Looking for a new spray tan machine?

After over 30 hours of intensive research, we’ve identified the best spray tan machines on the market for a range of different usages and needs.

Want a spray tan machine for at-home use? On a budget? Or maybe you own a salon that needs a powerful machine to provide more than 50 spray tans a day?

We’ve found the right spray tan machine kit for you. Just keep reading!

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#1. MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Machine Kit W/Tent (Best Overall)

  • Tent colors: Black or brown
  • Contents: Spray gun, 3 bottles of tanning fluid, oversized tent, an oversized carry bag, instruction manual, spare kit, and spray gun storage
  • Spray tan machine kit without the tent also available

spray tan machine

Includes 3 Bottles Of Solution 100% Vegan Tampa Bay Spray

Oversized Tent & Carry Bag

HVLP Nozzle & Adjustable Mist Control

No Overspray & Both Vertical & Horizontal Patterns Possible

Spare Kit Included

Quiet at 75DB

Pretty Powerful For Its Size

Lightweight & Travel-Friendly At 5 Pounds

1 Year Turbine Warranty

spray tan machine

Inconsistent Spraying If You Do Not Assemble Correctly (Contact Customer Services)

This customer-favorite spray tan machine kit earns our top spot as it’s relatively affordable and includes all of the basic spray tan essentials (and more) to suit beginners or a small-to-medium sized salon

This kit includes everything you need to achieve a spray tan from the spray gun to the tanning tent. A super popular option, this spray tan kit has sold over 10,000 units so far!

This spray tan machine is from the ‘Lite’ Maximist range. Although this kit is professional-grade, it’s really easy to use, and less powerful than MaxiMist’s two other medium and heavy ranges (see #5 below).

The system can handle about 10 spray sessions a day, 6 days a week (60 uses a week). It’s ideal for home use, for a small salon/startup, or as a backup for a big salon.

Powerful Turbine For The Size, Quiet & Travel-Friendly

Although it’s smaller than some of the super expensive spray tan machine models, the 300 watts single-stage turbine is still powerful and achieves 47cfm airflow. It’s a quiet model, at just 75 DB – providing a more pleasant and peaceful experience for your clients and spray tan artists.

A travel-friendly design, this model is lightweight at just 5 pounds in weight. The kit also features a 6.5ft air hose.

HVLP Fine Mist Nozzle, Adjustable & Multi-Pattern Flow From Clog-Free Gun

This high volume, low pressure (HVLP) model features a quality German-engineered spray nozzle that releases the atomized fine mist with very little overspray. The spray gun flow is adjustable via the trigger. Control the mist in a horizontal or vertical pattern for an easy, even tan with great precision.

Plus, the spray gun is virtually clog-free thanks to the non-stick needle!

Conical, Wide-Base Cup To Hold Product & Avoid Spillage With 2 Spares

The SatinAire spray head features a conically designed cup (5oz) with a wide base to hold a lot of tan, avoid spillage, and pick up the optimum amount of product.

Spray tan solution enters the center dip area which makes a flexible movement for spraying a lot easier.

2 extra cups (5oz) with airtight lids are included in the set. You can change your tanning solutions between different applications without emptying or refilling the product.

3 100% Vegan Tampa Bay Spray Tan Products For All Skin Types

This spray tan machine set also features 3 professional-level Tampa Bay spray tanning products for use on your clients. These tanning solutions are not tested on animals, are 100% vegan, suitable for a range of skin types, and used in professional salons.

Each bottle contains 8oz of product and the set includes light (8%) medium (10%) and dark (12%) levels for use on different skin tones.

However, if you have a different favorite solution you can use whichever professional brand you would like.

Spare Parts Kit For A Rainy Day

The spare parts kit includes: a spare spray gup cup gasket, another solution pickup tube, a spare spray gun nozzle gasket, and a spare turbine filter. Just in case you forget a part or accidentally break one of the parts – thanks to the spare kit you won’t need to cancel on your clients!

Safety Certified & Protected By A Warranty

Each spray tan machine purchase is protected by a 1-year warranty on the turbine motor on the rare chance you experience a turbine failure.

When you’re working on clients you want to make sure you have safe and secure equipment. This spray tan machine kit is CE, EU, and ECAL certified for that extra peace of mind.

