Want to know if Vegamour products really work – from the reviews, the top 5 products (including their famous hair serums), we reveal if this brand is really worth the money!

After over 25 hours of research, we let you know if people actually get hair/brow/lash growth using these products.

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About Vegamour Hair Products

Vegamour sources clean and sustainably harvested marula oil through its sister company Southern Botanica. This continues to the employment of more than 5,000 women in Namibia, Africa.

All of the Vegamour formulas are 100% vegan, certified by the Vegan Action (Vegan Awareness Foundation). Vegamour is certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny.

Vegamour combines bioactive ingredients (including mung bean, red clover, curcumin, and magnolia bark), which are scientifically proven to inhibit DHT, reduce inflammation, prolong the anagen hair growth phase, and help anchor hair follicles. All of these benefits prevent hair loss.

The Gro Advanced Hair Serum includes a special blend of turmeric, caffeine, Nicotiana benthamiana, with red cover & mung bean to stimulate hair growth.

Clinically tested free of synthetic hormones and parabens, Vegamour uses plant based ingredients.

Vegamour promises an effective solution to hair issues, with even better results than hormone-based products – and this brand does not have the unwanted side effects of hormone solutions either!

1) Vegamour Gro Hair Serum

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum is designed to provide visible hair growth, and longer, thicker hair.

Vegamour promises this product is free from carcinogens, toxic chemicals, and will not result in harmful side effects. It’s a vegan product and Vegamour is 100% cruelty free.

Vegamous makes 5 different benefit claims related to this hair growth serum:

  • Proven Ingredients: the vegan formula is proven to work and help your hair grow thicker and longer for healthier hair
  • Safe & Effective treatment: Vegamour emphasizes natural ingredients and leaves out harsh chemicals that other brands rely on
  • Healthy Hair Growth: the plant based formula results in noticeably denser hair (up t0 50% more hair density)
  • Stronger Roots: helps energize your scalp
  • Reduces Stress: it’s a massaging serum – great for providing a relaxing experience while the serum works its magic! Plus, the fresh bergamot scent makes the massage process even more enjoyable.

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Water/aqua/eau, butylene glycol, alcohol denat. glycerin, caffeine, polysorbate 20, curcuma longa (tumeric) callus conditioned media, panthenol, disodium edta, limonene, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) peel oil, trifolium pratense (clover) seed extract, vigna radiata seed extract, sodium benzoate, linalool, potassium sorbate, gluconolactone, biotin, citral, calcium gluconate, oligopeptide-2.

How To Use Gro Hair Serum

  1. Start with towel dried hair or completely dry hair. Suitable for morning or night time use.
  2. Fill the dropper until it is almost full and then apply the product directly to your scalp.
  3. Spread the serum evenly and massage it into your scrap using your fingertips.
  4. Vegamour Gro Hair Serum is a leave in serum. Once you’re finished the application process, style your hair as normal.
  5. Use daily for the best results.

Stress, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, poor microcirculation, poor scalp health, elevated DHT or miRNA22 levels can all impact the hair growth process and lead to thinning or shedding hair.

A lot of the time hair thinning and hair loss is caused by a combination of at least two of these issues. Vegamour provides a complete approach to hair health to promote lasting and sustainable regrowth results.

Vegamour claims you should notice fuller hair in as little as 90 days, with the best results visible around day 120.

Vegamour’s formulas avoid harmful toxins and synthetic hormones. Instead, they use clinically proven phytoactives for optimum hair health. These photoactives nourish the hair follicle, elongate the hair growth cycle, inhibit DHT production, and result in longer, thicker, and fuller hair.

All of Vegamour’s products work on color treated hair.

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Vegamour Reviews – Gro Hair Serum

Most of the Vegamour reviews online are positive and say they noticed a difference in their hair after repeated use. However, there are a vocal minority of unimpressed customers who left quite negative reviews.

