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About Us

Having recently graduated from college (hurray!), I certainly don’t find myself missing the caffeine-fueled all-nighters. I definitely do, however, miss spending my days researching and learning more about my interests.

My master’s degree is in the area of economics, and while I still enjoy reading economics articles and listening to podcasts, my other passion has always been makeup and fashion. When I was (supposed to be!) studying for exams or writing essays, I would often find myself procrastinating by researching beauty related academic books and articles (oops!).

While there are some amazing beauty blogs and Youtube channels online, I’ve often been disappointed by the lack of resources in the community dedicated to summarizing and discussing the exciting research on beauty and style.

I also found it frustrating reading rave reviews of products I was considering purchasing, and hesitating to buy because I was doubting if it would work as well for me. Even though I trust the opinion of many beauty influencers,  sometimes a product can work amazingly well for one person and be a disaster on someone else. We all have different skin, different lashes, different lips, different coloring… it’s rare to find a one-size-fits-all product! I always hoped someone would compile reviews from many customers to give prospective buyers a better idea of the range of opinion on the product, rather than focusing solely on their own personal review.

I decided I spent too much time wishing someone else would do it, so I set up Makeup Scholar!

Makeup Scholar was created as a place for people like me to enjoy reviews on beauty products and learn something new with each post. The skills learned during my degrees provided me with the ability to understand and critique academic research, and this platform will allow me to put my knowledge into practice and provide content for you!

The reviews posted on Makeup Scholar will draw on the opinion of hundreds, even thousands of real customer reviews, to give you a better idea of what will and will not work for your particular needs!

Whether you’re interested in the history of makeup & other research on cosmetics, looking for beauty info and tips & tricks, or here for the analytical style product reviews, Makeup Scholar is a place for anyone passionate about beauty.

By combining reviews and recommendations on the latest products with academic beauty analysis, Makeup Scholar is a place that I hope will unleash the inner nerd inside every beauty fanatic!

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