New to spray tanning? Each purchase also comes with an instruction manual to explain all of the various parts and how to use them.

MaxiMist provide a tech support call-in based in the USA if you have any equipment-related issues.

High-Quality Tent Included For Mess-Free Spraying

You can also purchase the spray tan machine without the tent if you already have one.

The extra-large tanning booth tent features clear view vinyl windows (around shoulder height) to maintain your client’s privacy while also providing adequate natural lighting.

It is made from double-stitched nylon threaded seams for durability, the floor is stain resistant and leak-proof, and velcro encloses the full opening (no need to worry about broken zippers)!

The opening height is 6/12ft and spans almost the whole of the width of the tent (4ft) to suit tall clients. The tent size is 4x4x7 in total and weighs less than 8 pounds (slightly heavier than other brands because of the fantastic quality).

This tent’s framework is made from spring steel to prevent sagging. It collapses into a circular shape for storage. Travel easily with the extra-large tent carrying bag (with the added extra-long triple stitched carry straps).

If you have difficulty setting up the tent consult the instruction guide or the online videos and demos.

spray tan machine

Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Positive

Multiple customers say it’s definitely worth the money – even worth the cost many times over considering the great quality of the spray tan machine and what is included in the kit.

One explained that she bought this kit as part of her plan to start up a small tanning business and it works really well for her, though she likes to use a different tanning solution with it.

Customers say it works great for at-home use if you find salons too expensive to justify paying for a spray tan. Some note it’s so easy to use that their husbands easily learned to spray them! It can take some practice, but you can learn a lot quicker if you watch Youtube tutorials.

Many reviewers say the spray tan machine works so well and creates a lovely tan with the included tanning products.

Some of those who bought the kit with the tent say they particularly like that the tent is so roomy.

Others are really complimentary towards the customer service – they are really responsive, ad some said they get back to you within half an hour.

There are only a couple of negative reviews and the customer service is quick to respond to complaints. One or two customers say it sprays inconsistently, but the seller explains that this is due to an incorrect assembling of the spray gun after cleaning. They recommend contacting customer services to resolve the issue. The turbine is also protected by a warranty if you run into any issues.

spray tan machine

If you want a high quality, reasonably priced, spray tan machine kit (with tons of tanning essentials) to suit a small salon or for at-home use – you won’t find much better on the market than this MaxiMist Lite model.

It includes the easy to control spray gun, a spare parts kit, the warranty-protected turbine, an optional tent, spray tan solution, and so much more!

Check Out The Maximist Lite Spray Tan Kit On Amazon Here

#2. Norvell Sunless Kit M1000 Mobile HVLP Machine (Professionals’ Pick)

  • Contents: HVLP Norvell mobile spray system (including spray gun), Norvell tanning liquids x3 (Ultra Vivid ‘Cosmo’, Venetian, and Dark (all 8oz), Norvell training manual

sunless tanner

Rated #1 Tanning Brand, Best Selling In Norvell Range

Minimal Overspray & Adjustable Spray Patterns

Spare Part Kit

3 Green & Clean Norvell Spray Tan Solution Products

Travel-Friendly With Lightweight Size & Travel Strap

1-year Manufacturer Warranty

sunless tanner

No Tent Included

Spray Gun Pressure Not Adjustable

This spray tan machine is placed second on our list because it’s an award-winning, professionals’ favorite. The only reason it didn’t clinch the top spot is because it does not come with a tent

Rated #1 Best Professional Self-Tanning Spray Tan Brand

Norvell was rated the best professional sunless tanning brand (October 2017) by professional spray tan beauticians in a study conducted by Fieldwork/Webwork International Inc (a research company).

Best Selling HVLP Norvell Spray System With All The Parts Necessary To Spray From Day One

Norvell aims to provide a professional, clean, and fuss-free tanning experience for both the spray tan artist and the client.

This M-1000 spray system (HVLP) is the best selling spray tan system in the whole Norvell line. It’s lightweight and sprays smoothly for an even application.

The HVLP M-series spray gun features an adjustable spray pattern and has minimal overspray for accuracy as you spray your clients and to avoid wasting product.

This set also includes the M1000 turbine, a ten-foot hose, and a 110v electrical cord – everything you need to start using the spray gun machine straight away!

