Interested in the Solano Sleekheat flat iron?

We’ve got you covered with our in-depth Solano Sleekheat 450 Professional flat iron review!

After hours and hours of intense research, we can reveal this model’s top features, the pros and cons, and we discuss the customer feedback.

It’s a high quality flat iron, and popular with professional hair stylists. However, as we reveal below, it’s not completely flawless.

Just keep reading to find out if this Solano flat iron is for you!

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Key stats

  • Full name: Solano Sleek Heat 450 professional flat iron
  • Plate Size: available in 1 inch (for shorter hair) or 1.25 inch (for longer hair)
  • Voltage: 110-120 only
  • Power: 40W

Solano Flat Iron – Top Features

Adjustable Temperature To Suit Your Desired Hair Type And Style

The temperature dial is adjustable from 170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to suit your desired heat level. There are 5 set temperature options: from 170, 210, 280, 360, up to 450°F. The range is impressive – a lot of ceramic flat irons only heat up to 390 degrees! If you like keratin treatments, the hot 450 degrees option is great for you – it’s the recommended temperature to seal in keratin.

Damaged hair? Start out on a lower temperature to prevent further damage.  Even if your hair isn’t damaged, we recommend starting out on a lower heat and building your way up to find the ideal temperature for your hair type, texture, and desired style. A hotter temperature works well for very coarse hair.

High Quality Ceramic, Tourmaline Plates For Shiny, Hydrated, Smooth Hair.

This Solano has 4-sided, 3.5″ ionic beveled plates to glide smoothly through your hair and prevent damage. The plates are ceramic for an evenly distributed heat as you style.

The tourmaline leaves your hair shiny and smooth, and helps prevent flyaways. Worried about burning your fingers? The heat resistant cool touch tips provide a comfortable and safe straighten experience. Unlike the RUSK CTC flat iron, the plates are not infused with any titanium.

The Solano Sleekheat flat iron also utilizes technology to generate negative ions – counteracting the positively charged ions in your hair. This provides a hydrated, shinier look, and helps to minimize any static while you flat iron.

Quick Straighten: Heats Up To 450 In 60 Seconds, Far Infrared Heat, Instant Recovery Time

This Solano flat iron is ideal if want to straighten your hair quickly. The color coded feature helps to easily track when the styling tool is hot enough. It turns red as you switch it on. You’ll know when it has reached the set temperature because it will flicker blue. Plus it lights up blue as an indicator when you turn the temperature up or down. It heats up to 450°F in just 60 seconds, and has the benefit of instant recovery time. This isn’t quite as fast as the Nume flat iron (ready in just 30 seconds) but it’s still faster than most models!

Unlike other flat irons, the Solano uses longer wave length far infrared heat. This type of heat targets the cortex of the hair cuticle to heat your hair from the inside. The infrared technology results in healthier looking and feeling hair, and reduces the styling time.

Read the full user instructions to learn more.

Super Long Swivel Cord For Comfort And Salon Use

The cord is super long (9 foot) – ideal for salon use. It also swivels fully, so it won’t get in your way or tangle while you reach the hard-to-style areas at the back of the head.

Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Worried about your flat iron breaking? Just like the Sultra flat iron, this Solano model comes with a two year limited warranty (when registered online or by post within 30 days of purchase). Full information on the warranty is available here. While it’s not as long as the lifetime warranty available with the Sutra flat iron, it’s still quite a long coverage period. Some customers pay an extra 30 dollars to add two more years to the warranty as it is an expensive investment.

No Auto Shut Off Function – A Potential Safety Risk

Unlike a lot of high quality flat irons, like the CHI models, the Solano Sleekheat does not automatic shut off. It’s important to switch off your flat iron after styling to prevent any potential fires or injuries. If you’re a forgetful person, this may not be the right model for you.

