Wondering if the Rusk W8less blow dryer is worth the purchase?

After over 26 hours of intense research, we help you decide if this dryer is worth the money for you!

How does this Rusk model stack up against other professional-grade blow dryers? Are the features impressive considering the price? What are the pros and cons?

Keep reading to find the answers to these questions and much more!

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↳ Rusk W8less Dryer | Key Stats

  • Dryer Dimensions: 4.5 x 10.3 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Model: IREW8LS
  • Wattage: 2000 Watt
  • Cord: 8′ Power Cord
  • Heat: Hot, Warm, or Cool + Cold Shot Button
  • Speed: High + Low
  • Material: Ceramic With Tourmaline-Infused Grill
  • Extras: Concentrator Nozzle
  • Safety: Automatic Safety Shut Off
  • Cleaning: Removable Rear Filter For Easy Cleaning
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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↳ RUSK W8less Professional Hair Dryer | In Depth Review

Ultra Lightweight At Less Than One Pound

As the name suggests, one of the best features of this hair dryer is how ‘w8less’ it is. Weighing less than one pound, this blow dryer is specially designed to feel lighter in your hands.

Plus, it is ergonomically designed for greater comfort on your hands, arm, and back while you dry your hair. Perfect if you have any nerve compression issues, or if you just hate having to hold your hair dryer above your head for a long time!

High Powered, Professional Level Hair Dryer

Even though the Rusk W8less is so lightweight, it still features extremely strong power with a professional-friendly wattage level of 2,000!

Plus, it’s attached to an ultra-long 8′ power cord that provides extra flexibility in any hair salon. The custom cubic print white exterior looks professional in any salon’s hairdryer holsters!

Additionally, the added concentrator attachment is ideal to target heat on small areas of the hair (like a wave or curl) or if you want to relax curly hair.

Infused With Both Tourmaline & Ceramic For Quicker Drying

The Rusk W8less dryer is infused with both ceramic and tourmaline providing the best of both worlds!

The special technology operates via pure tourmaline gemstones and combines with the ceramic to release the most effective and conditioning negative ions possible to dry your hair much faster.

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Far Infrared Heat Reduces Drying Time & Eliminates Frizz

Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared heat. Far infrared heat rays penetrate your hair deeper and concentrate on the outer cuticles of the hair follicle. This helps dry from the inside out and reduces heat damage.

Negative ions help lock in moisture and remove frizz.

The combination saves you time by drying your hair faster, and helps to eliminate any static or frizz for sleeker, shinier hair!

Flexible Heat & Speed Settings With Cool Shot Button

A professional-grade blow dryer, this Rusk W8less model features three different heat settings (hot, warm, cool) and two separate speed options (high or low) to adjust to your hair type and the stage of your drying process.

Try blow drying your hair on the slower speed settings and lower heat settings to prevent hair damage. Plus, it features a cool shot button – perfect for sealing in your hairstyle when your hair is 90% dry!

Automatic Safety Shut Off With The Rusk W8less

Safety is paramount when it comes to electronics. Especially when we talk about a machine designed to dry wet hair when you’ve just hopped out of the shower (electronics and water don’t mix)!

Thankfully, this Rusk W8less model provides some extra peace of mind. It features an automatic safety shut off feature to prevent damage or injury in the off chance that the dryer overheats.

Easy Cleaning With Removable Rear Filter

When you blow dry your hair after every single shower, it’s important to keep your hair dryer clean and hygienic.

This Rusk W8less blow dryer features a removable rear filter for easy cleaning! Just open the filter area and clean it out every now and then to keep your dryer fresh and safe to use.

2 Year Warranty For Protection

Just like the Rusk Ctc Str8 flat iron, this W8less blow dryer features a generous warranty protection period.

Rusk offers a refund or replacement free of charge within the first 24 months from the date of purchase in the rare case that you run into any defects or operation issues. Proof of purchase is required. Full terms and conditions are available here.

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↳ How To Use The Rusk W8less Hair Dryer

  • Wash your hair
  • Towel dry to release any excess moisture
  • Part your hair into sections to dry
  • Take a styling brush, and direct the air from the dryer through your hair one section at a time

Add Body & Volume

  • Dry your hair upside down to create volume
  • For better lift, direct the airflow towards the roots of your hair
  • Brush your hair into place once it is fully dry

Straighten With The Dryer

  • Section off your hair after blow-drying
  • Take a large round brush (2″ in diameter)
  • Grab one section at a time
  • Hold your hair taut in the section and bend the ends under slightly as you dry

Natural Looking, Tousled Waves

  • Dry your hair on the hotter temperature settings until it’s almost completely dry
  • Finish styling with a blast of cooler air
  • For natural-looking, tousled waves, grasp your hair by the root and scrunch your hair between your fingertips while you blow-dry

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↳ Rusk W8less Hair Dryer Reviews | Customer Feedback

rusk w8less

Great For All Hair Types

What about hair type? Is the Rusk W8less flexible enough to suit different hair textures and thickness levels?

Multiple customers say this model is great for fine hair. While a lot of other reviewers with super thick hair also have really positive experiences! Some mention that they like the setting options because it means this Rusk hair dryer can work well for very thin or very thick hair.

Rusk W8less Vs. Other High-End Hair Dryers

Others compared it to similarly higher-end hair dryer brands like Babyliss and Elchim.  

Multiple customers said this blow dryer is better than any other dryer they’ve ever used!

One customer said her Babyliss model has more settings but this Rusk w8less blow dryer is much more lightweight.

A different review mentioned it’s just as good as an FHI Heat hair dryer.

Another customer said this Rusk model was recommended to her by a professional hair dresser who said Rusk and Elchim are the two best dryer brands on the market.

Rusk Vs Cheaper Brands

Multiple reviews mention that their hair quality has improved so much since investing in this slightly more expensive professional-level hair dryer!

One said she traded in her 20 dollar blow dryer for the Rusk W8less and it has made such a difference to her hair. She noticed it’s so much faster at drying – and has cut her drying time almost in half!

Plus, multiple customers say the Rusk W8less is quieter than most dryers, and is much lighter than cheaper models. Most that mention the price add that it’s worth it for the quality!

So Lightweight | Healthier Hair | Long-Lasting Model

Customers are impressed that this hair dryer lives up to the ‘w8less’ name – one even said it’s so lightweight that she thought the box was empty!

Multiple reviewers say their hair looks a lot smoother and shinier since investing in this Rusk model. It removes frizz and prevents the poofy hair look!

Others love that the filter is removable to keep it clean and hygienic. Plus, it’s long-lasting. One customer notes that she bought this Rusk model years and years ago and it’s still going strong.

rusk w8less hair dryer

One or two customers mention that they wish the controls were in a different place because you need to hold the dryer nearer to the bottom to avoid accidentally pressing a different setting. However, most customers that mention the button location say it’s not a big deal.

Another customer says she doesn’t like that this model is not dual voltage.

A small number had defect issues, but one or two also mentioned that they were satisfied with the warranty appeals process, (all they paid for was shipping).

↳ Is It For Me?

Looking for a professional-grade hair dryer at a fairly reasonable price? If you want something lightweight, made from high-quality materials, that also straightens, adds volume, and can create waves in your hair – this is a great option!

The Rusk W8less dries your hair quickly, features 7 heat and speed settings, provides a strong 2000 watts worth of power, and includes an automatic shut off function for safety. Plus, it’s covered by a 2-year warranty and is easily cleanable thanks to the removable filter!

However, if you want a dual voltage model this is not the best hair dryer for you.

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