Lose or break a spray gun part? This spray tan machine kit also comes with a spray gun repair kit so you won’t need to cancel on your clients!

Plus, it is protected by a one year manufacturer’s warranty if you run into any functioning troubles.

Includes High-Quality Tanning Products Made From Micro-Nutrient Technology Enriched With Vitamins & Antioxidants

Norvell’s tanning products are made from micro-nutrient technology to provide vitamins and antioxidants to your skin while also achieving a bronze tan (without an obvious orangey undertone). Each client’s spray tan should last up to a week.

The Norvell tan is fragrance-free, as well as paraben, gluten, sulfate, phthalates, petrochemicals, GMOs, and triclosan-free. Plus, the formula is also created with and enhanced by natural essences.

Tanning Solution Science Guides For Newbies

The training guide provides information on the science and basics of sunless tanning and sunless colorology explained by experts. Norvell aims to include only the greenest and most healthy ingredients in their tanning products to look after your clients’ skin and the planet.

The DHA (active ingredient which interacts with the amino acids within the skin cells producing a color change) will begin to activate within 2-4 hours after application.

Do not bathe, shower or sweat for at least 8-hours after application. Avoid chlorinated pools for 18-hours. Brown cosmetic bronzers will wash away during your first shower after the spray tan. Norvell formulas marked ‘clear’ do not contain any cosmetic bronzers.

Three Included Norvell Spray Tan Solution Products

‘Venetian’ utilizes a combination of violet and brown-toned bronzers to give your clients a skin tone similar to those found on the beaches of the European Riviera. This formula blends with your clients’ natural skin tones to create a dark and long-lasting tan. It features a pleasant paradise breeze fragrance.

‘Cosmo’ tanner is a blend of Norvell’s two top shades (Venetian and Dark). It works particularly well for clients with a base color for a lovely glow.

The ‘Dark’ solution is a seven-time award-winning formula that works on all skin tones to create a custom deep shade to suit that individual client. It’s scented with allergen-free almond and raspberry extracts.

Each bottle lasts for 6 months after opening (a lot longer than other brands).

Travel-Friendly | Lightweight & Shoulder Strap

On the move from client to client? The lightweight size and shoulder strap makes travel a lot easier.

How To Use The Norvell Spray Tan System

Norvell recommends pouring approximately 2-2.5 oz of tanner into the gun cup for a client weighing around 150 pounds. Keep the spray gun about 6 inches from the skin. Use a sweeping smooth motion as you spray.

Move 12-14 inches away when spraying your client’s feet, hands, and face. You can keep unused solution in an airtight container to use within the next 24 hours.

sunless tanner

This Spray Tan Machine Kit Has Fantastic Reviews So Far

Customers like that it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store away thanks to its small size. The instructions are simple to follow and the spray tan solutions included are a generous size and produce a gorgeous color.

Customers particularly love the Venetian tan for a non-orange tan.

Many reviewers noted that Norvell is definitely their favorite spray tan formula brand, and that’s what pushed them to buy this model over others.

Some even say this spray tan machine is just as good as the machines that cost approximately a thousand dollars!

Others are pleased that the spray gun is such good quality considering the price. The whole set soon pays for itself after just a couple of uses.

Multiple customers are really impressed by the excellent customer service.

However, one or two customers said they wish they could change the spray gun pressure.

Another said she wishes it came with a tent but found one on Amazon anyway.

sunless tanner

If you are interested in what other spray tan professionals rate as a top spray tan machine kit, this is the right kit for you. Norvell was rated the best spray tan brand, and this model is their best seller.

It comes with all the essentials (with the exception of a tent) to get started right away, including 3 bottles of Norvell spray tan solution with a long shelf life of six months.

Check Out This Norvell Spray Tan Machine Kit On Amazon Here

Need A Spray Tan Tent? We Recommend This ECV Brand Spray Tan Tent

#3. Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine HVLP Kit With Norvell Sunless Airbrush Tanning Solution (Best All Rounder)

  • Contents: Spray tan machine, 3 packs of spray tan bottle bundles, additional large skylight tanning tent with an extra-large carrying bag

sunless tanner

Clog-Free & Low Overspray

Adjustable Flow Control


Includes 3 Bottles Of Norvell Spray Tan Solution

Luxurious Design

Ideal For Travel With Retractable Handle

sunless tanner

No Warranty

This spray tan machine earns our third spot because it’s a great all-rounder. The sleek design is ideal for any salon, the big tent is large enough for professionals, yet it’s still really easy for novice home use.

