1/4 inch if your hair is longer. In terms of length, the plates measure approximately 4 1/4″.

This width and length combination is bigger than a lot of other flat irons on the market. Longer plates work great for thick hair – saving valuable time while you straighten.

The plates are slightly curved so the flat iron glides smoothly through your hair. It doesn’t pull or tug while you straighten.

♥ Heats Up To 450°F – 5 Settings But No Auto Shut Off

The CTC heats up to a high heat of 450°F – perfect for sealing in keratin treatments. Unlike the Sultra flat iron, this model features multiple temperature options. The five different temperature settings are ideal for experimenting. Try them all out to find what works best for your hair type and desired look! The currently selected temperature will appear on the LED display to avoid any confusion.

Keep your Rusk flat iron on the lowest temperature setting (300°F ) initially to minimize damage. Work your way upwards to find the best heat setting for you hair.

While it’s designed primarily for straightening, some customers use it for curling their hair, too. The heat radiates from the sides of the plates – making it easy to add flips and curls to the ends of your hair.

This flat iron heats up quickly so it’s ideal if you’re short on time in the mornings. It takes less than one minute to get to the full 450°F temperature. The RUSK CTC Professional comes equipped with a temperature memory function. Just push the memory button to quickly heat the flat iron to your saved setting.

However, much like the GVP flat iron, this straightener does not have an automatic shut off function. This poses a health and safety risk if you accidentally leave it on for too long. Not ideal if you’re a forgetful person! A full RUSK safety instruction guide is available here.

♥ Who Is The RUSK CTC Str8 Flat Iron For?

Because the ceramic plates are infused with titanium and longer in length than usual, this flat iron works especially well for thick coarse hair. However, it can work well for thin, fine hair on the right temperature setting. It’s the ideal flat iron to smooth and straighten kinks, cowlicks, curls, and climate frizz.

Rusk recommends different temperatures to suit different hair types.

  • Keep the flat iron at a lower temperature of 300°F for fragile and very fine hair.
  • Thin, easy-to-curl hair straightens best at 340°F.
  • If you have normal textured hair opt for the 375°F setting.
  • Wavy, curly hair can take a higher heat – 410°F is ideal.
  • The 450°F is too hot for a lot of hair types – but it does work well for very thick, coarse hair.

The RUSK CTC flat iron is a good option for hair salon use. Rusk promise it can produce silky and shiny looking hair. Additionally, it works great for smoothing and straightening salon treatments, including kerashine conditioning, anti-curl, and thermal shiny straight.

♥ 9 Foot Cord & A Protective Matt, But It’s Not Dual Voltage

This Rusk flat iron is attached to a long 9 foot cord that swivels while you straighten, making it easy to access all parts of your hair without tangling.

It is not a dual voltage model. You will need a converter outside of the US (however these converters are usually pretty inexpensive).

Worried about damaging your surfaces with the heat from this straightener? It comes with a protective matt so you can rest your flat iron on something safe while it’s hot.

This particular Rusk model comes in a black color only. The matte black material can attract fingerprints (comparable to the feel of NARS makeup packaging) – something to bare in mind if you like to keep your hair tools looking spotless.

How To Use The RUSK CTC Str8? 

It’s easy to use.

  1. Separate your dry hair into one inch sections.
  2. Begin at the crown of the head. Bring the flat iron as close to your roots as possible without getting too close to the scalp.
  3. Clasp your hair in between the plates and glide the flat iron downwards until you pass it through the entire section.
  4. Repeat until you’ve straightened all the sections of your hair.

 ♥ 2 Year Limited Warranty For Peace Of Mind

One of the most attractive features of this flat iron is the generous warranty period. The CTC St8 is covered by a 24 month limited manufacturer’s warranty. It’s not as long as the lifetime warranty available with the Sutra flat iron, but it still has a decent coverage period.

What happens if you experience a malfunction? Rusk will replace or repair your defective CTC Technology Str8 flat iron for free within the 2 year period from the date of purchase. Just pay the 5 dollar postage and handling fee, and ship your defective flat iron to their service center. It’s important to retain your receipt for proof of purchase. Register the straightener when you receive it and you will be covered by the warranty.

Full warranty info is available here.

Customer Reviews – Comparisons + Pros & Cons

♥ RUSK Vs. Other Brands

♥ RUSK vs. CHI

A lot of reviewers think this RUSK flat iron is better than similar CHI models.

One customer said she tried a few CHI flat irons in the past and this RUSK model is much better. Her thick, coarse hair is straight in only 10 minutes, and it looks much shinier.

Another said it’s better than her CHI. The only thing she doesn’t like about the CTC RUSK is how long the actual flat iron is. One review said the CHI burned her hair, but she doesn’t have that problem with the RUSK! A third said it’s easier to use than the CHI, and it takes fewer passes to get her hair straight.

