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Quick Overview – Sutra Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Straighten, Curl, Or Wave ✔
  • 100% Ceramic Plates ✔
  • Lifetime Warranty ✔
  • Adjustable Temperature From 140°F to 450°F ✔
  • Far Infrared Heat And Ionic Technology For Shinier, Frizz Free Hair ✔
  • Dual Voltage And Lightweight For Travel ✔
  • Ultra Long Swivel Cord ✔
  • No Automatic Shut Off Function ✘

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Top Features – Sutra Ceramic Hair Straightener

Key stats

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 2 x 3 inches ; 1.7 pounds
  • Model Number:  10HSC-M3
  • Plate Size: 1 inch ceramic plates
  • Temperature Range: 140 – 450°F
  • Recovery time (rated from 1-10): 6.1/10
  • Available colors: Black, blue, purple, pink, red, tiffany blue, or a unique rose pattern
  • Voltage: Dual Voltage 110V-240V

♥ Created By Professionals For Everyday Styling

Fairly unknown compared to bigger brands like GHD, CHI, or NuMe – Sutra was created by professionals in the hair industry wanting to develop quality flat irons for the everyday person.

It’s sometimes confused with another hair styling brand – Sultra – but they are different companies.

Some people are familiar with the brand from kiosk pop up shops at their local mall. It’s really important to buy from an authorized seller to ensure you’re buying an authentic product, and so you can avail of the lifetime warranty. There are authorized sellers on Amazon.

♥ Heats To a High 450°F Temperature, With Above Average Recovery Time 

This flat iron has temperature control with a max temperature level of 450°F (232°C). You can adjust the temperature via the dial (next to the on/off switch) from 140°F to 450°F. Experiment with different heat levels until you find the best setting to suit your hair type and desired level of straightness.

Because it heats up to such a high temperature, it’s important to be careful not to burn your fingers. The cool tip technology helps keep your hands safe and makes the flat iron easier to use on your own hair.

The recovery time after you turn off this Sutra is a bit quicker than average, but not as fast as the more expensive Sutra models. Sutra score the recovery time a 6.1/10.

450°F is the ideal temperature to seal in keratin. Like many other high end flat irons, this one is ideal if you like to get keratin treatments.

♥ No Automatic Shut Off Function

Unlike some other flat iron brands (and similar to the Solano flat iron), the Sutra Ceramic hair straightener does not have an auto shut off function. You must turn it off manually via the on/off switch when you’re finished styling.

Auto shut off straighteners turn off when left unattended to prevent any potential damage. If you’re the type of person to forget to turn your appliances off, this is probably not the best flat iron option for you.

♥ 100% Ceramic Plates With Floating Technology: Prevent Damage & Burning

Sutra promise this flat iron will make your hair straighter than ever without burning or damaging like other flat irons.

Similar to the Royale Classic Diamond hair straightener, this Sutra flat iron is made with 100% solid ceramic magnetic 1 inch plates. Ceramic plates are safer than the old fashioned stove plate straighteners.

The plates distribute heat evenly while you style, preventing damage from over heating in certain spots of your hair, and helps to straighten the hair with just one pass through to save time. Because of this, the plates shouldn’t dry or burn your hair. They should seal in moisture, help with shine, and prevent frizz.

The floating plates help ensure every pass of the flat iron heats and compresses the hair for easier control and flexibility.  Sutra promise frizz free, smooth and silky hair, without causing split ends as a result.

♥ Far Infrared Heat & Ionic Technology: Healthier Looking Hair

The Sutra Ceramic hair straightener utilises far infrared heat (but not infrared technology), and ionic technology that helps safely heat the hair from the inside to prevent heat damage on the surface.

The far infrared heat helps heal hair cuticles for shinier, softer, and more healthy hair. It works by counterbalancing the positive ions that occur in the hair and air with negative ions, to prevent dryness and frizziness.

♥ Easy To Use & Lightweight: 3-in-1 Straighten, Curl, & Wave

The Sutra hair straightener is designed to be easy to use. It’s lightweight so it won’t hurt your arm while you pass it through your hair. It’s great for travel – not just because it’s lightweight, but also because it’s dual voltage. Single voltage electronics can break easily when plugged in abroad.

The long swivel cord can twist 360 degrees to make it easy to reach all areas of your hair and prevent tangling when styling it yourself.

It’s not just for straightening the hair – it can also be used for curls or waves due to the floating plates, signature extended edges, and 360 degrees free movement. However, this can take a bit of practice for beginners. Check out Sutra’s Youtube tutorials for hair styling for tips.

While Sutra claims it’s safe to use on all hair types, they especially recommend it for styling everyday on fine, fragile hair that damages easily. Most of the reviewers with very curly, thick, coarse hair had great success with this model.

♥ Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

The best feature of this flat iron is the fact it comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. If you’re a risk averse person – worried about your flat iron breaking, the Sutra Ceramic hair straightener is a great option for you.

It’s important to note that the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty is only available when you buy from an authorized seller. As stated on the official Sutra website, the warranty is valid when purchased from the authorized resellers ‘Sutra Beauty’ or ‘SFR Products’ if you choose to buy on Amazon.