Clog-Free, Low Overspray, Adjustable Fine Mist For Great Coverage

The special patented HVLP Allure gun ‘Satin nozzle technology’ provides virtually clog-free spray, and low overspray for an easy, seamless tanning experience and flawless looking tan.

A special filtration system channels any overspray behind the side panel and into a filter hidden under the unit to avoid any mess.

The dial provides precise and fine control of the product flow to release between 0-2fl oz of solution at a time.

This spray gun features a high-quality German-engineered turbine with a built-in cup holder to hold the tanning solution. The tanning solution combined with the quality spray gun provides great coverage, leaving your clients with an even and smooth tan thanks to the finely atomized spray.

This spray tan machine features an ultra-quiet turbine, resulting in little noise for greater relaxation and a much better tanning experience for your client.

3 Norvell Sunless Tanning Bottles

Aura’s spray tan machine set comes with three bottles of Norvell’s popular sunless spray tan solution to use in your spray gun (8oz ‘Venetian’, 8oz ‘One Rapid Tan Solution’, 8oz Norvell XLATAN pH Balancing Spray).

This particular brand suits a variety of skin tones and each bottle lasts a lot longer than other products (6 months).

Luxurious Design, Easy To Assemble, & Great For Travel

Something that really sets this spray tan machine apart from others on this list is the spray gun itself. It features a luxurious design with the black gloss surfaces and metallic finishes – sure to impress your customers!

The cable management feature (with a cable management compact) makes it so easy to store away when you’re done spray tanning for the day.

This kit also includes an 11.5-foot hose. It’s durable, soft, and flexible for easy movement and features a twist and lock connection at the spray gun for fool-proof use.

A hidden and retractable carry handle within the turbine provides easy movement for travel.

The gun holder makes it possible to move the machine without any spillages and without the need to carry the spray gun separately. The clever design makes all-in-one storage possible.

self tanner

The Vast Majority (Of The Small Number Of Reviews) Are Overwhelmingly Positive

One reviewer says this spray tan machine is one of the best purchases she has made in quite some time – it’s both easy to use and clean.

Others say it’s a lifesaver for those who love a professional spray tan and want it at home.

Reviews like that the spray gun provides a streakless, consistent, and even spray. The machine gives you great control and the end result is a perfect tan color. Others say there’s practically no overspray as promised.

The tent is really big so it’s great for professionals to spray a group of clients at once.

One customer said she wishes the kit had a manual with full instructions. Youtube videos can help a lot if you are a tanning newbie.

self tanner

If you want a spray tan machine that is easy to use with a slick design, this Aura model is a great option. It comes with high-quality Norvell spray tan solution, produces an HVLP fine mist with little overspray, and features strong spray control. This kit can work well for both salon or at home use.

Check Out The Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit On Amazon Here

#4. Oasis Spray Tan Machine with Norvell Venetian Solution (Best Budget)

spray tanning machines


Backup Spray Heads

Includes Bottle Of Norvell’s ‘Venetian’ Solution

Adjustable Patterns Vertical or Horizontal

Control Over Spray Flow

Safety Features & 1 Year Warranty For Peace Of Mind

spray tanning machines

No Tent

Louder Than Others

This spray tan machine is listed at fourth place on our list because it’s our top pick for budget-friendly models on the market. It is high quality despite the affordable price tag.

Easy To Use With A Powerful Turbine For The Price

This spray tan machine is just as easy to use as a hairdryer. Although it’s budget-friendly, it’s great for at-home use, for a start-up salon, and also as a rainy day backup for a bigger salon.

The Oasis spray gun features a small yet powerful turbine. No need to worry about a bulky, floor-standing turbine, and no heavy hoses either! Although it’s smaller, the Oasis powerful turbo fan airflow matches bigger, more full-size spray tanning units.

The high-quality stainless steel spray gun needle nozzle releases micro-mist for a streak-free, even and flawless looking bronzed glow tan.