One reviewer claims it does work but to get the best results, you need to combine it with an entirely new hair growth regime to tackle your thinning hair. Using this serum in combination with other methods will really work. Focus on your general health, nutrition, exercise, and consider using other products like the Taoist soap.

Other reviews mention the effect of combining Vegamour with other treatments. Another says it definitely worked for her, combined with silk pillows and focusing on scalp massage more.

A customer noticed hair loss after bleaching her hair to cover greys and she is convinced Vegamour is helping her hair grow longer and also thicker.

Another claims the results weren’t absolutely amazing, but the serum is helping new baby hairs to grow in. It has made some difference to her hair growth.

Multiple reviews claim their hair shedding has reduced. Another claim after a month and a half her hair is thicker and longer. One even says her hairdresser noticed the huge difference in hair thickness and length!

Others mention that they like that this hair serum is water based as it does not leave their hair feeling oily.

Some were concerned about receiving fakes – be sure you purchase from the official Vegamour seller on Amazon to ensure you get a real product.

Most of the reviews are positive, however, the few negative Vegamour reviews claimed this was a waste of money in their opinion.

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Gro Vs Gro+ Advanced – What’s The Difference?

The Gro Advanced range is almost the exact same as the regular Gro line. The only difference is the Advanced formulas contain full spectrum hemp oil. Vegamour claims this is a safe product, helps to soothe your skin, and boosts the effects of some of the other ingredients in their formulas.

The Gro advanced hair serum is ideal for hair loss and thinning hair. It uses the same phytoactives in the original Gro hair serum with the additional inclusion of microencapsulated CBD. The cannabidiol molecule is reduced from 2,000 to 150 nanometers to allow for proper penetration through the skin layers to impact the hair at the root follicle level.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Vegamour aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction and created a 90 day money back guarantee to prove it. All US customers can return their products within 90 days of shipment for a full refund or exchange. Shipping fees are non refundable.

2) Scalp Detoxifying Serum

Vegamour’s scalp detoxifying serum is designed to improve scalp health by combining phytoactives, vegan proteins, along with minerals. The vegan silk protein gently removes buildup in the scalp and reduces damage, all while creating a semi permeable barrier. Vegamour suggests using this product once a week.

Gro scalp detoxifying serum draws in moisture and offers protection to the scalp from pollutants in the environment. Zinca PCA absorbs excess oils and eases irritation on the scalp. Willowherb extract gently scrubs away adherent and non adherent flakes of dandruff and promotes a healthy scalp microbiome. Dandruff results can show within 3 days of use.

Wildharvested baobab and marula oils gives your hair antioxidant support with omega 6 and 9 to moisturize, balance, and protect sensitive scalps.

This serum reduces the production of sebum (Vegamour claims this can be up to 58% in 15 days) and prevents pro-inflammatory cytokines.

For enhanced results, combine this scalp serum with other hair products.

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Vegamour Reviews – Scalp Dextoifying Serum

Most of the reviews are very positive.

One customer described that since using this detoxifying serum, her psoriasis has improved so much.

Another used this in conjunction with the massager and now her dandruff flakes are completely gone!

Others claimed it really helped to fix an itchy scalp.

Customers love the scent. However, some don’t know if they’re using too much product or not enough. It can be difficult to guess.

Reviewers love how clean this product makes their scalp feel.

The small number of negative comments claimed that it made their hair feel nice but didn’t seem to do much else.

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3) Vegalash Volumizing Serum for Eyelashes

Developed without carcinogens, hormones, or dangerous side effects, Vegamour eyelash serum is a safer alternative to mainstream lash serums. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and developed using plant actives that are proven to result in fuller, thicker, and luxurious looking eyelashes. This lash serum is safe to use daily and contains no known hormones or toxins.

Vegamour’s in house study found 94% of participants reported an increase in volume and lash density, and 34% noticed longer looking eyelashes.

