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Quick Overview: Tyme Iron Pro

  • 5 in 1 Styler: Curls, Waves, & Straightens Much Easier Than A Regular Flat Iron Thanks To The Unique Shape ✔
  • Automatic Shut Off After 30 Minutes Of Inactivity ✔
  • Adjustable Temperature With 5 Heat Settings Between 300 – 400°F ✔
  • Saves Time: Heats In Under A Minute, Styles Hair Very Fast, Features Heat Recovery, Curls Last For Days ✔
  • Made From High-Quality Material (Though Not Heavy), Built To Last A Long Time ✔
  • Salon Quality Titanium Plates With Quick Heat Transfer ✔
  • 30 Day Guarantee & One Year Warranty ✔
  • Dual Voltage And Free Heat Resistant Sleeve For Easy Travel ✔
  • Long Swivel Cord For Easy Movement ✔
  • Pricey ✘
  • Takes A Lot Of Practice To Get The Technique Right (Watch The Youtube Videos And Avail Of The Virtual Styling Session) ✘

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Key Features Of The Tyme Iron Pro

5 Styles In 1 | 4 Different Curls (And Straightens) In Mere Minutes To Save You Time

Want a product that can create curls, waves, and straighten your hair in just minutes?

This Tyme iron acts as five different styling tools in one. You can easily achieve four different types of curl and straighten your hair with this product.

Create any curl style, from tight ringlets to soft beachy waves, just by switching up your technique when styling with the Tyme iron. Just turn your hand and the iron will straighten your hair.

It takes just 5 – 10 minutes to style your whole head of hair with this Tyme iron. Great if you’re short on time in the mornings! Plus, you can save time styling the next day: Tyme promise your curls/straight style will last for days (or until you next wash your hair).

Unique Shape To Curl Easily Without Hurting Your Wrists

The Tyme iron’s most noticeable or unusual feature is its unique shape. This hair tool almost looks like it’s broken. It is lopsided and slightly twisted on the side, opening up like a pair of scissors.

Have you ever tried to curl your hair with a regular flat iron? Tyme’s iron curls much easier than a normal hair straightener thanks to the unique shape. The twist is in the styling iron, not in your wrists! Perfect if you find it painful to style with a regular straightener.

Not only is this shape better for styling, the unusual shape helps you safely prop your iron up on the counter without harming your surfaces. Just make sure you place it down with the curved (beveled) side towards the counter so the plates don’t damage your surfaces.

Updated 2nd Generation: The Tyme Iron Pro Has New Heat Settings & Memory, Auto Shut Off, & New Design

The new and updated Tyme Iron Pro is the 2nd generation in Tyme Irons. In response to customer feedback, Tyme made some significant improvements compared to the original.

The Tyme Iron Pro includes:

  • Five different heat settings
  • A heat memory function
  • Auto shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • A fresh paint on the outside with the metallic TYME name plate

Heats In Less Than A Minute With Multiple Temperature Settings

The Tyme Iron Pro features multiple different temperature settings from a low of 300°F to a high of 400°F (300° F, 325°, 350°, 375°, 400° F).

Easily customize the heat to fit your desired style and hair type. Tyme recommends a temperature between 300 and 350°F for fine, processed hair. If you have thick, natural hair you can afford to bring the temperature up higher, between 350 and 400° F.

In a hurry? This styling tool heats in just 55 seconds, saving you precious time in the mornings or just before you head out at night. Plus, the special heat memory function locks in your set temperature for your next styling session. No need to adjust the temperature again once you find the right one for you!

The sleek white dots across the length of the Tyme Iron indicate the temperature setting. It does not feature a digital LED screen.

Titanium Plates And Negative Ion Release For Healthier And Shinier Looking Hair

The salon-quality titanium plates provide a smooth and easy styling experience.

Titanium plates are known for distributing heat evenly. This prevents any heat build-up in any one area of your hair for healthier looking and feeling locks.

Plus, the titanium material heats quicker than ceramic and tourmaline plates, saving you even more time when styling.

The negative ion release helps lock in moisture and prevent frizz for shinier and smoother hair.

TYME’S Hair Philosophy Provides Longer Lasting Curls

Tyme’s hair philosophy states ‘where hair cools is where it stays‘.

When using the Tyme Iron, your hair is heated in the middle of the titanium plates for quick heat transfer. Your hair then cools down on the round shape area of the iron. Thanks to this special heat transfer system, your Tyme iron curls will last longer than curls made with a normal curling or flat iron.

Any Hair Type And Hair Length

Tyme promises this iron works well on any hair type and any length. Even from just an inch in hair length onwards!

 Customer reviews for the Tyme Iron confirm it works well even on fine, thin, or thick, short hair.

Automatic Shut Off Function For Peace Of Mind

Forget to turn off your appliances? You won’t need to worry about that with the Tyme Iron Pro. It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

How To Use The Tyme Iron

The Tyme Iron does not work in the same way as a regular flat iron. It’s pretty simple to style your hair straight using the regular hair straightening technique, however, the curling process takes some practice.

The side with the curve / bevel is the curling side.

To Curl: Grab A Section, Clamp, Twist, And Pull Your Head Back

Pick the Tyme Iron up in your right hand. Press your thumb behind the power button. Your thumb should be resting on the side without any of the lights.