However, keep in mind that returns aren’t available: only replacements or repairs.

Need to avail of the lifetime warranty? It’s easy to request from customer service. Just contact the Sutra team here if you experience any damage to get a repair or a replacement.

You must pay for the shipping to send it off for replacement or repair. Alternatively, some customers had success bringing it to a kiosk. Be sure to keep the original box to avail of the warranty!

What Do Customers Think?

Overall, most customers are really impressed with this flat iron.

sutra hair straightener

  • Multiple customers said it’s the best straightener they’ve ever used
  • Another said it achieves a professionally looking straighten at home
  • One review noted it works much better than her CHI model
  • A different customer said they were impressed with the quality for the price

sutra flat iron

  • The flat iron not matching up with the sample (probably due to buying fakes)
  • One or two customers said it’s an average flat iron – nothing special
  • A minority had issues with it working (it does come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty)

Let’s take a look at the most common rave reviews and the negative feedback in more detail:

♥ Great For Curly Hair/ A Bone Straight Look

While it’s recommended for people with fine hair, many of the customers that loved it said they have very curly and frizzy hair.

The general consensus is that it’s a good choice if you want your hair bone straight.

Even on thick, coarse hair, some reviews said it took just one pass through to get it straight at 450°F. Sutra promises it doesn’t burn or damage your hair. Multiple reviewers backed that up. One noted she didn’t notice the split ends that she did with other flat irons.

♥ Works Well For Curling Hair

While it works well for straightening curly hair, it also works for curling hair (much like the GVP flat iron).

Many reviews said they love it for curling their hair. One customer bought it because her hair stylist uses it on her hair for curling and she liked the way it worked. Another said she likes that the curls last for days.

♥ Saves Time: It Heats Fast and Straightens Fast

A couple of customers noted it takes half the time to straighten their hair as their previous cheaper models. Another said it takes her just 10 minutes with this flat iron. Overall, customers seem impressed with the quick speed.

♥ Healthier Hair: This Sutra Doesn’t Fry Or Burn

This Sutra hair straightener doesn’t work like a typical flat iron. A few customers noted they had to test it out in different ways, but when they got the hang of it they really loved it. Unlike a normal flat iron, you should bring the heat up higher than you would normally – and it still shouldn’t burn your hair.

It doesn’t take long for it to heat up to the full 450°F temperature. Sutra promise it doesn’t burn or damage the hair. Some reviews confirmed that that they didn’t experience damage or burning. They said this Sutra hair straightener doesn’t produce the frying effect that some of their past flat irons did. It also doesn’t make your hair smell burnt like some other models can (the Rusk CTC being a noticeable exception), even at the high temperatures.

♥ Can Work Well On African Hair

A customer said that this is her second flat iron from Sutra and really likes it – it straightens well on her relaxer-free hair. Another said it provides great results on natural hair, but even 450°F isn’t hot enough for hair extensions. A different reviewer said it works well on her mixed hair.

Another said she didn’t like it on her natural hair, and thinks it’s best for caucasian hair.

∇ The Importance Of Buying From An Authorized Seller

Some customers said that the one they tried at the mall was much better. This is likely due to buying a fake product from an unauthorized seller.

∇ Nothing Special?

Some of the few negative reviews said they weren’t overly impressed: it’s not bad, but nothing special. It’s a fairly basic, standard flat iron. The simplicity works well for someone looking for a high quality, no fuss straightener. If you meet the criteria discussed below, this flat iron may be perfect for you! If you want bells and whistles, check out the Cortex flat iron instead.

∇ Stopped Working?

A few customers had issues with their Sutra not working after a few months or years. It is covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Just contact customer services, and follow the directions to avail of a repair or replacement.

 TL;DR – Is The Sutra Ceramic Hair Straightener For Me?

Some customers seem to think this Sutra hair straightener is just not bad – nothing special. While it’s made with 100% ceramic plates, utilizes floating, ionic technology and infrared heat, and heats up to 450°F, these are pretty standard features of a high end iron.

There Are A Few Drawbacks (Like All Flat Irons):

  • It doesn’t have an auto shut off function
  • A minority had issues with it working (it does come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty)

However, This Sutra Flat Iron Has Some Distinct Benefits Compared With Other Models:

  • Unlike the vast majority of flat irons, it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • 3 in 1 – you can straighten, curl, and wave if you practice enough
  • It works great for curly, thick, or coarse hair
  • Positive reviews from women with natural hair
  • Can provide a bone straight look
  • It doesn’t fry your hair or cause split ends

If you like the idea of the lifetime warranty, have curly, coarse, or thick hair, and want a hair straightener that can provide bone straight hair – it might be for you.

If you also want one that won’t fry or burn your hair, and can prevent the split ends you get with some other irons – it’s not average, it’s ideal for you!

Just be sure to buy from an authorized seller if purchasing online (certain Amazon sellers are authorized).

But if you don’t fit that criteria, you probably won’t be too impressed by this.

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