Adjustable Spray Patterns & Backup Spray Head Included

This spray tan machine kit features the ‘FlexiMyst’ removable spray head for flexibility and ease of cleaning.

Additional backup spray heads for the spray gun help improve your workflow – no need to refill in the middle of a tanning appointment, just grab your spare spray head!

Plus, you can create adjustable spray patterns (in both horizontal and vertical directions) for maximum coverage.

Spray Trigger Provides Greater Control Over Your Tan

The trigger gives greater control over the flow of tan and produces a fine mist for an even and natural coverage. Use the dial knob to adjust the stop position in order to maximize your results.

The spray tan machine operates easily via a push-button power switch at the base of the machine.

Warranty, Safety Features & Suitable For Travel

This spray tan kit is protected by a one year manufacturer’s warranty if you run into technical difficulties.

Hate making a mess? The stable base means you can set the spray gun on a flat surface without it toppling over and spilling on the floor.

Although this is a less expensive model, the manufacturers built this spray tan machine with safety in mind. It includes a fault-interruption circuit plug and a backflow prevention valve in the spray head for that extra protection.

The encased electric motor separates the spray mechanism from the electronic function for even greater security

Travel a lot? This spray tan machine is lightweight (approximately 2 pounds), small, easy to move and take on the go with no bulky cabinets or hoses.

Set Features Norvell’s ‘Venetian’ Tan For A Gorgeous Glow

Even though it’s one of the least expensive spray tan machine options on the market, this kit still includes one of Norvell’s most popular tans – the ‘Venetian’ spray tan formula (8 oz). Perfect for a just-off-the-beach tanned look!

The set also contains an extra solution bottle with a cap to hold unused tanning product.

spray tanning machines

Most Customers Are Very Impressed So Far

Although a lot of customers use it for at-home personal use, some professional spray tan artists had great experiences with this budget model too. It’s ideal for beginners because there’s no hose or other complicated parts – it’s just the plug and spray gun.

Most say this kit is really easy to use. Reviewers like that it’s not too heavy, however, it can be a little bit louder than other spray than machines.

One customer described how she had an issue and the customer service was really helpful to remedy the problem.

Another customer says she loves this kit but advises that you rinse out the gun with a lot of water before storing it away after use to prevent clogging. If you are completely new to this, try out some Youtube videos to learn how to spray tan.

One professional said she used it many times back to back with no problems.

A couple of professionals said they really didn’t like this model. Considering the price, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t stack up to the higher-end models. This is not a top of the range spray gun, so it will not work well for a professional who needs an ultra-reliable, high-quality machine. It’s great as a backup or for home use.

spray tanning machines

If you are on a budget and want a good quality spray tan machine kit, this is the best option at this price range. It’s a bit louder than others, and it does not match the quality of those that cost 100s of dollars. However it works, is easy to use, and can produce a great spray tan with adjustable spray patterns and control.

Check Out The Oasis Spray Tan Machine Here on Amazon

#5. MaxiMist Allure Xena HVLP Medium Level Usage Spray Tanning System (Best For Heavy Usage)

  • Contents: Spray gun, tanning fluid, spare parts kit, tent, manual
  • Tent colors: brown, black, or pink available
spray tanning machines

Allows For 25+ Uses (Or 50+ For The ‘Heavy’ Kit)

Tent & Carry Bag

Quiet Yet Powerful Adjustable Airflow

3 Spray Heads & Cups Included

Vertical Or Horizontal Spray Pattern

Removes Overspray

2 Year Warranty

Blow Drying Function For After Tan

Includes Tampa Bay Spray Solution

spray tan machine


This MaxiMist ‘medium’ range kit earns our fifth spot because it’s ideal for large salons that require 25+ machine uses per day. If that’s not enough, the ‘heavy’ MaxiMist range allows for 50+ spray tans each day.

More Powerful Than The Maximist Lite | Ideal For Bigger Salons

Interested in the MaxiMist model placed #1 on this list? But need something that can handle more spray tan appointments than 10 per day? MaxiMist also have spray tan machines suitable for both medium use and heavy use to easily deal with more customers.

This medium version is ideal for salons that need enough power for more than 25 applications per day. It’s lightweight, and easy to travel with thanks to the retractable hidden carry handle.