However, one customer thinks the quality of the RUSK flat iron is similar to CHI – and the CHI is better.

♥ RUSK vs. Babyliss

Most reviews that compared it to Babyliss prefer this RUSK model. However, not everyone agrees – one reviewer did say she thinks the Babyliss is better!

It’s very similar to all three of the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium irons – some say it’s almost identical, with the color being the main difference. The Rusk is more lightweight than the Babyliss flat irons. Unlike the Babyliss 1 1/4 inch, reviews say the RUSK doesn’t singe or fry your hair. 

♥ Fan Fave & Recommended By Professionals

Multiple reviewers said the RUSK CTC is their favorite flat iron.

A lot of customers bought this straightener based on recommendations from their hair stylist.

Some hairdressers say this is their favorite flat iron of all time. One professional hair stylist has used it every day on her clients for 3 years, and says it works well for all hair types.

Another popular flat iron with professionals is the Solano Sleekheat.

♥ Heats Quickly To Save Time

While it’s definitely not the cheapest model on the market, the RUSK CTC flat iron can provide professional quality results.

Customers like that it heats up quickly – you don’t even need to wait a full minute for it to reach 450°F. (Although models like the Nume Megastar can heat in just 30 seconds!) Many reviewers note how much time they save using this straightener. Instead of spending a few hours on their hair, some were able to straighten in just 30, 20, or even 10 minutes!

♥ Shiny Looking Hair With Minimal Damage

What really sets this flat iron apart from the competition is how it makes the hair look and feel.

A ton of reviews were impressed with the way this flat iron treats the hair. It doesn’t fry or cause excess damage. A couple noted it really works great on damaged hair (especially damage from bleach). The RUSK CTC can give the hair a soft, silky look even without any added styling products. Unlike many other models, it doesn’t cause static.

It takes only one pass for thin hair and leaves it looking sleek and shiny. Two reviewers say the shine effect is so strong, their friends asked them if they got highlights! Some said they like that this RUSK flat iron doesn’t pull their hair out. It glides smoothly through the hair with each pass.

♥ Works For Most Hair Types & Can Curl Too

Unsurprisingly, the long titanium infused plates work well on thick, coarse, and curly hair. However, a lot of customers with thin hair also said they really like it.

Based on the reviews, it works well for some women with relaxed African hair. However, it can be difficult to get at new hair growth – we recommend using a pressing comb to reach those areas. Some women with natural African American hair also said they like it. However, the Cortex Steamliner flat iron might be a better option for natural hair.

The plates are curved on the side which makes it easy to curl your hair. Many customers said they like to use this RUSK model for curling, but it can take some practice and skill. One said she never uses her curling iron anymore because it’s just more convenient to curl with this straightener!

♦ Be Careful Not To Burn Your Hands

The plates are wide and take up almost the entire width of the flat iron. The outside of the plates get very hot while you straighten. Be sure to hold the iron at the base and never touch the top plate area! Or use a glove to prevent any burns.

♦ Faulty Issues

A handful of reviewers said it turns off unexpectedly when they’re using it. A few others said it won’t heat up fully. The flat iron does come with a two year limited manufacturer’s warranty if you run into any of these problems.

Update: more and more customers seem to be experiencing these issues. You can always take the risk and avail of a warranty if you run into any technical troubles, however you may want to consider one of the other Rusk models instead (or a different flat iron)

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♦ Poor Range of Heat Settings

Some customers wish this flat iron had more heat settings. The lowest is 300°F (which is quite hot) and the next highest is 340°F. It would be better if it had a heat option between these settings, plus a much lower temperature setting.

It doesn’t flash or beep when it’s ready, so it’s best to keep an eye on the LED screen to find out when it’s fully hot.

Is It For Me?

The RUSK CTC is a great option if you want a flat iron that leaves your hair shiny and not as damaged as other straightener models.
  • Most customers find that the smooth and silky finish to their hair after styling is the biggest selling point for this model.
  • The ceramic titanium-infused and long, wide plates are ideal for thick coarse hair. A lot of customers with thin hair also have success with the 1 inch plate iron on a lower heat setting.
  • This RUSK model compares well to similar flat irons from brands like Chi and Babyliss. As a nice bonus, it comes with a protective matt so it won’t burn your surfaces.
  • A few customers have issues with their Rusk CTC malfunctioning, however each purchase is covered by a 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty if you experience any issues.
Like all other flat irons, it has a couple of flaws. 
  • This RUSK straightener heats up quickly to the max temperature of 450°F.  However, it only comes with 5 heat settings. Some customers wish it had a few more temperature options.
  • It’s not a dual voltage model, and it doesn’t have an automatic shut off function.
  • The top of the flat iron gets super hot when it’s switched on – be careful not to burn your hands while you use it.
  • More and more customers are experiencing slight faults with their CTC model. Plus, it’s much harder to find lately. Consider a different Rusk flat iron instead!

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