Interested in The Wicked Wave & Straight Sultra flat iron?

We’ve spent over 60 hours heavily researching all there is to know about this flat iron and all of its top competitors on the market.

Who is this flat iron best suited to? Can you adjust the temperature? Does it have an auto shut off function? Are customers impressed? Does it come with warranty protection?

Keep reading to find out the answer to these questions and so much more!

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Key Stats

  • Full name: Sultra The Wicked Wave & Straight Flat Iron
  • Inventory: 1 flat iron, 1 complimentary iron pad
  • Dimensions: 2.3 x 12.4 x 4.1 inches; 1.18 pounds
  • Material Type: Ceramic
  • Plate size: 1 inch plates
  • Voltage: Single Voltage (110V)
  • Temperature Range: Not adjustable (375°F)
  • Color: Black

The Sultra brand is not to be confused with the Sutra flat iron brand. Check out our Sutra flat iron review.

Top Features

Ideal for No Fuss, Quick, & Efficient Straightening

The single pass technology, rapid heat up, and quick cool down features (plus the auto shut off function) cuts down on the setting up, styling, and shutting down time. Plus, the single heat setting shortens the set up process before you style.

This flat iron is a great no-fuss option. Just turn it on, style, turn it off, and go.

3 in 1 Styling: Waves, Curls, & Straightens

Like the CHI (and its GVP dupe), Sultra’s Wicked flat iron has flexible 1 inch plates that can create both a smooth, straight, silky look and a wavy style.

The 2 in 1 function can potentially save you money and storage space – no need to buy a separate a waving tool! Plus, it provides versatile options when you travel.

While it’s marketed as a wave and straightening iron, many customers say they love using it to create loose bouncy curls! That means you can ditch the separate curler too.

Protects From Heat Damage With Advanced Technology

The ThermaTru and Advanced Care Ceramic Technology protects your hair from heat damage, and helps to mend and defend it while you style.

Sultra’s Far Infrared Ray Technology smooths gently over the hair cuticle. This flat iron is ideal for those with dry or damaged hair, particularly those with color treated hair.

The single pass technology helps to evenly distribute the heat for a seamless style with just one pass through for each section of hair. This means you won’t need to repeatedly style each section of hair. Less heat exposure means less damage to your hair!

Auto Shut Off Function For Safety & Peace of Mind

Ever forget to shut off your hair tools? No problem! This Sultra model has an auto shut off function. If you accidentally leave it on, it will eventually turn itself off. This significantly reduces the risk of damage or injury caused by a fire from an overheated flat iron.

Sultra also claims this flat iron has the fastest heat recovery on the market. It won’t take much time to cool down when you switch it off. Saving you time otherwise spent waiting for it to be storage-ready again!

2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty For The Risk Averse

Sick of wasting money on hair tools that stop working within a few months? Hopefully, you won’t suffer any defect issues with this straightener. But in case you do, no need to panic – it comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

You’ll have peace of mind that any defects or manufacturing issues with your flat iron can be repaired or replaced at Sultra’s expense (within the first 24 months). To avail of warranty protection be sure to register your flat iron on and contact Sultra customer services.

Extras – 9 Foot Swivel Cord, Complimentary Iron Pad

This flat iron is attached to a 9 foot swivel cord. The flexible cord makes it easy to comfortably grab and style every part of your hair. Plus, the ultra long cord means you don’t need to worry about the distance between your plug socket and mirror!

Each purchase also comes with a free iron pad. Just place the flat iron on the heat pad while you style to protect your desk or floor from potential heat damage.

Heat Setting Is Not Adjustable

The feature that really divides customer opinion is this flat iron’s set temperature.

The Wicked Wave & Straight flat iron styles at a constant heat of 375°F. Those who prefer a no-fuss straightener might like the single temperature setting.

However, others prefer flat irons with multiple heat settings so they can adjust it for their hair type and desired style. Sultra does claim it is suitable for all hair types, but it tends to work best for those with curly, thick, and unruly hair. If you have natural hair, try the Cortex Steamliner flat iron.

How To Use This Flat Iron:

  • Separate your hair into four different sections.
  • Starting with the section at the lower back, grab one inch sections of your hair.
  • Clasp the flat iron between the one inch section at the root and gently pull it down. (Apply some pressure so that the plates touch, but don’t squeeze the plates together).
  • To achieve waves, curl your wrist as you pull the straightener down.

Customer Feedback – Sultra Flat Iron Reviews

Overall, most customers have really positive reviews for this Sultra flat iron.

We analyzed customer reviews across multiple platforms to find out what customers love and hate about this Sultra flat iron.

  • Some bought it on recommendation from their hair stylist – clearly, it’s quite popular with professionals (though the Solano flat iron is probably used more by the pros).
  • Others got it because their friends liked it so much.
  • A couple of reviewers said it’s much better than the more expensive models they previously used.
  • Multiple customers said they’ve used a lot of straighteners and this is their favorite.
  • Many customers remarked that it’s a no-fuss straightener – some liked that, others didn’t.

User Friendly – Heats Quickly, Smooth Results

Some said it’s a good all rounder flat iron – it heats up quickly, it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t burn or fry the hair.

Many reviewers said it’s great for travel. It feels lightweight and the swivel cord makes it easy to use.

Great For Thick, Curly, Unruly Hair

Even though the fixed temperature isn’t too high, many with thick, wavy hair said they only need to pass their hair through once to straighten it.

Based on the reviews, it seems to work particularly well for thick, voluminous, unruly, or curly hair. If you have that hair type and are looking for even and smooth results – this is a good option.

Saves Time

A lot of customers mentioned that it takes much less time to straighten their hair with this flat iron than others. Multiple reviewers said it cut their straightening time in half! Great if you’re in a hurry in the mornings. (Though it probably isn’t as quick as the NuMe Megastar model).

Less Damage Than Other Models

Some reviews said this Sultra flat iron doesn’t pull or damage their hair like other straighteners do. One customer said she noticed her hair is much less dry at the ends after using this model compared to other ones.

Many noticed their hair looks healthier since they switched to this flat iron. Another said even her hairdresser noticed an improvement in the health of her hair after using this straightener – it doesn’t pull and it only takes one pass through to style each section. The RUSK CTC is even better for achieving healthier looking hair.

Curls & Waves

Multiple reviewers said it’s a great straightener for curling or adding a wave to your hair. One said it’s the best flat iron for loose curls, and the only one she’s tried that can actually achieve curls with relative ease.

Not hot enough?

A few customers said the temperature setting wasn’t hot enough for their liking. If you only like flat irons with ultra high or ultra low temperature settings, this isn’t for you – it’s not possible to adjust the temperature.


A small number of customers said it stopped working for them after a few months. Some customers online flagged an issue with continuous beeping.

It’s important to keep in mind that this flat iron is covered by a 24 month warranty.

Is This Sultra Flat Iron For Me?

sultra flat iron

The Sultra Wicked Wave & Straight flat iron is a great option for those who want a high quality, no-fuss flat iron, that will help them cut down on styling time.

It’s a good model for beginners because there’s no real fancy settings. There are no temperature options and it just has an on/off button. You turn it on, style your hair, and turn it off. That’s it.

Plus, it gives the added safety of the automatic shut off function, and the buying security of the 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have damaged and thick hair it’s a good choice for you. The advanced technology is designed with damaged hair in mind, and it only takes one pass through with the iron to style your hair. Customers with thick, unruly, and curly hair find this flat iron works really well for them.

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