Be sure to take vertical sections (not horizontal sections) of your hair (the same direction as you move with the iron) for a higher and a much smoother curl. Start with the bevel curling side facing towards your head, your thumb should be towards the ceiling, and your fingertips towards your face.

Grab one inch sections at a time. Gently close the Tyme Iron on the vertical section. Next turn the iron backwards and push it towards the mirror, bringing your hair down at a slight angle.

One On One With Virtual Stylist To Get Perfect Results

Tyme acknowledge that this styling iron takes practice to work properly. That’s why they offer a free one-on-one session with a virtual stylist with each purchase.

The stylist will explain how to use your iron over videochat, and will provide answers to all your hair health queries in a question-and-answer format.

If you don’t like the idea of the video chat, you can always watch the free Youtube tutorials posted on TYME’s Youtube channel.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee & One Year Warranty

Worried about investing your money in this styling tool and it just breaking down? Tyme offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty for peace of mind, plus they promise great customer support.

While some very old reviews question the authenticity of the iron, TYME confirms in the Q&A section that the TYME Iron Pros sold by MMP Living and TYME LLC are authentic TYME products.

If you have any issues at all with your TYME iron, TYME strongly suggest you contact their customer services department.

Dual Voltage For Easy Travel | Free Heat Sleeve | Swivel Cord

Travel a lot? The Tyme Iron Pro is dual voltage (110-120V & 220-240V). You can easily use it outside the US with just a simple inexpensive adapter.

The iron also comes with a heat resistant sleeve, great for easy storage and for travel. This TYME styling tool is attached to a swivel cord for easy flexibility and movement while you style all sides and sections of your hair.

About Tyme: Family Run Business

Tyme is a family run business, now spanning across 32 different countries.

Jacynda Smith developed this Tyme iron because she wanted to help women save valuable time getting ready. She also wanted to make travel easier by creating a 5 in 1 styling tool: combining straightening power with many different sized curling and waving options.

Tyme Iron Reviews | The Customer Feedback

tyme iron reviews

This Tyme Iron Pro Curler And Flat Iron Is A Favorite For Many Customers

A lot of reviews say they think the TYME Iron Pro is worth the luxury price tag.

Customers love that it curls hair so quickly (once you learn how to use it) and the curls last for days. Multiple reviewers say it’s their favorite curling iron and flat iron!

Some compared it to hair straighteners and curlers worth 300 dollars, and one said it works much better for their hair than more expensive models.

Volume At The Root & Creates A Lot Of Styles

Tyme Iron Pro reviews like that this iron helps get good volume at the root of the hair.

A common complaint with some curling irons, especially automatic curlers, is that the iron cannot reach close to the root of the hair. This styling tool is a great product to achieve multiple styles and also create curls high up on your hair if you wish.

Many Tyme Iron reviews say that they love the way they can achieve multiple different curl, wave, and straight hairstyles with this iron.

Healthy, Shiny Looking hair Without The Frizz

A lot of reviewers mention how nice and shiny their hair looks after using the Tyme Iron, even those with hard-to-style hair.

One customer said she loved that she didn’t have to straighten her hair first to remove the frizz, she could just curl it and it automatically looked shiny and healthy.

High-Quality Material, Sleek Design, Not Too Heavy

A lot of tyme iron pro reviews mention the sleek design and the gorgeous color of the iron.

Customers like that it’s not too heavy, even though you can tell the iron is made with really good strong material.

One or two reviews love the styling sleeve that comes with the TYME Iron. It makes it so much easier to pop it into your suitcase while traveling, even when it’s hot.

Some said they wish it had a digital LED display so you could keep track easier of exactly how hot it is.

tyme iron reviews

Huge Learning Curve, But The Results Make It Worthwhile For Most Customers

Quite a lot of the negative reviews for this Tyme Iron Pro are customers who say it did not work well for their hair. It’s possible they did not use it correctly, because it does require quite a bit of practice initially.

If you try to use it in the wrong hand, with the wrong motion, your hair will just stay completely straight.

Some reviews said they almost returned their iron because it’s so difficult to use at first. They are now so glad they didn’t.

It definitely takes some time to figure out how to use this styling tool, especially because there’s a slightly different way to hold it in each hand.

A lot of customers said they got the technique right after watching a tutorial from TYME’s Youtube channel.

Another customer said she hated it when she first received it but she didn’t give up. She kept practicing and practicing, and she eventually got the technique right, and now she loves it.

Although you will spend time working out how to use it, it saves so much time in the long run because it acts as multiple styling tools in one product.

This TYME Iron becomes such an easy and convenient styling tool. A lot of customers said they’ve now discarded their old curlers and flat iron in favor of this one TYME styling iron.

Used Tyme Irons?

Those who received a used iron potentially ordered the ‘demo’ version. The demonstration TYME Irons are ones previously used at events and photoshoots.

It’s highly unlikely that you will receive a used product unless you intentionally buy a demonstration iron.

However, if you do receive a used product, you should definitely contact TYME customer services to rectify the problem.

Difficult To Use For Left-Handed People

One customer said she feels it was designed for right-handed people, and sometimes left-handed people struggle with it.

A few other left-handed people confirmed this.

The technique seems to be particularly difficult if you’re left-handed. This is probably not the best styling tool for left-handed people.

Is this Tyme Iron curler and straightener not right for you? Why not try out a regular flat iron or curling wand instead.

Check out this Tyme Iron Curler And Flat Iron on Amazon here