Results may vary, however, Vegamour report with correct use you can expect noticeable lash growth results within 4-8 weeks.

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Will It Change My Eye Color?

This lash serum is plant based and hormone free, according to Vegamour, this means there is no risk of turning your eyes a different color. Vegamour’s products also undergo rigorous testing for your safety before they are put on the market.

Can I Use It If I Have Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, Vegalash Volumizing Serum is oil free which means it is safe to use with extensions and will not damage the lash extensions.

What’s The Difference Between The Regular Vegamour Eyelash Serum And Advanced Lash?

The Advanced version is the exact same, with the exception of added CBD.

Vegamour Reviews – Vegalash Serum

Most of the reviews are extremely positive, there is very little negative feedback online.

One reviewer did not want to wear false lashes on her wedding day but wanted long and fuller lashes, this serum helped her reach her desired outcome.

Another said she experienced a really noticeable difference, and was shocked that it was so much better than the other eyelash serums that she tried in the past.

One customer claims her lash hair growth is insane, after using it for a while it doubled her lash length!

A person undergoing chemotherapy loves the brow version and said it helped so much, and now that she tried the lash version her lashes are also growing back a lot faster.

Multiple reviews mention that they experience no irritation or discoloration with this Vegamour serum, unlike other brands.

There are only a few negative reviews, most of this small bunch say that their lash hair grew somewhat, but the results were not what they were hoping for.

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4) Vegamour Brow Serum

Vegamour’s brow serum is made from the exact same ingredients as their eyelash serum. It provides fast, effective, and most important safe fuller, denser, and longer brows over time. The vegan formula combines phytomolecules, biotin, and zinc for healthier brow hairs.

After 4 months, participants in Vegamour’s own trial reported 94% noticed an increase in both volume and density.

Similar to the eyelash serum, you can expect results at the 4-8 weeks mark. Vegamour’s eyebrow serum is colorless. It will apply and dry clear.

What If I Have Tattooed Brows?

You can use this VegaBROW serum even on brows that are microbladed or tattooed. The tattoo will not impact the effectiveness of the eyebrow serum.

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Vegamour Reviews – VegaBrow Serum

Most of the reviews are super impressed with this eyebrow serum. Multiple people said it’s the only brow serum they’ve used that actually works for them.

One customer overplucked her brows in her teen years, and claims VegaBrow really helped them grow back decades later.

Another says her brow hair is thicker in places where normally she does not get any growth.

After a month another reviewer no longer needed to use her eyebrow pencil to feel comfortable out in public.

There are just a small number of negative reviews. Most of those say they didn’t notice a difference.

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5) Gro Dry Shampoo

Vegamour’s Gro Dry Shampoo was created with the exact same blend of photoactive ingredients as their best selling Gro serum. The plant based dry shampoo balances the scalp while providing volume. It combines the texture benefits of a normal formula, with the plant ingredient benefits for healthier hair.

This product works great in conjunction with Vegamour’s hair serums on those days when you do not wash your hair. Talc free, the lightweight feel provides fresh and clean hair by absorbing excell oil, sweat, and odors. Plus, it smells great!

Made with a combination of organic rice hulls, red clover, mung bean, and kaolin clay, this dry shampoo features an eco friendly propellant to provide an evenly distributed of product at the root. Free of synthetic fragrances and vegan, Vegamour describes this product as the perfect healthy and clean lift for your hair.

Vegamour’s internal study found that participants reported up to 52% greater hair density, and up to a 76% reduction in hair shedding after 4 months of use.

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Vegamour Reviews – Dry Shampoo

A ton of customers say this dry shampoo is the best they’ve ever used. The main complaint is the price and that they wish the bottle was bigger.

So many reviews rave about the scent. One customer describes the smell as just like Victoria’s Secret Love Spell

Reviewers mention that it’s not powdery and the can lasts a long time.

The main complaint is that a lot of those with dark hair hate that it comes out as a white powder.

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