Everything You Need Including A Tent & Carry Bag

Need your spray tan machine up and running ASAP? This model is ready to use straight out of the box and comes with a tent so you can start tanning straight away.

The set includes an extra-large pop-up tent (4x4x7, 8 pounds) and a bigger carry bag to fit the tent and extras.

Powerful Yet Quiet Airflow

The turbine is powerful (300w) and provides 47cfm of air flow for effective spray tanning.

Even though it’s effective, this spray tan machine is really quiet at just 72 DB – creating a much more positive tanning experience for your clients.

Fine Mist, Overspray Removal, & Horizontal or Vertical Spraying

This Xena Satinaire spray gun releases a finely atomized mist for even coverage on your clients’ skin. The spray gun can work with any spray tan solution, and the clever filtration design moves any overspray to an out-of-sight area behind the side panel.

Like to keep your tanning simple? This spray tanning machine works via a simple on-off dial for easy use.

The German-engineered non-clog spray nozzle allows for easy horizontal and vertical pattern spraying. Use the control dial to adjust the amount of airflow (between 0-0.50ml).

3 Spray Heads & 3 Cups Included For More Convenience

Each purchase includes 3 separate Xena spray heads and 3 cups (7 oz each). The additional two heads are great as backups, or to easily change the solution for your next client.

BlowDrying Function To Dry Your Clients’ Skin

When you are finished spray tanning, this machine also features a high-speed blow-drying function with the hose attachment to dry your clients’ skin at the end of the treatment.

The lightweight hose is ultra-long at 11 ft in total.

100% Vegan Tampa Bay Tanning Solution For Different Skin Tones Included

This set comes with 3 different Tampa Bay tinted tanning sprays to suit different skin tones (8% for light-medium, 10% for medium-dark, and 12% for dark skin).

100% vegan and not tested on animals, these Tampa Bay spray tan fluids are also gluten and paraben-free. Plus, they are made from natural, organic ingredients and made and formulated by Tampa Bay (not made in China).

Warranty Protected, Safety Certified, & Spare Part Kit For A Rainy Day!

Safety is paramount when customers trust you to do their spray tan. This spray tan machine is CE, EU, and ECAL certified so you know it’s safe.

What if you accidentally lose a part? Each purchase contains a spare parts kit so you won’t need to close your salon for the day!

Worried about your spray tan machine failing? Each purchase is protected by a 2-year warranty on the turbine for peace of mind.

25 Uses A Day Not Enough? Go For The Even More Powerful MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume

Although it’s a lot more expensive, if you own a busy salon, the MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume spray tan machine is a great buy.

The extra benefits of upgrading to this model include (but are in no way limited to) a variable speed turbine that can handle more than 50 uses a day, a 12 ft hose, and a special adjustment knob that can switch to an airbrush mode for accurate contouring or touchups. Plus, the kit also includes a 2-year warranty on the turbine.

Check Out The MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume (50 uses+ a day) On Amazon Here

spray tan machine

Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Positive

A lot of people say this spray tan machine is worth the money, easy to use, and makes it simple to learn how to spray tan. Most also note that it’s really quiet.

Many customers really like that it comes with three spray guns so you don’t need to pause your client’s session to refill, and the spares are good to be prepared straight away for the next person.

Multiple reviews say they noticed a big difference in the quality of their tan when they used this model compared to less expensive spray tan machines. Most mention that the Tampa Bay solutions create a really beautiful tan color. One customer says the tan is even better than the Norvell Venetian fluid in her opinion!

Others reassure that the included tent is big enough even for super tall people.

One reviewer said she didn’t get everything advertised in her kit. Contact customer services if you are unlucky enough to experience something like this. Other customers note that the customer service is helpful and responsive.

spray tan machine

If you run a busy spray tan business and need a spray tan machine that can handle more than 25 uses per day, this MaxiMist ‘medium’ range kit is a great option for you.

Maybe you need even more power? The MaxiMist ‘heavy’ kit provides more than 50 sprays per day.

Although these kits are more expensive, they feature great extras like the blow-drying function (medium kit) and the airbrush power (heavy kit).

Check Out The MaxiMist Allure Medium-Level (25+ Uses Per Day) Spray Tan Machine On Amazon Here