Adapter Required For Overseas Use

This flat iron is not dual voltage. It will need suitable outlet adapters and voltage converters if you’re using it outside the US and the required voltage exceeds 110-120V.

What Do Customers Think Of This Solano Flat Iron?

Overall, customers seem to like this model, with high average views online.

Multiple reviews said it’s the best flat iron they’ve ever used.

High Quality Design With Good Performance On The Hair

One reviewer noted the ceramic tourmaline really keeps the hair moisturized. Multiple customers said they like that it doesn’t pull on their hair.

The high quality ceramic, tourmaline plates and infared technology seems to work well. One reviewer noted that she doesn’t experience heat damage when using this flat iron. Another said it noticeably reduces frizz and makes her hair shinier.

Reviews confirm that it does heat up quickly. While Solano claims it heats in 60 seconds, some find it’s even quicker than that! One customer said it heats fully to 450°F degrees in just 45 seconds, and lights up red (indicating it’s ready to use) at 1 minute.

Reviewers like that it’s easy to create curls, flips, and waves with this flat iron, too (it’s similar to the GVP model in this aspect). The one inch model is easy to manoeuvre and works especially well to straighten hair close to the neck. The iron feels lightweight, so it doesn’t hurt your arm while you straighten.

Works Well For All Hair Types – Including Natural Hair

Similar to the Cortex Professional Seamliner, this flat iron seems to work well for ladies with natural hair.  Multiple reviewers with natural hair had a positive experience with this model. Ladies with 4A, 4B, and 4C natural hair said it worked well for them, especially in humid weather. It also works well for tight, curly hair. Some customers said it works well for their fine hair, too. Some reviewers said they think it would work suit any hair type.

Based on reviews, it appears to be a popular model in hair salons. One professional hair stylist said she has had this model for 5 years and it works well for her. The cord is starting to get a bit worn, and she said she would repurchase the Solano Sleekheat again – a great endorsement! Other customers said this flat iron was recommended by their hair stylist.

Multiple reviews said it takes only one pass through on 400-450°F to get their hair very straight.

How Does The Solano Stack Up To Other Flat Irons?

Multiple reviewers said it’s the best flat iron they’ve ever used. One customer said it’s much better than her previous Paul Mitchell model, and she likes it better than CHI. Another said it works better for straightening than GHD.

It Stops Working?!

Some customers had issues with their flat iron not working after a while of use. One said hers stopped working after a year, another found it only lasted a few months! However, this Solano Sleekheat flat iron is covered by a two year limited warranty in case it breaks.

The Impact Of Adjusting The Temperature

One customer said she didn’t like this Solano when she initially used it, but when she adjusted the temperature she really loved the results. This shows the importance of trial and error – you need to experiment to find the perfect temperature for you. Because this flat iron comes with multiple temperature options, it’s a great way to find the right heat level for your hair type.

It’s also important to be aware of just how hot this Solano flat iron can get. One customer said the 450°F degree setting singed her fine hair. Start at a lower temperature and build up to find what’s right for you.

Is it for me?

solano flat iron

This Solano flat iron is impressive overall, but it’s not without its flaws.

  • Some customers say it’s their favorite flat iron. It’s popular with professional hair stylists, and is used in many hair salons.
  • It doesn’t come cheap. However the quality can justify the price. The high quality ceramic, tourmaline plates and infrared technology provide smooth, shiny, hydrated, straight hair.
  • It works for all kinds of hair types – including natural 4A, 4B, and 4C hair.
  • The temperature is adjustable from 170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is great for experimenting with different temperatures and finding what works for you. It heats up quickly in just 60 seconds – ideal if you like to style your hair quickly.
  • While it broke for a few customers, it does come with a 2 year limited warranty for peace of mind.
  • There’s no auto shut off function, so it can be a safety risk. An adapter is needed for overseas use.

Not sure if the Solano flat iron is right for you? Check out our full flat iron guide and top 5 flat iron brushes list to find the perfect model for you!